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F O R T H E L E A T H E R A N D F E T I S H C O M M U N I T Y - J uly 2 0 1 2

Cock & Ball Torture Not for the faint of heart!

Photo courtesy - “Jailhouse men in bondage”

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

ot for the faint of heart, cock and ball torture or “CBT” is sexual play involving some degree of pain applied to the male genitals. The simplest reason to explain the obvious why question may be that at the extremes of sensation, the lines between pleasure and pain blur. CBT can provide (for some men) levels of ecstatic pleasure far greater than any “normal” experience. Many men also enjoy testing, pushing their limits physically and in a ritual or spiritual aspect as well. For some guys this includes a sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital spanking, squeezing, ballbusting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electro stimulation, wax play or even kicking -- ouch! “At first I thought my partner was crazy when he expressed interest in CBT, but after we got into it, slowly I might add, I found it so stimulating. The feel of my balls being stretched further and further while my cock is teased is unbelievable,” says Don. Perhaps the easiest form of CBT is “ball busting” in which a man has his testicles kicked, kneed, punched or squeezed. You don’t need special equipment for this form of CBT. The cock and balls can take a good deal of hard, blunt flogging -- just try not to hit so sharply that it will damage the balls or compress the spongy tissue of the penis. Smaller, softer floggers are a good choice to begin with.

Metal ball stretchers and cock rings, which many guys wear every day, can be used in CBT. Cock rings work well for making sure the balls don’t retreat into the body once you start messing with them. A ball stretcher is fastened around your balls in order to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. This is often considered one of the more dangerous devices to the male genitals because tight stretchers can easily cut off the circulation of blood. While leather stretchers are most common, other models are made of steel rings that are fastened with screws, causing additional mildly uncomfortable weight to the wearer. The length of the stretcher may vary from 1-4 inches, and the steel models can weigh as much as five pounds. Mike’s Spikes is a unique device in that continued on page 3 > | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 1


FROM THE PUBLISHER Waaay out there... You know a lot of times I hear that an article in DKN was “way out there” and I consider that a good thing. We try and stretch the boundaries. Our feeling is that your kink is your kink, whether it is leather, latex, hair, BDSM, under-


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it can be used as a CBT device or a ball stretcher. The interior of the locking stainless steel cylinder is covered with adjustable sharp or blunt-tipped allen screws. Unlike other spiked toys, one of the unique features of Mike’s Spikes is that the spikes are fully removable and adjustable, which means you have full control over how many spikes to include or the distance the screws are inserted to adjust for your girth. The screws can also be loosened and the device worn as a spiked ball stretcher. The choice is yours. A more dangerous type of ball stretcher can be home made by using rope or string and wrapping it around the scrotum until the desired length of stretch is obtained. Great care should be taken to ensure that blood flow is not restricted for too long a period or you may just end up castrating yourself. Cutting off circulation to the testicles fully or partially by tight binding of the scrotum above the testicles is more commonly known

wear, whatever -- show it, wear it with pride! But remember, respect other’s kinks as long as they are not hurting anyone (exception of course for those adults who are into consensual BDSM play). Too often

we condemn others for things we don’t understand. How many of us remember what it was like to be gay even 15 years ago? But as more people got to know gay people they realized that we were just like any other folks. I’m not saying you will like or try everything you see in these pages, hell I haven’t. We ask you to keep an open mind and re-

as banding, a form of castration play. Many men enjoy banding because it dramatically exaggerates sexual sensations and can provide more of a “rush” than a “normal” orgasm. In addition, the compression of the nerves dulls pain, and many men combine banding with heavy ball torture. It is very important to note that tight binding even as short as an hour can in some cases result in permanent and irreversible damage, sometimes resulting in full castration. Made from either metal or often clear acrylic, a ball crusher allows the testicles to be slowly crushed by turning a nut or screw. This is often combined with bondage with a partner, or by oneself. A parachute is a small collar, usually made from leather, which fastens around the scrotum, and from which weights can be hung. It is conical in shape, with three or four short chains hanging beneath, to which weights can be attached. Used as part of cock and ball torture within a BDSM relationship, the parachute provides a constant drag, and squeezing effect on

your testicles, moderate weights can be suspended, especially during bondage. Smaller weights can be used when the you are free to move, when the swinging effect of the weight can restrict sudden movements, as well as providing a visual stimulus for the dominant partner. If done properly, urethral insertion can be an intensely pleasurable part of cock and ball play. The terror/queasy factor on urethral play is far higher than most other forms of cock and ball torture, however. You can buy long pieces of metal called sounds that are made specifically to insert into the urethra; you can also use long nails that have been ground down to be completely smooth. DON’T stick anything down the urethra that hasn’t been completely smoothed! Before inserting the sound or cock nail, grease it liberally. Start slowly, just as in anal sex -- play with the urethral opening for a while until your subject relaxes. Carefully insert the sound. It’s best to have a semi-hard penis for this process -- fully erect penises will close off the urethra, and soft ones

CONTENTS Cock & Ball Torture 1 Waaay out there... 3 Local News 4 National News 7 Provincetown Bear Week 7 Mobile, AL Bleather Weekend 7 Oregon Leather Pride 8 Sex Toys & Rock ‘N Roll 10 WORLD: Gay Holocaust Surv. Dies 11 FICTION: Pretty Things & Rough Too 12

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

LITERATURE: Cop Out a Must Read 13 FITNESS: Stress & Deathly Hallows 14 PRODUCT REVIEW: Boy Butter Lube 15 Clubs & Organizations 16 DVD: Meet the Sexxxton’s 16 Comics 17 PHOENIX Bar Map 18 Kinky Sex Ideas: Everyday Objects 19 TUCSON Bar Map 20 Classfieds Ads 22

member that no matter what are kink, we are more similar than different. DKN will continue to stay at the forefront of the kink communities, and we will continue to have articles that are “way out there” – otherwise we aren’t doing our job! Until next time, take care and be safe!

don’t give you anything to work with. Gently insert the sound or nail, being careful not to push it in if you encounter resistance. If the guy is relaxed enough, the sound should begin sliding in on its own. Never force it! If it won’t go in, set it aside for another play session. You should keep a careful hold of it to prevent it from slipping in farther than you would like. Don’t wiggle it back and forth; you can slide it gently in and out a bit for more sensation. A humbler is a BDSM physical restraint device used to restrict the movement of a submissive male participant in a BDSM scene. The humbler consists of a testicle cuff device that clamps around the base of the scrotum, mounted in the center of a bar that passes behind the thighs at the base of the buttocks. This forces the wearer to keep his legs folded forward, as any attempt to straighten the legs even slightly pulls directly on the scrotum, causing everything from considerable discomfort to extreme pain. A testicle cuff is a ring-shaped device around the scrotum between the body and the testicles such that when closed it does not allow the testicles to pass through it. A common type has two connected cuffs -- one for the scrotum and one for continued on page 15 > | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 3


Local News


for those interested!). If you have questions, please contact slave wen at or MissStarla here on Fetlife. Like all our Special Interest Groups this is FREE to ALL adults in the community. No APEX membership is required. If you know of someone who might be interested in this group, let them know about this meeting! This event is intended for adults over 18 years old, and will have adult content that may be offensive. Please do not attend this event if you are offended by adult subjects, nudity, and adult language.

Kundilini Yoga Class Hearts & Iron Digital Version a Must Hearts & Iron comic book #5 has been published in a digital version, as have the other 4 issues, and are available for purchase at and www. . The books feature the same characters as in the Hearts & Iron strip (although in different timelines). In Hearts & Iron #5, lovers Kallikrates and Ioannes compete in the ancient Olympics, as the Greek pantheon watches. The stakes become much higher, as Kallikrates races against time, Ioannes faces a challenge even his strength may not overcome, and Herakles and Hades enter the action. The conclusion of the “A Game of Gods” story arc.

