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SmokeOut 2013 An Uncomplicated Weekend Las Vegas, NV - The Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club presents SmokeOut 2013 April 4th through 7th. This is a fun-filled uncomplicated weekend in Las Vegas for cigar studs, bikers, Leathermen, Bears and friends from all over the world. No rigid program to follow with lots of time for being a tourist, enjoying a show, attending events or just relaxing and having a great time! Just a ‘free-flowing’ weekend so everyone can enjoy Las Vegas the way you want to -- in the company of fellow studs! Come with a fun, uncomplicated attitude and let Las Vegas do its magic. SmokeOut has been celebrated since 2000. The host hotel will again be the four-star Alexis Park Resort & Villas. The Alexis Park Resort is beautifully designed like Mediterrean Villas, so there is plenty of outside grassy area and pool area for smoking. There are special discounted rates of $89 per standard Monarch suite per night includes two complimentary breakfast buffets per suite per day reserved. To get this special discounted room rate and the two complimentary breakfast buffets each day and other perks, you must register only through the Alexis Park Reservations operator.

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Although organizers have blocked 400 suites for SMOKEOUT, there are only a limited number of smoking rooms available. When making reservations, you must mention SMOKEOUT 2013 and that you request a smoking room (if any are still available). Make your room reservations through the hotel reservations operator, 1-800-582-2228. With two complimentary buffet breakfasts included each day and an extremely reasonably room rate, organizers expect the hotel will be ‘sold out’ quickly. Only reservations made directly through the Hotel Reservations operator will get all the SmokeOut perks. Alexis Park Resorts & Villas , 375 E. Harmon Ave. , Las Vegas, NV 89169. Reservations: 800-5822228 Hotel Direct: 702-796-3300. For a complete listing of events and the free event registration form, go to www.LasVegasSmokeout. com. Everyone attending SmokeOut must register! Schedule of Events Wednesday, April 3th 6AM - 10:30AM - Complimentary Breakfast at the Alexis Park Resort; Location: Alexis Gar-

dens off Main Lobby; Description: For registered hotel guests only; Hosted By: Alexis Park Resort. 9AM - 9PM - Hospitality Suite #2701; Location: Alexis Park Resort Room 2701; Description: ONETIME $5 SMOKEOUT REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED. Everyone Must Check In At The Alexis Park Hospitality Suite #2701 To Receive Smokeout Wrist Band Which Must Be Worn At All Times, And Pick Up Your PreOrdered Smokeout T-Shirts. Masseur, Bootblack and complimentary snacks available; Hosted By: Leather Uniform Club Of Las Vegas. 1PM To 11PM - Iron Horse Tattoos; Location: Iron Horse Tattoos; Across From The Buffalo, Next To 7-Eleven continued on page 3 > | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 1

From The Editor Embrace your many fetishes & kinks!


his past weekend I had the pleasure of being in Palm Springs -- just to get away. The resort I was staying at had two things going on, but the one I found interesting was a Physical Education Play Party. PE could involve being dressed up in a particular sports uniform and gear, it could involve

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Events Collect Much Needed Funds for HIV/AIDS

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smoking a cigar when he’s kissing you, or blowing it in your face. I’m getting hard just thinking about it. But the point is that we all have a kink, you name it and there is someone who has it. Sometimes we don’t know or are unawares of our kink. Sometimes we are scared or afraid of our kink. I know when I came out as gay I early on recognized that I

Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Begin the Season of Love

Published on the 1st of each month by KLM Media Group ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. Editor:

going after someone who resembles that wrestling coach you had a crush on, it could involve many things but all with an underlying sports theme. Which brings me to my point -- we all have a fetish or even multiple fetishes; some are as simple as cigars. There’s something about a hot guy smoking a cigar, or a daddy

Phoenix, AZ - The Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will host two events bringing vital information about HIV/AIDS prevention and education mixed with a creative celebration of Mardi Gras 2013. Phat Indulgences on February 10th, 2013 will take place at Bunkhouse Saloon located at 4428 N 7th Avenue in Phoenix. This event will be the 5th year of the Sisters

famous “Free Stuff ” raffle, a collection of unique items and talked about treasures. Join the weekly beer bust and some raffle fun with good winning odds. Event starts at 4pm. Funds raised from this event will be directed to Aunt Rita’s foundation. Indulgent Too (the Fat Tuesday celebration) on February 12th, 2013 will be hosted at Nutowne Saloon located at 5002 E Van Buren Street in Phoenix, AZ. The event starts as 7pm. This year’s amateur striptease event will showcase some of the Valley’s hidden treasures with cash prizes for the lucky and talented. Raffles are plenty and will compliment the show and the Saloon’s weekly beer bust. Funds raised for this event will be directed toward condom distribution efforts and various AIDS Service Organizations.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has set goals towards achieving an AIDS-free generation and the federal government is setting its sights on America’s youth, a segment of the population with high infection rates and low testing rates. Of the estimated 12,200 new HIV infections that occurred in 2010 in the 13-to-24 age group, 72 percent were in young men who have sex with men (MSM) and 57 percent occurred in Black Americans. More than half of all youths infected -- 60 percent -- don’t even realize they have the disease according to this new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More information about the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at

table of contents SmokeOut 2013 Las Vegas Embrace your many fetishes! Grand Canyon Sisters Season of Love Local News National News North American Bear Weekend North Country Fur Flee VI South Plains Leatherfest Russia’s Anti-Gay ‘Propaganda Law’ PORN NEWS

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was really into leather and the hot men who wore it. I loved the smell of it, the feel of it and what it represented. For me there is just something about that hot guy or daddy in leather, add a cigar to it and call me boy! My orientation is gay, but one of my kinks is leather. So whatever your kink or fetish is -- embrace it. You are not alone!

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From 4PM - Hotel Check-In At Alexis Park Resort; Description: Special Discounted Rates Of $89.00 Per Standard Monarch Suite Per Night Includes 2 Complimentary Breakfast Buffets Per Days Registered. You Must Reserve Your Room Directly Through The Hotel Operator And Mention Smokeout 2013. Call 1-800-582-2228. 6PM - ? - Show on Las Vegas Strip; Location: TBD; Description: Show on Las Vegas Strip 11:45PM - ? - Underwear Party; Location: Las Vegas Eagle; Description: Free Beer And Well Drinks For Men Who Are Wearing Only Underwear (Clothes Check Available); Hosted By: Las Vegas Eagle Thursday, April 4th 6AM - 10:30AM - Complimentary Breakfast at the Alexis Park Resort; Location: Alexis Gardens off Main Lobby; Description: For registered hotel guests only; Hosted By: Alexis Park Resort 9AM – 9PM - Hospitality Suite #2701; Location: Alexis Park Resort Room 2701; Description:ONETIME $5.00 SMOKEOUT REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED. Everyone Must Check In At The Alexis Park Hospitality Suite #2701 To Receive Smokeout Wrist Band Which Must Be Worn At All Times, And Pick Up Your Pre-Ordered Smokeout T-Shirts. Masseur, Bootblack And Complimentary Snacks Available. 1PM To 11PM - Iron Horse Tattoos; Location: Iron Horse Tattoos; Across From The Buffalo, continued on page 7 > | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 3

Local News PHOENIX

only presents colorfully arresting images, he also stylizes the film by utilizing classical music (and Wendy Carlos’s electronic classical work) to underscore the violent scenes, which even today are disturbing in their display of sheer nihilism. Ironically, many fans of the film have missed that point, sadly being entertained by its brutality rather than being repulsed by it. Tickets available at www.clockwork.

Sponsors of the Contest included Anvil Leather/Fetish Bar, Apollo’s Lounge, Bunkhouse Saloon, Fetish Knight News, IonAZ Magazine, Kobalt Bar, My Favorite Tech, Plazma Bar and in Loving Memory of Bob Dejardine: Tuff Stuff Leatherwear. For additional information, please visit our Facebook page, MrPhoenixLeather, website,, or email us at (Included photo courtesy of Jim Saccoman. Pictured: Mike Parra, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2013.)

Boy’s Coffee Join the Phoenix boys of Leather for coffee at Hob Nob’s for fun, food, and conversation, February 7th from 7-9:30pm.

