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FETISH & KINK JOURNAL - May 2013 Formerly Desert Knight News

Who Holds the Power?


Part 2: The dynamics of Dominance and submission

he term “Sadomasochism” has been loosely used to refer to the entire umbrella of BDSM. However, this is not accurate as BDSM is a shorthand for the three main subdivisions of the culture: B&D (bondage and discipline), D/s (dominance and submission) and S&M (sadism and masochism). There is a common belief that people with BDSM interest are damaged or dangerous, but research has found that BDSM is simply a sexual interest, and it is not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with sex. The relation of love to pain is one of the most difficult problems, and yet one of the most fundamental, in the whole range of sexual psychology. The social stigma attached to Dominant/submissive or Master/ slave is so great that few people will admit to these interests, for fear of what others will think, and yet the number of practitioners is really quite large. There are numerous examples among BDSM practitioners of discrimination when their sexual behavior became known. People have lost jobs, been disinherited, lost friends, lost custody of a child, etc., due to their BDSM behavior/lifestyle. This has led many individuals to be exceedingly secretive about their BDSM activities.

Even when fear of being found out is not the overriding fear, there are problems with integrating the BDSM lifestyle into the every­day world. Some BDSM practitioners would like to live their lifestyle 24 hours a day but cannot due to demands of earning a living or other commitments. That they are not able to live their BDSM lifestyle the way they would like is often described by these individuals as being forced to lead a double life.

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

“We have been in the life for years, but I am still reluctant to discuss it with anyone other than the people whom we socialize with at the Arizona Power Exchange. There I at least know that everyone around me is interested and has a degree of acceptance for the lifestyle,” said John. There is no accepted definition of what constitutes BDSM behavior and the spectrum of sexual interests of those individuals who adopt

a D/s or M/s identity is quite broad. Colloquially, we can define S/M as an erotic interest in giving and/or receiving painful (either physically or psychologically) stimulation. It should be noted that the perception of pain is in the judgment of the observer; the recipient may or may not report the experience as painful. Dom/sub and Master/slave practitioners engage only in consensual acts among adults. While members of any group can engage

in nonconsensual acts, it has been unfairly and incorrectly assumed that BDSM practitioners must somehow be forced or co­erced, or force or coerce their partners, into engaging in these activ­ities. Although there are many theories, there is no accepted understanding of what causes an BDSM sexual orientation, or for that matter any other sexual orientation, to develop. As BDSM behavior is seen throughout history and crossculturally we can assume it is part of the repertoire of innate human sexual behaviors. It seems that behaviors that we might consider to be BDSM were commonly found in ancient marriage manuals. It was only in the late fifteenth century that the first unambiguous case report of BDSM was reported, and then as a medical curiosity rather than a problem. Other case reports written in a similar vein followed, but BDSM was still seen as a curiosity rather than pathology. While BDSM behavior probably existed before the 15th century, historical accounts do not include enough information to ascertain whether the behavior was done consensually and/or for erotic purposes. There have been several recent studies, in an attempt to describe the individuals who engage in the continued on page 11 > | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 1

From The Editor Spring Is Here... And So Are The Contests Well, Spring is here and that means that it’s the start of the annual Leather Sir/boy boot black contest! All I have to say is good luck to those brave enough and dedicated enough to run for the title. But please take the time to learn some

of the history of the Leather community and the GLBT history too. Someone told me a few weeks ago that some so called leather guys were very upset recently when some drag queens went into a leather bar. They didn’t understand why the management would let the

queens into the bar. Well remember Stonewall? It was the drag queens back in the day that stood up to the New York Police Department and said we are not going to take this crap any longer! One thing that I know about drag queens -- it takes a lot of balls to put on pumps and

a dress! So don’t bitch about when they come to a bar! Go up to them and say thank you! Leather and Feathers isn’t it all drag anyway? Just remember, It’s not what you are wearing but your attitude!

Story Telling, Not Equal Rights, Key to Reducing Anti-GLBT Bias Asian American Film Portrays Real Family Dynamic to Challenge Chinese-speaking Americans’ Anti-GLBT Bias P. O. 7031, Phoenix, AZ 85011 877-DKN-0690 | 480-237-9931 Published on the 1st of each month by KLM Media Group ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. Editor:

Edward Lee

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Patrick Kelley Carl Lewis

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is still work to be done to reduce anti-LGBT bias, regardless of the ultimate Supreme Court rulings on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. The diversity within Asian American populations presents a particularly challenging environment for LGBT Rights. In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that 78% of second-generation Asian Americans support societal acceptance of homosexuality, yet only 46% of first-generation Asian-Americans showed that same support—lower than the general public’s 56%. The culture of Chinese-speaking Americans, in particular, plays a unique role in their anti-LGBT bias. Tommy Tseng of the LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School writes: “For Chinesespeaking Americans, beliefs in and adherence to traditional gender roles are the foundational source of anti-LGBT bias. For them, gender nonconformity is not only the defi-

nition of being LGBT, but also the very source of discomfort toward LGBT people.” “Activists seeking to change the opinions of homophobic individuals may have to rely less on messages about equal rights and discrimination and focus more on telling stories that will generate empathy and encourage homophobic individuals to seek out more information.” David Au seeks to change those attitudes through the vehicle of story telling. As the writer and director of the full-length dramedy film, “Eat With Me,” he is focused on portraying the real tension and struggles of an Asian American mother and her challenges in accepting her gay son. “Eat With Me” follows a middle-aged, Asian American mother as she struggles to reconcile her internalized homophobia with acceptance of son’s gay identity. Through the power of home-cooking, the two begin to bridge the distance between them to accept themselves and each other.

In this foodie dramedy, the shy, middle-aged Emma flees her decaffeinated life to crash on her gay son’s couch, ultimately renewing the mother-son bond and their appetites for life. Feeling lonely and invisible in her marriage, Emma decides to make a drastic change in order to save her sanity. She packs up a small suitcase and hops the next train into the city. Her head is filled with a million unknowns, and feeling lost, her only option is to crash with her son, Elliot. Elliot is a young chef who runs the struggling family business, a run-of-the-mill neighborhood restaurant with an uninspired menu of greasy noodle dishes and Americanized Chinese fare. Standing between mother and son are years of awkward moments and unspoken tensions. As Elliot tries to cope with his mother’s arrival, he’s faced with the looming crisis of his restaurant’s closure. An empty dining room and an uninspired menu have left the restaurant months behind in rent

table of contents Who Holds the Power? Doms & Subs - Pt. II Spring is Here! Local News National News Tidal Wave Party Weekend PORN NEWS Behind the Big Top - Greatest Gay Sex New “Guys Like Us” Line Just For You

