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By Edward Lee There are many misconceptions surrounding Masters, Daddys and Sirs. At the ages of 28 and 26 respectfully, Daddy Kenneth and Master Hawk find the biggest misconception they encounter is not about Dominant/submissive roles, but that you have to be a certain age to claim the title of Master, Daddy or Sir. “There have been a few people in the community that I have encountered who are put off by the fact that I am all three. There have been others who actively resisted my status and insisted on showing me disrespect for claiming those titles. I had one man call me a boy in front of several others because he could not accept the fact that I am a dominant male who happens to be under 30,” says Daddy Kenneth Co-Founder, Arizona Pups and Handlers; Mr. Cellblock Phoenix Leather 2008; Vice Director, Master And slaves Together, Phoenix Chapter; Co-Producer, Mr. Phoenix Leather Contest; Vice President, Arizona Men of Leather; and Vice President, Arizona Power Exchange. At 24, Master Hawk says there are plenty of misconceptions he encounters, but like Daddy Kenneth age is number one.

“BDSM, kink, fetish, and other ways of sexual expression should not be a fearful subject. A person comes with the ability to experience, experiment, and learn “other” ways to enjoy sex. That is the beauty of free will. Don’t fall into conformity because its easier, fall into conformity because there is nothing else to try. You will experiment many things and enjoy many things to the point where all those “other” things will no longer be unconventional. Be yourself, learn something new about yourself, and enjoy every single moment of it.” The titles themselves can cause confusion among the both the experienced and inexperienced in the BDSM community. “I believe there is a difference between being a Master and Sir, not that both titles can’t be interchangeable within a person. I believe they are both a state of mind. A Master is the person that has complete control over the other person, at least within a scene unless agreed otherwise. A Sir is a respected mentor, teacher, or the person who someone looks up to. I believe that a Sir can be a Master and lead his household, scene, property, boy, slut, pig, as he pleases without compromising his title of respect and teach, mentor, guide, and be a person of honor,” states Master Hawk.

Daddy Kenneth

“I seem to cross paths with lots of people who believe that at my age my skill level, ideas or the way I carry myself as a Master or Sir are not accurate. I started in the BDSM lifestyle at the age of 14 with my first boyfriend, and since then have had great mentors, idols, and teachers. “In addition to my age, it seems that a few submissives, bottoms, slaves...etc expect a Master or Sir to know what they are expecting out of a scene [In BDSM, a scene is the stage or setting where BDSM activity takes place, as well as the activity itself]. Many people might disagree with me or in many cases think that I am an idiot, but I personally believe that the role of a sub in a scene is a very grounded, very important, and on occasion the one who leads a scene. Sure, there are times where my needs come first and the sub is there to fulfill those, and believe me that is a great turn on not only for me but for the sub as well. I am the kind of Sir who believes that to have a great scene requires both people to have enjoyed it. In simple words, ‘Communication is key to having that happen.’” Another common misconception that Daddy Kenneth runs into is that the M/D/S gets all the rewards with none of the effort in the relationship. “I see this come up more with people who are inexperienced in BDSM, as most people with time recognize that by taking power over someone, you also accept responsibility for them, and their well being,” he says. For those who may still be fearful about the BDSM community, Master Hawk had one last thing to say.

Phoenix - The Butchmanns Experience is an intensive educational weekend designed to provide an opportunity for self-discovery leading to self-actualization. The event includes hands-on training in basic SM practices, protocol and rituals, and a view of leadership and obedience through the lens of Master/slave dynamics. Butchmanns Experience allows the explorer to explicitly visit areas that challenge and soothe us for the purpose of identifying who we are. Happiness comes from living authentically. When

Daddy Kenneth also believes there are differences, but they are not easily explained.

“There is a fundamental difference between a Master, a Daddy, and a Sir that has to be felt to be understood. There are some people who accept one of those titles but cannot accept the other two. One thing I have noticed is how difficult it is for anyone to articulate exactly what the fundamental difference is, but we all recognize that it exists. If I were to try to articulate it, I would go for the oversimplified approach: A Sir is one who Dominates, a Daddy is one who loves the one he Dominates, and a Master is one who owns the one he Dominates. Like I said, this is over-simplified because there is a certain amount of love and ownership, actual and implied coming from all three types of men.” We asked both men how they themselves became Dominants.

“In my case it took a compromise to fulfill my partner’s sexual needs at the beginning of our relationship, after all, not every 14 year old wants his hole stuffed with a fist. When my boyfriend approached with the question of whether I was interested or not, I compromised and agreed to learn properly and safely to make sure I made him enjoy his fantasy the way he wanted to. After the first time I got hooked! It just became natural. I got intrigued of what else I had been missing and started to dig deeper, no pun intended, into sexual activity and boy was I astonished. Since then, there has not been many things I have not tried once, read, learned, or asked about. Knowledge is power,” exclaims Master Hawk. So how does one become a Master, Daddy or Sir? ”Some people train with someone. I personally didn’t have formal training, instead I am constantly learning how to be a better Dominant from the experiences I have. Those experiences come with my submissive friends, including my own slave boy, and from the other Masters and Dominants that I encounter. Sometimes those lessons come in the form of someone pointing out a mistake that I, or someone nearby, made and saying, “Don’t do that.” Other times it is people who like and respect what I am doing, and showing their appreciation for it. I see dominance as a journey, not a destination, and hope that I am never done learning how to be a better dominant,” explains Daddy Kenneth. ”It’s very important to seek the people in the community whose reputation of being good in their skill is well known. The best way to approach these people is to politely ask questions, concerns, or advice. Always remember that a scene should always be safe, sane and consensual; or to be aware of the risks in consensual kink,” says Master Hawk. Although alike in many of their responses, on the question as to how a submissive/slave should be treated, the two men differed. “Better than the Dominants most valuable possession! If you think about it, the investment you make in your slave or submissive is directly proportional to the rewards you get out of him or her. The more you invest the more rewarding your experience. If you mistreat your investment it will lose value. By agreeing to be a person’s Dominant you have agreed to take responsibility for their well-being, in return for their agreement to give you pleasure. If they are not well in any way, they cannot or will not give you the pleasure that you expect out of them,” said Daddy Kenneth.

“I had a naturally dominant personality “On this question many people Master Hawk that manifested even at an early age when will fight me or agree with me. But I was constantly accepting leadership and this is the best I can answer it. This directorial roles among my friends. I developed an interest in should always be agreed upon between both the top and the BDSM when I first it and discovered that it made my dick hard, submissive. If the sub/ slave agrees to be treated like a toy then and eventually I found a slave boy who accepted and embraced these traits in me,” says Daddy Kenneth.