Bear Nation Beer Bust Films That Highlight Censorship in Media February 1st at 7pm, during First Friday in Phoenix Art Museum’s Whiteman Hall will be a special presentation of A Clockwork Orange. Museum admission is complimentary; tickets to the film are $7 and will be available at the entrance to Whiteman Hall and online. Bookmans actively fights censorship and promotes freedom of expression at every opportunity because they believe you have the right to read, view, and listen to what you want. Stanley Kubrick’s striking visual interpretation of Anthony Burgess’s famous novel is a masterpiece. Malcolm McDowell delivers a clever, tongue-in-cheek performance as Alex, the leader of a quartet of droogs, a vicious group of young hoodlums who spend their nights stealing cars, fighting rival gangs, breaking into people’s homes, and raping women. While other directors would simply exploit the violent elements of such a film without subtext, Kubrick maintains Burgess’s dark, satirical social commentary. We watch Alex transform from a free-roaming miscreant into a convict used in a government experiment that attempts to reform criminals through an unorthodox new medical treatment. The catch, of course, is that this therapy may be nothing better than a quick cure-all for a society plagued by rampant crime. A Clockwork Orange works on many levels--visual, social, political, and sexual--and is one of the few films that hold up under repeated viewings. Kubrick not 4 | February 2013 | Issue #37

The Bunkhouse Saloon will hold the Bear Nation Beer Bust Feb 8, at 8 pm. Bunkhouse Saloon is located at 4428 N. 7th Ave in Phoenix.

Mr. Phoenix Leather

The Mr. Phoenix Leather Contest was held January 3-6 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. Two men competed for the title, with Michael Parra winning Mr. Phoenix Leather 2013, and Charles, aka Pup Z being named first runner up. Michael Parra will go on to compete for International Mr. Leather 2013 in Chicago, IL Memorial Day weekend, and Pup Z will assume his duties should Michael be unable for any reason to complete his title year. Judges for the contest were: Head Judge Steve Loki, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2012, Bob Weber, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2009, Mitch Mitchell, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2011, Isaac Westly, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2012, slave pug, and boy bamm-bamm, International Leather boy 2012. The contest was M.C.’ed by Jeffrey Payne, International Mr. Leather 2009, and produced by Stephen Bloom, Mr. Padlock Leather 2001, and Kenneth Anthony, Mr. Cellblock Phoenix Leather 2008. |

a similar interest don’t hide it any longer. You only get one life. You only get one chance to explore the possibilities that make you tingle when the thought tickles your mind. Our members range from the “experienced” to the “never tried”, and everywhere in between. Don’t know where to start? Don’t have the gear? Not sure you want to be involved in rope bondage? Don’t worry. We’ll help you through it. We will welcome you with open arms, and we’ll talk to you about where to start if you need it. If you don’t have the gear we can hook you up. There is surely some extra rope laying around at a practice session. Or we can direct you to good places to buy supplies! Educational clubs will be open to all APEX members who would like to join. If you are interested in beginning an E.D.G.E. club, please e-mail

Hot CBT w/ The Ladies from Hades

“The Ladies from Hades” is a group of FemDom Women who specialize in extreme cbt (cock & ball torture). The group, which will meet February 18th, formed in 2009 and they have done several presentations at APEX Monday and Saturday classes, Kink Karnival, Get Your Squirt On and Bizarre Bazaar in Phoenix; DD classes in Tucson; Bizarre Bazaar in Albuquerque NM and Behind Closed Doors conference in Tucson. They will be doing: (1) hand job from hell (hot sauce & sand) (2) flaming butterfly (3) mousse fireplay (4) hot wax on genitals --plus more... OPEN TO ALL APEX MEMBERS For more information go to

Masked Fire Ball Outdoor play space at Arizona Power Exchange, February 23rd. That’s right folks, we are setting up rooms outside for your fireArizona Bound is dedicated to the nur- play pleasure! turing of the rope community in Arizona in The masquerade: The best mask and cosorder to teach, enhance, and support the art tume get a full ride to the Bizarre Bazaarof rope bondage in as safe of a way that is including the party! Dress up and get hot! possible within this realm of edge play. The Bring your fire play toys....we are heating next class will take place February 12th at things up outside! Arizona Power Exchange. A portion of the proceeds from this party Many of us have secret interests, kinks, or will help us to bring back fire play! So, show fetishes that society has taught us to be wary your support of fire-play at APEX with an of. Our interest is rope bondage. If you share amazing party! There will be some fantastic We'll Take You Where Others Won't

E.D.G.E. – Arizona Bound

Continued... performance art to watch, and plenty of outdoor space to let you fire-big fly! OPEN TO ALL APEX MEMBERS

Bear’s Beer Bust Come join the Bears of the West March 2nd for “Beer Bust” at Bunkhouse Saloon. $5 red cup and 50 cent refills. Members pay $2.50 for red cup. Bunkhouse Saloon is located at 4428 N. 7th Ave in Phoenix.

Have a “Heart Luck” Variety Show

The Pornographer The Pornographer, a new play by Kirt Shineman, is based on a real event in the life of Egon Schiele. This play is neither whole fact nor fully fiction, but combines the two. Egon Schiele (1890-1918) was one of the most influential painters to emerge from Vienna at the turn of the century. He was controversial, but so were Robert Mapplethorpe, Georg Baselitz, and Madonna. Egon showed us things, then and now, we resist seeing. Through this play we see Egon struggle to find himself through encounters with Vienna’s best known artist Klimt to his sexual escapades and imprisonment on a morals charge. This play offers insights into the artist’s brief and troubled life, proving an artist institutionalized dies. March 1 at 7:00pm until March 3 March 1 & 2 at 7:00 pm March 3rd at 2:00 pm The play will be held at Prism Theatre/ Binary Theatre Company Tempe, Arizona. Purchase tickets at:

The gay and lesbian association of Darts Have a Heart Project presents the 5th annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show The GLAD Dart League’s Have A Heart Project will be having The 5th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show and Underwear Auction on Saturday March 16th, 2013 at 1:30 pm at the Bunkhouse located at 4428 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ. All proceeds will benefit the three charities chosen by the G.L.A.D. Dart league. This show will feature Miss Gay Phoenix America 2012 - Olivia Gardens as our Auctioneer and MC, also set to perform Imperial Court of Arizona Empress VII Paula Sha, Lady Christian, Lady Godiva and more to be announced as we get closer to the event. There will be many models showing off the latest fashions in underwear up for auction. There will be prizes, raffles, and Jell-o shots. Come join us for a fun filled afternoon. Thanks to our sponsor Off- Chute Too, last year the benefit raised $4062 with all proceeds to benefit G.L.A.D members’ three chosen charities – Bryon Wiley Memorial Scholarship Fund, GreenHouse Project of Tumbleweed, and Joshua Tree.

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 5

National Bear News

2nd Annual North American Bear Weekend

Lexington, KY - Join the Bears February 22nd to 24th in Lexington, KY for the 2nd annual North American Bear Weekend – where fun, fur & frolic awaits! Enjoy a weekend full of pool parties, dance parties, booze, food, games, sexy men, and more! Sit back and cheer for your favorite candidate in the 2nd annual Mr. North American Bear Contest – where the winner will receive a $500 cash prize! The North American Bears are excited to announce that our 2nd annual “Run for the Fur” event will take place at the Crowne Plaza. The hotel has undergone significant remodeling since the last event – and organizers are sure the improvements won’t go unnoticed! New this year – a bigger event venue to accommodate the growing registration attendance; a bigger stage for contestants; more dressing room space for contestants; much more dance floor space for the After Hours Dance Parties; and a much larger ballroom space that will accommodate ALL of the vendors in one room! To reduce confusion at this massive, sprawling hotel – the Bears have reserved the entire 3rd floor…all to ourselves, and the ballrooms are all close together just beneath our guest rooms. The North American Bear Weekend staff, along with the Crowne Plaza hotel staff, are very excited to be hosting the event at this venue

for a 2nd year! If you prefer to call-in your reservation (859) 255-4281, be Sure to Mention Group Code “NAB” When You make Your Reservation! $89 per night (up to 5 person occupancy per room). Friday, February 22nd, 2013 10am-2pm Vendor Set-Up Hours 2pm-6pm Registration/Pass Purchases 2pm-6pm Vendor Market 3pm Silent Auction Begins 3pm-6pm Wet & Wild Pool Party 6pm-8:30pm Dinner on Your Own 8:15pm-9pm Singles Mixer 8pm-1am Registration/Pass Purchases 8pm-12am Vendor Market 9pm-11pm Bear-a-Palooza Show 9pm-11pm Contestant Meet & Raffles 11:30pm-1:30am Skivvies Dance Party 1:30am-3am After Hours Cocktail Party/ Snacks in Hospitality Suite 1am-3am Late Night Frolic Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