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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with an angry landlord threatening eviction. To complicate matters, a passionate encounter with a stranger at a bar turns Elliot’s fear of commitment on its head. Meanwhile, Emma finds herself in an accidental friendship with Elliot’s eccentric neighbor, Maureen. Their unexpected adventures in dance, booze and even the little happy pill—ecstasy—inspire Emma to discover her appetite for living. All seems fun and liberating for Emma until she’s confronted with her deepest, unspoken fear: Elliot’s sexuality. From finding her son’s gay men’s magazines to walking in on her son and his new lover, she finds herself struggling to reconcile her internalized homophobia with acceptance of Elliot’s identity. Food becomes more than just sustenance, it becomes their universal language. Elliot and Emma’s mutual appreciation for delicious food and hearty home cooking

continued on page 7 > | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 3

Local News PHOENIX

Bear’s Beer Bust Come join the Bears of the West April 6th for “Beer Bust” at Bunkhouse Saloon. $5 red cup and 50 cent refills. Members pay $2.50 for red cup. Come out and show your support. Bunkhouse Saloon is located at 4428 N. 7th Ave in Phoenix.

senses as possible (or not stimulate them, by way of sensory deprivation). Sensation Play can be as light as a feather, or as sharp as a switchblade, or as shocking as a TENS unit, or as prickly as barbed wire. This seminar is designed to draw ideas on what can be done in Sensation Play, why do some people love it, and how to play your partner like an emotional musical instrument. Don’t think you have any useful tools for Sensation Play? Runnerdan will re-introduce you to your kitchen utensil drawer. Who says feather-dusters are boring? Ever wonder if your handheld car buffer with the fluffy attachment would feel good on your ass? After the seminar, you will understand why the breadboard aisle at Crate & Barrel is so popular. Runnerdan has presented other seminars at APEX, including Mummification, Basic Flogging and basic rope bondage. He has presented for both APEX and EPICBDSM in Phoenix. Please join us for a lively gathering with perhaps even some hands-on techniques. OPEN TO ALL APEX MEMBERS. For more information go to

Boy’s Coffee Join the Phoenix boys of Leather for coffee at Hob Nob’s for fun, food, and conversation, April 4th from 7-9:30pm.

Puppy Play: Woof! What‘s It All About? What is puppy play? Why do people do it? What is needed for puppy play? How do you get started and find a handler? Master Gallad and slave nixie will answer these questions and more, April 15th! This class will cover: • Understanding the safety of puppy play Runnerdan will be hosting an informal (gear, toys, etc.) presentation on “Sensation Play” April 8th • Understanding how puppy play works at APEX. What is ‘sensation play’, you ask? (from the Top and bottom’s perspective) Sensation Play can look a lot like S/M, and • Understanding the headspace of puppy can involve many of the same elements typi- play and how you/Your pup can get there cally found with S/M. But with Sensation And bring you pup play items for a pup Play, the object is to stimulate as many of the mosh! 4 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

Sensation Play w/ Runnerdan

Master Gallad has been in the Lifestyle for 10 years. He was awarded the title of Great Lakes Leather Master in 2008. By being a title holder, he was able to explore himself to find his own authenticity to better serve the Community and Great Lakes Region. He is the former founder and co-chairman of the pan-sexual group, Windy City Masters and slaves together, which has now merged with the Greater Chicago MAsT Group. From 2008 to 2010, Master Gallad was the Regional Director for MAsT Great lakes and has helped others to develop their own MAsT Chapters. slave nixie has been involved with the lifestyle for three years. She has committed her time to service and volunteer work to feed her slave heart. She became an active member of Desert Dominion where her eyes were opened to her love for puppy play. She has opened her home to groups of likeminded individuals to learn about and practice puppy play. Skilled at making her own puppy play gear, she has shared her skills and creations with others. Slave nixie is currently a member of Tucson Fetnights, TNG, and APAH (Arizona Pups and Handlers). From the moment Master Gallad and slave nixie met, the connection was clear. Gallad had found his slave, and nixie, her Master. They embrace opportunities together to volunteer and teach their skills to others. They are actively involved in the Leather Community as well as the Kink Community with a vision of connecting these two families together. They commit their time to teaching classes on topics they are experienced in, leading drum circles, and aiding people in the community with their spiritual paths. OPEN TO ALL APEX MEMBERS.

the mood or the “space”. We have to learn to read physical language, and maybe even the language of human energies. You can do so on April 27th. I have some ideas, (one of them my own secret, come in and I will tell it to you). You have your ideas, so bring those. Together let’s try and discover ways to make our scenes more memorable, more “hot”, more where both partners want to really go. Travis Wilson began practicing law in 1972, and continued practicing law for over 35 years. He has been in the Leather/BDSM lifestyle almost as long. He was one of the founders of Houston ’s PEP, and was Chairman of that organization for many years. He was the founder of the Houston S&M Ball, and was Chairman of that BDSM/Leather event for the first eight Balls, helping to make it an internationally known and respected Fetish event. Travis has been a presenter at Leather/ BDSM events for many years, presenting at such events (many of them multiple times) as Washington D.C.’s Black Rose , Beat me in St. Louis , Oklahoma’s Tribal Fire , Chicago’s Sinsations in Leather and Kinky Kollege , Texas Leather Pride , the Austin GWNN Bash , the NLA’s Living in Leather, Camp Crucible , Texas Latex Party, Ms. Gulf Coast Leather, Dallas’ Beyond Vanilla, multiple times at both the Madtownkink events in Madison, Wisconsin, and the events in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Dressing for Pleasure in the New York/NewJersy area, Spring Iniquity in Houston, and many more events. He has also been the sole presenter for weekends of presentations for a number of different BDSM groups around the country, including organizations in Nebraska, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Texas. He was one of the facilitators for the 2005 Master’s Retreat held in Dallas, Texas . In April of 2004, he was the keynote speaker at the Leather Leadership ConferEver negotiate a scene and someone tell ence 8. In 2008, he was the Keynote speaker you they are a pain slut and find out they for Black Rose. In July of 2009 he presented are not, at least by your idea of a pain slut? the keynote address for the GWNN Bash, Ever negotiate a scene and someone tell you and gave the keynote speech for Beyond Vathey are NOT a pain slut, but during the nilla in Dallas in September of 2009. scene you find they want to go farther then He currently is on the National Board of you could imagine? Ever have someone go Directors for the National Leather Leader“quiet” and not know what it means? Ever ship Conference. have someone giggle while you think you are When not working or playing with his hitting as hard as you can? leather Toys, Travis plays trumpet in Jazz, Trust me, Safe Words are NOT enough. Rock/Blues/R&B, and church “praise” Negotiations are NOT enough. We, Bot- bands. Hey, a guy has to have some fun once toms and Tops must learn to “communicate” in a while. during our scenes, but in ways that don’t ruin OPEN TO ALL APEX MEMBERS. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Communication in a Scene (How to Read a Bottom; How to be Read by a Top)

Local News

Bizarre Bazaar & APEX Community Open House

The Bizarre Bazaar (May 4) is an amazing collection of Vendors, Edgy Demonstrations and Performances, and fun! Learn more about the Arizona Power Exchange, The Valley’s Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support. Learn about Lifestyle Organizations in our Valley, see some over the top demonstrations provided by our Members and Vendors, meet like-minded people, and see the largest collection of quality vendors assembled in Arizona. Demonstrations: There will be a new format to the Bizarre Bazaar Demonstrations this year! We’re really excited to present a more diversified experience for our attendees. The Bizarre Bazaar is a taste of the possibilities! This year will provide edgy and extreme demonstrations designed to let you imagine what might be possible for you! While the Kink Karnival is our 101 level demonstrations, the Bizarre Bizarre needs a PhD! Come and see the outer edges of our community…what’s possible in your world?