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we are ready to be who we truly are, we encounter the next step on our path. The emphasis of activities is on personal transformation and growth and includes intentional flogging, ritual temporary piercing, the call to serve and be served, and transformational mummification. These activities are further explored through in-depth discussions. The environment is structured to encourage safely entering new experiences, with the instructors and faculty supporting each individual’s unique experience.

The all female event is open to those who are female-bodied and/or identify as female and can honor female space during the event. Visit for more details, including registration.

2 Desert Knight News


reading the bill, or thinking about how it would hurt Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allied businesses.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce signed onto a national boycott of Arizona because of SB1070. Incase you have been hiding in a cave or don’t have a TV, radio, the Internet, or read any newspapers (other than DKN), SB1070 is a poorly written and potentially racists anti-immigration bill passed by extremist politicians in Arizona. Any bill penned by Senator Russell Pearce, who is running for re-election, is going to be “anti” something. Anti-Gay, anti-Latino, antiFemale, fill in the blank.

Arizona is one of the states hardest hit by this recession. Many of our businesses have folded and many are barely holding on.

Let’s face it, when it comes to having an actual impact on politics and businesses, it is local organizations and local action that cause change.

As you might have guessed, Desert Knight News is skeptical about SB1070 because of Pearce’s past and current agendas. However, HRC and the National Gay Chamber jumped on the bandwagon before self-admittedly

As if that weren’t enough, the largest GLBT rights organization and the largest GLBT chamber of commerce in the country don’t just say they won’t be coming to Arizona; they encourage

everyone not to visit or do business in Arizona. Who are they suppose to support? Us. Who are they hurting by their action? Us! Desert Knight News is calling for a boycott of HRC and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Why give money to organizations that choose to boycott before thinking about the impact on the people they are suppose to help protect and the businesses they are there to support. I’m tired of having my money go to national organizations. Let’s face it, when it comes to having an actual impact on politics and businesses, it is local organizations and local action that cause change. We encourage you to support local rights organizations such as Equality Arizona and Wingspan, and join GLBTA chambers like the Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Tucson Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. They matter, the other don’t!

Q AND A So What Is...

the scrotum. Second, many find the weights aesthetically pleasing, and many also enjoy the feeling of wearing the weights.

Starting out with the lightest weight will still put an erotic tug on your balls as you move around.

I received a plethora of questions this month from readers that ranged from how to insert a penis plug to the Zeus Six-Channel Power Box. So let’s get started!

Some leather ball weights, which are very comfortable in my opinion, sometimes contain small BB style weights. They are generally about 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch inside diameter depending on which snap you use. You can get several sizes depending on how many snaps there are. There can be anywhere from two to eight snaps. The ends snap together very easily. The leather ball weights definitely make your boys be noticed more.

Insertable penis plugs, also referred to as a urethral insert, can range from 2 inches to eight inches in length and anywhere from 3/16 of an inch on up. These plugs can be made of steel, plastic or glass. Penis plugs can be solid or have a “cum” through hole. The ones with thru-holes allow you to ejaculate or urinate through them. These can be worn for long periods of time. Some are even made for electro-sex. The key is to make sure the one you are buying is made from quality materials.

To remove the penis plug pull it out very slowly. The challenge is the widest point which really stretches your urethral opening.

On to the question regarding the Six-Channel Deluxe Zeus Electro Power Box E-Stim TX6 Kit, and how it differs from the smaller E-stim power boxes. Most e-stim power boxes only have two channels. Zeus SixChannel Electro Power Box E-Stim Kit features six outputs each with its own adjustable intensity. It offers 6 different wave patterns and two frequency knobs for adjusting the frequency on different outputs. It has a timer to control the length of your session. It also includes an accupoint detection pen to locate stimulation points. So you could hook up six different toys. Perhaps a dildo in the pussy, a butt plug in the ass, a ring around the penis, maybe two clamps on the nipples and one to surprise your partner or yourself. WOW! Send your questions to

‘Fess Up!

New Column Wants Your Hot Confessions We could invite you to submit erotic confessions for a new column by simply filling in the following blanks: I wish I could tell my _________ that I _____________. The first blank could be boyfriend/girlfriend/teacher/priest etc.

The point of an insertable penis plug is to stimulate the urethra and have great masturbatory or oral sex. It also can be worn as jewelry. Now to the reader’s question. You should start out with a plug whose diameter is small (3/16 of an inch), use lube and insert it slowly. Once you get past the widest point it goes in very quickly so be careful.

Most weights encircle but do not fully encapsulate the scrotum. Those that do are usually called ball crushers.

The second blank could be a paragraph or short story about a secret fantasy...whether true or imagined. This new column will allow you to get something off your chest, or just get off! Send your confessions to edward@ Metal weights usually have a two-piece design to make it easy to get on and off. These weights come in a variety of weights and widths. The Parachute Ball Stretcher is definitely an adventurous piece. The Parachute is made out of soft leather for comfort as well as strength. The metal rings that hang below the parachute can be tugged on gently for stimulation or can be use in stretching by adding weights. The weights you use can be of any length, size and weight.

Contents Master/Sir, Butchmanns




So What Is (Q/A)



4, 6

Penis plugs can feel great. If you want to try something new, I recommend you give insertable penis plugs a try.







I also received a question about ball/scrotal weights and what is the best kind to use. Ball weights come in a variety of sizes and weights. The weights can be made of leather, steel, and several other materials.

Classfieds Ads







13, 14





Scrotal weights usually serve a number of purposes. First, they can be used for scrotal stretching; that is, to lengthen the scrotum. But, not all ball weights are designed to stretch

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LOCAL NEWS Vaginal Fisting, Let’s Give Her A Hand... w/ GrrlBear Phoenix - Have you ever felt the intensity of possessing a woman to her fullest, feeling her heartbeat from within? Touching her inner core? As a woman, have you ever experienced that sensation of being fully possessed, of opening up completely and surrendering your most intimate center? Come join Bear (aka GrrlBear) Aug. 2, on her maiden voyage into presentations, as she demonstrates the wonderful art of vaginal fisting. She will discuss the, pardon the expression, in’s and out’s of how to and why on earth you would want to do this or have it done to you. For more information go to Phoenix boys of Leather General Meeting Phoenix - Monthly boy meeting Aug. 5 from 7-9pm at Unlimited Coffee, 741 East Glendale Avenue in Phoenix. Very casual. You do not need to be a member to attend. If you are a boy and want to find out more about the Phoenix boys of Leather, then this is a great place to meet and introduce yourself.

Records and is the author of “Let’s Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills.” Founder of Houston PEP, past publisher of Boudoir Noir Magazine, and a long-time SM Lifestyler, Dante produced the groundbreaking erotic instructional video, “Bullwhip: Art of the Single Tail Whip”

a family restaurant.