North Country Bears Present Fur Flee VI

Superior, WI - Fur Flee Weekend The North Country Bears was founded will be held February 28th through March in 1993 by RustyBear as the Northland’s first 3rd in Superior WI. Come join the Fur Flee bear fraternity. Since then they have had hunfestivities and receive: a private bear hotel dreds of events and gatherings, raised money with 112 rooms, Saturday dance party with for many different charities, and have a great OPEN BAR and midnight pizza, 2 beer busts time doing it! at local bars Thurs and Friday (Fri transportaThe Host Hotel will be Barkers Island tion included!), afternoon bearoake pool party Inn, 300 Marina Drive, Superior, WI 54880. and lunch, after-hours hospitality suite, win- Phone : (715) 392-7152· or (800) 344-7515. ter Alpine Slide at Spirit Mountain ($) and Mention “North Country Bears” when bookthe company of 200+ bears for the weekend! ing. DO NOT BOOK ONLINE (it will The North Country Bears is a non-profit show as sold out). Poolside rooms contain social organization that puts on events for refrigerators and microwaves.· Special Run bears, cubs and admirers. Their goal is to pro- Rate: $$89/after January 1st. vide comfortable gathering places for bears For more information go to www.ncbears. from all over the Upper Midwest. com We'll Take You Where Others Won't

10:30am-5:30pm Registration 10:30am-5:30pm Vendor Market 11am-1pm Lunch in Hospitality Suite 1pm-4:30pm Wet & Wild Pool Party 4:30pm-5:30pm Cocktail Party 6pm-8pm Dinner buffet, Hotel Ballroom 7:30pm-2am Registration 8pm-9pm Charity Auction 8pm Silent Auction Ends 9pm-11pm Mr. North American Bear Contest/Awards 10:30pm-12am Vendor Market 11pm-1am Victory Party at Crossings 1:30am-3am After Hours Cocktail Party/ Snacks in Hospitality Suite 1am-3am Late Night Frolic Sunday, February 23rd, 2013 9am Silent Auction Last Chance 10am-12pm Vending Last Chance 11am-2pm Brunch at Hotel ($$) 2pm-5pm Beer Bust at Crossings The Mr. North American Bear contest is open to any gay/bi-sexual male resident of the United States, Mexico or Canada. All contestants must be bar/state/regional bear title holders within the last five years. Contests who were named “First Runner Up” in their local/state/bar contests are also eligible to participate if the winner from that year’s contest does not wish to participate in the event. Contestants must be 21 years of age

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Next To 7-Eleven 3PM - Poolside Games; Location: Alexis Park Resort; Description: Winner Receives Vouchers For 2 Tickets To A Show On The Las Vegas Strip ... A $200.00 Value. 5:30PM - Meet And Greet Welcome Dinner Buffet; Location: Alexis Gardens off Main Lobby; Description: Buffet Dinner. 9PM - Social At The Buffalo Leather/ Biker/Bear Bar; Location: The Buffalo Leather/Biker/Bear Bar

by the contest date. There is no entry fee to compete in this event. Please identify yourself as one of the following: Bear, Cub, Chaser (Bear Hunter), Muscle Bear or Daddy Bear. There will be a winner for each of the categoriess. All winners will receive a patch. Winner with the highest overall score will receive a $500 cash prize! North American Bear Weekend has chosen the NOH8 Campaign as the 2013 selected charity. The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. On Friday, December 7th – the Supreme Court announced they would hear an appeal that ruled Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. With the rights of many same-sex couples on the line, this decision ensures the opportunity to fight for the freedom to marry on a federal level. These developments and the impact they will have on the future of equal rights could be huge. The Supreme Court’s decisions have added to the momentum for marriage equality seen this past election, and we’re anxious and excited to see what else the future may bring. The stage is set, and the Supreme Court’s decision guarantees that federal marriage equality will have its day in court! The North American Bear Weekend is very excited to be sponsoring this very important movement! For more information about the NOH8 Campaign, visit them online at For additional information on the North American Bear Weekend go to Breakfast at the Alexis Park Resort; Location: Alexis Gardens off Main Lobby; Description: For registered hotel guests only; Hosted By: Alexis Park Resort 9AM - 9PM - Hospitality Suite #2701; Location: Alexis Park Resort Room 2701; Description: ONE-TIME $5.00 SMOKEOUT REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED. Everyone Must Check In At The Alexis Park Hospitality Suite #2701 To Receive Smokeout Wrist Band Which Must Be Worn At All Times, And Pick Up Your Pre-Ordered Smokeout T-Shirts. Masseur, Bootblack And Complimentary Snacks Available; Hosted By: Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas.

Friday, April 5th 6AM - 10:30AM - Complimentary continued on page 18 > | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 7

National Leather News

South Plains Leatherfest -

International Master/slave Weekend Dallas - South Plains will remember history and traditions, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future. Whether interested in Master/slave relationships or cutting edge SM or both, attendees will find what they are looking for at South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend in Dallas, Texas on March 8-10, 2013. South Plains offers a Master/slave track and a Leather/BDSM track. Among the outstanding presenters are Master Skip and slave Rick, Master Jim and slave marsha (IM/s 2001), Master Obsidian and slave namaste (IM/s 2010), Liza and her slave Jody (IM/s 2011), Master Dan and slave Melissa (IM/s 2012), and Master George and slave bren. The Leather/SM Track features, among others, Mark Frazier, Hardy Haberman, Midori, Sharrin Specter, Lolita, Sir Hugh, and JLube Jack. These and other well-known presenters will bring new perspectives, new understanding, and new ideas for you to explore. South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend began over 10 years ago as an event where experienced members of the community could find something different from the “SM 101” classes that filled the schedules of most other events and clubs. Since that time, we have expanded our mission, so now at South Plains you’ll not only find cutting edge, advanced classes on SM technique, but also specifically “queer friendly” space and a home for the Master/slave community. What you won’t find at South Plains is a lot of political correctness. South Plains embraces the raw edges of Leather and the “edgeliving” of M/s relationships. In addition to the workshops and educational components of your South Plains experience, some of the highlights of the weekend are presented below with more detail available on the South Plains website. · Thursday night Meet and Greet. Again sponsored by NLA-Dallas, the Meet and Greet will be in the hotel’s Champagne Ballroom from 8-10 pm. The Meet and Greet is a great way to kick-off the weekend. · South Plains Coffee House. Need to get your motor running in the morning? For the first time at South Plains “The Staff ” is honored to offer a complimentary coffee and pastry bar in The View on Friday, Saturday and 8 | February 2013 | Issue #37

Sunday mornings from 6:30 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. It is “The Staff ’s” privilege to perform this small service to the greater community during South Plains Leatherfest. Gratuities will be gratefully accepted. · International Master/slave Contest. South Plains is the home of the International Master/slave Contest. Contest activities start with Friday evening introductions, continue with interviews and presentations on Saturday, and conclude with the final contest ceremonies and events Saturday evening. Emcee Karen “Ultra Domme” will keep things lively! · South Plains Living Room. Another new addition in 2013, the Living Room will be open in the hotel’s atrium and offers a great place to relax, catch up with friends, and meet new ones. This is in response to your requests for more opportunities to just get together with others who share this life. · South Plains Cruise. Organizers launched the open Cruise last year, and it was an overwhelming success! Everyone is again welcome to Friday night’s Cruise where the setting will recall bar gatherings of the past. · Cigar Social. This new event will take place after the Friday evening Cruise and will feature a limited supply of custom-banded South Plains cigars. · South Plains Café. The Cafe, an informal get-together with no program, was new last year and was a sellout! A portion of the ticket price supports the titleholders’ travel fund. · Group and Family Reunions and Ceremonies. The 12th-floor lounge can be reserved for private meetings, reunions, and ceremonies. There are only a few time slots remaining. For more information visit the South Plains website. · Sunday Brunch. The traditional brunch is another way to get together with friends. The keynote speaker is Rick Storer, Executive Director of the Leather Archives and Museum. · Play Parties. 5000 square feet in the hotel both Friday and Saturday nights, featuring men’s party Friday night, and women’s and pansexual parties both nights. · Men at the Eagle. The Dallas Eagle will be the place to be after the contest on Saturday. South Plains men can party with the guys attending Discipline Corps’ Esprit de Corps weekend. Men attending South Plains can |

also attend the Esprit de Corp off-site play party on Sunday afternoon. Tickets for the play party will be available at South Plains. · Women’s and Transgender cruises. The woman’s cruise is sponsored by Bound by Desire and the transgender cruise by Transcending Leather Corp. Both cruises are held in the 12th floor View. South Plains registrations are only $109 through January 16. This includes admission to all workshops, Friday night opening festivities, vendor area, International Master/slave Contest, and run pin. All attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Register now! The host hotel is the Park Inn Hotel & Suites at Love Field in Dallas. A special rate of $95 (reduced from last year!) will secure a room for up to four people. Some suites are also available. Reserve your room now! It’s not too late for a sponsorship. Spon-

Leatherfest Keynote Speaker Rick Storer sors receive special recognition and here is a list of sponsor opportunities. For more details about this exciting weekend, just visit the South Plains website at Download and bookmark their new mobile app and access all the up-to-the-minute SPLF information. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any Android device.