For more details on our demo schedule, please visit: Demo Stage: During some of our downtime you will have the opportunity to try some of the fun things you’ve watched: Bondage, the website for more details as we schedule. Vendors: Some of our favorites have returned, and new vendors are coming to the BB. Check the latest list here: kinkkarnival. com/about/vendors A food vendor will also be in attendance! Community: The Bizarre Bazaar is an edgy event, but the core purpose is to educate about our Community and lifestyle. We couldn’t accurately represent our lifestyle without bringing together those who represent our community in a meaningful way. Please see for Community Groups that will be represented at the 2013 Bizarre Bazaar. Check the latest information at the BB website: For up-to-the-minute information on the Bizarre Bazaar, please visit: Tickets to the Bizarre Bazaar are $10.00. All Access Members get into the party for free. Pay Per Event members can purchase presale tickest for both the BB & Party for $20.00 HERE. OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY This event is intended for adults over 18 years old, and will have adult content that may be offensive. Please do not attend this event if you are offended by adult subjects, nudity, and adult language. For more information go to

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 5

National Bear News

Tidal Wave Party Weekend

Orlando - What started out as the

exclusive evening-hour theme park party for Bears, Cubs, Chubs and Admirers at Wet ‘n Wild has now become Tidal Wave Party Weekend! The weekend-long event is now centered around the beautiful Holiday Inn Downtown Disney, the official host hotel of the Tidal Wave Party Weekend. The Holiday Inn, an official Downtown Disney Resort area hotel, is at the heart of the magic as all four

Story Telling... < continued from page 3 breaks down the years of distance between them. Inspired by his mother’s recipes, Elliot takes the leap from boy to man through an innovative effort to save his floundering restaurant. Emma takes the leap to embrace her son just as he is, despite herself. “This is a very honest story and I want people to see the film and find truth in it about themselves. It’s not about ‘activism’ in the traditional sense. I’m not yelling at people with this film. It’s about getting audiences to think of LGBT as complex people like

Disney World theme parks and Downtown Disney are easily accessed by complimentary shuttles and Downtown Disney restaurants and attractions are also just a short walk away. Tidal Wave Weekend, May 30th through June 2nd, consists of two separate elements: The Tidal Wave Party, a six-hour private event held from 6pm to midnight at Wet ‘n Wild, one of Orlando’s premier water attractions, on Friday, May 31, and a weekend-long schedule

of pool parties at our Host Hotel, the Holiday Inn Downtown Disney. We secure the entire 325-room property as well as overflow blocks of rooms in other hotels within a short walking distance to the Holiday Inn. Both events cater to the Bear, Cub, Chub, Chaser communities, but are open to any and all admirers and supporters. Tickets to the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild are available on their website, at the Host Hotel, and at the door of Wet ‘n Wild the day of the party. Please note a $10 surcharge applies to tickets purchased at the door, so plan to purchase your tickets in advance! For those who book rooms in the Holiday Inn, as well as those who use our group code and book rooms in any of our overflow hotels, the host hotel events are free of charge. If you do not stay in our hotel, or our official overflow hotels, we charge $10 for a party pass that is good for the entire weekend. We are limited to 750 guests in the pool and patio areas, so once we reach capacity, no further passes will be sold! Please note, there is no sell-out point to General Admission tickets to the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild. Due to space considerations, we limit sales to our VIP option to 350. More than 1,000 attended the party at Wet ‘n Wild in 2012 and hundreds more

turned out for our hotel pool parties. We have been busy at work preparing for Tidal Wave’s Lucky Year Seven, “The Wet Spot” since the conclusion of last year’s event. This year’s Weekend begins Thursday, May 30 and runs through Sunday, June 2. The cornerstone event of the weekend, the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild, will be held Friday, May 31, from 6pm to midnight. Available only to attendees, their guests and family members, special Disney Tickets are designed to accommodate any agenda and are not available at the Theme Park ticket windows. And by purchasing Multi-Day tickets in advance, you’ll save time and money while avoiding the lines at the Theme Park ticket windows! Plus, all full-day Multi-Day Meeting/Convention Tickets include a bonus visit to one of the following: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course, Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course or Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. These discount tickets must be purchased by May 30, 2013. Call 407-566-5600 or go to for more details.

them…to see that they have real relationships with their parents.” Like “The Kids are All Right” and “The Wedding Banquet” before it, “Eat With Me” presents LGBT characters in a non-caricature way, as people trying to survive the day-to-day grind and the universally-human challenge of navigating family ties. As a tale about a Chinese mother, it strives to reach those Asian American audiences that can better relate to characters that look and think like them. For more information about the film, “Eat With Me,” visit projects/eatwithmemovie/eat-with-me-afilm-that-feeds-your-appetite.

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 7

Porn News

Behind the Big Top -

Greatest Gay Sex Show on Earth


ward-winning director Tony Dimarco’s brings the audience his sexy, gritty vision of what happens behind the scenes at the traveling circus when the performers and the stage hands get each other worked up and share aggressive sword swallowing and unbridled hardcore sex. Exclusive Jimmy Fanz stars in this cast of horned up carnies and entertainers. Dimarco cracks the ringmaster’s whip of this sexual circus, directing the restless sexual appetites of his dynamic and energized cast. Ferocious sucking and rimming take no back seat to the animalistic penetration in this greatest gay sex show on earth. Strong man Rogan Richards plans to jerk himself off in the mirror until he spies the hungry duo of Logan Vaughn and Leo Domenico. This is three-ring action that can’t be missed. Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are the friskiest cubs ever, and like any good acrobats, they invent gravity-defying sexual positions in which to connect and go deeper. Genesis Luna thought he was alone, jerking off in the prop tent, but his grunting wakes Leo Domenico, who was asleep in one of the animal cages. Leo wakes quickly and makes Genesis’s ass the object of his desire. Bushy beard meets bushy dick when circus performer Dale Cooper and bearded man James Jamesson find themselves in the same place, with the same need. Their powerful multi-position session is made even more riveting by James’ ability to suck himself. At this circus, viewers will want to hurry past the midway and head to the tent Behind the Big Top. “Everything came together perfectly to make Behind the Big Top one of my favorite productions. I can’t wait for the fans to be

able to see the amazing erotica we captured,” states Dimarco. “All the details aligned to make this an exceptional project. The concept, the set, the cast, the look and feel! I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together, and how charged the final product was because of it. I want to thank everyone who had helped make this a reality.” “Behind the Big Top promises to be one of the sexiest and most artistic gay erotica offerings of 2013,” states Raging Stallion president Chris Ward. “Tony Dimarco created an amazing, sexually charged world, and then brought the perfect group of rough and rugged studs to inhabit it. This movie builds a powerful erotic fantasy that will draw fans in to enjoy all its pleasures.”