Robert will hold a class on Aug. 7 from 10am-5pm. This is a full day intensive and lunch will be provided.

Dungeon Irons for your Slave!

Phoenix - Come get a hamburger or brawtwurst grilled by the Arizona Men of Leather on Sunday, Aug 8 and/or Aug. 15 from 5pm – 9pm at Apollo’s Lounge. Apollo’s is located at 5749 N. 7th Street in Phoenix.

Sense and Disability w/ MoGa and Lady Belladonna

Phoenix - Do you want to know how your sub/slave would look in Shackles and Chains? Master Rick and Master Alex will show you Aug. 16! This presentation will show you many of the steel shackles, collars, chains and other dungeon gear that is available.

Phoenix - A practical approach to interactions with partners with a disability will be held Aug. 9 from 7:15-9:30pm at APEX.

Assorted dungeon gear will be displayed on subs- its uses and what to be aware of when deciding to get such toys for your sub will be discussed.

The idea is to have several demo stations and use Tops with different disabilities and show the audience with the help of demo bottoms how you can work your disability in your favor.

There will also be an opportunity to try out various types of dungeon gear.

For more information go to

We all are disabled at one time or another. Come learn how you can make this work to your advantage! Open to all APEX members.

BOTW Bear night at Bunkhouse!

Phurfest Planning Meeting

Phoenix - Come on down and join the Bears of the West every First Saturday night starting at 9pm at the Bunkhouse Saloon, located on 7th Ave between Indian School and Camelback roads!

Phoenix- Join the Bears of the West for the first Phurfest planning meeting for Phurfest 2011 “Back to Basics” on Saturday, Aug 14 from 11am-1pm. The Bears will meet at the host hotel: Quality Inn Phoenix.

If you’re just visiting Phoenix, new to our city, or just want to hang out for a little tom foolery this is the time and place to do it!

Join them in the Quality Inn meeting room - 202 E McDowell Rd, in Phoenix.

Next date is Saturday, Aug 7.

APEX Munch

The Bunkhouse is located at 4428 North 7th Avenue, in Phoenix. Professional bullwhip artist - Robert Dante

Phoenix - The Munch is a place where people get together to enjoy each other’s company as well as have a safe place to possibly meet up with someone for the first time. There is always the opportunity to take in an orientation and join APEX as well as enjoy a good meal at a friendly restaurant.

Phoenix - Robert Dante is an internationally acknowledged professional bullwhip artist. He has held 3 Guinness World

The group will meet Aug. 15 at 2pm at the IHOP in Phoenix. They ask that you not come in wearing fetish wear because it is

4 Desert Knight News

IHOP Restaurant is located at 2508 N Central Ave. Leather BBQ

For more information go to Caning with Sir Larry Phoenix - Can a cane be both an erotic sensation and a delightfully devious application of sometimes overwhelming sensation? Why, yes it can! On Aug. 23, learn tips, techniques, and what not to do from one of APEX’s resident gurus, Sir Larry! This could be a very...interactive topic so be sure to bring your favorite toys and make sure your mind is geared up! Rope Bondage for the Male Form Phoenix - Presented by Lee Harrington, AZ Leather Sir 2010, L(Earn) Your Leather Skills is a series of fundraiser classes benefiting Arizona Men of Leather and Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities. The next class will be held Aug 26 from 7pm – 8:30pm at Fascinations, 10242 N 19th Ave.

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LOCAL NEWS Continued from Page 4 Gear Night Phoenix - Join the Phoenix boys of Leather and where your gear (leather, rubber, masks, sports, anything and everything) Aug 28 from 10pm – Sun Aug 29, 2010 2am at Velocity. Arizona. Velocity is located at 2303 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix.

The Hog Pit, 6910 E Tanque Verde Rd. Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo Aug 19 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Specializing in pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, you can view The Hog Pit’s menu at www. And, the Men’s room is a site to behold. Contact Rick at 520-668-4538 or Israel at 520-668-5086. If you have a restaurant that you’d like to suggest, please contact us at or 520-829-0117.

Electricity w/ South

Bears Beer Bust & Chili Feed

Phoenix - Come enjoy an evening of hands-on sensation and see just why the electricity junkies are hopping! On Aug. 30, APEX will hold a skills training on everything electrical. For more information go to

Tucson - Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo for their Beer Bust benefiting local charitites at The Venture-N Aug. 28 from 3-7pm.

Desert Dominion Men’s Play Party Tucson – On Aug. 13, join other members of Desert Dominion or APEX for a play party. The event will run from 8pm-1am at Desert Dominion, 3843 E. 37th St, in Tucson. more info at htm#Wparties). Cost to attend is $10. You must be a member of Desert Dominion or APEX to attend. Monthly Dinner Out with The Bears - The Hog Pit

The fine folks at the Venture-N are offering $1 drafts and $2.50 pitchers of soda or beer and $2.00 bowls of our famous homemade chili. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Homeless LGBT Youth Programs of Wingspan & Open Inn! Join the Bears for a great afternoon on the Venture-N’s patio and enjoy some tasty beverages, jumpin’ tunes, and friendly bruins all while benefiting your community! For more information contact President Kevin Jackson at: 520904-4714 or The Venture-N is located at 1239 N. 6th Avenue, Tucson.

Tucson - This month’s selection for your dining enjoyment is

From a collection of boxing and fighting memorabilia. More to come! The language reflects the context of the times. Author is anonymous. 6 Desert Knight News

Puppy Play 101 Tucson - An introduction to Puppy Play, who are the players, what do they do, how do they do it, and why is it appealing will be held on Aug. 28. Topics covered will be gear, headspace, do’s and don’ts, and safety aspects. Lecture will be followed by a short demo with audience participation encouraged. Daddy Kenneth lives with his pup mohawk in Phoenix, AZ; where he is an active member of the leather community. He is a co-founder and the leader of the Arizona Pups and Handlers, a pansexual social group for people into pup play in Arizona. Kenneth has presented classes and demos at Arizona Power Exchange and International Pup and Trainer Conference as well as volunteering at Wolf Camp, the annual puppy party at International Mr. Leather for the past two years. Members Only. Seminar fee is $5. Temporary memberships are available at the door for $3. Nudity may occur. For more information go to

NATIONAL NEWS Los Angeles to host the International Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest Shine your leather for the August 12-15 event By Staff

15 minutes on the Saturday morning of the contest.