The International Master/slave Contest


nternational Master/slave is a title ticles, etc. As a result of the expectations, one with deep roots in the Leather of the most important attributes of the titlecommunity. In 1990, the first holders is the ability to clearly and effectively Master/slave title, then owned and communicate what it means to them to live produced by Luke Owen, was won by Mark and identify as Master and slave. Bowers and Bob Farrell. In 1992, the name of Contestants at the International Master/ the title was changed to International Mas- slave Contest have competed at and won one ter/slave and that title was won by K.T. Chase of the five Regional Feeder Contests (Northand Susie Shepherd. Over the years, IM/s has west, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast and developed a unique mission: to represent and Great Lakes), or if the contestants are from educate about a kind of relationship that is outside of the U.S., have petitioned to comoften misunderstood, even by those familiar pete at International. Contestants for Interwith Leather/SM. national Master and slave must be 21 years of The Owners/Producers of the Interna- age, self identify as Master/slave or Owner/ tional Master/slave Contest are committed to property, and have been in a M/s or O/p relaproviding the leather/SM and Master/slave tionship with each other for at least one year. communities with an International Master Contestants run as a pair. No particular “look,” and an International slave who will represent dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation the M/s lifestyle with integrity and compe- is required to run, nor is there a required set of tence. The holders of the International Master protocols that International Master and slave and International slave titles will be seen as are expected to follow. In the end, Internaspokespersons for the Master/slave commu- tional Master/slave is all about the titleholders nity. As such, it is expected that the holders living the truth of their lives and relationship. of the titles will take every opportunity to More information about the contest, titleeducate the leather/SM and M/s communi- holder requirements and expectations can be ties on the Master/slave lifestyle, and will found in the Handbook for the International actively seek out venues that will allow them Master/slave Contest, the IM/s Contest Apto speak on Master/slave issues, whether that plication, the IM/s Judges’ Handbook, the be through speeches, seminar presentations, Requirements for International Contestants participation on panel discussions, writing ar- and the International Contestant Petition We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Gay News Russia’s Anti-Gay ‘Propaganda Law’ Assault on Freedom Russia’s Parliament has backed a bill which outlaws the “propaganda of homosexuality among minors” in a move that will restrict fundamental human rights and is in breach of the country’s international obligations to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people from discrimination, says Amnesty International. The State Duma voted almost unanimously in favor of the controversial measure with only one parliamentarian against and another abstaining, during the first reading. The law would make the “promotion of homosexuality among minors” an administrative offence in federal law, with fines of up to 500,000 roubles (US$ 16,200). “This law is an attack on the right to freedom of expression,” said David Diaz-Jogeix, Europe and Central Asia Programme Deputy Director at Amnesty International. There is no legal definition in the Russian law of what constitutes ‘propaganda of

homosexuality’ and the law could be interpreted very loosely. They are going to punish people for something which is perfectly legitimate – expressing themselves, being themselves. “This law further stigmatizes and alienates LGBTI people, including children, and will deprive them of information that could be crucial to their health,” said Diaz-Jogeix. “It perversely presumes that the moral, spiritual and psychological development of children is best served by denying them access to support and information that can help them make informed, autonomous and responsible decisions. This is an unjust law.” “Besides, this law will deny LGBTI people equality before the law by curtailing the activities of LGBTI activists, some of whom have already been harassed and assaulted.” LGBTI activists organized today a ‘Kissing Day’ protest in front of the Duma. Kissing couples were pelted with eggs and ver-

Porn Director John Bruno Kills Self

Massive Studios in 2004. He continued to produce Massive content while he became a major directing force at Falcon Studios and Mustang Studios. Falcon distributed 21 DVDs containing Bruno’s Massive content under the moniker Men of Massive. Bruno was responsible for discovering many major stars, and he worked with most of biggest stars in gay porn from the last ten years. He was a major influence on the career of Erik Rhodes, who he directed and then mentored as a director. He also has the accomplishment of directing one of the most successful scenes in Falcon’s history, Adam Killian and Zeb Atlas in Best Men, Part 2 – The Wedding Party. This was Adam Killian’s first gay porn scene as well as Zeb Atlas’s first project in gay porn. He discovered and groomed Tom Wolfe who went on to become a Falcon/Raging Stallion Exclusive and a San Francisco - With a heavy huge star in the porn world. Wolfe had these sincere comments to share heart, San Francisco-based Falcon Studios about John’s passing, “So sad the man who and Raging Stallion Studios have confirmed found me & brought me to the industry was that prolific director John Bruno took his own lost yesterday. John Bruno was a great friend, life. Bruno directed 65 movies distributed by talented individual and an amazing person.” Falcon between 2004 and 2010. Of those, Adam Q. Robinson, Falcon/Raging Stal19 were Mustang Studio titles, and 25 were lion VP of Production and close co-worker Falcon features, including some of the biggest and friend of Bruno had this to say , “I had the hits of the decade like Best Men, Parts 1 & 2, privilege of working on nearly every producFleet Week, Asylum and Roman’s Holiday. tion with John Bruno, and I can only speak Born in Michigan in 1967, Bruno was highly of him, his friendship, his work ethic discovered by Falcon shortly after he founded 10 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

bally abused by supporters of the law,. Police reportedly detained 20 LGBTI activists. “The police yet again directed their actions with arguably excessive force towards the wrong people. The LGBTI activists were not a threat to anybody; they did not insti-

gate hate or violence. They were there exercising their right to freedom of expression of their feelings towards one another. They are as entitled to this right and protection from violence as everyone else,” Diaz-Jogeix added.

and his creative abilities. He was a warmhearted caring person who will be greatly missed. It saddens me that he would take his own life, because he gave so much and he had much more to share with this world.” Studio Statement: “It is with sorrow in our hearts that we announce the passing of John

Bruno. We send our sincerest condolences and warm wishes to John’s family, friends and loved ones. He was an extraordinary talent as well as a genuine and caring human being. John, may you rest in peace, and know that we celebrate your life and your accomplishments.”

Bruno Bond Directs Mountain Tops


nia Mountains, is skillfully directed by Bruno Bond. In part one, Bond inspires amazing performances out of his cast of eight tight, athletic young men. Mountain Tops, Part 2 is set for release on February 4, 2013. These JOCKS are fans of nature, and their adventures to the Mountain Tops get their assets elevated. The sexual needs of these JOCKS never sleep, and their desires get intensified while they’re hiking and camping with their buddies. On their treks through the great outdoors they find secluded spots to take care of their need for release. These studs are Mountain Tops and serious bottoms, and the action is so hot it nearly starts a forest fire. Sunlight doesn’t generate a lot of heat there, but beefy Danny Palick and slim Jackson Taylor scorch things up with multiple positions. Brad Foxx and Levi Madison opt for a suck, rim and pound, with Levi exhibiting a strong command on Brad’s cock and Brad exhibiting an inviting ass. Hot and hung stud, James Ryder’s outdoor shower lures Drake Wild

OCKS Studios announced the release of its newest feature Mountain Tops, Part 1. This two part JOCKS production, featuring hiking and camping sex in the Northern Califorcontinued on next page > We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Porn News Monster Bang Sends Up Cock Shot Fetish Force


ock Shot is the newest release from Monster Bang, the award winning line of Raging Stallion Studios, featuring “Big Dicks and the Holes they Fill.” This feature marks the second of a cock trilogy directed by celebrated star Adam Killian. The first part, Cock Craze, was released on December 7, 2012 and the final part, Cock Tease, hits the streets on March 1. Cock Shot features three exclusives; Jake Genesis, plus a fiery and furry scene shared by the hottest Raging Stallion Exclusives Shawn

Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz. Cock Shot is a deep, probing exploration of an all-male world, whose big-dicked citizens stalk in search of unrelenting bottoms. These hugely endowed studs and ravenous bottoms cruise the barren world looking for their match, the men who will provide them with all the sexual gratification they desire. This world captures the sexual senses of every inhabitant, and each of the featured studs use penetrating body language as their preferred means of communication. Despite his bright tattoos and gym-sculpted torso, James Ryder is an inexperienced youth driven by testosterone to seek gratification. He welcomes the tutelage offered by Trenton Ducati, who teaches him how one hungry man fulfills another. What begins as a wank for Jessy Ares and Rod Daily turns into full-on sex when each realizes the other is watching and wants more. The homeless Jimmy Fanz learns what it means to be the object of a man’s desire when stalker Shawn Wolfe interrupts his dreams with a stiffy that demands release. Finally, handsome Jake Genesis and ultra-hung Ty Roderick enact a slow,

sensuous sex dance that puts all their senses to work in a flip-flop that’s extremely passionate. Killian has created a post-apocalyptic vision where the normal order of human need food, shelter, clothing - plays second fiddle to intense sex, and where orgasm is the prime directive. Fans will want to take note that Adam Killian is on the list of new directors to watch out for. Fans will want to grab Cock Shot and get transported to a sexual future where all the holes are waiting to be filled with the hugest dicks that can be found. Cock Shot can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on “Adam Killian has put together another stellar cast and directed them to deliver moment after moment of super charged erotic sex,” exclaims Chris Ward. “This trilogy is sure to solidify Adam Killian as a serious emerging directing talent in the world of gay porn. The scene between exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz is the hottest scene I’ve watched in quite some time. They both show everyone why they are on their way to becoming superstars.”



etish Force, the hardcore fetish line of Raging Stallion Studios, announced that it has revealed its Safeword, the lines newest feature. In Safeword, Director Tony Buff masterfully combines kinky sex, discipline and pain, by offering a striking gallery of doms charged with discovering the Safeword of their subs, through a series of torturous erotic exercises. The feature artfully puts the viewer into the action. The submissives are tied up and can’t escape punishment unless they speak their Safeword. The pain and humiliation make the endorphins and adrenaline build up inside them. Will their dick be harder? Bigger? Their orgasms more intense? They entrust their safety to another man. Hot. Menacing. Half naked. But how far will he go, how much pain he will inflict, if they do not speak? Leo Forte is almost too sexy to resist in his military fatigues. He forces Rogue Status into speaking his Safeword in two different scenes, using water as his secret weapon. Who could be more menacing than Ricky Sinz, a towering mass of muscle and ink with a foul mouth and a temper to match? Element Eclipse barely escapes Ricky with his gonads intact. Tristan Phoenix discovers the key to unlock furry stud Jimmy Fanz’s Safeword is tickle torture. Salt meets pepper when Adam Herst tries to resist Race Cooper’s riding crop while tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. Race’s sleek musBruno Bond adds, “The men, their chem- cles, all smooth dark chocolate, prove Adam’s istry, the locations in the city and the scenarios undoing. Whatever the Safeword, fans will be all came together to make a distinctly Falcon edging with every torturous erotic act until movie with a special Spanish flavor that fans these fetish players finally gasp it. will enjoy.” “Safeword is artistic, creative and extreme, “Falcon has produced huge hits like Ro- and most of all it’s intensely hot and will have man’s Holiday and French Connections in fans on the edge,” states Chris Ward, president Europe, and Madrid Sexy is going to be an- of Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios. “Tony other spectacularly successful release,” com- Buff is always bringing great concepts to his ments Chris Ward, president of Falcon/Rag- features, and he finds the best fetish players ing Stallion Studios. “The men in this movie in the world to fully realize them. Safeword is are some of the hottest on the globe, and Steve no exception and all of these models brought Cruz and Bruno Bond do an amazing job of edgy and super-charged performances to the transporting the fans into the exhilarating set each day. This is the best fetish movie on world of ‘caliente’ Spanish sex.” the market today.” | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 11

Falcon Brings Spain to the U.S. in Madrid Sexy

alcon Studios, San Francisco- find guys who meet on the street and succumb based award-winning gay porn to instant lust. The anonymous sex shared by producer, announces the release of Jessy Ares and Esteban Del Toro is liberattheir newest feature, Madrid Sexy. ing. The intense Esteban sinks his sexual Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond land claws into the hot flesh of furry Jessy Ares, in the heart of Spain and keep their trained who knows exactly how to tame this Latin in eyes peeled for guys needing to connect, and heat. Sexy couple, David Circus and TJ Lowthey find a spectacular cast of European hot- ell are on vacation in Madrid, and the city has ties that deliver amazing performances fit for them feeling lusty. They know how to make each other’s dicks well up with precum. In Falcon fans. Madrid Sexy is a sex-filled, lusty Euro- the finale, a chance meeting between Alespean vacation, reminiscent of past Falcon sandro Masterio and Mike Colucci in front adventures to exotic locations. This time Fal- of the bullfighting ring produces one of the con lets fans cum along for the ride to Ma- most intense and passionate hook ups ever redrid, Spain’s capital and largest city, and they corded on film. The moment their eyes lock, show you some of the hottest European and you know that these bulls are destined to do Latin men. Madrid lies at the same longitude it. After watching these super-charged, Latin as New York City, it’s not always warm and encounters in Madrid Sexy, fans will be getsunny, but it’s always hot. It’s the kind of heat ting off, and they’ll consider booking their generated by young Latino men on the street next vacation to Spain’s capital. Madrid Sexy is available in retail stores whose cocks twitch and prostates buzz in anticipation of their next orgasm. Steve Cruz and on the online store of Falcon Studios. “It was a thrill to travel to Spain and shoot and Bruno Bond succeed in finding some of such amazing guys in a location that is totally the hottest pairs in Europe. First, Cruz and Bond uncover lovers, Val- free and sexually liberated. Just being in Maentino Porto and Alex Marte, who are a study drid I got the sense of the passion and intensiin contrasts: burly - slim, hairy - smooth, big ty of the Spanish people and culture, and that -- compact, and they share fiery intimate mo- shines through in the sex we captured,” states ments that will have fans shooting. Next they co-director Steve Cruz. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Reveals Safeword

Special Feature

Let’s Talk About

By Doghouse


per-view movies or regular satellite/cable feed), and the choice of programming in that room can ruin a good night at the bathhouse, or screw up the whole place itself. I went to a great bathhouse once that despite the quality of it’s rooms, service, amenities and staff,

ast issue I mentioned bathhouses. They’ve been around for… millennia really, in nearly every culture. Of course some iterations have been different than others, in different times and places. The gay bathhouse as we know it today, is largely a modern invention, where men go to meet other men mostly for sex, and not so much for the “bath” aspect. Ancient bathhouses were more about the bath than the sex had one fatal flaw: a beautifully decorated, as far as we can tell; although it goes without sumptuously and comfortably furnished TV saying that many a nut was busted in ancient lounge replete with huge, stunning flatscreen Greece in steamy, dim corners. The graphic and high-end theatre quality surround sound graffiti that can still be found adorning the smack in the middle of the club, where the walls of these ancient places attest to that. major halls converged. You couldn’t help but A bathhouse today is likely to have a have to walk past the damned thing, and the steam-room, a gym, a number of private rooms terrible night I had there was made more so rentable in six to eight hour blocks -typical- by the staff ’s unfortunate choice of popping ly- and lockers also rentable in time blocks. in, one DVD after another, the boxed set of Some bathhouses have specialty rooms that every episode of every season of Absolutely may have TV’s with porn channels to view, or Fabulous. For hours. The entire crowd was double beds, or even slings. Some bathhouses drawn to the Genie of The Screen. Yeah, Edicater to different types of crowds, and tailor na and Patsy were hilarious in Hi-Def, but no their layouts and decor to reflect that. They all one got laid. have showers and washrooms. A sex club is A good bathhouse is raunchy, but clean. It a different animal, and may not even provide can be both. A good bathhouse gets it’s floors showers for guests, but I am going to stick to swept and mopped every shift, and every surbathhouses, the culture found there, and a few face sanitized regularly. But here I have to ideas for a bit of bathhouse etiquette. segue a bit into some tips for guests at bathA good bathhouse makes you forget there houses… those places are open twenty-four is a world outside. A good bathhouse makes hours a day, seven days a week, and cater to you feel like you have made a real transition from the every day world to a private one where you can be yourself, as well as get your rocks off. A good bathhouse has friendly staff that leaves you alone once you are past the check-in process and have gotten into you room, or locker, and a towel. A good bathhouse has a wide variety of men there, and if it’s the right place, they all feel comfortable together. I’ve been to bathhouses where everybody has been beautiful, but hardly anybody actually gets laid because the beautiful people are all standing around looking for someone just… a little… more beautiful. This is sometimes called an “S&M” club, as in “Stand and Model”. A good bathhouse doesn’t overcomplicate the issue. Buffets, BBQ’s, Disco nights with live DJ’s, door prizes and Drag Shows all detract from the simple experience of going to a place that smells like sex and is built for it. Even the location of the TV lounge (most bathhouses offer a TV lounge that plays pay12 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

