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San Francisco Pride - a celebration like no other By Edward Lee

and safe space at this year’s Pride site. Located in the front plaza of Hastings Law School at 200 McAllister at Hyde, there will be a large space to sit and have a cup of coffee with pastry, and decompress from the crowd. There will be 12-step meetings nearby.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be heading to California for the 40th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration, June 26 and 27.  The San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest gathering of LGBT people and allies in the nation, with over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than a dozen community-run stages and venues. And, one of the most amazing things is that the two day celebration is free.

After all the celebrating on Saturday, you will find that the Faerie Village is an oasis of spirituality, art, music, and love, hosted by radical faeries. It is a commercial-free, chill-out zone with live cabaret, performance art, deejays, visual art, magic, rituals, transformations, and transfigurations. It is a tranquil place for folks to relax and connect with one another and with nature, in the special ways of faeries. All are welcome to visit and are encouraged to bring things to share: food, drink, art, drums, drag, an open heart, and an open mind.

The eye opening parade steps out at 10:30 am on Sunday at Market Street and Beale, and ends at Market Street and 8th Street in downtown San Francisco. This year’s theme, “Forty and Fabulous” accurately describes this amazing event which is packed with a wide variety of exhibitors, artists, music of all kinds, performers, dance stages and venues, and fun. SF Pride is a great way to experience the amazing diversity of the LGBT community. There really is something here for everyone.

BoA, Fey, The Cliks, Kat Deluna, Inaya Day, Crystal Waters, Me’shell Ndegeocello, leaders from the frontlines of the samesex marriage fight, and many others,” say organizers.

The Homo Hip Hop Stage will continue Pride’s recognition of the LGBT presence in the local and

Located close to the Main Stage the TRANS: THRIVE Pavilion is a meeting and gathering space for members and allies of the trans community. They welcome FTMs, MTFs, gender variant folks, allies and everyone in between. Visitors to the TRANS: THRIVE Pavilion will have access to resources and information about services for transgender people. Come mingle and learn about local trans resources in a space that is safe for all gender variant folks. The Bearracuda Bear Garden is the heavy petting zoo for bears, cubs, otters and other wildlife at Pride. This event, June 27, is the West Coast’s largest attended bear night, with an emphasis on friendly, furry guys. Special guest DJs spin all day, so come on down for dancing, beard rubs and hugs.

The Main Stage is the largest stage at the SF Pride event and is located in Civic Center next to City Hall. The stage is ASLinterpreted throughout Pride weekend. On Pride Saturday, the Main Stage brings the best of local musical talent and cultural performances to the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza.   Then on Sunday the Main Stage offers exciting, up-and-coming cutting-edge talent, world-renowned performers, and the best of local entertainment from the Bay Area. “The SF Pride Main Stage has been host to Lady Gaga,

Are you a leatherman or woman? Into a fetish or just want to check some out? Then Leather Alley located at located on Hyde Street between Golden Gate and McAllister is your place to be. This year the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is ditching the usual stage show for an all-out Leather Carnival. The event will include hands on demonstrations, vendors, and who knows what else will be in store to titillate the experienced and wow the curious. Want a clean and sober place to celebrate? Then head to the Dan Cusick Clean and Sober Space. On Sunday, the Castro Country Club has the honor of providing a clean, sober,

international communities of independent hip-hop artists and club deejays. This year’s component will feature local queer and allied deejays in the hope to encourage visibility in the Bay Area and beyond. Last year the NectArena Women’s Stage went on a one year hiatus to prepare for the 40th anniversary of the SF Pride Celebration. The NectArena Women’s stage will be in a new location on McAllister St. (between Hyde & Leavenworth). To see what entertainment is in store go to Soul of Pride will be celebrating its 10th year at SF Pride at the African Diaspora Stage & Village. Soul of Pride is dedicated to ensuring that black voices, issues, and presence are

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Murder appears to be a “hook-up” gone wrong By Staff On April 24, Phoenix resident Mark Woodland, was allegedly murdered by a 19 yearold after meeting him through an iPhone application called “Grindr”. According to Phoenix Police, officers responded to a call from the victim’s roommate shortly before midnight. The roommate told police he had returned home to find his home ransacked and was afraid to go in.

Officers found a downstairs room closed with a light on. When no one responded, officers opened the door and found the 54 yearold victim badly beaten. It appeared he had also been stabbed multiple times. Paramedics were called, but Woodland was declared dead at the scene. Evidence suggests the victim may have been robbed. Woodland ’s roommate told police he had received a text message from the victim around 5 p.m. asking him not to return home until later because he was going to pick up a man that he had met online, and bring him home. The roommate returned sometime after 11 p.m. Officers reportedly made contact with a friend of the victim who reported the victim had met his date through an “iPhone”

application. The friend was able to provide the suspect’s user name. On April 27, detectives located the suspect, Tommy Reed, in the area of 32nd Street and Broadway Road. Detectives transported Reed to police headquarters where he made certain admissions regarding the homicide. He was then booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on one count of 2nd Degree Murder. According to Patrick Kelly, co-chair of the Phoenix Police Department’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Citizens Advisory, this occurs more often then people realize. “This is why we warn people that if they are going to hook-up, meet someone in a public place. And never pick them up and take them home. The more people that are around you when you meet them the less likely it is going to be someone who is going to rob you or worse. Our hearts really go out to the victim, his family and friends. No one deserves this.” Phoenix Police have determined that this was not a hate crime. City of Phoenix Police LGBT Liaison Detective Chris Wilson responded that there were no new updates at this time.