The International Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest is returning to Los Angeles August 12-15, at the fabulous Los Angeles Hilton Hotel LAX, and will feature the International Mr. & Ms. Olympus Leather Contest, more than 50 vendor and exhibitor booths, more than 30 classes workshops, and demos, stage performances, two huge fetish play parties and the 20th Anniversary of The Pantheon of Leather Awards. The idea of the Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest is to promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle. The Leather community is comprised of an extremely diverse group of people ranging from the motorcycle and Leather/Levi clubs to the heaviest SM edge player and all of the Leatherfolk in between. The Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather title seeks to make all Leatherfolk feel good about themselves regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition. It is the goal of Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather to make all those who wish to be a part of the Leather community feel welcome in doing so. Categories for the Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest are interview, fantasy, fetish image and stage presence. The interview consists of a question/answer period with a panel of six to eight judges. The interview lasts approximately 12-

The fantasy is a staged erotic production of 5-7 minutes by each contestant. The fantasy does not have to be an SM fantasy, but must be descriptive of, or based on, at least one fetish. The fetish image is how one demonstrates his/ her concern for the entire Leather/SM/ Fetish community, during the weekend. Fetish image includes interactions with judges, other contestants, VIP’s, and the general public during Pantheon of Leather weekend. This starts Friday when the contestants arrive and continues until the staged portion of the Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest begins. Stage presence includes an appearance on stage where each contestant will be asked a question, then the contestant will be judged on how they auctioning off their travel fund basket. The questions will be made out in advance by the contest producers

and will be drawn by lot on stage during the contest by each contestant. Every effort is made to ensure that the questions are equally relevant and thought provoking to provide a fair balance. Judging the basket presentation will deal strictly with stage skills and the amount raised from their basket sale will not be taken into consideration. Workshops this year include: “Applied Rigging for Brain and Hands:  The nuts and bolts of thinking your way through rope bondage”, Protocols & Rituals in the Master/slave Dynamic”, “The Basics of Leather Care”, A “Lesbian Sexual sensuality: foreplay sexually sadistic but still sensual”, “Punishment & Discipline 101”, “Puppy and Critter Agility Training Techniques”, “CBT and Chastity Devises for Men”, “Spank You Very Much:  An Introduction To Spanking”, “Building A Better Flogger”, “Dynamics of Leather Family Leadership”, “Knife Play”, “Tickle Me Silly: Fun And Devious Ways To Administer Tickle Torment”, and “Pony Play” to name a few. The International Olympus Leather and The Pantheon of Leather Awards will welcome The Los Angeles Ponies and Critters Group for the first ever Derby Day. Place your bets in the following races: Pony Race, Steeplechase, Greyhound Race, and Kitty and Critter Race. Organizers are providing a range of ticket prices to make the event affordable to all.

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Comics Big gUy! we neeD ya UP front!

“showing off”

nah, i like this MUsic... Does My Partner.

JOHN! carefUl aBoUt showing off — if PeoPle finD oUt how strong yoU are, they’ll take yoU away Do EXPERIMENTS or soMethin’ on yoU...

sorry! i’M JUst feeling so gooD — My Man anD i are ENGAGED!

story/ art: Jeff Jacklin

so, John... yoU like working at this clUB? i thoUght gay DUDes were into, y’know, DiVas anD Dance MUsic...

how aBoUt in lot across the street? haha.

yoU can’t Park here, DUDe—

we coMe here all the tiMe -

the entrance has to stay clear —


eVerBoDy chill oUt —



Desert Knight News 7


MADCAP Theaters Friday August 6 & Saturday August 7 – Gone with the Pope (8pm) & Pieces (10pm) $8 Double feature - 35mm Gone with the Pope (2010) A renowned nightclub entertainer, singer and movie actor known as “Mr. Palm Springs,” Duke Mitchell directs and stars in Gone with the Pope as an ex-con who hatches a plan to kidnap the Pope in exchange for the ransom of “a dollar from every Catholic in the world.” Gone with the Pope was shot in 1975 but remained unfinished at the time of Mitchell’s death in 1981. The film reels sat until Bob Murawski offered to take a shot at piecing the movie together. Murawski took charge of the restoration and spent 15 years giving Mitchell’s low-budget movie an A-list treatment in between editing Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 1, 2 & 3, Drag me to Hell, and The Hurt Locker. In Pieces (1988) a psychopathic killer stalks a Boston campus, brutally slaughtering nubile young college co-eds, collecting body parts from each victim to create the likeness of his mother who he savagely murdered with an axe when he was ten years old! Pieces has everything you could possibly want, by the bucketful. Full on chainsaw violence, absurd amounts of nudity, and the greatest ending in horror history. “(Eli Roth) Friday August 13 & Saturday August 14 – The Carhops (8pm) & The Teasers (10pm) $8 Double feature 35mm The Carhops (1975) Kitty Carl and Fay Dewitt star in this lighthearted, sexy story of a girl’s attempts to find Mr. Right, or at the very least, some hot action. After moving out of the reach of her controlling mother, Kitty is looking forward to a life of freedom and dating. Luckily the neighborhood girls are generous with their men. The Teasers (1987) A bright beautiful young schoolgirl (Gloria Guida) uses charm to earn good grades from her instructors. After her relationship with an older man, she realizes there are more important things to life than teasing men. Thursday August 12 (8pm), Friday August 13 & Saturday August 14 – House (6, 8, 10pm) $8 – 35mm How to describe Nobuhiko Obayahshi’s 1977 movie House? As a psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? An episode of Scooby Doo as directed by Dario Argento? Any of the above will do for this hallucinatory head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt’s creaky country home, only to come face to face

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with evil spirits, bloodthirsty pianos, and a demonic housecat. Too absurd to be genuinely terrifying, yet too nightmarish to be merely comic, House seems like it was beamed to Earth from another planet. Or perhaps the mind of a child: the director fashioned the script after the eccentric musings of his eleven-year-old daughter, then employed all the tricks in his analog arsenal (mattes, animation, and collage) to make them a visually astonishing, raucous reality. Never before released in the United States, and a bona fide cult classic in the making, House is one of the most exciting genre discoveries in years. August 14 – Hell on Wheels (8pm) & Total Badass (10pm) with Director Bob Ray $8 Double feature Hell on Wheels (2007) takes a from-the-trenches look at the dizzying clash of athleticism, exhibitionism, egos, politics and business that is modern-era roller derby. A group of hard-hitting Texas women overcome myriad obstacles in resurrecting and revamping the sport, only to find internal strife ripping the fledgling organization apart. Two leagues emerge from the clash, and what follows ignites an international roller derby revival. Shot over a five-year period by director Bob Ray (who will be presenting the screening) the story is extremely compelling, sometimes laugh-out-loud outrageous and above all inspiring. Total Badass (2010) is the Texas tale of a hilarious, crazy-ass writer/publisher/singer/ weed-dealer/sex addict/Guinea pig enthusiast/dad/pirate radio host/raconteur and general man-about-town as he rides out the last six months of felony probation and, ultimately, must change his ways when a financial crisis befalls his estranged family. Thursday August 19 - Best Worst Movie (6pm) Troll 2 (8pm), Friday August 20 & Saturday August 21 – Best Worst Movie (4 & 8 pm) Troll 2 (6 & 10pm) $10 Double Feature – 35mm Best Worst Movie (2009) is the acclaimed feature length documentary that takes us on an off-beat journey into the undisputed worst movie in cinematic history: Troll 2. In 1989, when an Italian filmmaker and unwitting Utah actors shot the ultra-low budget horror film, Troll 2, they had no idea that twenty years later they would be celebrated worldwide for their legendary ineptitude. Two decades later, the film’s nowgrown-up child star (Michael Paul Stephenson) unravels the improbable, heartfelt story of the Alabama dentist-turned-cult