New “Guys Like Us” Line


an Francisco-based Falcon/Rag- 12, 2013, and will be distributed wholesale ing Stallion Studios announced through Raging Stallion Releasing. The new the launch of the first new line of release is now available for pre-order on Ragmovies the studio has produced ing Stallion’s Online Store. in nearly five years. Entitled Guys Like Us, Company president Chris Ward noted the new line is slated for 6-8 new releases per that he had wanted to launch this line for sevyear and will be helmed by award-winning di- eral years. “Guys Like Us is all about young rector Andrew Rosen. men having great sex. There is no plot buildup The new line launches with the title Just or other distractions—it’s pure sex, filmed For You, starring newly signed exclusive well. This is exactly what our customers are Ryan Rose. Just for You will street on April asking us to produce. I think Andrew is going 8 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

Just For You


an Francisco-based Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios announces that the debut release of their new line of DVDs is now available. The first movie, entitled Just For You, is the first from Guys Like Us, the studios’ line focused on young men having great sex. Award-winning director Andrew Rosen assembled a stellar cast for the line’s inaugural offering, including the new exclusive model Ryan Rose, a deliciously handsome former college football player and U. S. Marine, in his first footage shot under contract. In addition to a deep fingering solo in the bathtub, Ryan shares a scene with the hard-sculpted, Bobby Hart, in which their smooth muscled bodies collide. The com-

pact, gymnast-built Angel Rock gives the best performance of his rising career with slim, horny Wolfie Blue. Wolfie hangs on to Angel until both his holes are filled. Youthful Hunter Page discovers his ideal when his j/o fantasy is interrupted by reality, sexy Hayden Richards, who’s anxious to get naked and nasty. Hunter’s hole lives the dream. Jason Goodman gives a bottoming performance that should be a model for every muscle jock when he makes Jack Patrick’s cock his personal, living dildo. The common denominator in every scene of Just For You is the strong emphasis of young sex-hungry tops and bottoms who know how to satisfy their desires and their buddies. Director Andrew Rosen has put together a cast of smooth, young dudes and he directs them in the hottest sex Just For You — providing five scorching lessons on what Guys Like Us do best: have steamy uninhibited sex. “The concept of the new line was to find the hottest young, athletically built guys and focus on filming the hottest sex. No frills, no distractions,” states Rosen. “With our first release, Just For You, it all came together and set the stage for a hugely successful new offering that is using new technology and production techniques that I’m very excited about.” “Just For You is a big deal for Falcon and Raging Stallion, because it is the first movie released by Guys Like Us, which is the first new line to be produced by either of the studios in five years, and the first new line to be produced by the merged studios.” States company president Chris Ward. “I have wanted to launch this line focusing on pure sex, filmed well for the last several years. It’s what our customers want, and we have a great team to deliver it.”

to do a great job with this new line of films.” GayVN’s, GEVA, Hard Choice awards, and a Guys Like Us will be cutting edge in terms Grabby for his directing and editing talents, of production techniques. Instead of using contributing to numerous best picture award the standard Digital camcorders used on the winners. Falcon and Raging Stallion lines, Rosen and Rosen is very excited about his new line of videographer Eli McAllister will be using an films, commenting, “As I approach my 20th HDSLR, a camera which allows for the use year in the adult industry, it is nice to know of a wide range of lenses. This, together with that something new and exciting like Guys progressive rather than interlaced frames, offers Like Us can be created. The casting will focus the viewer a much more cinematic experience. on fresh faces made up of young athletic guys. In his two-decade-long career, Rosen has I have had a part in launching a new brand worked with multiple major porn companies, many times in the past, and some of my favorjoining the directing team of Falcon/Raging ite moments in the business have been firsts! I Stallion in 2009. He has received numerous am committed to making it the best it can be.” We'll Take You Where Others Won't

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 9

National News A Risk Including Gay Partners In Immigration Bill?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Frustrated at being left out of an immigration overhaul, gay rights groups are pushing to adjust a bipartisan Senate bill to include gay couples. But Democrats are treading carefully, wary of adding another divisive issue that could lose Republican support and jeopardize the entire bill. Both parties want the bill to succeed. Merely getting to agreement on the basic framework for the immigration overhaul, which would create a long and costly path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people in the U.S. illegally, was no small feat for senators. And getting it through a divided Congress is still far from a done deal. Even so, gay rights groups, their lobbyists and grass-roots supporters are insisting the deal shouldn’t exclude bi-national, same-sex couples — about 28,500 of them, according to a 2011 study from the Williams Institute at UCLA Law. They’re ramping up a cam-

paign to change the bill to allow gay Americans to sponsor their partners for green cards, the same way straight Americans can. Supporters trekked to the Capitol to make their case at senators’ offices on Wednesday. “Opponents will be proposing amendments that, if passed, could collapse this very fragile coalition that we’ve been able to achieve,” Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, said last week at the unveiling of the bill. He said the eight senators from both parties who crafted the legislation are committed to voting against changes that could kill it. For Democrats, it’s a precarious position to be in. Democratic senators overwhelmingly support gay marriage — all but three are now on the record voicing their support — and two dozen of them this year backed a separate bill called the Uniting American Families Act to let gays sponsor their partners independent of a comprehensive immigration overhaul. But the party’s senators are still bruised from an agonizing defeat on gun control this month. And few seem eager to inject divisive issues that might sink their best prospects for a major legislative victory this year and a potential keystone of President Barack Obama’s legacy. “Any amendment which might sink the

immigration bill, I would worry about,” Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said in a brief interview, adding that he had yet to decide whether an amendment for gays and lesbians would meet that yardstick. Support from both Hispanics and gays was critical to Obama’s re-election, and his overwhelming advantage among Hispanics was a major factor prompting Republicans to warm to immigration overhaul almost immediately after. But now, one community’s gain on the immigration front could be to the other’s detriment. “As you continue to add other issues to the immigration discussion, it’s going to make it more challenging,” said Sen. John Hoeven, a North Dakota Republican. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, has committed to offering an amendment to the bill to allow gay citizens to sponsor their partners, said Ty Cobb, an attorney and lobbyist with the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group. Another Democratic senator, Al Franken of Minnesota, pledged in a Judiciary hearing on the bill Monday to do “everything we can” to adjust the bill. But even if the amendment makes it through the Senate, it faces a tougher path if and when the bill moves to the Republicancontrolled House. GOP leaders there have

been defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, though Obama has said it is unconstitutional. And while Obama supports same-sex marriage, his administration has shown little appetite for forcing the issue while the immigration overhaul’s prospects are still shaky. “No one will get everything they want from it, including the president. That’s the nature of compromise. But the bill is largely consistent with the principles he has laid out repeatedly,” Obama spokesman Jay Carney said last week. A White House spokesman declined to answer further questions about the issue. Some Democrats argue privately that with the Supreme Court poised to rule on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits the government from giving federal marriage benefits to gay couples, the issue could soon be moot. Still, even if the high court strikes the law down, it would only bring partial relief; only couples married in the nine states that recognize gay marriages would probably be eligible. The issue has generated an intense advocacy campaign, with gay rights organizations and Hispanic groups such as the National Council of La Raza squaring off with reli-