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EDITOR’S LETTER This is our 5th issue and we are happy to announce that Desert Knight News now has four more color pages. We didn’t expect to be able to have a color wrap for a year, and then another year before we could add any more color pages, so this is a real surprise.  A great surprise!   I know I’ve said several times that we appreciate our readers and advertisers, but without you our development and growth would not have occurred so rapidly. THANK YOU!

 I will admit I have received one complaint taking us to task for being too explicit in our language and the topics we cover. Maybe the guy thought Desert Knight was a publication about star gazing in the desert, who knows. I wasn’t upset about

getting his email. Desert Knight promised to take you where others won’t and so far I feel we have. If we don’t live up to your edgy expectation then let me know. That is a complaint I will worry about.   Take care and have a wonderful Pride month!

Desert Knight promised to take you where others won’t and so far I feel we have. If we don’t live up to your edgy expectation then let me know.

Q AND A So What Is...

Spanking, caning and whipping - oh my! By Edward Lee

My husband wants to bring flogging into our sex life. I’m a little bit afraid, but also intrigued by the idea. First of all, you may think your husband wants to be the Dominant when in fact, he may want to be the submissive. But, you are not alone in your concern and intrigue. Flogging and/or spanking for the sensual thrill it brings can be done with canes, rods, whips, paddles, floggers, or any number of objects that might have been used to spank a child a couple of decades ago (I hope not presently) such as a yardstick, ruler, strap, belt, hairbrush, newspaper, hand or switch from a tree. Sexual flagellation has been around for at least a couple hundred years, and is sometimes referred to as the “English Vice”. Why? Because Victorian pornography included hundreds of thousands of literary and photographic depictions of spanking and flagellation fantasies. For purposes of explaining, do to space limitations, I will divide flogging/spanking etc into two categories, non-BDSM and BDSM. Non BDSM play can range from teasing to role playing etc. In the BDSM community, play is usually done between a Master and slave, or a Dominant and submissive. Although you might think that in the BDSM community the flogging/spanking might go to the extreme (and sometimes it does), it is usually delivered by a Master/Dominant that knows what they are doing and has been trained by someone else. In the BDSM community “scenes” as they are sometimes called, are negotiated with the slave/ submissive and there is a key word that the slave/submissive can utter if they want to stop. In some ways it is much more regulated, for lack of a better word, in the BDSM community and can be safer then hooking up with someone who you don’t know and engaging in this kind of play. In your bedroom, or other space, with someone you know you definitely should start out with more “vanilla” play gradually increasing the intensity if both parties are amenable. From light teasing play to putting your lover/submissive in their place, the whip, flogger, crop, paddle or teaser is an integral part of fantasy play. Drag one of the afore mentioned objects across your lovers body while they are blindfolded to produce intense desire. If you are on the receiving end you might like to receive a spanking for some role playing or you might want to test your own limits of physical endurance. Or, if you are the one giving the whipping you might get enjoyment out of the power you have with a whip in your hand. But, much of the enjoyment for the Dominant/Master is that you have someone who trusts you so much that they put themselves into a very vulnerable position. So what are the different objects, and what are they used for? Ticklers are generally used with a blindfolded and/or bound partner and although very light against the skin, they can bring great ecstasy. Flogging, spanking, caning, paddling and other forms of Desert Knight News P.O. 7031 Phoenix, AZ 85011 877-DKN-0690 480-327-9931 Editor: Edward Lee Production/Design: Jeff Jacklin Advertising: Bill Travis Photographer: Patrick Kelley Contributing Writers: Carl Lewis & Wade Wright Cartoon & Artwork by Jeff Jacklin

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popular impact play provide different sensations. Floggers are the most popular instrument providing a wide range of sensations, while caning is the most extreme and intense.  And, there is nothing quite so dangerously tantalizing as a strong, loud crack from a whip to get your juices flowing. Or so I’ve been told. Just think Indiana Jones - HOT!

    * bent over, touching toes or over a desk     * lying on back with legs raised upward and toward chest (diaper position)     * tied to a tree or pole that is in a safe area outside     * legs spread apart, almost in the splits position.     * tied to a doorway, or handcuffed to a bed

Floggers have a handle with several tails, called ‘falls’ which emerge from a single handle. Depending on the material of the falls (suede, leather, rubber, rope, or other or flexible materials) these can be soft, entry level toys or harsh punishment devices. The length, number, and composition of the falls determines the sensation caused by the flogger. Floggers are usually characterized by the sensation they cause. “Thuddy” floggers typically impart a broadly felt deep muscle impact, while “stingy” floggers are felt as a sharp stinging sensation over the skin. The sensation of floggers can also vary with the techniques used by the dominant (or top).

Dominant/Master is of course the one who delivers the spanking, but in lifestyle spanking, the Dominant assumes the role of caretaker and disciplinarian. Crops are designed for beginning and advanced impact play alike. With more stinging potential than simply your hand, these allow you to take your spanking play to the next level.