movie icon and the Italian filmmaker who come to terms with this genuine, internationally revered cinematic failure. Troll 2 (1990) Joshua’s family takes a trip to NILBOG, which, unbeknownst to them, is the kingdom of the goblins, as told to young Joshua by his grandfather Seth, who just happens to be dead. Now it’s up to Josh, magical time stopping Grandpa Seth, and a bologna sandwich to save the family from the evil Goblin Queen, who uses everything from magical rocks to an ear of corn, to destroy Josh’s family. Thursday August 26 – Everything is Terrible! (8pm) $10 For a couple years now, the cultural historians over at Everything is Terrible! have worked hard to dredge up all the groan-inducing infomercials, workout videos, PSAs and otherwise terrible footage from the ‘80s and ‘90s that they could find. They take forgotten VHS tapes of all kinds and edit them down into easily digestible viral videos. Everything Is Terrible! was started in 2007 as a way for a group of friends with a serious VHS habit to swap footage. It has since evolved into a full blown internet phenomenon, appearing on The Onion A.V. Club, Boing Boing, NPR, MTV, Web Soup, and G4’s Attack of the Show! And if that wasn’t already the coolest Popsicle in the fridge, the EIT! crew will appear in the flesh to coax you into their disturbingly hilarious world, with a live, fully-costumed, fog-machined show that’s been described as “a mix of The Holy Mountain, The Never Ending Story and the cult orgy from Eyes Wide Shut all shoved into one”. Thursday August 26 (8pm), Friday August 27 & Saturday August 28 – [REC] 2 (6, 8 & 10pm) $8 – 35mm [REC] 2 (2009) The highly anticipated sequel to one of the scariest films of all time, [REC] 2 picks up 15 minutes from where we left off, taking us back into the quarantined apartment building where a terrifying virus has run rampant, turning the occupants into mindlessly violent, raging beasts. A heavily armed SWAT team and a mysterious government official are sent in to assess and attempt to neutralize the situation. What they find inside lies beyond the scope of medical science—a demonic nightmare of biblical proportions more terrifying than they could have possibly imagined. Above all it must be contained, before it escapes to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting world outside. For more information visit: or MADCAP Theaters are located at 730 S Mill Ave, Tempe.

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Arizona Lifestyle Realty

Opportunity for 1st buyers of investors! End unit, 2 bed/ 1.5 baths, 2 story, 968 sqft, open floor plan, eat in kitchen, 1 carport & more. $35,000. The Ron Houston Group 602-402-2459.

Looking for a Room to Rent? Two story home located in newer South Phoenix neighborhood; close to ASU, downtown, easy freeway access. Private room for rent with shared bath. Beautifully furnished house with granite counters, vaulted ceilings, patio, private courtyard. Community pool, spa, basketball court. Asking $500 per month. All utilities


Blake Housecleaning Housecleaning with Actual Customer Service. It is as unique as you are! Serving all parts of the Valley. Ron Blake 480-241-5651 Blake Fitness Blake Fitness is the name you need to know for all your fitness training needs. 15 years of experience and still having fun! Ron Blake 480-241-5651 www. Mobile bookkeeper for small business. I’ll crunch your numbers so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact Dave Connell at 602-400-5383. MASSAGE THERAPISTS Marc-Anthony Massage Swedish-Therapeutic-Sports 480-777-8366 Personals Erotic physical or rubdown! Fantasy “doctor” gives erotic exams real doctors can’t. Or get a great rubdown. Age over 18; older men welcome! Jim 602-265-0187. Schedule varies; call for details. AJ77- you gave the best blow job I’ve ever had. Call me, JonJ. Ok, you know who you are. I told you to join us out side. My first time talking to you, was right after a guy was talking to you. What did I say to you? Meet me at the bar where we met any Sunday between 1-3pm in June.

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Blake’s Fitness The car won’t start. The bicycle has a flat tire. Your neighbor left for work 20 minutes ago. The bus line is 14blocks away. The number for the cab company has been busy forever. Your pulse quickens, sweat beads on your forehead, you furrow your brow, and you realize you may have to….WALK! Loosen your tie and put on those sneakers and “Walk Like a Man”. It’s going to be different today!

Forget what the modern world has taught you about convenience and the on-demand attitude. You will need to work to earn your 10,000 steps. It begins early in the day and in earnest as you yawn, stretch, and rub your eyes after wrestling with your alarm clock. Climb out of your bed and “Walk Like an Egyptian” to the bathroom on the other side of the house to get your day moving right.

profoundly! Get your pedometer, get motivated, and you’ll want to go “Walkin’ After Midnight.”

This health and fitness article is brought to you by that guy who “Likes to Walk the Dinosaur” as frequently as he can. That guy is Ron Blake and you can walk into his world at www.

After you’ve showered, dressed, and eaten; you will be ready to change the way you approach the world. You can walk to work, walk to the bus, or drive to work and park four blocks down the street. You will need to get creative and don’t be afraid to try something different. There is always somebody out there trying this walking thing too and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

There is an exercise program called the 10,000 Steps a Day and today is YOUR day to start. The goal of this program is to get people to become more aware of their health and fitness through the ancient art of walking. That many steps each day are equivalent to four or five miles traveled. Don’t “Walk Away Renee” just yet! It can be done!

Get to work and take the stairs and not the elevator. Get to your office and walk around your desk as you yap on the phone and earn your commissions for the week. Get to your lunch break and walk with your co-workers during the last half of the lunch hour. Get to the last part of your work day and meet your team members in person and not through e-mail. Smile or whistle on your way. It’s OK to “Walk This Way!” You have to earn those steps someway and you might as well be happy doing it!

You will need a pedometer to measure your steps. These $20 and under devices won’t break your bank and they conveniently attach to your waistband. Stay away from buying one online since there is not any walking involved in the process. Purchase one at any of your local sporting goods stores. Then you will simply need to start “Walking on Sunshine!”

