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“California Boys” Brings Together Colt Studios’ Hottest Models aking up with a hot stud in your bed is always a good thing. Two hot studs waking up to each other, that’s just heaven. Sexy muscle-boys roll around naked in bed before coming together for some passionate and intimate kissing in Colt Studio’s “California Boys.” California Boys begins in the bedroom of Adrian Long. Despite the 400-thread-count sheets, this lanky, longhair looks like a dirty hippy catching a nap in someone else’s bed. But after sultry-eyed Marc Dylan joins him, the impression changes to that of dopey surfer

with an unending erection. It’s a fine line there. Long and Dylan get right down to it. They kiss, lick and suck but not in that order. It’s like they’re going through a checklist of gay sex options, and they really don’t miss many. Dylan is a surprisingly adept bottom — and he’s not only good at it, but loves doing it. They get so into each other that at one point Dylan reaches across for stability and catches Long on the cheekbone with a little jab. It doesn’t stop them in the least. Instead, Long grabs Dylan’s hand and starts sucking his finger. That’s lemonade out of lemons.

The whole scene progresses until the predictable exciting conclusion. Seeing Dylan splayed across the maroon sheets, I’d say if he sold his soul for those abs, it was a good deal. Lanky and ripped Adrian Long acts on a checklist of gay sex maneuvers in California Boys. The next scene opens on Alex Andrews in a large bathtub with a black, battery-powered vibrating cockring. Is that really safe? Jessie Jordan arrives to explain the dangers of electricity and water, but it turns out he has other motives. Jordan climbs in and takes his turn with the electronic device before the accontinued on page 3 >

14th Annual Kinkfest! Portland - KinkFest is a nationally attended 3-day event March 23-25, celebrating sexual diversity and education. There are informative workshops, two evening play parties, as well as opportunity to shop for products and services from leather- and fetishfriendly businesses. There is also a huge vendor area and day salon. Hands-on access to unique merchandise awaits you in our 8,000+ square foot vendor area filled with the best local, regional

and national vendors! KinkFest has a diversified and expanded selection of educational workshops featuring a variety of topics presented by some of the nation’s best presenters on all 3 days. Workshops include: BDSM Ego, Entitlement, and Expectations - Dr. Evil The legend: A mixed group of gay war veterans just back from fighting in World War II created a

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

secret society full of tradition and protocols that became the honored basis of our mutual leather lifestyles. The original members of the Old Guard have passed, yet these codes of behavior- the simple

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Colt Studios’ Marc Dylan | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 1



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Spring brings life!

Colt Studios...

Spring is in the air, so whether you are into men, women, leather, kink or fetish there is something out there for you! Bear Nation’s 2nd Friday’s Beer Bust, Belly Dancing: From Classical to Erotic, The 4th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show and Underwear Auction, Butchmanns Experience - Pansexual Event, Festival of Flesh, Arizona girls of Leather (AZgoL) SIG Meeting, Power Exchange Forum and Bertinis at the Shelter are all things you can do in Phoenix or Tucson. If you are in Dallas then Bears Gone Wild - Spring Break Style sounds hairy! If you are in or near the City of Angels then the LA Fetish Pride is a must do! This is a 10-

day celebration of all things kinky, March 16-26. Los Angeles is home to some of the kinkiest and most creative people on the planet ! On a side note, congratulations to very successful first joint effort of the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and the Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend which raked in $2000 in 2 hours at the Tool Shed, PSLOD’s home bar. A combination of 4 hot men, Todd Peter – Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012, his lover, and former CLAW member, Todd Metzger, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2011 – Drew Kramer, and a cute and sexy Scott Campbell worked the room in their jockstraps much to the crowds delight. Congrat guys!

tion gets more personal. Both of them give off that guynext-door vibe but Andrews especially so. He looks like he’d shovel your driveway — and do a damn good job, too. After some oral stimulation, Andrews casually takes out a fluorescent green dildo and gives Jordan the time of his life. They stay sitting on the edge of the bathtub as they demonstrate that, just like in basketball, there are shooters and there are dribblers. The rest of the film continues in short scenes like these, with consistently attractive models and hot locations to show them off. California Boys brings together some of Colt Studio Group’s hottest

creating our futures in the Leather community. This class on protocols is for beginners to advanced players.