Floggers are typically applied to areas of the body which are well muscled, or protected by body fat, such as the upper back or buttocks. Vulnerable areas such as the abdomen, kidneys, and face are to be avoided. Some areas, such as female breasts, can be lightly flogged safely if appropriate care and skill is used. Intense flogging can leave bruising but typically does not cut or permanently mark the skin. In the BDSM community, flogging involves the beating of the submissive partner and is a form of impact play. Such a flogging begins with soft blows, desensitizing the skin somewhat and triggering the body’s endorphin response to pain, similar to “runner’s high”. The Dominant/Master will wish to warm up the skin of their submissive in order to lower the risks of marks, bruising and injuries. Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. Activities range from occasional sexual roleplay (such as age play) to domestic discipline and may involve the use of a hand or the use of a variety of spanking implements, such as a spanking paddle or cane. Many cultures describe pain as an aphrodisiac. For example, the Kama Sutra goes into specific detail on how to properly strike a partner during sex. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness. Sometimes special outfits are used, such as a spank or spanking skirt. The spanking skirt has an additional opening in back designed to expose the buttocks. While the name spank skirt suggests that the wearer could be spanked “bare bottom” without removing or repositioning the skirt, this item may be worn for reasons other than spanking (for instance, exposure). Considered fetish wear, spank skirts are typically tight-fitting and made of fetishistic materials (such as leather, PVC or latex). Regardless of the gender of the wearer, spank skirts are usually considered female attire. The male gender role equivalent might be motorcycle chaps. Other garments can be worn to depending on the scene or role play. School teacher/student, doctor/nurse, captain/soldier, the list goes as far as your imagination. Erotic spanking sometimes goes hand in hand with erotic humiliation. Spanking positions vary, but include:     * over the knees (OTK) or across the lap     * stooped over a chair or couch, or bench     * on shoulder of spanker     * on hands and knees (bed or floor)     * kneeling on a bed or ottoman, stooped over with hands on the floor     * lying face down on a bed Published by KLM Media Group Published on the 1st of every month ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. All original artwork for Desert Knight News remains property of KLM Media Group and cannot be reproduced, altered, or sold without authorization and compensation. Limited usage rights can be purchased for a small fee. NOTE: The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Desert Knight News, its staff, or that of its parent company. Publication of the name or photograph of any person or organization within Desert Knight News is not to be

The positions that best suit most sensual canings, or the use of the rod, is standing unbound against the wall, a bondage furniture such as a X-frame or a Saint Andrew’s Cross, or placing palms down flat onto a surface in which the submissive can straighten out their back as to be extremely level, with legs parted or, to bend and grab their ankles. The diameter of the cane is important, in which the thicker the rod the more thud like it shall feel to the slave’s bottom.  As the diameter narrows or thins, then the sting effect is increased as well as the risk of breaking the cane because of the thin diameter. In selecting how a scene will be conducted, a Dominant must know the ability of a submissive to maintain position in a comfortable position, especially when this is for sensual play, entertainment or instruction. But, punishment positions do not take into account the comfort of the submissive. It all depends on the scene and what was negotiated. To be safe, pre-scene negotiations can help to ease the way for new and exciting BDSM play techniques. Take a lesson from the BDSM community - all parties involved must first communicate. Talk about what you need and want. Discuss your boundaries, hard limits and ‘squicks’ (those things that make you feel squeamish) and then LISTEN,  I repeat LISTEN to your partner.

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construed as any indication of the sexual orientation of such persons or organization. Some photos were submitted by our readers. To our knowledge, they own the copyrights, and they have given us permission to reproduce them. If you see a picture that you own, please call us immediately and we will remove it from future publications. All copy, text, display, photos and illustrations in the ads are published with the understanding that the advertisers are fully authorized, have secured proper written consent for the use of names, pictures, and testimonials of any living person, and that Desert Knight News is not responsible for unlawful use of such content.

LOCAL NEWS selection of flavored teas will also be served along with all of the usual sharing and gossip. Service oriented submissives that wish to serve at the function should arrive at 11 am for instruction. Submissives are welcome to dress in whatever style they feel is appropriate for the event. Sissy maids are definitely welcome! Participants should bring an item that fits with one of the three courses outlined above. Plastic tableware and cups will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring their own china or serving items for the event. $ 10. Southwest Leathersir Wayne and Leatherboy jerry hosted a dog day at Bunkhouse on May16th. It was a beautiful, balmy day in Phoenix, and everyone stayed cool under the mist and shade of the patio. Twenty dogs were in attendance, ranging from teacup Chihuahuas and Palmeranians to large, beastly mutts and Pitbulls. Thankfully everyone got along well. Dog refreshments were provided by Wagon-n-Wash. Their colorful pooch pastries proved tempting to some human patrons as well as to the dogs. We raised more than $300. Thanks to all who came out for the fun, and for supporting us as we prepare for the International Competition in July. More fun to come! A Surprise 50th Birthday for Steve LaFata, Emperor I of the Imperial Court June 4th, 6pm-8pm at the Bunkhouse. An evening of fun, food and friends! Hosed by Emperor V, Ray Shapiro and the Court Family.

This is an APEX event go to for more information. Bears of the West Board Elections, June 10 Phoenix - Bears of the West board elections & general meeting will be held June 20 at 6pm at Coco’s Restaurant located on 7th street between McDowell and Thomas. The Bears will update the organization’s featured events for the rest of the year including updates on other items discussed at the last meeting! Dinner at Coco’s at 6pm, Meeting starts at 7pm See you there!!! Coco’s Restaurant 2026 N. 7th Street Phoenix. How To Workshop: Mummification

Madame‘s Twisted Tea

Phoenix - Learn to mummify (or to be mummified) safely as you are guided through the process step-by-step, June 22. This is an APEX skills training event and only open to APEX members.