When you arrive home, you can continue to “Take a Walk on the Wild Side!” The possibilities include walking the dog, walking and talking on the phone, or just plain old walking with the neighbors for some exercise and gossip mongering. The 10,000 steps program is something that can be fun! It gives you that chance to strive for a daily goal and it can change you

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Fiction By Wade Wright The day had finally come and Shawn was a little more than anxious to get his new living room and dining room carpet installed. Yes, the carpet was one thing, but the man that would be doing the installation was definitely his major interest. About ten days ago Shawn had gone into one of the carpet stores in town and had selected the carpet that he wanted, and then needed to decide when the best time was to get it installed. In the decision making process, Tim, the store salesman, had called David into the conversation to make sure they picked at time that worked for everyone. David would be installing the carpet. As David walked in and joined the conversation, Shawn immediately wished that he had ordered a lot more carpet than just for the living room and dining room. He wanted David in his house as long as possible. Shawn was a white man, aged 33, stood about five feet ten or so, weighed in at 170 or 175 and had always had a very strong hankering for black men, and especially for black men that looked anything similar to David. Big -- strong -- muscular!

With one quick grin in his mind, if not on his mouth, Shawn envisioned the slight possibility, or at least the hope that David was as much of a player as he was an installation worker. The comment that Jimmy would be leaving before everything was done, slightly puzzled Shawn. The day went on, the work went on, and the comments of some slight confusion continued as well. Small talk of tight shirts -short shorts -- night time activities -- and personal desires and tastes did occur. Some comments did confuse Shawn, but then there were some that made him anxious to see if his true desires of the day could actually happen. After Jimmy left David stood in front of Shawn. “Shawn, I know what you want.” Looking at David with some definite confusion on his mind, Shawn replied, “What? What I want? What do you mean? I’m confused.” As David stood up, and only about two feet in front of Shawn, David grabbed a hold of his crotch, pulled it up, forward and simply said, “This!”

One glance at David, and Shawn took one very big deep breath and wondered if maybe he had seen this man in one of the body building magazines he kept on the night stand beside his bed.

Shocked, but happy as hell, Shawn smiled a big and broad smile, wet his lips and uttered, “Uh yeah! Yeah. But how do you know that?”

David was, as Shawn quickly took notice, probably about forty or forty one, stood maybe six feet two or three, had a chest on him of at least fifty one or two inches, and a waist line of about thirty four inches. One absolutely beautiful V shape of a body! Managing to slightly glance down ever so little, without getting noticed, all Shawn could think about was the massive amount of muscles that had to be hidden inside of those uniform pants that he would love to get off that hunk of man, then just lick him from top to bottom.

“I saw you looking at my crotch at the store the other day, and then seeing you today. Nobody dresses that sexy when workers are coming to install carpet. You want some black dick don’t you? Come on man, admit it, admit it!”

The day had finally came, and Shawn had decided to take advantage of the warmer summer weather, and attempted to dress as casually, well actually -- as sexy, as possible just in case there was any, really, really remote possibility that David might try to take advantage of a man that just happens to let it be known that he is home alone. As David drove up with the carpet loaded on his truck, Shawn was quite disappointed to notice that a second truck also arrived, with an additional worker. But much to Shawn’s pleasure it was another black man, quite a bit younger than David, but definitely another muscled hunk of a man. As the two men carried the carpet in David mentioned that Jimmy would be helping him with most of the installation, but needed to get back to the warehouse.

As David unbuttoned the last two buttons, that were still buttoned on his shirt, he took the shirt off, flexed his arms to show the muscles in a good display of manpower, and then said, “I knew damn well that there was a good chance of me getting me some good pale white ass before the day was over, and watching you today, and watching you grab yourself every chance you got, and watching you looking at me, and also looking at Jimmy when either one of us bent over, that sealed the deal. Every time I unbuttoned another button on this shirt, you damn near fainted. You got hotter and hotter, and after the third button, I knew I was going to get me some good white ass.” David opened his uniform pants, pushed ‘em down, showed off his black leather jock strap, and told Shawn, “Come on man -come on -- sniff that leather man -- sniff that leather! Put your face on that leather, sniff my leather!”

skinned muscled crotch! He did more that sniff, he sucked air and he licked skin and leather! He grabbed a hold of David’s solid muscled butt cheeks and pulled him up tight to his face! For only a slight moment, he had to pull back just long enough to get some air. He licked the whole jock, stuck his tongue under the jock strap, licked the upper part and the lower part of both of David’s legs, moved around to David’s tight butt cheek, pulled his cheeks apart, licked and chewed on every part of the black leather like skin that he could get his mouth onto, and heard David ask, “Hey, I guess maybe you do want some of this dark skinned man in you, and I assume in your mouth, and in your ass, both -- right? You want some dark skin in both ends at the same time, right?” Shawn stopped his licking and his chewing just long enough to reply, “Oh God yes man! God yes!” “Well man, I can only screw your mouth or screw your ass one at a time, so if your really want it in both ends at the same time, my son Jimmy is standing by just waiting for a phone call, telling him we’ve got more work to do here. I told him early this morning that I was pretty damn sure that I was going to be getting me some nice white meat today, and after he checked you out, he told me to make sure he got a chance to get part of you too. Before he left, he was damned sure it was going to be a good white meat day!” Shawn pulled back, looked up at David, and almost screamed, “Oh my God man, are you kidding!? Are you kidding!?” As David reached in, grabbed a hold of his ten inch rod, pulled it up and out, stroked it a couple of good hard strokes, he replied, “Hell no man, hell no! Jimmy’s hotter in bed than I am, and he’s got one hell of a big stick, bigger than his Daddy’s tucked in that hot leather jock strap that he’s got on today! He likes good white meat just as much as I do. We share good white meat whenever one of us finds some good stuff, and you are definitely some of the good stuff! I’m going to call him and tell him the meal is on the table!”

Desert Knight News seeks adult works of fiction for the Gay, Bear, Leather and BDSM communities. If you ever thought about getting published, this might be your opportunity. Story should be between 900 and 1200 words and an original piece of work. Send to

No words, no rejection, no hint of refusal, Shawn was immediately on his hands and knees and had his face pushed up in between the black leather jock strap and David’s black

What it takes to be a Master, Daddy & Sir “oh my” Continued from page 1 so be it. Or if the sub has very specific limits make sure those are always well respected, clear, and at the top of list in the Sir’s priorities. Both parties can compromise from time to time to achieve great pleasure out of any scene,” says Master Hawk. For those curious about becoming a submissive or slave, both men suggest asking a lot of questions. ”Go where the BDSM people are. There are several local resources for people who are interested in BDSM. We have a leather bar now, where many gay men who are interested in BDSM hang out, and there are pansexual clubs and organizations like Arizona Power Exchange and Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society where you can meet people face to face in a safe environment. I also encourage people to check out the community groups like Arizona Men of Leather and the Phoenix boys of Leather.