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Rhode Island On Track To Be 10th State To Allow Gay Marriage


Rhode Island senators put the state on the path Wednesday to becoming the 10th state to allow same-sex couples to marry. The gay marriage legislation easily passed the Rhode Island House in January, and the Senate vote was seen as the true test. The bill passed 26-12, and now returns to the House for a largely procedural vote, likely next week, before going to Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who supports the legislation. 10 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

“This is a historic piece of legislation, one that literally has been in the works for more than 20 years,” said Sen. Donna Nesselbush, D-Pawtucket, the bill’s main sponsor in the Senate. “This is something that undoes centuries of discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.” While the other five New England states already allow gay marriage, heavily Catholic Rhode Island has been a hold-out. Supporters this year mounted an aggressive and coordinated campaign that included organized labor, religious leaders, business owners and leaders including Chafee and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. The bill’s chances improved when Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed said she would allow the bill to move forward, despite her opposition to gay marriage. Earlier this week, the Senate’s five Republicans announced they would all support the measure. The first gay marriages in Rhode Island

could take place Aug. 1, when the legisla- ers to defeat what he called an “immoral and tion would take effect. Civil unions would no unnecessary” change to traditional marriage longer be available to same-sex couples as of law. The Rhode Island legislation states that that date, though the state would continue to religious institutions may set their own rules recognize existing civil unions. Lawmakers regarding who is eligible to marry within the approved civil unions two years ago, though faith and specifies that no religious leader few couples have sought them. is obligated to officiate at any marriage cerGay marriage legislation has been introemony and no religious group is required to duced in Rhode Island’s General Assembly provide facilities or services related to a gay for nearly two decades only to languish on marriage. the legislative agenda without a vote. Last While ministers already cannot be forced fall, House Speaker Gordon Fox, who is gay, to marry anyone, the exemption helped asvowed to hold a vote early in the session, a suage concerns from some lawmakers that move that focused the attention of supporters on the Senate. clergy could face lawsuits for abiding by their Supporters framed the issue as one of religious convictions. Delaware could be the next state to apcivil rights, arguing in daylong legislative prove gay marriage. Legislation legalizing hearings that gay and lesbian couples deserve same-sex marriage narrowly passed the Delthe same rights and protections given to opposite-sex married couples. The Catholic aware House on April 23rd and now heads to Church was the most significant opponent, that state’s Senate for consideration. with Bishop Thomas Tobin urging lawmakWe'll Take You Where Others Won't

Question & Answer

National Masturbation Month B MAY HAS CUM. esides May Pole Dancing, did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? I kid you not! According to someone, whom I don’t know and have never met, more than seventy to eighty percent of women masturbate, and ninety percent of men masturbate, and the rest lie. I stole that last part from Joycelyn Elders (again hint hint I need a vacation, preferably paid). The celebration of May as National Masturbation Month began in 1995 in response to the forced resignation of U.S. Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders. Dr. Elders had stated, “With regard to masturbation, I think that it is something that is a part of human sexuality and a part of something that should perhaps be taught.” These comments cost Elders her job. In response, Good Vibrations, a San Francisco based sex toy retailer, declared National Masturbation Month to highlight the injustice of the firing and to encourage mainstream discussion of masturbation. I for one am very happy that Good Vibration took a stand for healthy sexuality and helped bring the topic of masturbation back into the public hand, I mean eye. Here are some fun facts about masturbation: 1. There are illustrations of masturbation in prehistoric cave paintings around the world. Most early cultures drew a connection between human sexuality and abundance in


nature. I for one am all for abundance. 2. Masturbation has been the subject of pop songs like: “My Ding-a-Ling” by Chuck Berry, “I Touch Myself ” by the Divinyls, “Dancing With Myself ” by Billy Idol, “She Bop” by Cyndi Lauper, “Vibe On” by Dannii Minogue, “Touch of My Hand” by Britney Spears, “Captain Jack” by Billy Joel, “Longview” by Green Day, “So Happy I Could Die” by Lady Gaga, and “Darling Nikki” by Prince.

3. An Australian research team led by Graham Giles found that frequent masturbators had a lower chance of developing prostate cancer. In fact, those who masturbated more than five times per week were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer. Gentleman, get your sleeves and lubes -- this is for a great cause! 4. Masturbation can lower blood pressure. A small study documented lower blood pressure among people who had recently mastur-

bated as compared to those without any recent sexual activity. This explains so much… oops thinking and writing out loud. 5. Masturbation can improve your mood. As we become aroused, our dopamine and epinephrine levels rise and both of these hormones are great mood-boosters. Explains why I’m so happy, and says a lot about my bosses. 6. Masturbation can treat insomnia naturally. You may be able to put away the sleeping pills because the tension relief and calming endorphins released after climax can help you sleep. A little self love before bed may be just what the doctor ordered! Amen! 7. Masturbation may prevent infections. According to Joann Ellison Rodgers, when women masturbate, the orgasm “tents” or opens the cervix. This process increases “friendly” bacteria, lubricates the vagina, and flushes out unfriendly organisms that can cause infections. 8. According to, approximately 797,151 Americans are masturbating at any given time and 53% of women use vibrators while masturbating. Join the millions worldwide who are loving themselves at this very moment! Grab your favorite toy and take a break from your busy day. So whether you are interested in the health benefits or just want to have some fun, and because we missed celebrating this special holiday in May, enjoy some extra self pleasure this month.

Product Review: Cascade Flow Lubricating Vibrator


laying with glass or acrylic can be fun and very hot really (Hot) it can be warmed up or cooled down. Not to mention that you can see right through it. Now days the sky is the limit! The adult industry has always pushed the envelope and experimented with new products and materials. Just walk into any adult store, take a look at the products, like to keep it simple. This satin smooth silino not just the Big dildos, and see what they cone shaft is perfectly formed with a gently are made from. rounded crown making it ideal for external Nowadays, toys come in all sizes color, or internal stimulation. The powerful mosome even talk to you. At the last show (ILS tor housed in the tip, with internal silicone in Vegas) I saw a new dildo that will apply dampening system, gives vibration only lube and vibrate. It’s called Cascade Flow where you want, meaning you can stay in Lubricating Vibe. The Cascade Flow from control, whist you lose control! Featuring LoveLife Product’s LubePlay LoveLife Products - For those of you that We'll Take You Where Others Won't

9 Vibration settings, and a USB Magnetic charging system. The Cascade is waterproof and rechargeable. It comes with interchangeable sheaths made out of silicone. You can get new toys that are more realistic, made from a celebrity male or female star or made super huge. So I say have fun with whatever toy you chose. Party on!!!

system, the Cascade Flow is part of a range of the world’s first true self-lubricating pleasure products. With lubricant available at The True the touch of a button, you will never have to Defender of pause in play again. For you, or with a partKink! ner, the Cascade Flow will add a new element to your play. Features: Satin smooth silicone, LubePlay self-lubrication technology, Interchangeable lubricant cartridges, | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 11