Phoenix - This first Tea event, which will be held June 5 from noon to 5 pm, will feature three courses for the afternoon: a sandwich course, a cheese course and a sweet course. A

Got to arizonapowerexchange. org for information on how to become a member.

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Men’s Discussion Group Phoenix - The Men’s Discussion Group is a weekly group that meets every Monday at 7:30pm at One Voice Community Center. The Discussion group seeks to give men in the LGBT community a place to meet, network, and socialize. Individuals come together for informal discussions on various and diverse topics such as being transgender, health, politics, religion, and more. The Discussion Group serves to unify and educate those who identify as “men” in the LGBT community. For more information go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tucson - The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to The Loft Cinema at midnight June 19. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure dammit, when the mother of all cult classics, hits the big screen with the Heavy Petting shadow cast, live and in your face! Pull up your fishnets and get ready to become a creature of the night at the strangest, sexiest “science fiction double feature” of all-time, a Loft tradition for 32 years and counting! The Loft is located at 3233 East Speedway Boulevard in Tucson. $5.

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famous carne seca made in on-site in rooftop cages) in a beautiful adobe row house setting. Entrees range from $9-19 and their full menu can be found at: Please RSVP by Friday, June 25. For more information contact Kevin Jackson at: 520-904-4714 or Desert Dominion Coffee Social

Dinner Out with The Bears of the West/Bears of the Old Pueblo at El Charro Cafe Tucson - This is a special post-Beer Bust dinner out with the bear brothers; The Bears of the West from Phoenix! Join the Bears at the oldest continually running restaurant in Tucson and its a gem of local Sonoran Mexican cuisine, June 26 from 7:30-9:30! Named one of Gourmet Magazine’s “21 Legendary American Restaurants You Must Visit”, El Charro features an extensive menu of classic Sonoran Mexican fare (such as their world-

Desert Dominion gets together on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of each month from 12:30 pm until approximently 2:30 pm at the Black Rose Caffe. (1800 North Stone Ave. 520-777-3079) This will be a dutch treat event and open to the public. This is a chance to introduce yourself to like-minded others and enjoy an afternoon of conversation, coffee (or beverage of your choice) and great food. The group will be seated to the far left when you enter; but orders need to be placed at the counter. You can check out their awesome web site for a full menu at This is a public place. This is not the right time to practice your topping/bottoming skills or show off fetish wear.

Bear Coffee at SKYBAR Tucson - Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo for great java and warm guys. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with your local bears! Everyone is welcome! The group meets at Sky Bar - a great venue on 4th Avenue just north of downtown (adjacent to Brooklyn Pizza) every Wednesday at 7pm. Sky Bar features tasty and cheap coffee, and the full Brooklyn Pizza menu, all in an astronomy themed setting. Look for the Bears on either the patio to the north of the building or along the sofas and we’ll see you there! SKYBAR operates as a café by day and a bar by night with the full menu from their sister establishment, Brooklyn Pizza available next door! $1.50 latte’s and $1 coffees and teas are available day and night in their large and friendly space. Look for the guys either on the patio to the north or in the sofa’s near the pool tables and we’ll see you there! Questions? Give Member At Large Rick a ring at: 520-6684538 or drop him a line at:

Blast From thePast

From a collection of boxing and fighting memorabilia. More to come! The language reflects the context of the times. Author is anonymous.

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NATIONAL NEWS San Francisco Pride Continued from page 1

(and who isn’t) then head to the Tantra stage. The Tantra Underground Dance Music Stage is a showcase of San Francisco underground electronic dance music. Brought to you by the same crew who have rocked Pink Saturday, Castro Halloween, and Lovefest SF, the Tantra stage will take dancers

This year’s theme, “Forty and Fabulous” accurately describes this amazing event which is packed with a wide variety of exhibitors, artists, music of all kinds, performers, dance stages and venues, and fun. represented and visible at San Francisco’s annual Pride event and throughout the year. The 2010 stage lineup includes YOYO, Kimberly Jackson, Dana Ryan, The Satisfaction, drummers, legendary drag queens, and guest performers. This year, Soul of Pride will team up with Bay Area Dj and a diverse talent. Please check out their award winning Youth float on the parade route. For information, please contact If you are looking for the tribal trance dance experience


7 Desert Knight News

through an afternoon of NRG and break-beats, building up to a peak of high energy trance. San Francisco Pride tries to reduce their ecological footprint by providing marked disposal cans for recycling (marked blue), composting (marked green), and trash (marked black).  All beverage cups used at the event are 100% compostable and are made from natural derivatives. The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee takes very seriously its commitment to maintaining an event that is open to people of all economic backgrounds. The organization relies on the donations at the entrances to the Celebration helps to keep this amazing events free to all

members of the community and provides crucial support to this important community event. The donations program also helps to support over eighty Bay Area non-profit LGBT organizations and those organizations serving the HIV/AIDS and breast cancer communities. Donations from the celebration have helped San Francisco Pride to give back more than $1.6 million in grants since 1997. For more information go to