son scene where everyone is happy? You’re not alone! Ever notice the expectation that a sadist must be a dominant and a submissive must be a masochist? Or vice a versa... Is this right? Wrong! Join Midori in this this hugely popular and unique class where she explodes the standard definitions of kink roles and expands the idea of what kink is all about. In “Best Kink Advice,” she maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to help better describe their adventurous appetites. The first step to fulfilling your desire is to better understand them and effectively and appealingly sharing that with others. This is a class for those who want better


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‘hankie codes’ to the status of ‘earning your leathers’ have survived and morphed into how we present ourselves in our community today. The class: Come review our past together and discuss how we have reached our own sense of entitlement in the 21st Century. Recognize our growth, and learn how to integrate traditional protocols and while creating new ones for your public and private life. >From the simple collar to the mysterious hand signals, there’s a level of respect and titillation that results from giving props to our past and

Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You Midori Ever feel boxed in by the definition and expectations of kinky sex? Do you want more fulfilling play? Would you like a more effective way to find out what the other person really wants and minimize scene failure? Want to better answer the question of “what are you into?” and have better play times? Find your self dissatisfied with scenes or frustrated at not having your desire accepted? Want to figure out how to create a multi per-

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CONTENTS Colt Studios’ “California Boys” Kinkfest 14 is here! Spring Brings Life... Local News National News Bears Gone Wild - Spring Break L.A. Leather Pride $2K in Two Hours Porn Biz Flee or Fight Condoms? Roman Reggazzi Commits Suicide

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

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Bobbi Star’s 11 FICTION: All The Pretty Things 12 FITNESS: The Discipline of Fitness 14 Q&A: Male Chastity - NO LOAD! 15 Clubs & Organizations / Cams 16 Comics 17 PHOENIX Bar Map 18 TUCSON Bar Map 20 Green Sex Tip 22 Classfieds Ads 22

Colt Studios’ Adrian Long

models for a clean, well-made film. Director Max Phillips deserves all the praise that isn’t already lauded upon the rippling abs of the cast. play, or those don’t quite fit into the standard boxes... and for anyone who’s curious about their own possibly untapped potential! Bondage for Aggressive Exchange and Rough Sex - Two Knotty Boys Students would learn a variety of physical control techniques, based on wrestling and martial arts, for safely and quickly immobilizing submissives and quickly tying them. In this hands-on workshop, Dan and JD will also show techniques for rough sex, including simple moves and positions that almost anyone can use to help gain a sexual advantage, even when outweighed by a partner. Students will learn how to use rope, household items and even each others’ clothing as tools for creative, adventurous, memorable sex. This class offers plenty of supervised practice, peppered with lots of lighthearted humor. Couples recommended. Bring two 10-foot lengths and two 20- to 30-foot (preferably solid braid 3/8” diameter or thicker; however, hemp rope will also do). Bootblacking and Leathercare (101) - Nick Elliott This will be a hands-on class for

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Local News

PHOENIX Bear Nation’s 2nd Friday’s Beer Bust

is deeply integrated in her day to day life and she wouldn’t have it any other way! For more information go to

Come support the Bears of the West’s local Bear softball team so they can go to tournament!! $5 dollar beer bust/ 50 cent refills, $1 Jello shots. More Bears, more beer, more fun March 9 from 8-11pm at Bunkhouse Saloon.

Belly Dancing: From Classical to Erotic

Belly Dancing is a style of dance that has been celebrated as a performance art for close to 100 years. Though its origins lie in folk and social dancing of the Middle East, it has grown into a respected feminine art form that is presented in restaurants, weddings and various celebration throughout the world. In the first half of this presentation we will discuss the History of Belly Dance from ancient origins to present time, various styles and interpretations, myths and taboos. After the break we will come together to explore the often repressed erotic side of belly dance. I will discuss and demonstrate some of the core movements that will be covered in my monthly classes. Audience participation is welcomed but not required. The presentation March 5 will be concluded with several erotic performances. Slave Tiffany has been intensively studying many forms and styles of Oriental Dance for the last 6 years. While she occasionally does restaurant dancing around the valley, her main focus is teaching. She teaches weekly classes for the City of Phoenix Parks and Rec at the Beuf Community Center as well as private and group classes. She currently serves as treasurer for the local MECDA Chapter (Middle Eastern Cultural Dance Association). She also uses Belly Dancing as an element in her spiritual practice of movement meditation/worship that allows her to connect with her own Divine Femininity. For Slave Tiffany, belly dancing 4 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