12-Step Meeting

Kundilini Yoga is a secretive misunderstood form of Yoga brought to the U.S. by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Kundilini Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness and character. It teaches how to build energy for everyday use. Kundilini Yoga is great for weight loss, gained flexibility and improved concentration. Join APEX July 3 & 10. IrishSpike has been a part of the BDSM lifestyle for 10 years. He currently enjoy blade play , bondage, and photography. As a selfproclaimed pyromaniac he has grown fond of controlling fire. He is very artistic and has made a bunch of his own toys including floggers and leather cuffs and paddles. The last few years he has been learning how to weld and forge knives. He continues to pursue self knowledge through yoga, spirituality and his kinky life. This journey led him to Kundilini Yoga over 6 years ago. Open to all apex members. For more information go to

Twelve-step programs every Monday (6pm) for all those in 12-Step programs who want to join others in bringing all aspects, including their kink, to a meeting. Bear’s Beer Bust Miss Starla will be hosting these meetings and looks forward to having others join Come join the Bears of the West July 7th in this weekly gathering of support for those for their Beer Bust at Bunkhouse Saloon. $5 who find the 12-Steps a useful and essential red cup and .50 cent refills. Members pay part of their recovery, and for those who are $2.50 for red cup. Come out and show your exploring the 12-Steps as a tool for recovery. support. No membership is required. No fee is Bunkhouse Saloon is located at 4428 N. charged. No obligation (other than to attend 7th Ave in Phoenix. 4 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

Eroticizing The Boot

the facilitator of a GLBTQ Special Interest Group at APEX once a month. Bear has been blessed to have been mentored lovingly by more than one local Bootblack and is looking forward to the opportunity to share her passion for all things Leather with her community. She feels it is an honor to be able to give back to the community that has done so much for her and to all the people that have helped her in her journey and helped to make her the person that she is today. Open to all apex members. For more information go to

You’ve seen it at your local dungeon, that scene that catches your eye. A strong figure of a man or woman standing proud as another is down on the ground licking their boots or groveling at their feet as a boot is pressed to their flesh. Maybe you have wondered “what is that all about?” You can’t deny the power, the beauty and eroticism of that image. There are many layers of meaning in such a simple act as kissing a boot. Not only is it hot and erotic, but it is also an amazing show of deep respect and honor to the one wearing the boot. Join the current Southwest Bootblack 2012 titleholder, Bear, July 16th as she ex- Dinner with the Bears plains how to eroticize the boot a Top wears Come Join the Bears of the West for Dinand conversely how to reward with sadistic ner July 19 at 6:30pm.. This is a pay on your glee the bottom who adores you or at least own function. This month the Bears will be your boots. Bear will explain the ins and outs chowing down at Slice of Sicily. of boot worship from the basics of cleaning Slice of Sicily - 3724 East Indian School the boot and getting a shine on, to boot lick- Rd. Phoenix. (602) 667-3331. ing and to the safest way to leave your mark upon those who worship the very ground you Humiliation Play walk on. This will be an interactive class so feel free “You filthy, little slut” cuts through the sito wear your boots, bring a partner and be pre- lence of the room. Spit and semen dripping pared to have an erotic evening. from a face that is pressed to the floor beneath Bear is the current Southwest Bootblack a boot. Whimpers and cries echo through the 2012 titleholder. She has been in the BDSM dungeon. community for 14 years and involved in the Humiliation play can take many forms: local community for 7 years. She is dedicated name calling, dressing in ways that are embarto self improvement and constantly learning rassing, mild to severe degradation, or public more about herself and her community every exhibition. day. A Leather boi to the core, she is proud Come and explore the world of humiliato share of her Leather Service Heart with tion July 23rd with Mrod and notch as they her community and is proud to represent the show us how to incorporate humiliation safely into our play. Open to all apex members. Southwest Region as their bootblack. Bear is a member of the Dragon~Clan family and an active member of the Phoenix Thirsty Thursday 5pmarea community. She has enjoyed many years of service as a volunteer at APEX, South- 7pm at “Bunkhouse” Come join the Bears of the West for a sowest Leather Conference, as a member of the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indul- cial gathering for laughs and fun August 4th gence and as a staff member of the Butch- at the Bunkhouse Saloon - 4428 N. 7th Ave.. manns Experience. Bear has given presentations on the subjects of Fisting, Single-tail whips and Boot Worship and Trampling around the southwest region. She is also We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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Bears Sunday Brunch - El Parador

Third Thursday Bears Dinner Out - The Polish Cottage

Sleep in then join the Bears of the Old Pueblo for Sunday Brunch July 1ar at 11 am to 1 pm at El Parador on Broadway. $9.95 for all you can eat buffet with all of your Mexican favorites, salads and desserts. Attendees will need to RSVP to Joe at or 520-2078358. Brunch costs will be on your own. El Parador - 2744 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ.

Every month on the third Thursday at 6:30pm the Bears of the Old Pueblo choose a different delectable and affordable restaurant in the Tucson area and 10-15 bears descend for a delicious meal together. This month it is the Polish Cottage on July 19th at 6:30pm. Everyone is always welcome! If you have a restaurant that you’d like to suggest, please contact us at or 520-829-0117.

Bear Coffee at Crave

s-type Forum

Every Wednesday evening at 7 pm join The Bears of the Old Pueblo at Crave Coffee Bar 4530 E Broadway Blvd for great java and warm guys. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with your local bears! This stylish midtown coffee house features Illy coffees, fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads, and teas. Crave is located at 4530 E. Broadway Blvd.

This is a roundtable discussion for those who identify as s/type. It is a chance for subs, slaves, bottoms and other s/types to meet, share, and learn from one another about a variety of topics. This group is held at Desert Dominion the third Tuesday of each month. For more information go to

Monthly Bear’s General Meeting Brushfire BBQ East Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo for their monthly general meeting and dinner/social gathering, July 14th at 2:30 pm. This month they’ll be gathering at Bushfire BBQ on the east side - 7080 E 22nd Street. The Bears will have the Meat and Greet Room for socializing, dining, and meeting. The dinner will be on your own, and everyone will order from the menu and have individual checks. For a sneak peak at the menu follow this link: The Bears will plan on eating first and then having the business meeting.

Bears Beer Bust & Chili Feed Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo July 28h from 3-7pm for their Beer Bust benefiting local charities at The Venture-N! The fine folks at the Venture-N are offering $1 drafts and $2.50 pitchers of soda or beer and $2 bowls of our famous homemade chili. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Homeless LGBT Youth Programs of Wingspan & Open Inn! Join the Bears for a great afternoon on the Venture-N’s patio and enjoy some tasty beverages, jumpin’ tunes, and friendly bruins all while benefiting your community! For more information contact President Kevin Jackson at: 520-904-4714 or

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 5


National BEAR News

Provincetown Bear Week edy Club, Comix, and Standup New York. He has participated in the New York Underground Comedy Festival, the New York Comedy Contest, and placed 2nd in the New York City 2009 “Catch a Rising Star” standup comedy competition. Additionally, Marc has been featured alongside some of the countries most established comedians, who have been featured on Comedy Central, HBO, LOGO, The Tonight Show, and Late Night with David Letterman. Marc likes classic TV, awards shows, and therapists that aren’t afraid of a challenge. Provincetown Bears believes in supporting

the community. Organizations supported included GLAD and Provincetown Volunteer Firemen’s Association. Join daddy bears, koala bears, leather bears, muscle bears, panda bears, ginger bears, polar bears, cubs, chubs, chasers, otters, goldilocks and admirers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more as the Provincetown Bears welcome you to Provincetown Massachusetts. For more information and to register go to www.