MADCAP Theaters Midnight Movie Mamacita’s June picks! By A. Beesley-Brown Thursday June 3 (8pm) Friday June 4 & Saturday June 5 – The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (6, 8, 10pm) $8 During a stopover in Germany in the middle of a carefree road trip through Europe, two American girls find themselves alone at night when their car breaks down in the woods. Searching for help at a nearby villa, they are wooed into the clutches of a deranged retired surgeon who explains his mad scientific vision to his captives’ utter horror. They are to be the subjects of his sick lifetime fantasy: to be the first to connect people, one to the next, via their gastric system, and in doing so brings to life ‘the human centipede’. Truly one-of-a-kind, Tom Six’s twisted biological horror film The Human Centipede (2009) confidently goes where few films have dared to go. The sick vision of a demented surgeon, a role portrayed so brilliantly by Dieter Laser it is sure to join Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface in the horror pantheon, is a 100% medically accurate nightmare. Friday June 11 & Saturday June 12 – Chained Heat (8pm) & Women’s Prison Massacre (10pm) $8 Double feature - 35mm In Chained Heat (1983) Linda Blair top lines as Carol, an innocent young girl serving an 18-month stretch in a California prison run by Warden Backman (John Vernon) and Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens), as corrupt a pair as the scripter’s can imagine. Real power is shared by statuesque Ericka (Sybil Danning) and Duchess (Tamara Dobson), lording it over the white and black prison populations, respectively. This is followed by Women’s Prison Massacre (1983) where all hell’s breaking loose in the most gruesome women-behind bars film ever made. Women’s Prison Massacre is renowned Italian exploitation maestro Bruno Mattei’s bloody sequel to his 1982 cult classic Caged Women. Also known as Emanuelle Escapes from Hell and Blade Violent, Women Prison Massacre stars the beautiful Laura Gemser - notorious from several Emmanuelle films.

8 Desert Knight News

Friday June 11 & Saturday June 12 – Waking Sleeping Beauty (6, 8, 10pm) $8 – 35mm By the mid-1980s, the fabled animation studios of Walt Disney had fallen on hard times. The artists were polarized between newcomers hungry to innovate and old timers not yet ready to relinquish control. The conditions produced a series of box office flops and pessimistic forecasts: maybe the best days of animation were over. Maybe the public didn’t care. Only a miracle or a magic spell could produce a happy ending. Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009) is no fairy tale. It’s the true story of how Disney regained its magic with a staggering output of hits—“The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “The Lion King” and more—over a 10-year period. Thursday June 17 (8pm) Friday June 18 & Saturday June 19 – George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead (6, 8, 10pm) $8 – 35mm

craziest, most insanely obscure and ludicrous Turkish freak out of them all. Anybody’s guess as to how many zero budget horror/ action/kung fu/ninja movies this monstrosity was stitched together from but the end result makes even the worst Godfrey Ho cut-andpaster look like a model of continuity by comparison. One minute hooded ninjas with giant plywood swords are running around people’s backyards in broad daylight drowning women in swimming pools, the next Cuneyt Arkin’s going mano-a-mano with some acrobatically impaired martial artiste in an open field. Laughs galore will ensue as the National Comedy Theatre troupe performs a live accompaniment to this b-movie schlock.

Immediately following the events of Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead (2009) is the 6th film from George A. Romero to look at a world where humans are in the minority and the zombies rule. Off the coast of Delaware sits the cozy Plum Island where two families are locked in a struggle for power, as it has been for generations. The O’Flynn’s, headed by patriarch Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) approach the zombie plague with a shoot-to-kill attitude. The Muldoons, headed by Shamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), feel that the zombies should be quarantined and kept ‘alive,’ in hopes that a solution will someday be found. As the battle between humans and zombies escalates, the master filmmaker continues to reinvent the modern horror genre with wicked humor and pointed social commentary.

Friday June 25 & Saturday June 26 – Plan 9 from Outer Space (8 & 10pm) $8 – 35mm

Thursday June 24 - Movie Mashterpiece Theatre – Death Warrior (7pm) $9

For more information visit: or

The Phoenix National Comedy Theatre tackles another obscure B-Movie, this time the Turkish gem Death Warrior (1984) a la Mystery Science Theater 3000 in a mix of improvisation, comedy and a really bad movie. Undoubtedly the trashiest,

MADCAP Theaters are located at 730 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281-4250, (480) 634-5192.

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) is often called the worst movie ever made. But it’s also one of the funniest – so how can that be bad? This movie has everything that made Ed Wood a legend – weird dialogue, flimsy sets, truly oddball casting, a nonsensical plot and a stand-in for Bela Lugosi who’s not only a head taller but also has different color hair. Everything is wrong with this movie – except the endless laughter it inspires. And now PLAN 9 is in COLOR. That makes it even weirder than it used to be. And that’s really saying something. The Feature is accompanied by exclusive trailers and animations.