The 4th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show and Underwear Auction The GLAD Dart League’s Have A Heart Project will be having The 4th Annual “Heart Luck” Variety Show and Underwear Auction on Saturday March 10th, 2012 at 1:30 pm at the Bunkhouse located at 4428 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ. All proceeds will benefit three charities – Bryon Wiley Memorial Scholarship, GreenHouse Project of Tumbleweed and Joshua Tree. This show will feature Miss Gay Pride 2011 - Olivia Gardens as the auctioneer and MC, Imperial Court Princess Royal 2012/ Miss Kobalt 2011 – Paula Sha, Miss Amsterdam 2012 - Kayla Krawford, Miss Rainbow Cactus 2012 - Nikki Starr and very special guest Lady Godiva. There will be at least fifteen models showing off the latest fashions in underwear , donated by Off Chute Too, up for auction. There will be raffles, a beer bust, and Jell-o shots. Come join us for a fun filled afternoon. For additional information, please contact Steve Gonzales, Have A Heart Project Chairperson at (602) 312-4690 or Donnell Dumos, Have A Heart Project Co-Chair at (602)509-8008.

Phurfest Meeting Bears of the West will have a planning meeting for their signature event, Phurfest, March 10 at 10:30 am at Quality Inn and

Suites 202 East McDowell Rd. Meeting is being held in the Garden Room (Hospitality Suite).

Leather and Spirituality – Power, Principles and Play Living a Leather life contains elements of power exchange, principles of personal conduct, and “play”. People throughout history have stressed their bodies, challenged their minds and invoked a wide range of emotions in their quest for a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. Through play, we have access to the combined experiences of Body, Mind and Spirit in unique and glorious ways. Ritual, protocol, pain, and bondage are a few examples of how we enter altered states of consciousness and tap into the vastness that is beyond our physical being. Whether you have encountered this connection “accidentally”, are searching for ways to enhance your proficiency in melding Body, Mind and Spirit in your play, or don’t have the foggiest idea of what this looks like, join Master Onyxe March 12 in an exploration of the concepts and practices of integrating Leather and Spirituality. Dedicated in the pursuit of identifying the true Nature within us, Master Onyxe is an Instructor for Butchmanns Experience and is the Ritual Team Lead and a Piercer for the Dance of Souls at Southwest Leather Conference. A member of the Arizona Power Exchange, Phoenix Chapter of MAsT and Arizona Amazons, she is gender fluid, tantalizingly queer and delights in exploring how perceptions and assumptions color our lives. OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY. For more information go to

provide an opportunity for self-discovery leading to self-actualization. The March 1618 event includes hands-on training in basic SM practices, protocol and rituals, and a view of leadership and obedience through the lens of Master/slave dynamics. Butchmanns Experience allows us to explicitly visit areas that challenge and soothe us for the purpose of identifying who we are. Happiness comes from living authentically. When we are ready to be who we truly are, we encounter the next step on our path. The emphasis of activities is on personal transformation and growth and includes intentional flogging, ritual temporary piercing, the call to serve and be served, and transformational mummification. These activities are further explored through in-depth discussions. The environment is structured to encourage safely entering new experiences, with the instructors and faculty supporting each individual’s unique experience. The Pansexual Event is open to all genders and sexual expressions. Visit www. for more details, including registration.