Prepare to Get Lumberjacked! Provincetown - Provincetown Frank Liotti has been seen playing crimiBears prepares a special welcome for Bears to nals on multiple episodes of Law and Order: one of North America’s most famous gay re- Criminal Intent, Law and Order: Special Vicsort towns July 7-15th. The Bears work with tims Unit, Fox TV’s Jonny Zero, Canturbury’s local club managers to program different mu- Law with Julianna Margulies, and others. A sic and an atmosphere for a week of parties. graduate of Yale School of Drama, he landed They also allow time to relax and have a true the cover of The New York Times Arts and vacation. The events leave plenty of free time Leisure section for the production of “Cats to enjoy the town, restaurants, cabaret shows, Talk Back,” a mocumentary of life as a cast National Seashore park, beaches, and the daily member within the Broadway hit “Cats”, gatherings at hotel pool decks. which was the winner of “Best Overall ProAll Provincetown bars and clubs are 21+ duction” in the 2003 NYC Fringe Festival. For (strictly enforced), including the two hotel the last two years, he came in first place in the pools used for Bear Week. Public meeting New York division of the prestigious Laughplaces such as the active street scene, Town ing Skull Comedy Festival, and went on to Hall benches, Spiritus Pizza and beaches are advance to the finals in Atlanta, Georgia this available for younger cubs to enjoy. Bars, clubs past April. and restaurants are all smoke-free areas in Neil D’Bear Thornton is a comedian and Massachusetts; provisions are often available humor writer. A favorite in the New York for smoking outdoors. comedy scene, Neil is the producer of New Traditional highlights of Provincetown York’s first all-bear comedy revue “Funny. in summer include the daily T-Dance and Furry. Fierce.” which sold out two years in a nightly 1am pizza and cruising at Spiritus. row at New York’s Urban Bear Weekend. He The hotels, pools and clubs are mostly within also hosts a popular weekly show “Stand-Up a short walk, and Commercial Street becomes @ RockBar” and performs regularly all over one of the primary venues as a place to see and the northeast, with shows in New York City, meet friends. Washington D.C., Provincetown, Fire Island, Celebrate the funny side of Bearweek, and the Poconos. with three of New York’s funniest and furriMarc Maietta is one of the fastest rising est July 11-12th at . Crown & Anchor, 247 comedians on the New York comedy scene. Commercial St. They packed the house at All Marc’s life he has been using his sharp Bearweek and SpookyBear with their sharp wit to poke fun at a situation, or quite often humor and hirsute hilarity, and sold out two himself. Marc is a regular at some of New years in a row at New York City’s Urban Bear York City’s top comedy venues such as the weekend. Don’t miss it! legendary Comic Strip Live, Gotham ComWe'll Take You Where Others Won't

Mobile, AL. - What do lumberjacks wear in the heat of summer? Hopefully, not a lot! But you might learn the answer July 2022 in Mobile, Alabama, when Mobile Bleather Weekend 2012 gets “Lumberjacked!” That’s the theme of this year’s annual gathering of the bear, leather & levi community, billed as “The South’s Premier Bear/Leather Event.” As always, Mobile’s gay bars have united behind the effort, as have Mobile’s host clubs, the “unexpected”. This year, expect contestants the Gulf Coast Bears and the Southern Rene- to get wrapped up in the “Lum-bear-jacked” gades. Other clubs, such as New Orleans’ Lords theme. Last year’s winner? Mr. Kevin Patterson of Leather, also play host. And turning up the of Birmingham. Collections for South Alaheat at this year’s event will be our special guest, bama CARES, Mobile’s local HIV/AID help Colt Studio’s own Bob Hager. Check him out agency, will take place during both contests. on line and you’ll see why he’s a perfect match Besides B-Bob’s, two more Mobile hot for this year’s “Lumberjacked” theme! spots participate in the weekend. Gabriel’s Two highlights of the weekend are the Downtown will host pre-contest cocktail par2012 Mr Southern Renegade Contest and the ties, as well as a “Party Till Dawn” (PTD) celMr. Gulf Coast Bear Contest. ebration featuring, what else, “Bear-a-o-kee”. The Mr. Southern Renegade competi- The Midtown Pub will host a “sausagefest” tion is a levi/leather event, taking place Fri- and a farewell brunch... as well as their Notoday night at B-Bob’s in Mobile. Three past rious Friday Night Black Party. The host howinners have continued on to receive the Mr. tel for Mobile Bleather Weekend 2012 is the Louisiana Leather Contest title ni New Or- new Hampton Inn and Suites in Downtown leans, and then competed at International Mr. Mobile. There’s no run package to buy, no list Leather in Chicago. Among them are Mr. to sign, no payment to make! Rob Mills of Mobile (2011), Mr. Toby LeFort Supporters for Mobile Bleather Weekend of New Orleans (2009) and Mr. John Cauley 2012 include Bud Light, Barenjager, Bear of Mobile (2008). Bones Clothing, Hampton Inn & Suites, BAs for the Mr. Gulf Coast Bear Contest, Bob’s, Gabriels Downtown, The Midtown it’s an annual summer staple in Mobile, and Pub, Southern Renegades, Gulf Coast Bears the event from which Bleather Weekend was and Lords of Leather. born. The Mr. GCB Contest happens SaturFor more information go to www.mobileday night at B-Bob’s, and has a reputation for | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 7


National Leather News

Oregon Leather Pride Tuesday, August 7 Kinky Women’s Welcoming Munch 7pm9pm, FREE,
Host: Bad Girls
Holman’s, 21+, Women Only Wednesday, August 8 Wednesday Munch
 5pm- 8pm, FREE
 Host: None,
Hamburger Mary’s, 18+, Open to All

Portland - In September 2003 a

group of Portland area Leather Community members and leaders came together to discuss Leather Pride Week 2004. As a result of that meeting, the Leather Pride Week Committee was formed. Leather Pride Week Committee continues and the 2012 coalition is committed to the collaboration of Leather groups and individual efforts in the production of Leather Pride Week. This year’s 10-day event will take place August 3-12. Activities include: Friday, August 3 PLA’s Annual Fetish Ball
7:30pm- 12am, $15 Members/ $20 Others Host: Portland Leather Alliance
North Star Ballroom, 21+, Open to All Leather, Scotch & Cigar Social
8:30pmMidnight, FREE
Host: Brent Seeley, Mr. Oregon State Leather 2009 & Blackout Leather Productions Eagle Portland, 21+, Open To All T.G.I.F. (Thank Gear Its Fetish) Party and Full Moon Fisting Party 8pm - 4am
Host: Hawks PDX
$7 lockers if attendees in 2 items of fetish gear or more Fisting Demos at 10pm & Midnight
 Hawks PDX, 18+, Male Only, Smoking on Patio

STEEP: Dommes’ Tea
1pm- 5pm, $15 with RSVP by 8/1, $20 after 8/1
Host: Society for Tea Enjoyment and Entertainment in Portland (STEEP-Ltd) RSVP for location:
18+, Dominant Women & submissives of any gender, A/C Whipper-Snappers Munch
2pm- 4pm, FREE
Host: Whipper-Snappers
Lucky Lab Brew Pub, 18+, Open to All First Strike Party
8pm- 1am, $10 in advance/ $15 at door Host: Whipper-Snappers
The Sindicate, 18+, Open to All, A/C Sunday, August 5 Sunday School With Bad Girls
Host: Bad Girls
Bad Girls or any other Kink Organization: $35/day, Nonmembers $40/day, $15 per individual workshop, Lunch included with full day price
The Sindicate, 18+, All Genders Welcome, A/C CineKink PDX
7pm: “Kink & Kinship,” 9pm: “Best of Cinekink 2012” $8 per screening, $12 both shows
Host: CineKink
Clinton Street Theater, 18+, Open to All, A/C