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LAND AVAILABLE - Seller will Carryback WOW-Vacant land in the 85018 zip code! Potential for multifamily units. With $10k, seller will carry, Contact for terms & more info! $29,900 The Ron Houston Group 602-402-2459. Realty Executives Handyman Special Foreclosure Home, 3 bedrooms/1 bath, 1100 sqft, den , inside laundry, 1 carport. This home needs complete rehab but amazing potential! $27,000. The Ron Houston Group 602402-2459. Realty Executives Lender Owned Home Deer Valley Just Reduced $10k! 3 bedroom/1.75 bath, 1400 sqft, upgraded kitchen with granite counter-tops, vaulted ceilings, 2 car garage, patio, RV Gate, corner lot, No HOA. $119,900 The Ron Houston Group / 602-402-2459 Realty Executives Foreclosure Condo - Near Arcadia Opportunity for 1st buyers of investors! End unit, 2 bed/ 1.5 baths, 2 story, 968 sqft, open floor plan, eat in kitchen, 1 carport & more. Only $35,000. The Ron Houston Group 602-4022459. Realty Executives Bank Owned 35th Ave & Camelback 4 bedroom/2 bath home, bonus addition, over 1500 sqft, updated kitchen, patio, needs some work but lots of potential! $39,900 Contact The Ron Houston Group 602-402-2459/ or email us to be added to our list of ‘shadow inventory’. Realty Executives RENTAL- NORTH SCOTTSDALE CASITA STYLE UNIT 1 bedroom/ 1 bath, stained concrete floors, open kitchen, fireplace, wrap around porch, w/d, parking. Use of resort style pool & outdoor grill. Unfurnished $1350 per/month or Furnished negotiable. Utilities included. Call The Ron Houston Group 602-402-2459. Realty Executives

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Blake’s Fitness I woke up this morning and called my friend to expound on this chimerical dream I had. Did you know there are more Dunkin Donuts back East than there are out West? I just found out that a good bra can cost up to $50! I watched this really fascinating variety hour featuring Ellen DeGeneres the other day. Memorial Day weekend and the Indy 500 are the unofficial start to summer. I never met a North Dakotan I didn’t like! Gingerbread men and fruitcakes were popular gift ideas during Calvin Coolidge’s era. There is to be a scintillating waxing moon juxtaposed with two planets sometime. Pat and Vanna have been on the air for sixty years if it’s been a day. Someone actually did put peanut butter and jelly together for the first time and it must have been good or else. It is not easy trying to recall the 22nd letter of the alphabet when asked spontaneously. Gas

prices have certainly taken a roller coaster ride lately. I am buying the Sherlock Holmes movie later this month.

The holiday after New Year’s Day is Martin Luther King Day. A dollar sure doesn’t go as far as it used to! The dictionary can be somewhat dangerous in the hands of a few. I didn’t turn on my air conditioning or my heater in April. I need to schedule a physical exam for my dog, cat, and pandelica soon. NASA wants to send people to the moon by 2020. I have never taken Tylenol for a paper cut. Who held the world’s first mortgage? I usually forget most of the blackjack rules when I sit down in Vegas. My first car was an Escort and coincidentally my first boyfriend was too. If it’s too loud then you’re too old! Jazz music got its start in New Orleans famed Storyville district circa 1897. Flash floods kill more people than any other weather phenomenon. Barack Obama will be America’s 43rd white President and the 1st black President. I have never eaten goat cheese or ridden a bicycle on the Mogollan Rim during the spring equinox. Confucius was responsible for today’s Golden Rule. What are the odds that two people would drop ice cream cones on my carpeting on two consecutive days? A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

They have no goals and so any road will get them where they are going. Nowhere! Get some fitness goals and make some plans to achieve those fitness goals.

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I simply wrote about any and every thought that entered my mind and just went with what felt good at the moment in this week’s column. Try sitting through 70 years of these kinds of digressions. Yet some people live their lives exactly like this blathering that I have presented to you. They have no goals and so any road will get them where they are going. Nowhere! Get some fitness goals and make some plans to achieve those fitness goals. Otherwise you will be like those mopes at work that are constantly surfing the web. They have a lot of fun but they never really get anywhere! This column is brought to you by me. That me is Ron Blake and I can get rather excited about emails sent to ron@


Reverberation By Crimson Rush “Come here right now.” I am beckoning to you from across the room. There are 100 people around us, but we see only each other. The music is loud. The thumping of the bass reverberates throughout the room, and goes up through the floor into me. Our eyes are locked. You saunter back towards me, two ice cold beers in your hands, but stop part way to speak to someone. I reach into my jeans pocket-my favorite baggy jeans with the hold in the right pocket. My hand slips through the hole and makes its way towards my crotch which is throbbing along with the music. We had brief sex before going out this evening, but

cut it short because we were running late. I threw these jeans on without the customary boxer shorts because I wanted you to be able to touch me while we danced, or whenever you wished.             So, I am casually fondling myself as you’re talking to this person, but you haven’t stopped looking at me. The sweat is dripping off both of us from dancing, and I am still wet from sex and desire. Just looking at you has the ability to make me come no matter where I might be. I’m thinking of your hands and mouth, and stroking my swollen clit. I close my eyes for a moment, and when I open them, I see your smile…you gaze down the length of me and up again…you know what I’m doing. You bring the beer to your lips, take a long swallow and keep your gaze fixed on me. You raise one eyebrow and nod your head…’do it.’ I know that’s what that means. The dance floor fills with people as the DJ kicks it up a notch. The music is louder, more intense, the speaker I’m standing next to is vibrating rigorously. I lean slightly against it and keep playing with myself. There are people all around us now, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is you watching me come. You are so good at this. You watch intently, encouraging me to be free. The person you’re chatting with is oblivious and keeps right on talking. You take another long swallow of beer and dangle mine like a carrot on a stick. I am hot and thirsty, yes. But, I am so hot for you, so excited, that I know I have to make myself orgasm before I can drink. Before you will come back across the room to me. I am rubbing myself more feverishly now. My eyes are closed part way so I can see your pleased reaction, and also to make sure no one walks right up to me while I am engrossed. What would I do? At this point, I don’t care. All I care about is you and coming for you. Release the inhibitions. Let it go. I look at you again. You seem to be squirming just a little. Your face is flush. You look up towards the ceiling for a