horny, sometimes sloppy men. Working in a bathhouse isn’t easy. Guys can be pigs. Used rubbers end up on the floor instead of in trashcans where they belong. Men drop candy wrappers, condom wrappers, and coffee cups wherever they may stand. They piss in steam rooms and sometimes in trashcans if they think it’s too far to the urinal, and generally leave filthy messes wherever they go. I worked in a senior’s home once, and it didn’t seem


much different to what I have seen the staff at a bathhouse have to deal with. Ugh. Cleaning up bodily excretions after careless men. So have care for the staff next time you check in to a bathhouse. That guy behind the counter works pretty damned hard so you have a place to come in and get your nut off. We could be a little grateful. I haven’t seen too much rude behavior in bathhouses. Everybody is there under one roof looking for the same thing so there aren’t too many disagreements. Of course, “no” means no, and it’s not cool to grab someone just because they are next to you in the showers, but generally it’s pretty laissez faire behind the closed and locked doors of the front entrance. One thing that I have rarely seen at the baths is people knocking on stranger’s doors. No one does it. You simply do not knock on a closed door unless you know the person in the room and they are expecting you. No matter how hot you think a guy is if he goes into his room

alone or otherwise and shuts the door behind him it is not cool to knock. It’s an unwritten rule I have observed at many different clubs, in many different cities and countries. Another unwritten rule is loud conversations in hallways. Guys are in their rooms trying to relax, or get to know each other, and the last thing they want to hear is girlfriends in the hall outside their room going on about who’s hot and who’s not. Somehow, it just doesn’t happen, and that goes for cellphones too. I have yet to hear someone carry on more than a perfunctory conversation on their cellphone in a club without moving to a lounge or check-in area to have a more in-depth talk. Then again, maybe it’s that they don’t want the person on the other end to overhear shouts of “pound me, Daddy!” mixed with Techno during their shoptalk, or chat with mum. And follow the rules of the club. Don’t bring your drugs, or your alcohol. As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn’t be doing drugs anyhow, but I’m not judging! And don’t come drunk. If you look drunk, it’s likely you won’t get in the door. I bet the guys on duty have enough to deal with without your drunken ass falling down all over the place, anyhow. Don’t make them have to babysit you. Do bring a good attitude. Do expect to find free rubbers, but you might have to bring your own lube or buy some there. Do take advantage of any Health Services they may offer, like testing or counseling. It’s going to be what you make of it, probably. Not everyone gets to meet Mr. Right Now, but half the fun is in checking in and taking the chance, as well as taking a steam and getting a work-out.

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Question & Answer

Penis Plugs and Scrotal Weights

quickly so be careful. 

To remove the penis plug pull it out very slowly. The challenge is the widest point, which really stretches your urethral opening. 

 Penis plugs can feel great. If you want to try something new, I recommend you give them a try. P.S. Penis plugs can also be used as restraints in BDSM. I also received a question about ball/scrotal weights. 
Ball weights come in a variety of sizes and weights. They are usually circular and clamped around the scrotum above the testicles; sized so that the testicles can’t recede through them. The best known form is the two-piece weight. Weights can be made of leather, steel, and several other materials. Scrotal weights usually serve a number of purposes. First, they can be used for scrotal stretching; that is, to lengthen the scrotum. But, not all ball weights are designed to stretch the scrotum. Second, many find the weights aesthetically pleasing, and many also enjoy the feeling of wearing the weights. Starting out with the lightest weight will still put an erotic tug on your balls as you move around. Some leather ball weights, which are very comfortable in my opinion, sometimes contain small BB style weights. They are generally about 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch inside diameter depending on which snap you use. You can get several sizes depending on how many snaps there are. There can be anywhere from two to eight snaps. The ends snap together very easily. The leather ball weights definitely make your boys get noticed. 
 We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Metal weights usually have a two-piece design to make it easy to get on and off. These weights come in a variety of weights and widths. The Parachute Ball Stretcher is definitely an adventurous piece. The Parachute is made out of soft leather for comfort as well as strength. The metal rings that hang below the parachute can be tugged on gently for stimulation or can be used in stretching by adding weights. The weights you use can be of any length, size and weight. Most weights encircle but do not fully encapsulate the scrotum. Those that do are

part is to remember is that you MUST NOT cut off circulation with any device or practice! If your balls are turning blue, something is too tight, and must be loosened or removed im-

usually called ball crushers, and that is a whole other enchilada. The amount of force required to lengthen the scrotum is not large. It is the length of time of exposure more than the amount of force that does the job. The most important

mediately. Some discomfort is normal when stretching your balls, but pain is an indicator of excess. Remember half the fun with anything is the journey – don’t rush it! Have a question? Email

I received several questions this month from readers that ranged from how to insert a penis plug to scrotal weights. So let’s get started! Insertable penis plugs, also referred to as a urethral insert, can range from 2 inches to eight inches in length and anywhere from 3/16 of an inch on up. These plugs can be made of steel, plastic or glass. Penis plugs can be solid or have a “cum” through hole. The ones with thru-holes allow you to ejaculate or urinate through them, allowing you to wear them for long periods of time. The key is to make sure the one you are buying is made from quality materials. The point of an insertable penis plug is to stimulate the urethra and have great masturbatory or oral sex. It also can be worn as jewelry. A penis plug gives the wearer a pierced look without having to pierce your penis (ouch!). Now to the reader’s specific question. You should start out with a plug whose diameter is small (3/16 of an inch), use lube (preferably surgical lube) and insert it slowly. Once you get past the widest point it goes in very

visit us online! | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 13

14 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

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Product Review


Urinal Piss Trough By Oxballs The Academy Strap one on and get on your knees! Award Goes To Your Health



XBALLS strap-on Urinal piss trough transforms your into the ultimate piss-pig! Made of soft flexible pure silicone, our strap-on Urinal is one nasty piss-gag…every detail is perfect—it was, after all designed by the piss-loving pigs at Oxballs. The flexible urinal is deep and shaped so anyone needing to take a piss can step up and fill it up, and you too! The yellow piss gag inserts are firm flexible silicone and come with the bent tube insert, but it is removable so you can switch to one of three other available gags.  The strap is 2-layered grip textured neoprene with soft Velcro adjustable side straps.

Mountain Tops...

It adjusts for a small noggin or a huge head, (even fits Ox’s head). On the back of the strap is the silicone urinal logo in yellow and black.  Strap on this slick black urinal, adjust the Velcro side tabs, and get on your knees… recycle some beer direct from the tap…the bowl is large enough for two pissers to take a leak at the same time so you better be ready to chug!  All the parts are silicone so they can be washed and even sterilized, and the headstrap is machine washable.  Other available gags, Short Tube, BallGag, and Tongue Suppressor.   Proudly made right here in the USA where pigs are pigs, and men are too. 