Thursday, August 9 Leather Family BBQ
6pm- Dusk, FREE, Bring a dish to share,
Plates & utensils provided, Grills available for meats, veggies, & vegan Host: Oregon Leather Pride 2012 Committee
Overlook Park, All Ages, Open to All Whips In The Park
6pm- 8pm during Leather Family BBQ, FREE Host: Whipper-Snappers
Overlook Park, All Ages, Open to All SE PDX Munch
6pm- 9pm, FREE
Host: Larissa aka “Naughty Minxxx” Vino Vixen’s Wine Bar, 21+, Open to All Twisted Party
8pm- 2am, $15
Host: Club Sesso
Club Sesso, 21+, Open to All Friday August 10 Friday, August 10 Leather Vegas and Contestant Meet & Greet 6pm- 10pm, FREE / Scrip available for purchase Host: Blackout Leather Productions
The Embers Avenue (Back bar), 21+, Open to All Saturday, August 11 Leather Tastings
12pm- 5pm, $3 Members / $5 Others
Host: Portland Leather Alliance
The New TA Event Center, 18+, Open to All Portland Leather Men Potluck
4pm- 6pm,

 Host: Portland Leather Men
 Portland’s oldest Men’s-Only leather group meets for food and camaraderie Contact for location:, 18+, Men Only Leather Cocktails
5pm- 6:30pm
Host: Boys/Bois in Leather Service The Embers Avenue, 21+, Open to All 2012 Mr. & Ms. Oregon State Leather and Oregon State Bootblack Contests Door at 6pm, Contest at 7pm, $10
Host: Blackout Leather Productions
The Embers Ave (Back bar), 21+, Open to All PLA’s Pride Party
8pm- 1am, $15 Members / $20 Others
Host: Portland Leather Alliance
The New TA Event Center, 18+, Open to All FUR FUCK: Bear & Cub Party 10pm6am, Host: Hawks PDX
$7 lockers for Oregon Bear members
Hawks PDX, 18+, Male Only, Smoking on Patio Tribal! The Victory Party
10pm- late, FREE
Host: Dominic, Mr Oregon State Leather 2008 & Blackout Leather Productions Eagle Portland, 21+, Open to All Sunday, August 12 Leather Pride Victory Brunch and Rose & Thorn Awards Brunch 11:30am, Awards at 1pm
FREE / Order from Menu
Host: Blackout Leather Productions, Multnomah Grille @ DoubleTree by Hilton All Ages, Open to All, A/C Closeout Beer (Bear) Bust
4pm- 7pm, $8 beer or soda bust Host: Oregon Bears
Eagle Portland, 21+, Open to All Darklady’s Potluck & Pervy Porn Night 7pmMidnight
Host: Darklady Productions
RSVP for location: For more information go to

Monday, August 6 Movie Night with Lady Alycyn
Door at 6pm, Movie at 7pm, $5 suggested donation
Host: Lady Alycyn, Ms Oregon State Leather 2003 & Blackout Leather Productions Location: TBA, 21+, Open to All

Saturday, August 4 8 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

We'll Take You Where Others Won't


National News

Sex Toys and Rock ‘N’ Roll! Phil Varone to host 2012 STOREROTICA

Phil Varone as he recently appeared in Playgirl Magazine. Photo © 2010 Playgirl Magazine.

elties, and his continued in-store promotions Musician, comedian and freshly minted adult have made him one of the most recognized film star, Phil Varone, will serve as host at personalities in our industry today. We’re dethe 6th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. lighted that he will be part of our 6th Annual Produced by STOREROTICA Magazine, STOREROTICA Awards presentation. the leading national trade publication for the As the former drummer for such promiowners and operators of adult retail stores and nent rock acts as Saigon Kick and Skid Row, lingerie boutiques, the ceremony will be held Varone’s journey into the adult sector first on the evening of July 15th during the Adult gained prominence in 2010 with a photo Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) at the spread in Playgirl Magazine. In July 2011, Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport hotel Vivid Entertainment released Varone’s first ( July 14-16). adult film as part of their celebrity sex tape “2012 was a breakout year for Phil in series. Building on the success of that venture, the sex toy biz,” says Kristofer Kay, Editor Varone signed a deal with novelty giant Caliof STOREROTICA Magazine. “Retailers fornia Exotic Novelties to produce his very reacted very positively to his personalized own line of adult toys. In addition to his adult collection of toys by California Exotic Nov- and music careers, Varone is also a mainstream 10 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |




actor, appearing in Showtime’s “Californica- or fewer product collections), as well as such tion” and the CBS series, “Numbers.” He was mainstays as “Novelty Company of the Year,” also a cast member of VH1’s “Sex Rehab with “Distributor of the Year”, “Hot Product of the Year” and “Retailer of the Year” (both indeDr. Drew” in 2009. “The STOREROTICA Awards really pendent and chain locations), among others. capture the sprit of the novelty industry,” says Industry professionals are encouraged to log Varone. “It’s a good time with good friends. onto to to vote I’m looking forward to spending the night for their favorite brands and stores. “With the line-up of nominees and Phil honoring the luminaries of the ANME Show.” Recognizing excellence in adult retail hosting, the 2012 STOREROTICA Awards community, the 6th Annual STOREROTI- promises to be a great time for everyone who’s CA Awards will honor the best in both the lucky enough to attend,” Kay continues. “Prebrick-and-mortar storefront, distributing and senting at such a special venue like ANME manufacturing levels. This year, 11 categories celebrates the continual innovation and cawill be presented, including one brand new maraderie found within our industry, while category, “Boutique Brand of the Year” (hon- honoring those who have excelled in business oring those companies who manufacturer five within the past year.” We'll Take You Where Others Won't



Last Known Gay Jewish Holocaust Survivor Dies Berlin - Gad Beck, an anti-Nazi Zionist resistance fighter and the last known gay Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, died on Sunday in Berlin. He passed away in a senior citizens’ home six days before his 89th birthday, which would have been on June 30. Beck was a pioneering gay activist and educator in a severely anti-homosexual, repressive post-World War II German society. He was famous for his witty, lively style of speaking. On a German talk show, he said, “The Americans in New York called me a great hero. I said no... I’m really a little hero.” Perhaps the single most important experience that shaped his life was the wartime Israeli flag. effort to rescue his boyfriend. Beck donned a Beck’s father was an Austrian Jew and his Hitler Youth uniform and entered a deporta- mother converted to Judaism. tion center to free his Jewish lover Manfred The Nazi racial laws defined Beck as misLewin, who had declined to separate himself chling (half-breed), and he and his father from his family. were carted off to a holding compound in The Nazis would later deport the entire the Rosenstrasse in central Berlin. After the Lewin family to Auschwitz, where they were non-Jewish wives of the prisoners launched a murdered. massive street protest in 1943, Beck was reSpeaking about his life as a gay Jew, Beck leased. There were “thousands of women who invoked a line frequently cited about homo- stood for days... my aunts demanded ‘give us sexuality: “God doesn’t punish for a life of our children and men,’” he said. love.” The Rosenstrasse demonstration helped He was featured in the film The Life of debunk the widespread myth in post-HoloGad Beck and the documentary Paragraph caust German society that resistance against 175. (The notorious Paragraph 175 of the Nazism was futile. “The Rosenstrasse event German Penal Code outlawed homosexual- made one thing absolutely clear to me: I ity before Adolf Hitler became chancellor in won’t wait until we get deported,” said Beck. 1933, and the Nazi party radically intensified Following his release, Beck joined Chug the enforcement of the anti-gay law, includ- Chaluzi, an underground Zionist resistance ing deportations to extermination camps.) youth group, and played a key role in securing “Only Steven Spielberg can film my life – the survival of Jews in Berlin. According to forgive me, forgive me,” Beck quipped. the entry about him at the Holocaust MemoHe had immigrated to Israel in 1947. Af- rial Museum in Washington, he noted that “as ter his return to Germany in 1979, the first a homosexual, I was able to turn to my trusted post-Holocaust head of Berlin’s Jewish com- non-Jewish, homosexual acquaintances to munity, Heinz Galinski, appointed Beck di- help supply food and hiding places.” rector of the Jewish Adult Education Center Shortly before the end of the war in in Berlin. 1945, a Jewish spy working for the Gestapo In a telephone interview on Monday with betrayed Beck and some of his fellow resisJudith Kessler, editor of the Berlin Jewish tance fighters. community’s monthly magazine, JuedischHe was held captive at a Jewish transit es Berlin, she told The Jerusalem Post that camp in Berlin. After the defeat of Nazi Beck would organize gay singles meeting in Germany, Beck continued his Zionist work the center. “He was open, sweet and would and helped Jewish survivors emigrate to Palspeak with everybody,” she said. Kessler, who estine. He remained in Israel between 1947 knew Beck since 1989, added that he would and 1979. attend the annual Christopher Street Day Beck is survived by his partner of 35 Parade for gay pride in Berlin and wave an years, Julius Laufer. We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 11