For His Size

By Doghouse

Sure as shit Rick shows up right after five-thirty pm, and I’m ready for him. I answer the door naked and semi hard. His eyes grow wide as he looks up and then down my body and sees the monster pointing at his belly. I look like a giant standing over him, him only 5 feet and me at 6’5” and 280 lbs. He stares down at my big uncut meat and I tell him “…don’t worry about it, it looks like that all the time- and you’ve seen it.” We’ve stroked a little, when drunk together, watching some hot straight porn I’d downloaded from the internet for him. It didn’t last long. He got embarrassed at what I don’t know. Rick’s got a great cock on him. Big for his size. Big for a little guy and above average for a regular size guy. It looks even kinda out-sized on him, but he ran out on me then. This time the ice had already been broken. He looks up at my pecs, about eye level for him, and I step closer. He reaches up a little and I take his hands in mine and put them on my pecs, palms open over my nipples. He just ters, but he lets me push his face against my holds his hands there for a second. I know he fur-covered pec anyhow and takes the nipple likes to feel up tits, but I don’t think he’d ever in his mouth. He hesitates just a second, and put his hands full on a dude’s big pecs like then suddenly he starts sucking. He closes this before and he just stood there. I squeeze his fucking eyes and starts to go to town on the meat under his hands in mine and let the damned thing like a calf on a teat. Havhim know he could do what he liked. After ing that hot pink knob of flesh in his mouth a minute he moves his hands around a little makes him go. Sucking hard on that giant himself, feeling the nipple under each palm, fat nub pushes all his buttons and he hangs moving his hand around the contours of my on like a starving puppy, milking at the thing chest, feeling the weight of each big pec, and with his mouth. He makes astonished sounds looking back and forth from the furry crack around the fur and meat in his face and I in front of his face again to the beefy mounds mash him into it. He moves in closer and I’m under each of his hands. “Twist ‘em a little,” humping my dick up against his chest with I say, and he takes each nipple between is one knee pressing into his crotch for him to thumb and forefinger, twisting. My cock hump back against and he is, like a wild man. jumps and smacks against his belly. He kinda It got fucking hotter fast as I pull his left laughs a little, but lets my cock throb against hand off my throbbing nip and move it to his him through his coveralls. He pinches and coveralls and dutifully, he kicks off his looseturns the pink buds in his fingers and grins at laced steeltoes, unzips his coveralls and drops the way it makes me grit my teeth, or grunt, them and his BVD’s around his ankles. Both or makes my cock press harder against him. of us naked now, my arms wrapped around He stares at and plays with my chest like a this furry little hunk, I take a risk and grab kid with a new toy. Feeling the fur, twisting him around the ass and shoulders like he the nobs. He explores. was a big hairy baby suckling, and carry him I turn one pec toward him and put my into my room. I climb onto the bed with him hand behind his head, gently moving his face in my arms and lay back, laying Rick down closer to the nipple in his fingers, and tell him on my belly, still sucking on my tit. My dick to put his mouth on it. “Uh, man…” he mut- pushes up between his legs and I put a hand 12 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

around in the hair. Pretty soon it’s making a wet slippery sound as he humps in the slot between my hair-covered muscles. I reach behind him and cup his ass, using my strength to help him grind his crotch against me harder. My fingers sneak in between his cheeks a little, creep towards his hole, but he doesn’t seem to mind, or notice, and he keeps fucking hard at my chest while I grunt at him and tell him to fuck my furry tits. Pretty soon I’ve got his little ass spread wide with both hands, and as he pulls back to fuck into the crack between my pecs I push my hips up and let my hard-on bump against his hole. Each time he humps back I flex my dick up and it hits his hot knot like it’s a bull’s-eye, but he keeps humping, and it’s like a two way tease is going on. On the downstroke, my dickhead bumps against his hole eagerly, leaving a little smear of my own cock-lube behind that starts dribbling down over his balls and mixing with the slick mess he’s making of my chest and belly hair. On the upstroke, his fat cock-head gets closer and closer to my lips, getting tangled up in my beard, which is getting soaked from the precum running out of the gaping slit at the tip of his veiny fuckpole. I don’t know what I should do. I wanna try for his ass but he’s close to cumming, and I would love to have him empty his load in my mouth as much as I would like to push my dick into his ass, but Rick makes the decision for me. He straightens up a little and reaches back behind himself and finds my cock. Still fucking at my pecs, he grips my shaft in his hand pushing his ass, back, and presses my cock head against his hole. “You sure you want that?!” I ask, surprised. “Yeah…” I reach up and take him by the shoulders, lift him off my chest and roll him onto his belly, sliding my body on top of his. I spread his legs with my knees and slip down, kissing and biting at his back until my furry face is down between his legs. I don’t waste any time. I push my fingers into the crack of his ass and spread his cheeks, pressing his beefy gluteus flat with the palms of my hands. His hole is pink and rimmed with thick blonde fur. I stick out my tongue and lick it, hard. He’s got a funky end-of-the-day ripe smell and taste to him that fills my nostrils and stiffens my dick. Rick shakes like he’s been electrocuted, twisting himself around at the waist to try to see, but I hold him down and I bury my tongue in him as far as it’ll go and he yelps. Continued Next Issue!

on the small of his back. I press his crotch into my belly, encouraging him to fuck his dick against the warm fur. Rick starts humping against my belly while he sucks and I stroke his ass. His nuts are hard and cinched up against his rock hard dick and precum has already started leaking all over my gut, filling my belly button. I reach between us and wipe my hand in it, then wrap my fist around his hard-on. He fucks into my fist like it was a Fleshlight while he moves his mouth to my other nipple and I know everything is gonna be just fine. I let him hump against my roid-gut like a dog while he slobbers all over my chest for a while, then put my hands in his armpits and lift him up, spreading his thighs with my forearms, and put him down on my chest, straddling my solar plexus. He grabs my pecs in his hands and squeezes them together, moving his big cock into the furry crack between them. I put my hands over his dick and press it down, flexing my chest to squeeze it between the muscles. The pecs crush together and grip his cock in between them. “Nice, huh?” I ask and he nods, staring down at his cock mashed between two huge furry warm tits. He puts his weight on his hands and rubs his dick and balls up and down between them, pushing my tits together to make his cock disappear, grunting. Each thrust shoves the head of his dick and the drool of precum up into my beard, each time he pulls back a little more of the clear slick stuff spreads We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Continued... Power... < continued from page 1 lifestyle/behavior. These studies have for the most part not found any significant differences between Dom/sub or Master/slave and nonD/s or M/s samples. It is expected that BDSM practitioners span all socioeconomic classes and groups. Heterosexual men and women, bisexual men and women, and gay men and lesbians are all represented in these studies. There is great diversity on the estimates of the number of BDSM practitioners in the general population. At least part of this vari-