moment, smile and then turn your face to me again. You mouth the words, “close your eyes.” At first I hesitate, but then I do. All I can hear is the thumping of the music. Nine Inch Nails screaming, “I want to fuck you like an animal…” I have quickened my pace. I want to come now. “Keep your eyes closed. Slow down,” you whisper into my ear. You are in front of me now. I want to look into your eyes, see the power and passion that lies within you while I climax. “Please keep your eyes closed. Give into it. Let me feel you,” your voice is soft, sensual, and guttural. I pull my hand out, so you can put your hand in my now completely torn pocket. You cover my mouth with yours as you slide inside me. I groan loudly, but the music is way too loud for anyone else to hear. You are fucking me slowly and deeply, almost picking me up off the floor with your arm. The speaker vibrates against me…the floors and walls are thumping, You are fucking me like an animal. Primal desire has overcome any fear or inhibition that may have existed before. I am your cunt, your woman. I was made to please you and to do your will. I hear voices all around me, but all I can think of is you and your hand deep inside me moving in time with the music. Our mouths have not separated, and I have a hard time concentrating on your hand sliding in and out of me, because I am so weak from your tongue inside my mouth. I don’t know where one ends and one begins. I move my hips to allow you the perfect angle in which to penetrate me. Your thumb is teasing my clit now, and I begin to come….I wrap one leg around you, and wave after wave of pleasure pulses through my body. You are practically holding me up at this point so I throw my head back and practically fall over the speaker. “That’s what I wanted. That’s my girl,” you say in that sultry sexy voice that just makes my desire even stronger. I pull my head up and open my eyes to look at you….as well as the eyes of about 25 other people standing in a circle around us.

I have quickened my pace. I want to come now. “Keep your eyes closed. Slow down,” you whisper into my ear. You are in front of me now. I want to look into your eyes, see the power and passion that lies within you while I climax.

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CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS STATEWIDE Northland Cares Improving the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Northern Ph: 928-776-4612 Victim/Witness Services of Coconino County Victim/Witness is a non-profit organization that helps victims of crime with assistance referrals within the community, as well as criminal justice advocacy and court escorts. We are an excellent resource in Northern Arizona. Ph: 928-779-6163 Arizona Men of Leather - Arizona Men of Leather (AML) is a male-identified Leathermen’s social group consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, providing opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education and support of our community. A-Pah (Arizona Pups And Handlers) - This group is devoted to the human-dog, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in Arizona. We are a group in the Phoenix area that has been created to educate people about what pup play is as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play. Desert Dominion - Desert Dominion is an educational and social group whose focus is providing information and education for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Desert Dominion gives people a chance to talk with like-minded adults confidentially about BDSM topics and practices. www.

fetishes, whatever they may be, from S&M to shoes. We hold play parties, coffees, munches, educational demos, discussions and other social functions where people can meet, get to know each other, and learn more about their own sexuality in a comfortable atmosphere.

open to anyone who self-identifies as a leather boy over the age of 18, without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance. We gather in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and to serve our community with respect and integrity. www.


Phoenix Movie Bears - Phoenix Movie Bears is a social activity group for gay men and their friends in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We get together on Wednesday nights (and occasionally on weekends) to see a movie at a local theater.

APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) - APEX is a not-for-profit corporation that provides education, social opportunities, and support for adults who are interested in Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadomasochism (BDSM) who value individual responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, and respect for self and others. APEX provides on-going forums for education and practice of BDSM and opportunities for like-minded individuals to socialize, explore and learn in a respectful and dignified environment. APEX welcomes all sexual orientations, consensual relationships, and risk-aware BDSM and sexual practices. www. Arizona Women of Leather- We are a group of women, organized for the common purpose of visibility, the promotion and encouragement, teaching and continuing the rich traditions of the Leather community within the Leather/S&M/B&D/ Fetish community, using mutual energies, resources and activities which can benefit not only our sisterhood, but also the greater community at large. We value visibility, sorority (“Sisterhood”), honor, education (teaching and learning), herstory and tradition, and promulgation of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona Strives to unite the GLBTS communities through charitable fundraising events to meet the needs of all. www.

Bears of the West - The mission of the ‘Bears Of The West’ is to promote opportunities for social and fraternal interaction between its members. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events held by members of the club. The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join.

The Next Generation: Arizona - TNG-AZ is The Next Generation of Kink and Fetish in Arizona. We’re a social and educational group for ages 18-39 interested in exploring their

Phoenix Boys of Leather - In celebration of the essential “boy” spirit, the Phoenix Boys of Leather exists to serve, support, and enrich the Leather community. Membership is

HEALTH PHX LAMBDA Center Provides 12-step programs for LGBT people. Ph: 602-635-2090 Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS Created by and for people infected and affected by HIV. 1144 E. McDowell Road, PHX Ph: 602-307-5330

SOCIAL/SUPPORT Agape Network A food progrm for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers & Donations needed. Ph: 602-2346143 Stonewall Institute Outpatient Addiction Treatment Provider with a specialization in serving the local LGBTQ community. We provide Alcohol and Drug Screening, Assessment, and Individual, Group, and Family Counseling Services. Ph: 602-535-6468 Transgender Harmony Metro area support TG group, meets twice monthly on 2nd & 4th Saturdays at 7pm.