All The Pretty Things... And all the Rough Stuff too! o I don’t know how it happened. It started out with me making this guy my bitch behind his wife’s back, throwing him down, dominating him, playing at this mock-rape thing… playing on his fetish for cross-dressing, buying him lingerie and then ripping the lacy black delicate things off his hard frame. Forcing apart his butt cheeks to get at his tight little pink man-cunt while he’d squirm under me. It was heaven. He’d get all dressed up in his pretty things and tremble and whimper while I tore them off him, bite his nipples hard, force his head down onto my cock and make him choke on it. But then the shit hit the fan, and now the tables have turned. It’s been about four months since his girlfriend bust in on us during his first foray into topping me and he hasn’t looked back. He’s an ass-raping face-fucking dominator and I am sore all over. It’s just after midnight and he’s deep inside me. He’s got me hog-tied on my hands and knees in some complicated arrangement of ropes and knots that tightens a loop around my balls just a little tighter if I try to struggle. So I struggle a little. Just a little. He’s half-crouched behind me, hands gripping my waist, pushing his long, fat cock deeper into me than a cock ever has been. I can feel his coarse red pubes scratching at my tender ass lips while he concentrates, working himself in deeper. The day his wife busted in on us, my hands tied behind my back with his belt, ass in the air, we had crashed to the floor behind my apartment door with her close behind.

The whole complex had witnessed us running across the lawn, buck naked, with her screaming after us. We lay on the floor busting our guts laughing. Now, months later, it was like nothing of that life had ever existed. I was his now. It was as if some kind of essential program had changed in his head. It had been different when he was in the closet, different when he had to hide himself and sneak around behind her back. Now, he made no effort to conceal the newfound power he had over me. I guess it’s what he’d always wanted, and I’m figuring out fast it’s what I want. He’d not let my hands free from the belt he’d looped around them, that day, and had hoisted me to my feet by my bound hands. Pushing me forward to my room he’d shoved me face down on the bed and, hard-on raging, had taken me for round two. Using my assload of his cum as lube he plowed into me, fucking me hard and loud, like he was making a declaration to the neighbourhood. I was humiliated and more turned on than I had ever been. He made sure she could hear him and he never looked back. It was my hands cinched behind my back that started it I think. He held my bound wrists in one hand, pressed the other against the back of my neck, and fucked me with the focussed purpose of an engineered machine. The next day he brought home a length of nylon rope. That night we sat in front of my computer and surfed bondage sites. The week after that he bought a large leather duffel bag and started filling it with the things he had been collecting. Cord,

They Asked You to do

WHAT? What the strangest thing someone ask you to do with sex? Answer:

My master dresses me up as superheroes and then ties me up. He likes to dominate superheroes. Send your strangest requests to

12 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

rope, a pair of handcuffs, blindfolds, ankle thighs, undress him, get the water just like he likes it, and step in behind him. Fuck it cuffs, and a ball gag. He called it his kit. We do all the regular stuff, slipping into was erotic. He’d stand in the hot stream like a routine in those four months almost like a prize stud horse and I would wash him. it was a dream. He’d go to work… after he’d Service him. Scrubbing the soapy washcloth push my head down on him in the morning into his pits, under his balls, his hairy chest, and feed me a thick helping of hot protein I’d wash away the grime from the yard. He’d lift a foot and put it on the edge of the tub before jumping into the shower. He’d call me during the day and growl at and I would get down between his ass cheeks me about how he was gonna come home and with the cloth and stroke that beautiful pink split me open and how I had better be ready. hole, kissing his lower back. Of course his I’d get texts from him at the job site… cock would be hard again, and sometimes I’d pictures of his fat cock in his hands in the be a able to get another load out of him with my mouth, or hands, but usually he’d push porta-john, lewd comments included. About 4’Oclock I’d get out the douce and me off and say “I’m hungry”. It was after dinner, after I’d served him get in the shower. He expected me clean, and cleaned up after him, done the dishes, naked, lubed and hungry when he walked when, if he was in the mood -and he was through the door, and I would be, cold beer never not in the mood- that he would tell cracked in my had for him, dinner in the oven. me to go to the bedroom, get out his kit, What the fuck. and wait for him. I’d look serious, and head He’d take me there in the front hall, ass or mouth, his choice. He’d get off and head for the bedroom - out of sight, my grin felt for his after work shower. I’d follow, his cum like it was gonna bust my face apart while I running down my chin or the back of my waited, naked, in the dark. We'll Take You Where Others Won't



“Cop Out” Is A Must Read land YMCA I stood naked and dripping wet at the edge of the swimming pool. A man who recognized the growing hungers within me offered more than friendship. He was an Oakland Police lieutenant. “For the next three years, I literally stood shoulder to shoulder in uniform with other cops. I drank with other cops. I worked out in the gym with other cops. I attended college classes with other cops. I vacationed with other cops. I loved other cops. “The language isn’t flowery, the subject matter may be coarse, and the images may assault your sensibilities. Sometimes life hands us more than we could have imagined. I reveled in it,” Will Damron. We talked with Will about his experiences and his book. DKN: How have your experiences as a closeted cop shaped your life today? Will: The experiences I had, as a cop will always stay with me and the incidents I wrote about in the book only scratch the surface. The By Edward Lee original manuscript was over 900 pages and On his 21st birthday, Will Damron be- represented only about two thirds of the notes came the youngest man on the Oakland police and documents I had saved. As a cop who came to accept his gay orienforce. It is 1965, the U.S. is at war in Vietnam, Martin Luther King Jr. leads 3,200 people tation, I look back and realize that I was lucky on the start of the third and finally successful in so many ways. I didn’t walk away with any civil rights march from Selma to Montgom- scars, so any of the bad aspects of what I expeery Alabama, the U.S. Supreme Court decides rienced were thankfully avoided. I think a lot Griswold v. Connecticut effectively legalizing of that was due to who I am as an individual the use of contraception by married couples, and how I present myself. I had no trouble fitting in, although as I indicated in the book, I and Will is about to realize he is gay. Will was shot at and beaten, married, and was spotted by those men on the department had profound life-changing experiences that who had the knowledge and insight to detect have affected him all his life. Will’s experi- those aspects and interests in my life. At the ences as a cop and a gay man are detailed in time, I lacked the “gay-dar” that could have tipped me off to what others were thinking. his book, Cop Out. Excerpt: “The feel and cut of a police uni- After my years on the OPD when I became form, the smell and weight of leather belts, a fireman, I again had no problem fitting in a holstered gun, highly polished black boots, and yet again, there was something about me, the silver star over my left tit, and the requi- which I can’t really define, that made me apsite metal-rimmed dark glasses, assaulted my proachable to men, often times apparently senses like an opiate each night in the police straight, who wanted to experience a male/ locker room. Overnight, I was inducted into male physical relationship and at the same a frenzied life of violence, risk, sexual explora- time feel safe. I think my time and experiences tion, and deception. I bonded with a group of on the OPD taught me that I could be myself and at the same time be accepted and that men who fed a similar appetite. “I physically transformed myself by gain- others could feel safe in their experiences with ing forty pounds of lean hard muscle in the me. To this day, I respect the identity of others first year. The mental transformation was just and just don’t have the need to talk or tell. The as dramatic. same as on the police department; you didn’t “In the subterranean caverns of the Oak- always let on what you knew. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