ments Bond. “This cast is filled with up and coming stars who fans will definitely enjoy into his horny hands. Tate Ryder and Sebas- watching. These are guys who could all betian Rossi dance a slow flip-flop, pitting hot- come huge stars in the next few years.” n-hard bodies against each other with cocks “Mountain Tops, Part 1 is yet another reaching all the way into both of their throats winner from Bruno Bond. He just keeps putand holes. Take an unforgettable trip to the ting out the hottest JOCKS and Falcon movMountain Tops where fans find the hottest ies,” comments Chris Ward, Falcon/Raging JOCKS heating up the high elevations. Stallion president. “These hiking JOCKS are “Mountain Tops, Part 1 and 2 were both some of the most handsome and ripped guys so much fun to shoot, and we really captured we’ve ever had in JOCKS movies. They really the intensity of hot, wild sex in nature. I think delivered scorching action in the mountains that natural energy really comes out when of Northern California, and fans of outdoor these guys are allowed to let their inhibitions sex aren’t going to be able to stop watching go and just have fun with each other,” com- these great movies.” We'll Take You Where Others Won't < continued from page 10

he more things change the more they stay the same. That does not apply to life expectancies. The average American only lived to be about 50 years old in 1900. Today we red, white, and blues are living on average to be octogenarians. However, there are some obstacles to getting to 80 years old and I’ve taken the liberty of introducing some of them. Take my hand and dance The Great Waltz with me as we uncover those heartbreakers of healthiness with an Academy Award winning theme. Of course cigarette smoking will cut short The Best Years of Our Lives. Lung cancer will get you, but not if heart disease, emphysema, or stroke put a bid on you first. No one was quite as witty while puffing on Parliaments as George Sander’s Addison DeWitt. Lighting up at every social occasion was what all the Ordinary People would do back in the day. But today you’re much smarter than that Mrs. Miniver; drop the habit before it drops you! Stay away from instability and guns. It didn’t work out so well for Sean Connery’s character Jim Malone in the Untouchables as he was shot down in a blaze of glory. Not too many of the wise guys in The Godfather fared any better because of rampant cases of lead poisoning. There are over 30,000 deaths each year from firearms. Be on the alert for this Cavalcade of chaos! Your weight is a great predictor of advancing, or not, into your ninth decade of life. There is no need to be the all American Beauty; you just need to be height weight appropriate. Check online for a body mass index and determine your level of acceptable. It’s not likely It Happened One Night if the weight is skewed in the wrong direction. Obesity occurs gradually so be constantly vigilant. Be certain to visit your doctor regularly My Fair Lady. You’re going to get ill Sooner or Later and you’re going to need medical care. Guys are less likely to go see the doc than women, and thus it’s one of the reasons women generally outlive men. It is true that Whatever Will Be, Will Be, but you can detect health problems early with frequent doctor

By Ron Blake visits and checkups. I’d be indebted to you for a ride to the office of Dr. Zhivago…if you’re Going My Way. Whether you are walking the Streets of Philadelphia during the dog days of summer or reading a book in The Apartment, you need plenty of water. Your body is comprised of mostly water and your body functions better with this essential liquid intake. There are good odds you will make it past your life expectancy with ample waves of water hitting your shores. Stay adherent to drinking at least eight cups of this good beverage each day and just maybe you’ll live From Here to Eternity. Cars come equipped with seat belts for a reason…they save lives! There is no reset button after a fatal car Crash. Get in the habit of strapping in for safety each time you head down Sunset Boulevard for a Sunday drive On the Waterfront. The Traffic is great anytime you are able to reach eighty years of age. The Greatest Show on Earth is the one you are in. Make some healthy changes in your life and don’t be joining that list of those dearly Departed just yet. I’ve got High Hopes that you’ll do The Right Stuff! This article is brought to you by that guy with Oscar aspirations. That guy with red carpet swagger is Ron Blake and he can be nominated for best story at | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 15

16 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Bar Map - Phoenix 1 THE Anvil

2303 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016


2 Apollo’s

5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014

3 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

4 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013

17 2

5 THE Chute 1440 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654



6 FRIENDS Bar 1028 East Indian School

Phoenix, AZ 85014

7 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road

13 9


16 6 5




Phoenix, AZ 85008

8 Nu towne saloon 5002 E Van Buren Street


Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-9959

9 Off Chute Too 4115 North 7th Avenue


Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 274-1429


10 Paradise Boutique 130 West Osborn Street

Phoenix, AZ 85013

11 Pleasure World 4029 East Washington Street

15 Roscoe’s 4531 North 7th Street

12 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek

16 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phoenix, AZ 85014

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12PM (noon) - Singles Pool Party at the Alexis Park Resor; Lo Phoenix, AZ 85032 cation: Pool #3 at the Alexis Park 17 Sunburst Inn Resort (Outside Hospitality Suite). 13 The Rock 6245 N. 12th Place 1PM To 11PM - Iron Horse 4129 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85014 Phoenix, AZ 85013 Tattoos; Location: Iron Horse Tat (602) 248-8559 toos; Across From The Buffalo. 1PM - Cigar Crawl; Location: Meet In The Main Lobby Of Alexis 14 ROOT SELLER Park Resort at 1pm; Description: 4015 N 16th Street This Year, We Will Visit Two Cigar Phoenix, AZ 85016 Companies ... First, The Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Smoke Shop And Then The Las Vegas Cigar Company. If 18 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

Phoenix, AZ

- light map not to You Have A Car, Bring It! Hosted Therail Property’S Interior Andscale ExteBy: JD of Bay Area Cigar Buddies rior, And Has Cars Painted To Re3 PM - Dip Tasting Party; Lo- semble A Traditional Checker Cab. cation: Meet At Dipper’s Hill, the The Coaster Is 203 Feet Tall, Has A raised grassy mound between Build- Maximum Drop Of 144 Feet, And ings 27 And 28 behind Pool #3 at Reaches Speeds Up To 67 Mph. the Alexis Park Resort; Description: The Ride Has Recently UnderSpittoons, Along With Traditional gone A Variety Of Enhancements And Exotic Tasting Dips Will Be Including The Introduction Of A Provided. Everyone Feel Free To Magnetic Braking System And Attend! Hosted By: Dipper Pup New Trains. Adults $14.00 With A From The United Kingdom Re-Ride Cost Of $7.00. 4 PM - Ride The Roller Coaster; 5PM - Dinner At Buca Di Location: Meet In The Main Lobby Beppo Italian Restaurant; Location: Of Alexis Park Resort At 4:00 P.M. Meet In The Main Lobby Of Alexis If You Have A Car, Bring It! De- Park Resort At 5 P.M. If You Have scription: The ‘Manhattan Express’ A Car, Bring It! Call ‘Daddy Mike’ Roller Coaster At Travels Through continued on next page > We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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At (702) 480-7899 For More Information; Description: Huge Portions - Excellent Food And Atmosphere Menu Prices $12-$20; Arranged By: Cigarbear Daddy Mike 5PM - Dinner At Harley Davidson Cafe; Location: Meet In The Main Lobby Of Alexis Park Resort At 5 P.M. Ride Your Motorcycles Or If You Have A Car, Bring It! Arranged By: Hawg’S Dawgs Bikers 6PM - 9PM - Welcome Cocktail Party; Location: Alexis Park Resort Hospitality Suite #2701; Hosted By: Utah Rebellion. 9PM - Welcome ... All You Can Drink Beer And Soda Bust; Location: The Buffalo Leather/Biker/Bear Bar; Description: With Free Vodka Jello Shots, Snacks And Bratwurst At The Buffalo Leather/Biker/Bear Bar Hosted By Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. $5.00 Donation At The Door. 11:45PM - ? - Underwear Party; Location: Las Vegas Eagle; Description: Free Beer And Well Drinks For Men Who Are Wearing Only Underwear (Clothes Check Available). Hosted By: Las Vegas Eagle

Saturday, April 6th 6AM - 10:30AM - Complimentary Breakfast at the Alexis Park Resort; Location: Alexis Gardens off Main Lobby; Description: For registered hotel guests only; Hosted By: Alexis Park Resort 9AM - 9PM - Hospitality Suite #2701; Location: Alexis Park Resort Room 2701; Description: ONE-TIME $5.00 SMOKEOUT REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED. Everyone Must Check In At The Alexis Park Hospitality Suite #2701 To Receive Smokeout Wrist Band Which Must Be Worn At All Times, And Pick Up Your Pre-Ordered Smokeout T-Shirts. Masseur, Bootblack And Complimentary Snacks Available. Hosted By: Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas 9:30AM - Motorcycle Ride With Desert Brotherhood M.C. Location: Meet At ‘The Buffalo’ Leather/Biker/Bear Bar; Description: Motorcycle Ride With Desert Brotherhood M.C. (Buddy Riders And Other Vehicles Welcome!) E.T.A. Back At Alexis Park Hotel Is 4 P.M. 12:00PM (noon) - All You Can Eat Sushi Lunch; Location: Meet In The Main Lobby Of Alexis Park Resort At Noon. Descrip-

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

tion: Atyama Sushi $25 Call ‘Daddy Mike’ At (702) 480-7899. Arranged By: Cigarbear Daddy Mike 12PM (noon) - Tour Historic Mob Museum & Neon Boneyard; Location: Meet In The Main Lobby Of Alexis Park Resort At Noon. If You Have A Car, Bring It! 1PM To 11PM - Iron Horse Tattoos; Location: Iron Horse Tattoos 7PM - Cigar Poker Party; Description: All Players Welcome! Cards, Poker Chips, Snacks And Bootblack Will Be Provided. B.Y.O.B. Hosted By: Cigarbear Daddy Mike 8PM - Pipe Social; Description: Meet At The Buffalo Leather/Biker/Bear Bar; Hosted By: Larry Of Bay Area Cigar Buddies 9PM - Leather-Rubber-Uniform Party; Description: FOR MEN ONLY $15.00 Donation Includes Entrance And 2 Drinks. Hosted By: Truxxton Of Leatherbear.Com Beginning at 9 PM - Round Trip Shuttle Service; Description: Round Trip Shuttle Service Between The Buffalo & Leather/Uniform/Rubber Party ($5.00 Each Way) 11:59PM - Play Party At Hawks Gym; Description: Admission Included With Ticket To Leather Party