“Talk to the people you meet, and use your common sense to determine if their expectations for a relationship are based in fantasy or reality. Usually if their expectations are based in reality, they likely have some sort of experience or education. Find the leaders in the community, and find out if they know the people you are interested in. I use the internet to find people, and then encourage them to meet me face to face, and encourage others to get out from behind the keyboard and interact in real time with the people that they want to build relationships with,” says Daddy Kenneth. “A smart sub will ask around between other subs or Tops to find accurate information about a Master or Sir. A sub, should not base his/her attraction to a Top every the time to form a smart decision on who to play with. After all appearances can be deceptive. A sub should always be aware that there will always be a risk with every top, even with the skilled ones, and that accidents can occur. Never forget to agree

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on each others limits, have a safe word, and play safe and sanely,” says Master Hawk. For those who would like to know more about being Master, Daddy or Sir, again they suggest acquiring all the information you can. “Don’t fake anything! Don’t pretend to be something you are not, and definitely don’t pretend to have knowledge that you don’t! There is nothing wrong with a Dominant who doesn’t know, because there could be several reasons for that Dominant not knowing. Perhaps it’s something they’re not interested in, or they have been focusing on learning another skill. Find every available resource to teach you the things that you want or need to know. Be persistent. If someone won’t or can’t teach you, find someone else. Use the resources I mentioned previously to learn to become a better dominant. Make mistakes, and then learn from them - just try not to harm others while you’re making those mistakes,” exclaimed Daddy Kenneth. “Get informed, practice, and don’t be afraid. There is no specific way to go about it. As long as you know how to do it properly, safely, with consent, and keep a hard-on you are on your way to become a great Master/ Sir,” said Master Hawk. I wondered if Daddy Kenneth and Master Hawk were Dominants 24/7 or just in scene play. ”I am a dominant man all day, every day. Every interaction I have with my boy is a dominant/ submissive interaction. I recognize that there are times in my life when asserting my dominance is

not consensual or appropriate, for example at work I don’t tell the president of the corporation how to do his job, nor do I tell my immediate supervisor how to do her job, however that does not change how I interact with the people who I have established BDSM relationships with, said Daddy Kenneth. Master Hawk had much more to say on the topic. “For many people this varies, but I will use myself as an example. In my daily life I have a very stressful life - like many of us I am sure do. I have a job, in which I have to answer to a boss at all times. Maybe I can find myself in a very submissive state of mind while around him, not only because It helps me to not lose my job, but also because I have no real choice. On the other hand I am a manager of a store, so I have many people under my wings and I can be in a very dominant state of mind at times. I am the boss... you do as I say. “In the bedroom this is how the scenario plays: I am a Dominant top and you will always follow my orders, but I can sometimes compromise and say– as long as you are okay with that. Perhaps that is my submissive way of expressing my concerns for my partner. In many ways throughout the day I am put in positions in which I fulfill both roles in order to maintain a balanced life.”

CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS Statewide Northland Cares Improving the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Northern Ph: 928-776-4612 Victim/Witness Services of Coconino County Victim/Witness is a non-profit organization that helps victims of crime with assistance referrals within the community, as well as criminal justice advocacy and court escorts. We are an excellent resource in Northern Arizona. Ph: 928-779-6163 Arizona Men of Leather - Arizona Men of Leather (AML) is a male-identified Leathermen’s social group consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, providing opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education and support of our community. A-Pah (Arizona Pups And Handlers) - This group is devoted to the human-dog, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in Arizona. We are a group in the Phoenix area that has been created to educate people about what pup play is as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play. Desert Dominion - Desert Dominion is an educational and social group whose focus is providing information and education for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Desert Dominion gives people a chance to talk with like-minded adults confidentially about BDSM topics and practices. www.

fetishes, whatever they may be, from S&M to shoes. We hold play parties, coffees, munches, educational demos, discussions and other social functions where people can meet, get to know each other, and learn more about their own sexuality in a comfortable atmosphere.

open to anyone who self-identifies as a leather boy over the age of 18, without regard to gender, orientation, or appearance. We gather in boyhood and brotherhood to support our members and to serve our community with respect and integrity. www.


Phoenix Movie Bears - Phoenix Movie Bears is a social activity group for gay men and their friends in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We get together on Wednesday nights (and occasionally on weekends) to see a movie at a local theater.

APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) - APEX is a not-for-profit corporation that provides education, social opportunities, and support for adults who are interested in Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadomasochism (BDSM) who value individual responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, and respect for self and others. APEX provides on-going forums for education and practice of BDSM and opportunities for like-minded individuals to socialize, explore and learn in a respectful and dignified environment. APEX welcomes all sexual orientations, consensual relationships, and risk-aware BDSM and sexual practices. www. Arizona Women of Leather- We are a group of women, organized for the common purpose of visibility, the promotion and encouragement, teaching and continuing the rich traditions of the Leather community within the Leather/S&M/B&D/ Fetish community, using mutual energies, resources and activities which can benefit not only our sisterhood, but also the greater community at large. We value visibility, sorority (“Sisterhood”), honor, education (teaching and learning), herstory and tradition, and promulgation of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona Strives to unite the GLBTS communities through charitable fundraising events to meet the needs of all. www.

Bears of the West - The mission of the ‘Bears Of The West’ is to promote opportunities for social and fraternal interaction between its members. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events held by members of the club. The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join.

The Next Generation: Arizona - TNG-AZ is The Next Generation of Kink and Fetish in Arizona. We’re a social and educational group for ages 18-39 interested in exploring their

Phoenix Boys of Leather - In celebration of the essential “boy” spirit, the Phoenix Boys of Leather exists to serve, support, and enrich the Leather community. Membership is

Health PHX LAMBDA Center Provides 12-step programs for LGBT people. Ph: 602-635-2090 Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS Created by and for people infected and affected by HIV. 1144 E. McDowell Road, PHX Ph: 602-307-5330

Social/Support Agape Network A food progrm for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers & Donations needed. Ph: 602-2346143 Stonewall Institute Outpatient Addiction Treatment Provider with a specialization in serving the local LGBTQ community. We provide Alcohol and Drug Screening, Assessment, and Individual, Group, and Family Counseling Services. Ph: 602-535-6468 Transgender Harmony Metro area support TG group, meets twice monthly on 2nd & 4th Saturdays at 7pm.