What was the best thing about being a cop and the worst? The bonding with other men and the daily excitement. I looked forward to every day or night I went to work. I loved the uniform, the leather, the dark glasses, the handcuffs, and the gun. I loved the absolute physical contact weight of the gun in a holster at my side, and the feel of the smaller gun in my left armpit and the gun strapped to my lower left leg. I loved the talk between men and the bumping of shoulders as we walked through the tunnel each night to check out our patrol cars. I loved looking at the shaved necks of the men who sat in front of me each night during lineup. And I loved knowing that I did a great job and that the people I came into contact with, whatever the situation, were going to be dealt with fairly and responsibly and honestly. The worst parts of the job are described to some extent in the book. The death of my partner, a young and beautiful 23 year-old guy. The suicide of the sergeant who had taken me and another cop to the horse races for the day and then dinner, and then shot himself that same weekend. I could read in other cops, some of the things that they coped with on a personal level and I felt for them. I was able to deal with accidents, and physical injuries, and death. I often didn’t like seeing it, especially if it involved women or children, but I was glad that I was there to do whatever was required and to know that the people I came into contact with were in safe hands in a moment of often extreme anxiety. The climate today is far different then it was in the 1960s, did you write the book so that there would be a historical perspective for younger people to understand how far the GLBT movement has come? A historical perspective? Yes, there is defi-

Will Damron in the 70’s

nitely a difference between then and now on the surface, depending on where we live, it may all seem better. But it may only be a surface reflection we see now, and not what still lies beneath the thinking of many people. How many states have recently passed new legislation that denies the LGBT community the same rights and protection that the straight “male” population of our country enjoys? How many religious organizations still preach hatred and intolerance from the pulpit? Hopefully the book looks back at a time when things may not have been as good as they are for the openly out person of today, but it was possible to survive at that time. The difference might be that today it is also possible to fight back. We have a history of the past, and it is important to remember that history. A part of the history of that time was also the history of the Vietnam War. I wrote in the book that I had the feeling at the time that we as a nation had learned a lesson from that experience and that we could never again be duped into an unjustified war. Guess what? It happened again. And just as we may think that things could never go back to that earlier time for the LGBT community, stop and look at some of the bigotry and legislation that has recently been passed in many states in our country. One person made the comment to me that the police would never waste their time today to try and entrap someone for gay activity. I asked them if they had forgotten a resent arrest incident involving a United States Senator in an airport bathroom. I have gotten lots of mail from policemen and firemen throughout the country who still have to hide who they are and whom they love. And don’t forget the men and women in other countries who are still not able to express themselves openly for who they are and who continued on page 19 >

Will Damron of today | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 13


fitness & health Stress and the Deathly Hallows

By Ron Blake

ou’re going to die before you want to and there’s nothing you can do about it! Stop the presses; I’ve slapped an injunction on that notion! That is only true if you keep letting stress bind you with manacles each day. Stress can lead to alcohol and drug abuse in addition to anxiety and depression. It is also responsible for as much as 70% of all illnesses. Enough already! I found you in time and I can get you to greener pastures. Most stress is caused by inadequate time management. Time in a day is limited and you need to decide what you will accomplish each day. Write it all down on paper. You can’t do everything so you will need to leave some of the items on the editing floor. There’s your graduate school coursework, the crime scene TV shows, the exercise routine, the workday, and there are plenty of other things vying for your attention. Prioritize and then stick to your manageable schedule like a dutiful liege When you try to squeeze 48 hours into a

14 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

day the first item up for auction is your sleep. The big cats in Africa get about twenty hours of sleep each day. You are chasing taxicabs and not zebras so you can get by on much less than that. Your forty winks only need to be about seven to eight hours daily. The suggestions for pleasant dreams are as follows: 1) Go to bed at the same time each night. 2) Don’t exercise right before bedtime. 3) Avoid eating meals shortly before lights out. A simple snack is fine. 4) Don’t watch TV in the bedroom. 5) Sleep in a cooler than normal room. 6) Avoid excessive alcohol. It causes restless sleep. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Have some fun in life. It really does not matter that you saved millions of dollars and can retire at fifty if you spent all those years with your nose to the grindstone. The accumulation of stress from those years of abundant toil might just give you a one way ticket to your plot of land in Boot Hill. Recreation and leisure should be important components

of your daily schedule. Find time to read a Harry Potter book or to run around in a rainstorm. Have fun while you are here! There are several relaxation techniques that might help you show stress to the nearest exit. The methods for outstanding relief are the quick fix, prayer, and positive thinking. The quick fix means taking a five minute timeout from the rat race. Go to a quiet spot, loosen your clothing, remove your shoes, and shut your eyes. Inhale deeply for about five seconds and then exhale slowly for about ten seconds. Repeat this several times. Now mentally picture something pleasant like a lake, a cloud, or a waterfall. Keep relaxing and breathe deeply. After five minutes, stretch briefly and head back to the real world with renewed vigor. The next technique is prayer. Studies have indicated that prayer can decrease blood pressure and can be a tremendous source of comfort. Prayer can provide confidence to continued at right >

We'll Take You Where Others Won't


Product Review

Pass the BUTTer!

By Edward Lee here are so many personal lubricants out there, how do you know what to choose? We asked Eyal Feldman, the creator and hottie behind Boy Butter, what makes his products so successful. DKN: Boy Butter has been a top seller for ten years, especially in the gay market. Eyal: I do not know what share I have exactly, but I have a loyal and growing customer base. We have been in hundreds of Walgreens stores all over the USA, so we are definitely, deeply penetrated into the market. What makes Boy Butter different from other lubes? Well my products are in a cream form, in either oil-based or water based formulas. Creams have the ability of lasting as long as silicone based lubricants but they totally wash off with water alone. No more shame stains or messiness at all, it is the perfect goldilocks style of lubricant.

Are there any new products on their way from Boy Butter? Well my latest creation is Boy Butter Clear, a new formula that is our first gel lubricant that feels and looks exactly like a silicone lubricant but is totally water based and will wash off with water alone like all our other products. OOOH and don’t forget my masterpiece formula, Boy Butter Fresca and Boy Butter Fresca H20, these are my same lubricant formulas with just a hint of menthol for a mild cooling and tingly effect that will put the tingle in the mingle. And, finally, do you use Boy Butter? Several times a day, I am not only the president I am also head of the research department and I deserve a raise.

Torture... < continued from page 3

the base of the penis. They are one of many different gadgets for restraining the male genitalia. Also a standard padlock may be locked around the scrotum, and without the key the man will not be able to remove it. Some men enjoy the feeling of being ‘owned’, and some people enjoy the feeling of ‘owning’ their partners. Making the man wear testicle cuffs gives a sense that his sexual organs belong to his partner. Equally, there is a certain level of humiliation inherent in the devices, by which some people are sexually aroused. Finally, the cuffs may form part of a sexual fetish of the wearer or his partner. These are, however, extreme uses of testicle cuffs. More conventionally, the device pulls the testicles down and keeps them in place during stimulation, which has a number of benefits including: Making the penis appear longer. Pulling the testicles down and away from the base of the penis stretches the skin over the base of the penis and pubic bone, exposing the additional inch or so of shaft that is normally

hidden. Improving sexual arousal. While some men may be aroused by the feeling of being “owned”, the physical feeling of the ligaments that suspend the testicles being stretched can have an effect similar to the more common practice of stretching out the legs and pointing the toes. Delaying or intensify ejaculation by preventing the testicles from rising normally to the “point of no return”. Circulation blockage is one of the biggest risks in cock and ball torture, which can be seen with loss of color and edemas. Bondage in which the testicles are tied to something else is especially dangerous, so take it slowly and be careful!