it is relaxing. My Dom is in control and that makes me very happy,” says Alex. BDSM behaviors can be generally divided into two types, physical and psychological. Usually, BDSM practitioners enjoy some combination of these two types, but some individuals are quite specific about which behaviors they enjoy and which they do not. The physical behaviors may be subdivided into bondage, physical discipline, intense stimulation, sensory deprivation, and body alteration. These categories are not meant to be mutually exclusive. Bondage or restraint ranges from being held down or tied in such a manner that the person could escape if he or she tried, to

ance is due to the different ways BDSM or behaviors involving elaborate restraints that similar concepts are presented or defined in leave a person completely immobilized. This these general studies of the sexual behavior. category also includes the partial immobiliThe estimates range from about 50%, those zation through the use of handcuffs, leashes, who report at least some erotic response to constricting clothes etc. being bitten, to approximately 5%, those who Physical discipline ranges from slapping report obtaining sexual pleasure from inflicting to whipping to caning. These behaviors can be or receiving pain. Some researches believe that of low intensity such that no marks are left, approximately 10% of the adult population is of moderate intensity such that only a redBDSM practitioners. This number is similar to ness that will disappear in a few hours or days estimates of the number of GLBT individuals is left, or of high intensity so that extensive in the adult population, but obviously the vis- bruising, welts, or other lesions are left for sevibility of these groups is quite different. eral days or even weeks. Dom/sub and Master/slave practitioners Intense stimulation activities include report an interest in assuming both the domi- scratching, biting, the use of ice on skin, hot nant and submissive roles, with relatively few wax on skin, etc. These are activities that individuals indicating exclusively dominant or produce strong sensations with little or no submissive interests. “I’ve been both Domi- tissue damage. The range of these behaviors nant and submissive,” says Anne. “I think usually involves duration or manner. Scratchwhen you are first getting into the lifestyle you ing someone’s back a few times can be quite do that trying to figure out where you fit in. pleasing, but scratching someone’s back for There is power in both roles, which is some- an hour can be quite painful. Also included thing I think most people do not understand.” in this category are any behaviors or devices There is some indication that more people that increase sensation. For example, a spankprefer the submissive role to the dominant ing on wet skin is more intense than on dry role. “I have a lot of responsibility at my job. skin; dropping hot wax from several feet Being the submissive is not only erotic to me, above someone is a very different sensation We'll Take You Where Others Won't

from dropping it from a few inches above him or her. Sensory deprivation can also heighten sensations as well as inten­sify feelings of vulnerability. For example, a blindfold deprives the wearer of knowing when or where the next blow is to be struck. Not being braced for the blow may increase the sensations as well as focusing the recipient on the sensation without any other distrac­tions. Other examples of sensory deprivation devices include hoods, earplugs, masks and gags. Body alteration activities involve tattooing, piercing, branding, burns, etc. While many of these activities are meant to be perma­nent, they often are not. Keep in mind though, if the behavior is too severe, the dominant partner would gain a reputation for “going too far” and other submissive partners would be hesitant to become involved with that dominant. The result is that most BDSM organizations stress and teach safety, and serious injury is rare. Psychological pain is induced by feelings of humiliation, degradation, uncertainty, apprehension, powerlessness, anxiety, and fear. These feelings are often triggered by specific acts for each individual. In the BDSM subculture the most common psychological aspect of the interaction is humiliation, but there is no behavior that is universally humiliating to everyone. It is important to note that some people would find submission very humiliating and not desire it, while obviously some people seek out this feeling. Given that not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, it should not be surprising that BDSM participants view these feelings differently. Both verbal statements and actions taken

Immigration... < continued from page 10

generate these psychological feelings. For example, verbally berating the submissive, requiring the submissive to do menial or embarrassing acts, being left alone in a vulnerable position etc. Both physical and psychological behaviors are devised to emphasize the transfer of power from the submissive to the dominant partner. BDSM practitioners often report it is this consensual exchange of power that is erotic to them and the pain is just a method of achieving this power exchange. There are many books regarding BDSM relationships, which is always a good place to start. If you choose to enter into a D/s or M/s relationship, make sure you negotiate what you will and will not do, have an agreed upon ‘safe’ word and by all means realize that you can walk away if it is not for you. stead of forcing good workers to leave the U.S. to be with their partners. Such may be the case for Paul Coyle, a 45-year-old partner in a Chicago law firm, who has spent the past 10 years in a longdistance relationship with his partner in Toronto. At first, the two men would take turns flying back and forth, he said, until immigration officials cracked down, making it harder for his partner to enter the U.S. Now Coyle flies to Canada every other week, wondering each time whether it would be cheaper and more rewarding to pack up his law practice and move to Canada. “It’s emotionally draining. It’s financially draining, and every time he comes to the U.S., there’s the risk he won’t get let back in,” Coyle said. “But when you’re in love, you just take the risk, because it’s worth it.”

gious interests such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which sent a letter to Obama telling him including the provision could jeopardize the whole bill. At the Human Rights Campaign, four of its seven federal lobbyists are engaged in pushing lawmakers to back such an amendment. Immigration Equality, another group supporting the provision, said it was bringing more than 60 families from 24 states to the Capitol on Wednesday to ask lawmakers to offer their support. And Log Cabin Republicans, a gay conservative group, is making a pro-business pitch with potential GOP supporters, arguing that including gay couples would allow U.S. companies to retain the best talent | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 13

KINKY SEX IDEAS! MORE FUN THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS Write on the submissive’s body - Talking dirty is fun; drawing and writing on your partner’s body is fun; writing dirty things on your partner’s body is even more fun. You can write something as simple as dirty words (such as writing “slut” across your partner’s chest), or write short descriptions of what you plan to do to your partner just before you do it. You can even combine this with other ideas; during dinner at a restaurant, send your partner into the restroom with a Magic Marker and tell your partner to strip, write dirty words on his or her body, masturbate, and come back out. This can be combined with public play. You can, for example, write things like “property of so-and-so” in large letters on the submissive’s chest, then send him or her to work that way. This can also be reversed. One person can write on his or her own body things he or she would like to have happen, and let his or her parter discover the writing as things progress. Excerpted from “Okay, okay, so, what do you actually DO, anyway?” by Franklin Veaux. View full article by visiting: STAY TUNED FOR MORE KINKY TIPS!!