1 Apollo’s 5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-9373

5 Cruisin’ 7th 3702 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 212-9888

9 The Rock 4129 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 248-8559

13 Off Chute Too Store 4115 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 274-1429

2 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

6 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-8707

10 Roscoe’s 4531 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 285-0833

14 Tuff Stuff 1716 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 254-1429

3 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 265-0224

7 Pumphouse II 4132 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 275-3509

11 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-1086

15 Chute 1440 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654

4 Cherry Bar 1028 East Indian School Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-7729

8 Nu-Towne Saloon 5002 East Van Buren Phoenix, AZ 85008 (602) 267-9959

12 Velocity 2303 East Indian School Road Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 956-2885

16 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street Phoenix, AZ (602) 266-6883

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17 Pleasure World 4029 East Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 275-0015 18 Paradise Adult Boutique 130 West Osborn Street Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 265-3735

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BOOKS Timmy and the Evil Dr. Vonvellicator by Christopher Trevor

someone tickle you then this book was written with you in mind. If you have ever harbored over the top fantasies about tickle tormenting someone to beyond their limits we thoroughly recommend this book.

This book is a definite companion, a prequel if you would to, Timmy and The Hong Kong Tailor. It shows us what led up to the stories in that book and how Timmy came to fear his good buddy Ronald, his ever-loving tickle tormentor. The book reveals how Timmy’s sadistic brother always gets the poor guy into tickle trouble and where it all began years ago. We learn of Timmy’s love/hate relationship with his wife’s exotically beautiful girlfriend, the mysterious and ever conniving Valerie. We learn much of Timmy’s past ticklish adventures, long before he was captured by Ronald. If you have ever drawn sexual pleasure from the eroticism of being tickled or having

Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather Contest Continued from page 7

Timmy and the Evil Dr. Vonvellicator (a Boner Book) takes the reader on a sensual and erotic ride (along with Timmy.) It has all the things that someone who likes to touch someone’s feet in it. And it makes you want more. You are left wanting to know what happens to poor Timmy Backman and how his relationship with the new character, Shanna, will develop, if at all, after this experience. Again, Christopher Trevor is on the verge of another great story on feet fetishes. From Christopher Trevor’s short stories to his first novel “Timmy’s Ticklish Trials” he always keeps those ticklish toes curled. Now as you read through the latest Timmy Backman tickle adventures it will be nothing less than spectacular. This book is for tickle fetishists. It is also for feet fetishists. This book has been written for men and women who derive sexual pleasure from tickling someone or from being tickled themselves. It was written for people who are mostly curious about the erotic pleasures (and displeasures) of being tickle tortured. The story Timmy’s Ticklish Trials is fiction, yet it truly delves into what could lead up to two men wanting to explore their ticklish fantasies and how far they would go for that exploration, two men, one man as a victim (Timmy Backman) and the other man as the victim’s kidnapper and tickle tormentor. The book also examines how one man’s fantasies can suddenly come to life where his tickle fantasies are concerned, as Ronald’s journal tells us within the story.

interesting way by performing fellatio on them. I won’t say any more.

A $20 day ticket is available at the door Friday, August 13, Saturday August 14 or Sunday August 15. This includes entrance to Convention Floor and all Demos, Workshops, Seminars, Panel Discussions & Stage Shows as well as a Souvenir Program. Tickets for Friday and Saturday Night’s Play Party, Saturday Night’s Mr. & Ms. International Olympus Leather Contest and Sunday’s 20th Anniversary Pantheon of Leather Awards can be purchased separately online or at The International Olympus Leather Registration Desk. Tickets will also be available at the door the night of each event. The Basic Package includes entrance to Saturday Night’s International Mr. & Ms. Olympus Leather Contest and Sunday’s 20th Anniversary Pantheon of Leather Awards. Cost is $45.

Servants of Destiny by TammyJo Eckhart Servants of Destiny book blends fact with all the fantasy of a magical quest to save the kingdom. The story shows that Master/slave relationships can be as satisfying, loving and as `normal’ as all the relationships with which we are familiar. This book is for any woman who has ever fantasized about owning a slave, and for any man who has ever desired to be one. In Servants of Destiny we finally have an erotic fantasy with a dominant woman as the heroine! In her search for magical items needed to save her kingdom, Marelda must fulfill an ancient prophecy by finding a slave who will help her. She buys the runaway thief, Dolan, and marks him as her own. In a nutshell, Marelda (the dominant) buys a slave (Dolan) and takes us through the transition of hostility to adoration from the slave to his owner. They journey through a mystical world of danger for both of themselves in there quest to fulfill the prophecy. Marelda in many instances shows her compassion in a dominant way to Dolan. She is a good & fair owner. In a number of instances she must use Dolan and others to gain a mystical power over her adversaries. She does this in a most

The Weekend Convention Package includes entrance to the Night Meet & Greet, the Convention Floor and all Demos, Workshops, Seminars, Panel Discussions & Stage Shows all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sunday’s “Derby Day” featuring Los Angeles Ponies and Critters, and a ticket for the play party of your choice (Friday night’s Pansexual Play Party or Saturday Night’s Men’s Only Play Party) and a Souvenir Program. Tickets for Friday and Saturday Night’s Play Party, Saturday Night’s Mr. and Ms International Olympus Leather Contest and Sunday’s 20th Anniversary Pantheon of Leather Awards can be purchased separately online at The International Olympus Leather Registration Desk or at the door. Cost is $75. The VIP Package includes entrance to the Meet & Greet, the Convention Floor and all Demos, Workshops, Seminars, Panel Discussions & Stage Shows all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday’s “Derby Day” featuring Los Angeles Ponies and Critters, and a ticket for the play party of your choice (Friday night’s Pansexual Play Party or Saturday Night’s Men’s Only Play Party), The International Mr. & Ms. Olympus Leather Contest, The 20th Anniversary Pantheon of Leather Awards, a 2010 International Olympus Leather Collectors Run Pin and a Souvenir Program. Cost is $115. The Hilton LAX is just 3 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, and the free shuttle makes it easy and affordable for all attendees traveling in for the event. There will also be a free shuttle to and from the hotel and the Fetish Play Party. Organizers have negotiated a special Olympus Leather Room Rate of $109/night for a beautiful Hilton room, and just $139/night for a 16th Floor Tower Suite. For additional information or to register online, go to www.

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Bears of the Old Pueblo – The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events held by members of the club.

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) Providing support services and HIV/AIDS prevention programs to Southern Arizona. Ph: 520-628-7223

1 Colors 5305 East Speedway Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 323-1840 14 Desert Knight News

2 IBT’s 616 North 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85707 (520) 882-3053

3 VENTURE-N 1239 North 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705-6639 (520) 882-8224

TIHAN Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network. Ph: 520-299-6647

4 Woody’s 3710 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705-3282 (520) 292-6702


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