Stress... < continued from page 14 function more effectively and thus reduce stress from your difficulties of life. Try embracing the power of prayer with any religion you choose. Finally there remains positive thinking. Do whatever it takes to create a positive mood when you have excessive stress. You do not want to dwell on any negative feelings. Always picture the positive side of life. Those that do are those who prosper. You use a lot of six letter words in your life everyday; don’t let stress be one of them. This health and fitness article is brought to you by that guy with fluffy finesse and peaceful panache. That guy of relaxed rigor is Ron Blake and he can be happily heard at

Visit Us Online!

To learn about all the Boy Butter Products go to

Why use Boy Butter? Like I said before, it is the perfect feel that you need, you do not need a lot, there are no smells or tastes, and it is hypoallergenic and washes off with water from both skin and fabric - yes even the oil based Boy Butter. Just great performance and super easy clean up! We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Boy Butter President and Masturbator in Chief, Eyal Feldman | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 15


clubs & orgS DVD NEWS

STATEWIDE Northland Cares

Improving the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS in Northern Arizona: Ph: 928-776-4612

A-PAH (Arizona Pups And Handlers)

This group is devoted to the human-dog, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in Arizona. We are a group in the Phoenix area that has been created to educate people about what pup play is as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play.

Desert Dominion

Desert Dominion is an educational and social group whose focus is providing information and education for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle.

Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrated 30 years of conforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. Over the last three decades, The Sisters have grown from a small band of activits and performers in San Francisco to a world-wide organization dedicated to the expiation of stigmatic guilt and the promulgation of universal joy. With houses and missions all over the world, the SPI family is still growing.

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona

Strives to unite the GLBTS communities through charitable fundraising events to meet the needs of all.

The Next Generation: AZ

The Next Generation of Kink and Fetish in Arizona. We’re a social and educational group for ages 18-39 interested in exploring their fetishes, whatever they may be. We 16 | July 2012 | Issue

hold play parties, coffees, munches, educational demos, discussions and other social functions where people can meet, get to know each other, and learn more about their own sexuality in a comfortable atmosphere.


(Arizona Power Exchange)

APEX is a not-for-profit corporation that provides education, social opportunities, and support for adults who are interested in Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadomasochism (BDSM) who value individual responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, and respect for self and others. APEX welcomes all sexual orientations, consensual relationships, and risk-aware BDSM and sexual practices.

Bears of the West

The mission of the ‘Bears Of The West’ is to promote opportunities for social and fraternal interaction between its members. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events held by members of the club. The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join.

Phoenix Movie Bears

Phoenix Movie Bears is a social activity group for gay men and their friends in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We get together on Wednesday nights (and occasionally on weekends) to see a movie at a local theater.

TUCSON Bears of the Old Pueblo


Meet the Sexxxton’s


Provides 12-step programs for LGBT people. Ph: 602-635-2090 Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) Providing support services and HIV/AIDS prevention programs to Southern Arizona. Ph: 520-628-7223

Terros HIV/STI Prevention

Free and confidential testing for HIV and syphilis is provided in a safe and comfortable setting. HIV results are provided within 20 minutes; syphilis results are available within three days. HIV and STI prevention counseling is also provided.


A food progrm for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers & Donations needed. Ph: 602-234-6143

Men’s Drop-in Group

An informal, drop-in discussion group, open to all who identify as men, meets each Monday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the One Voice Community Center, 4442 North 7th Avenue in Phoenix.

Stonewall Institute

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Provider with a specialization in serving the local LGBTQ community. We provide Alcohol and Drug Screening, Assessment, and Individual, Group, and Family Counseling Services. 602-535-6468

TIHAN Bears of the Old Pueblo – The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS club will strive for diversity and ac- Network., 520-299-6647 ceptance of any person who wishes to join. This will be accomplished Transgender Harmony through meetings, activities and Metro area support TG group, charitable events held by members meets twice monthly on 2nd & 4th of the club. Saturdays at 7pm. #30 |

Mother / Daughter Porn Stars Monica and Jessica Sexxxton release their first DVD together

Chatsworth, CA - have been asking for us to release Are you ready to meet the Sexxx- a DVD, and thanks to Video Wontons?  Hang on tight, because the derland and Robert Hill that has Internet’s real life mother and finally happened.”  daughter porn sensation are ready “It makes me laugh every time to meet their fans. ‘Meet the I think of all the people who knew Sexxxtons’ is the newest release my family, a lot of them are just from Video Wonderland Produc- going to freak out when they see tions, and it is now available on this DVD for sale,” says Monica DVD from Robert Hill Releasing. Sexxxton.  “I am lucky to have such “People ask me all the time if a cool mom, it was a blast filming Jessica and Monica Sexxxton are these scenes.  I can’t wait to get really mother and daughter, and the feedback from our fans.”  answer is yes, this is the real deal,” According to Charles, Jessica explains Doug Charles, Producer and Monica are spirited and funof ‘’Meet the Sexxxtons’ and owner ny, and like to have a good time of Video Wonderland Productions.  on camera. ‘Meet the Sexxxtons’ “This is a real mother and daugh- scenes were shot to show off the ter duo from Florida, doing real pair’s playful and silly side, while amateur hardcore scenes with both also giving viewers a seriously erotmale and female performers.  ic experience unlike any other.  “You may think you’ve seen “There are scenes where they it all, but if you haven’t seen the steal each other’s boyfriends -- and Sexxxtons yet then frankly you Jessica even takes a turn with her haven’t seen it all.”  daughter’s girlfriend Scarlet, her The release stars Jessica Sexxx- first time ever eating pussy by the ton and Monica Sexxxton in their way, and all while her daughter first DVD, and it’s packed with watches,” says Charles. more than six full length scenes “There’s some great hardcore plus bonus content like interviews, action with a father and son duo, Web previews and picture galler- and there’s even a part where the ies.  Other performers in ‘Meet the ladies ambush a pizza delivery guy. Sexxxtons’ include Scarlet Maze, ‘I tried to deliver a pizza and ended Addison O’Riley, Brent Woodcut, up fucking a mom and her daughBrycen Ward and John Strange.  ter,’ now there’s a story not every “It’s pretty exciting to see our guy gets to tell.” first DVD hit the store shelves,” Included in the bonus materisaid Jessica Sexxxton. “Our website als is raw footage from Monica has been a big success, but there’s and Jessica’s first hardcore scene something special about a DVD together, a 3-guy gangbang that’s release like this. So many fans sure to get fans excited. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #30 | July 2012 | 17



17 2




13 9 10

16 5 6




8 11

- light rail 1 THE Anvil

2303 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 956-2885

2 Apollo’s

5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-9373

3 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

map not to scale

4 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road

8 Nu towne saloon 5002 E Van Buren Street

12 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek

16 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street

5 THE Chute 1440 East Indian School

9 Off Chute Too 4115 North 7th Avenue

13 The Rock 4129 North 7th Avenue

17 Sunburst Inn 6245 N. 12th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654

6 FRIENDS Bar 1028 East Indian School

Phoenix, AZ 85014

7 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phoenix, AZ 85008

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18 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

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KINKY SEX IDEAS! MORE FUN THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS Ordinary dental floss makes great nipple bondage. Tie a slipknot in a piece of dental floss and pull it snug on the submissive’s nipples.