Sunday, April 7th 6AM - 10:30AM - Complimentary Breakfast at the Alexis Park Resort; Location: Alexis Gardens off Main Lobby; Description: For registered hotel guests only; Hosted By:Alexis Park Resort 9AM – 9PM - Hospitality Suite #2701; Location: Alexis Park Resort Room 2701; Description: ONE-TIME $5.00 SMOKEOUT FEE REQUIRED. Pick Up Your Pre-Ordered Smokeout T-Shirts. Masseur, Bootblack And Complimentary Snacks Available. Hosted By: Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas 11AM To 2:30PM - Farewell Brunch; Location: Hard Rock Cafe 1PM To 11PM - Iron Horse Tattoos; Location: Iron Horse Tattoos 4PM - Farewell ‘All You Can Drink’ Beer And Soda Bust; Location: The Buffalo Leather/Biker/Bear Bar; $5 Donation At The Door 5PM - Annual Dinner And Show Event; Description: Cirque De Kink Cirque Du Soleil Dinner And Show Arranged By Andrew Mcdiarmid. Meet In Alexis Park Hotel Lobby At 5 P.M. If You Have A Car, Bring It.. Remember – you must be registered to attend events! | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 19

Rd Cente r

HOLE, THE 2820 Lytton Street San Diego, CA 92110


LOFT, THE 3610 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 91203


NUMBER 1 FIFTH AVE 3845 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103


PECS 2046 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92104


REDWING BAR & GRILL 4012 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

10 SRO LOUNGE 1807 5th Ave.nue San Diego, CA 92101


SAN DIEGO EAGLE 3040 N Park Way San Diego, CA 92104

11 VULCAN STEAM & SAUNA 805 W Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101


Missio n

W Washington Street


N Harbor Dr

10 Ash St

B St


El Cajon Blvd


Orange Ave

University Ave


North Park Redwood St

Juniper St

Fern St

State St




Upas St

rsh ing


5 6th Ave

se c


Reynard Way



ns S



Florida St

4 B

University Ave

Park Blvd


e tt Av arne

3 2 6 1st Ave



Richmond St


Old Town

na Blv



s Are

Adams Ave

Texas St



Madison Ave



G St

Hilltop Dr Market St

Bar/Resort Map - Palm Springs E San Rafael Dr

Date Palm Dr

E Racquet Club Rd

il Tra try Au Dinah Shore Dr

n Dr

r nD


CHAPS INN 312 E Camino Monte Vista Palm Springs, CA 92262

10 INN EXILE 545 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264


DESERT ECLIPSE RESORT 537 S Grenfall Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264

11 SANTIAGO RESORT 650 E San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264


EL MIRASOL VILLAS 525 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264

12 SCORE 301 E Arenas Rd Palm Springs, CA 92262

ALL WORLDS RESORT 526 S Warm Sands Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264

Dinah Shore Dr


GEORGIE’S ALIBI 369 N Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262

13 TERRAZZO 1600 E Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262


CANYON CLUB HOTEL 960 N Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262


HELIOS MEN’S RESORT 280 E Mel Ave Palm Springs, CA 92262

14 TOOL SHED 600 E Sunny Dunes Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264


INNdulge PALM SPRGS 601 S Grenfall Road Palm Springs, CA 92264

15 TRIANGLE INN 555 E San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs, CA 92264

Gerald Ford Dr


CCBC RESORT 68369 Sunair Rd Cathedral City, CA 92234 Da Vall Dr

Cathedral Canyon Dr

S Palm Canyon Dr

Toledo Ave




Date Palm Dr

lm C


a yC




E Pa

Da Vall Dr

Cathedral Canyon Dr

ern aV


Date Palm Dr

ne E Mesquite Ave




E Ramon Rd

E Palm Canyon Dr

ay eW



S Sunrise Way

1 10 5 9

S Farrell Dr


E Ramon Rd

E Ramon Rd

14 11 15

Va r

30th Ave


E Tahquitz Canyon Way

11 y1


N Farrell Dr

E Alejo Rd


Vista Chino



N Sunrise Way


E Vista Chino

Hwy 111

Landau Blvd

N Avenida Caballeros

N Indian Canyon Dr


20 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |






m e

FIESTA CANTINA 142 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Sea World Drive

io S

el R

D ino

Fairmount Ave





35th St

CLUB SAN DIEGO 3955 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103


rs R



La De

30th St



Mission Valley

30th St

Cheers 1839 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116

Urie St






Linda Vista Rd

Morena Blvd

Bar Map - San Diego Mission Bay

Twain A


We'll Take You Where Others Won't

SoCal News palm springs

Desert Fetish Authority Night at Tool Shed

The Tool Shed has agreed to host us for DFA Night every second and fourth Friday of the month! These are the same nights as the Discussion Group sessions, so the plan is to head over to the bar for social time after the conversation wraps up. Brothers who can’t make it to the group—or those who just prefer to socialize—can meet at the bar at 10 pm! For those who don’t know, the Tool Shed is “Palm Springs’ Friendliest Leather and Levi Cruise Bar,” so it’s a perfect place for us to gear up and hang out. If you’re new to the fetish scene or just want to make new friends, there’s no better place to visit—and no more welcoming night to do so—than DFA Night! The Tool Shed is located at 600 E Sunny Dunes Road in Palm Springs. See you there!

PSLOD Beneficiaries Palm Springs Leather Order if the Desert is proud to announce it’s first round of grants, made possible by its members and the 2012 Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend. Three 501(c)(3) organizations were brought forward recently by membership for grant consideration. The first grant proposal was for the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who are one house of a “...worldwide order of 21st-Century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt”. The next proposal was for Caballeros, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Palm Springs who entertained us magnificently at the recent Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest, and whose mission statement is, “To be a chorus of gay men dedicated, through musical expression, to entertain, inspire and educate the diverse community in which we live.” The 3rd and final proposal for this round was for Save-a-Pet, in memory of Mikal “Daddy Zeus” Bales. The mission of Save A Pet is to rescue animals in danger, provide healing medicines, treatment, food, shelter and place them in permanent loving homes. All three organizations were unanimously approved and checks totaling over $5200 were issued. PSLOD congratulates the recipients for their hard work and dedication to the community we live in and wishes them a prosperous New Year.

Palm Springs Leather Pride Photo’s Available

PSLOD wants you to know that all of the photos taken by their photographer are now available on the Desert Leather Pride Website, You can see pictures from all the events (except the Pool Party, darn nudity laws.) from the Meet & Greet at Hunters Nightclub on Thursday to the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest and the OINK! Victory Dance on Saturday the weekend was packed Hey Rubber Pervs! West Coast Rubber with hot men (and women) enjoying the Weekend is just around the corner , Febru- weekends festivities so come take a look. ary 22-24, right here in Palm Springs at the The new Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013, Skylark Hotel (the newly remodeled and re- Scott Smith is already at work planning his stored Camp Palm Springs). events and we’ll let you know as soon as WCR is always a friendly, playful, laid- plans are finalized. back event, and you don’t have to own a ton Next year Palm Springs Leather Pride of rubber to participate. Registration is now will be held November 7th-10th, 2013. Onopen. Act quickly and you can get some great line ticket sales will begin Memorial Day hotel rates! Get all the details at www.west- Weekend 2013 at www.desertleatherpride. com. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

West Coast Rubber | Issue #37 | February 2013 | 21



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Having a bad hair day? John Krebs of Panache Salon can help you with all of your hair needs. 5533 N. 7th St, Suite 401, Phoenix. Call (602) 678-5517. Blake Housecleaning - Housecleaning with Actual Customer Service. It is as unique as you are! Serving all parts of the Valley. Ron Blake 480-241-5651

22 | February 2013 | Issue #37 |

Chute is now accepting applications for the Midnight to 8am shift, weekends included, about 24 hrs a week. Contact Ray at 602-234-1654.


Blake Fitness - Blake Fitness is the name you need to know for all your fitness training needs. 15 years of experience and still having fun! Ron Blake 480241-5651

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