1 Apollo’s 5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-9373

5 Cruisin’ 7th 3702 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 212-9888

9 The Rock 4129 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 248-8559

13 Off Chute Too Store 4115 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 274-1429

2 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

6 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-8707

10 Roscoe’s 4531 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 285-0833

14 Tuff Stuff 1716 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 254-1429

3 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 265-0224

7 Pumphouse II 4132 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 275-3509

11 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-1086

15 Chute 1440 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654

4 Cherry Bar 1028 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-7729 13 Desert Knight News

8 Nu-Towne Saloon 5002 East Van Buren Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-9959

12 Velocity 2303 East Indian School Road Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 956-2885

16 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street Phoenix, AZ (602) 266-6883

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17 Pleasure World 4029 East Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 275-0015 18 Paradise Adult Boutique 130 West Osborn Street Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 265-3735


that their shear presence is undeniable. In the story, a leather daddy called Maximillian sees a young furry leather pup named Marcus on a subway train. Maximillian is called a brethren. Marcus is a someone who enjoys everything entailed in being a leather submissive. Maximillian is an older, in light terms, cigar smoking leather muscle daddy bear. Marcus is a fur covered ‘pup’ who does boot black at a bar in the Castro. Marcus is searching for that one daddy to take him as his own. I am not going to give away the meaning of what a ‘Brethren’ is because you really need to read the story and Andrew’s book. The story has 9 parts to it and, besides the obvious erotic content, has an underlying love story that I think we all want in our lives. I was in tears by the end of the story because I realized that the men I have dated never really took the time to get to know the real me. All they wanted to know was the sexual person that I am. They never got to know the true me. Maximillian courted, in terms, Marcus through a period of time. They both taught each other things only a difference in age could do. Marcus introduced Maximillian to new music and art, while Maximillian introduced Marcus to how he wanted to be serviced and he true life as a Brethren. Only till all truths came out could the two be bonded forever. We all strive for love in our lives, but taking the time to do it is key. Being intimate with that one person is okay, but get to know them for who they are. You may be surprised.

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori Smoke: Cigars and Men That Enjoy Them Smoke: Cigars and Men That Enjoy Them is a collection of gay male erotic stories about men who find Cigars a material part of their fantasy. Andrew McDiarmid does a wonderful job of grasping erotic mental imagery with heart squeezing love. The story that grabbed me the most was the nine chapters of “The Hunt”. I am neither submissive nor dominate, but the love story behind it made me very emotional. Loving someone is not about how good a person looks or how much leather they wear. It’s about who they are and what they are about. It’s not about that quick rush of pleasure or ‘getting off’. It’s about getting to know someone for their hidden joys and things that make them cry. It’s about touching ones heart strings in a way

From ornately decorative to excruciatingly stringent, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. Now, accomplished Japanese-born educator and bondage practitioner, Midori shows step by step how to achieve beautiful and exciting Japanese bondage on a variety of genders and body types. Each chapter starts with a spectacular, tasteful full-color photo of the finished bondage pose - harnesses, hogties, standing and bent-over poses, and more - then goes back and explains with text and line art how each rope and knot is placed to achieve the final result. Readers can use the detailed instructions to experiment safely and erotically with their own partners - or simply enjoy viewing the pictures of Midori’s expertise. Acclaimed writer, teacher and workshop facilitator on a wide range of sexual topics, Midori has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and vast indispensable experience as a pioneering San Francisco sex educator.

A regular advice columnist for Men’s Health, Midori has appeared on HBO and BBC, and has been featured in Vogue, Playboy, Der Spiegel, Cosmo and more. Multifaceted, she is a skilled photographer, artist in Japanese rope, presenting to art institutions such as Tanzquartier, Vienna and Das Arts in Amsterdam. She’s the author of bestselling books “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” and “Wild Side Sex.” Learn more about her projects at Midori draws from her childhood upbringing in Japan, her education in psychology, and her experience as a SM player and educator to provide the information presented in this fantastic new publication. You learn the historical place and perspective of rope in Japan, both as an everyday tool and a modern erotic practice, as well as the evolution of rope play in the US. A variety of traditional Japanese rope ties are both described and illustrated, along with some stunning full-color photos by Craig Morey. Selection and care of rope is covered in good detail, along with basic safety and specific rope bondage concerns. The various positions are presented as consensual, erotic and fun, with some of the easiest and clearest instructions I’ve ever seen. Models are all ages, shapes, sizes, genders and ethnicities: a most refreshing change from the usual depictions of these practices. For lovers of restraint in any form, this is an elegant and necessary edition to your library and play life.

Clubs and Organizations Continued from page 13 TUCSON

held by members of the club. Health

Bears of the Old Pueblo – The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) Providing support services and HIV/AIDS prevention programs to Southern Arizona.

1 Colors 5305 East Speedway Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 323-1840 14 Desert Knight News

2 IBT’s 616 North 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85707 (520) 882-3053

3 VENTURE-N 1239 North 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705-6639 (520) 882-8224 Ph: 520-628-7223 TIHAN Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network. Ph: 520-299-6647

4 Woody’s 3710 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705-3282 (520) 292-6702


Apollo’s Bingo Night! Every Monday at 9 Off Chute Too is a great supporter of Bingo Night at Apollo’s. Your Bingo card will get you 20% off at Off Chute Too!

PHURFEST 2010! Quality Inn, Nu-Towne Saloon

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