14 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

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Fitness Complicated

Questions, Simple Answers

Dr. Suess said, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Your wellness in life is usually a simple answer away. Start asking those complicated questions and get ready for your body and mind to improve quite simply. Why don’t you go back to school? You never did finish college and will there be another time that will be any better. Back in the day, you did get an F in Economics 101, but who cares it is only a letter. You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut. Enroll in class and I don’t want to hear the conjunction but. Why don’t you quit your job? Your work is tedious and worrisome and you don’t much see your family or even your best friend. If you stay with your job you’ll earn that paycheck, but what message will that send. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. There are other jobs out there ready to make you happy and healthy even if it’s money that you will lose. Why don’t you move? You freeze every winter even with your hat and mittens as you shovel the snow. The weather isn’t likely to change when you continue to make home in the city of Buffalo. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go. It’s mild and pleasant in California’s San Luis Obispo. Why don’t you learn to relax and enjoy life a little? You are uptight and stressed each day of the week. If seems just yesterday you knew how to laugh and play hide and seek. From there to here and here to there funny things are everywhere. Cut loose with a joke or possibly a prank…if you dare. Why don’t you try something different? It is always out the door in the morning with a necktie and clean shaven face. It would be wrong to appear outside the box and look

By Ron Blake out of place. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Tomorrow it’s a bowtie and facial hair that will start to sprout. Why don’t you try to change the world? After dinner every night you watch the news and nothing seems to improve. A call to action for change means getting out of your chair and that requires a move. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Shake the dust from your boots and create change; you’re Johnny on the Spot. Everything stinks till it’s finished. Finish those complicated questions with some simple answers. Only you can control your future. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way. Your well-being of tomorrow is almost here. Raise your glass with me and let out a cheer! This wellness article is brought to you by that guy of think and wonder. That wonder and think guy is Ron Blake and offers of thanks to Dr. Suess can be sent in care of

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16 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 17

Bar Map - Phoenix 1 THE Anvil

2303 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016


2 Apollo’s

5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014

3 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

4 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013

18 2

5 THE Chute 1440 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654



6 DON’S ELEGANTE 1702 West Monterosa Street Phoenix, AZ 85015 (480) 540-6221


14 10 11


17 5 7



7 FRIENDS Bar 1028 East Indian School

Phoenix, AZ 85014


8 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85008

9 Nu towne saloon 5002 E Van Buren Street


Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-9959


10 Off Chute Too 4115 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 274-1429

11 Paradise Boutique 130 West Osborn Street

Phoenix, AZ 85013

12 Pleasure World 4029 East Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

13 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek

Phoenix, AZ 85032

14 The Rock 4129 North 7th Avenue

15 ROOT SELLER 4015 N 16th Street

- light rail

map not to scale

Phoenix, AZ 85016

16 Roscoe’s 4531 North 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85014

17 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ

18 Sunburst Inn 6245 N. 12th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 248-8559

18 | May 2013 | Issue #40 |

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #40 | May 2013 | 19

Rd Cente r

HOLE, THE 2820 Lytton Street San Diego, CA 92110


LOFT, THE 3610 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 91203


NUMBER 1 FIFTH AVE 3845 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103


PECS 2046 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92104


REDWING BAR & GRILL 4012 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

10 SRO LOUNGE 1807 5th Ave.nue San Diego, CA 92101


SAN DIEGO EAGLE 3040 N Park Way San Diego, CA 92104

11 VULCAN STEAM & SAUNA 805 W Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101


Missio n

W Washington Street


N Harbor Dr

10 Ash St

B St


El Cajon Blvd


Orange Ave

University Ave


North Park Redwood St

Juniper St

Fern St

State St




Upas St

rsh ing


5 6th Ave

se c


Reynard Way



ns S



Florida St

4 B

University Ave

Park Blvd


e tt Av arne

3 2 6 1st Ave



Richmond St


Old Town

na Blv



s Are

Adams Ave

Texas St



Madison Ave



G St

Hilltop Dr Market St

Bar/Resort Map - Palm Springs E San Rafael Dr

Date Palm Dr

E Racquet Club Rd

il Tra try Au Dinah Shore Dr

n Dr

r nD


CHAPS INN 312 E Camino Monte Vista Palm Springs, CA 92262

10 INN EXILE 545 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264


DESERT ECLIPSE RESORT 537 S Grenfall Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264

11 SANTIAGO RESORT 650 E San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264


EL MIRASOL VILLAS 525 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264

12 SCORE 301 E Arenas Rd Palm Springs, CA 92262

ALL WORLDS RESORT 526 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264

Dinah Shore Dr


GEORGIE’S ALIBI 369 N Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262

13 TERRAZZO 1600 E Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262


CANYON CLUB HOTEL 960 N Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262


HELIOS MEN’S RESORT 280 E Mel Ave Palm Springs, CA 92262

14 TOOL SHED 600 E Sunny Dunes Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264


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30th Ave


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N Farrell Dr

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Hwy 111

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N Avenida Caballeros

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FIESTA CANTINA 142 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Sea World Drive

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CLUB SAN DIEGO 3955 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103


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Mission Valley

30th St

Cheers 1839 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116

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Morena Blvd

Bar Map - San Diego Mission Bay

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Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Palm Springs, CA – The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Coalition is pleased to announce that retired 9th Circuit Court Judge Vaughn R. Walker will be the keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Coachella Valley Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast on Thursday, May 23, 2013, from 9:30-11 AM. The breakfast will be held at the Hilton Palm Springs, 400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, to honor the memory of Harvey Milk, an American hero, and to strengthen coalitions among the many diverse community organizations that work toward equality in the Coachella Valley. Judge Walker served as a district judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California from 1990 to 2011. He graduated from the University of Michigan (1966) and Stanford Law School (1970). After clerking for Judge Robert J Kelleher of the United States District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles (1971–72), he practiced in San Francisco at Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, now Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Judge Walker was originally nominated to the bench by President Reagan in 1987; renominated in 1989 by President George H W Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate on November 21, 1989, on unanimous

Judge Vaughn R. Walker

consent; he received his commission on November 27, 1989. In 2010, Judge Walker began trying Perry v Schwarzenegger, a federal-constitutional challenge to California Proposition 8, a voter initiative constitutional amendment that eliminated the right of same sex couples to marry. On August 4, 2010, Judge Walker ruled that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional “under both the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses” of the United States Constitution and prohibited its enforcement. That decision was affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on February 12, 2012, and was recently reviewed by the United States Supreme Court with a decision expected shortly. Judge Walker retired from the bench at the end of February 2011 and established a mediation-arbitration practice in San Francisco to which he now devotes most of his time. During the breakfast the Harvey B. Milk Leadership Award of the Coachella Valley will

Activist Mattie Leyden

be awarded to Mattie Leyden, former Marine and transgender activist. A member of Palm Springs LGBT Community Outreach Committee for the Palm Springs Police Department, Leyden started the Coachella Valley Transgender Community Group at The LGBT Community Center of the Desert, and also serves as the Diversity Co-Chair on the Orange County/Long Beach/Palm Springs Chapter of the Human Rights Campaign. When he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977, Harvey Milk

(1930-1978) became one of the first openly gay men to be elected to political office in the United States. On election night, Harvey Milk reminded his supporters: “This is not my victory – it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” He was assassinated (along with Mayor George Moscone) on November 27, 1978, only 11 months after taking office. Tickets for the event are $35, with proceeds benefiting Coachella Valley high school gay straight alliance organizations, and can be purchased at For more information call 760-416-8711 or email Sponsors for the event as of now include: Hilton Palm Springs, Bud Light, The Standard Magazine Palm Springs, Desert Daily Guide Media Group, CCBC Resort, Desert AIDS Project, Emerald Kingdom, Equality California, Greater Palm Springs Pride, Human Rights Campaign, Hunters Palm Springs, The LGBT Center of the Desert, and Bradley White.

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We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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