Remote-controlled vibrators and butt plugs are available at most sex toy stores these days. While they’re fun to play with in their own right, in group or semi-public settings they are particularly wicked. You can, for example, equip the submissive person with a remote-controlled toy of some sort, and then go out to dinner with friends. During the evening, the friends can swap control of the remote controller device, and the submisive can try to guess who has it... Brushes of various sorts are excellent on bare skin, especially when the submissive is blindfolded. For example, a soft brush such as a shaving or makeup brush can be alternated with a stiff brush such as a toothbrush on breasts, nipples, thighs, sides, and so on. An electric toothbrush makes a wonderful sex toy when used on a clitoris... A bamboo skewer of the type used in the kitchen is quite an interesting sensation toy when it’s used on a bound and blindfolded person. Dragged slowly and with moderate pressure over the skin, it feels much sharper than it is; used on sensitive areas like nipples and breasts, you can make someone believe you’re actually piercing the skin with a needle, even though the skewer is blunt and won’t break skin. Ice is a great all-purpose sex toy that can be used in a number of different ways. Of course, you can always go with the old standbys--run an ice cube over your lover’s body, especially if your lover is blindfolded and/or bound; or place an ice cube in your mouth and run your lips and tongue over your lover’s body. A more complex variant of Ice if you have enough lead time is to make an ice dildo. To do this, you’ll need a plain unlubricated condom and the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of paper towels. Cut the cardboard tube lengthwise, then close it into a cylinder that’s as wide as you want the dildo to be, and tape it. Fill the condom with water, tie it shut, and suspend it in the tube with a piece of string; the cardboard tube will prevent the water from bulging in the dildo. Then place it upright in the freezer. In a few hours, you’ll have a seamless dildo made of ice whatever diameter you like! This can be used for vaginal or anal play; you can find illustrated step by step directions here. Note: Before penetrating anything with an ice cube, run water over it to prevent it from sticking to delicate membranes. Excerpted from “Okay, okay, so, what do you actually DO, anyway?” by Franklin Veaux. View full article by visiting: STAY TUNED TO NEXT MONTH FOR MORE KINKY TIPS!!

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Cop Out... < continued from page 13 and how they love. What is your biggest regret? Has anyone ever led a life without regret? I haven’t. I don’t want to sound self-centered for a moment and this may sound that way, but when I was younger and starting to have relationships with men there sometimes came the point that a man would tell me he loved me. That statement would end the relationship for me no matter how much I may have liked the person and enjoyed what we did together. I could not accept the fact that someone had fallen in love with me. I thought the guy must be nuts. Men don’t love men. I couldn’t accept it. Many years ago, I made a point of trying to contact as many of those men as I could find and apologize to them. I came to realize that I had hurt a lot of men on a very personal level and I had simply turned by back and walked

away. As I answer your question today, I think back and am saddened by what I did to men who loved me and had the nerve to express that feeling, only to be rejected. What are your proudest moments? My proudest moments I prefer for the most part to keep personal. I have had many professions and accomplishments and I have been successful in what I have accomplished. I had the greatest satisfaction in working in a program for highly gifted children, the upper 2 percent in intelligence - that is a 2 percent group that Romney will never be a part of. I spoke nationally to other teachers in the field, I wrote many programs, and I received a lot of recognition. I have survived imminent death several times. I hope that my proudest moment may still be in the future when I can stand next to another man, legally, and say, “I do.” Cop Out by Will Damron is available online at Barnes & Noble and at

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2 COLORS RESTAURANT 5305 East Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 323-1840

5 VENTURE-N 1239 North 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705-6639 (520) 882-8224

3 IBT’s 616 North 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85707 (520) 882-3053

6 Woody’s 3710 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705-3282 (520) 292-6702


1 DAVID’S OASIS 5311 W. Double Adobe Rd. McNeal , AZ 85617 520 979-6650 / 520 870-4091

20 | July 2012 | Issue #30 |

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ou WD

Lowell South Bisbee

b Ado

80 80

92 Warren



4 NEW MOON 915 West Prince Road Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 293-7339 facebook: newmoontucson

Nac oH

1 BRODIE’S TAVERN 2449 North Stone Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 624-3858

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ENTERTAINMENT “Where the Bears Are” A comedy mystery web series

Los Angeles - From the creative team of Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch Movie) Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line) and Ben Zook ( Jack and Jill) comes “Where the Bears Are,” a comedy mystery web series that follows the exploits of three gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles, as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest that turned up dead in their bathroom. Copp’s writing credits are extensive and include writing for “The Golden Girls” at the age of 24, as well as penning the feature hit, “The Brady Bunch Movie.” He is also an accomplished mystery novelist, whose books include “The Actor’s Guide to Murder,” and his latest “Haley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery series,” featuring the first installation, “Death of a Kitchen Diva” in bookstores now. Dietl is a graduate of Circle in the Square Theatre School, and has appeared in dozens of national commercials, as well guest-starring roles on television including “Two and a Half Men,” “iCarly” and “The Suite Life on Deck.” His directing credits include “The Thin Pink Line,” “The Mezzos” and “Sorry.” Zook’s acting credits include a recurring role on Comedy Central’s “Reno 911!” Lifetime’s “Lovespring International,” and the cult indie movie, “Can’t Stop Dancing!” As a writer, Ben has sold several feature projects to studios, including “Jack and Jill” starring Adam Sandler and Al Pacino. Part “Golden Girls” and part “Murder, She

An interview the creators and stars of “Where the Bears Are” series By Larry Dean Harris

Wrote,” the series consists of 26 four-minute episodes, and is a romp through L.A.’s trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, and whose mystery eventually reaches it’s climax in the desert outside of Palm Springs. Featuring guest appearances by Bruce Daniels, Tuc Watkins, Jackie Beat, and Shawn Pelofsky, the series is designed to appeal to both gay and straight audiences alike, and will premiere online August 1st, 2012 at together. I actually had two feature scripts that I wrote that Joe wanted to direct, but we had trouble getting financing due to the financial crisis in ’08. So, we decided to do something extremely low budget that we knew we COULD get made, and the idea was hatched while we were all sitting in my Jacuzzi in Palm Springs drinking. Ben Zook: Yeah, Rick is an amazing writer, and he had the concept for “Where the Bears Are” for quite awhile, and we all realized that we could do it on a low budget and get it made and on the web quickly, and basically nobody could say “no” to us. Rick Copp: Very much like a Mickey and Judy “let’s put on a show” sort of thing. And, I actually wrote for “The Golden Girls” when I was 24 years old, and this is basically “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder, She Wrote” about three bears living together in Silver

Guys, tell me how this whole project came into being. Joe Dietl: Well, Ben and I have been life partners for 18 years. We’re both actors, writers and directors. And, we’ve been friends with Rick for 13 of those years. Ben Zook: And, I’m a graduate of Chicago’s Second City and a founding member of “The Annoyance Theatre”. Joe is a graduate of “Circle in the Square Theatre School.” And, Rick is a veteran writer of dozens of TV shows and feature films like “The Brady Bunch Movie.” Rick Copp: And, the three of us had always wanted to team up and do something We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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Wrote” with big, hairy gay bears! Rick Copp: The series is made up of 26 four-minute episodes, and it’s going to feature Lake in Los Angeles, who attempt to solve guest stars like Tuc Watkins from “Desperate the murder of a party guest that turned up Housewives,” comedians Jackie Beat, Bruce dead in their bathroom. Daniels, and Shawn Pelofsky. So, it’s really Joe Dietl: And, I just wanted to focus on fun. You’re in, you’re out, it’s quick, with a lot directing the series, so at first we thought we of laughs and a mystery thrown in as well. It’s would cast actors, but then we realized, we’re also totally free. We just want everyone to all actors and we already have a chemistry be- watch. tween the three of us, so let’s just cast ourJoe Dietl: There’s also a lot of hot eye candy selves. in the show, as well as romance thrown in too. Ben Zook: Basically, I’m the “Dorothy,” TO READ THE COMPLETE Joe is the “Rose,” and Rick is the “Blanche.” INTERVIEW, VISIT OUR WEBSITE It’s the “Golden Girls” meets “Murder, She AT DESERTKNIGHTNEWS.COM! 22 | July 2012 | Issue #30 | < continued from page 20

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