Festival of Flesh

The Festival of Flesh, March 24, is an event where the best of AZ’s talent comes out to take the audience for a walk on the wild side. Scandalesque will have you begging for more with their amazing burlesque performers. Vex and Element A440 are reDinner at “The turning to rock your world and Award winOriginal Wineburger” ning Diva, Marcy Playground will blow your The Bears of the West is having a dinner mind. Last, but never least, we have legendout at “The Original Wineburger” March 14 ary flesh hooks suspensions group, Life Susat 6:30 pm. Please join the Bears for some pended. fabulous burgers. This is a Pay on Own funcScandalesque is the Valley’s premier burtion. lesque troop and has been captivating audiOriginal Wineburger- 6027 N. 19th Ave. ences across Arizona. Combining old styles Phoenix. with new ideas these lovely ladies and gorgeous gentlemen bring the heat. They will Butchmanns Experience - be performing throughout the night and you don’t want to miss a single set. Get ready for Pansexual Event muscle bound motorcycles, heart pounding The Butchmanns Experience is an in- acrobatics, seduction by feathers and blazing tensive educational weekend designed to bustiers. We'll Take You Where Others Won't



Steve Haworth, body modification demi-god, is the driving force behind the flesh hook suspension group, Life Suspended. They perform some of the most beautiful and mind blowing suspensions that can be found in the US and we are proud to have them at FoF. Vendors will be filling the venue with everything from bondage furniture and gear, whips and chains and more. You never know what is going to happen when you let these guys loose! Tickets- $10 Presale and $15 at the door The fun starts promptly at 9 pm at Joe’s Grotto, 13825 N 32nd Street in Phoenix. Attire- Fetish attire is preferred but everyone is welcome. Explore your wild side! If you need ideas, feel free to check out our gallery. Festival of Flesh is a 21 and over event!

Bear Brunch at “Friends” Come join the Bears for Brunch, March 25th from 11 to 1pm. Cost is $12.50 it is buffet style. Reduced price mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

Arizona girls of Leather (AZgoL) SIG Meeting

girls of Leather e-mail azgol.membership@ . Like all their Special Interest Groups (SIGs) this is FREE to ALL adults in the community. No APEX membership is required. If you know of someone who might be interested in this group, let them know about this meeting! For more information go to

Handballing and Anal Play

The erotic art of handballing and extended anal play has been present in sexual cultures for thousands of years since man first discovered that his anus could be a source of pleasure. This class March 26 will endeavor to give informed perspectives on techniques for engaging in this ancient form of pleasure. Discussion will include such topics as mental headspace, preparation, techniques, and tools of the trade. This will be a decidedly “hands” on experience with a live demonstration followed by open discussion. Early on in his sexual life, Shannon Vieth once thought that kinky sex was getting fracked outside in the rain, but now the 33 year old vice-president of the Phoenix boys of Leather knows that fetish sex and kink are much more varied then merely where one has sex and is more about how you have sex. Shannon has been exploring power dynamics in relationships long before he ever identified as Leather or even believed that the title “boy” was relevant to him. Titillated by his first fisting experience over ten years ago, Shannon has sought to go beyond the physical and mental limits of the average person and reach into the divine headspace created through the psychic connection of erotic handballing. Knowing that all kinks involve risks, Shannon is a strong advocate for RACK rules and conscientious awareness. Oscar Solis is a 25 year old Mexican American man, who began his BDSM journey at the young age of 14 with his 14 year old boyfriend at the time. Oscar grew from mild to wild after his first experience as a fisting top. His knowledge and abilities in many fetishes and kinks have grown throughout the years thanks to great mentors. He is now proud to be Mr. Phoenix Leather 1st runner up in 2010, member of the Arizona Men of Leather, Friend of the Phoenix boys of Leather, and holds a seat in Jeffery Payne’s Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee. Oscar believes in the basic prin-

The March 25 meeting for slaves, submissives, and bottoms with a feminine heart. Let’s learn together and celebrate as we all continue on our journey as Leather girls. The Mission: 1. To provide a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl, and the camaraderie that goes along with that. 2. To provide service to the Leather Community at large. This gathering is the same day as the APEX BBQ and Open House, so we can meet at 1:00 in the jail room and eat/socialize before and after the meeting! See you there! For information about joining Arizona We'll Take You Where Others Won't

continued on page 13 > | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 5


National BEAR News

Bears Gone Wild - Sprink Break Style

he members of the Dallas Bears in- for his time with the Soup Dragons, High Fivite y’all to join them March 15-18, delity, and now as a cutting edge DJ. 2012 for Texas Bear Round-Up 17! BearDance is once more taking over S4 in We have a great weekend planned the heart of the gayborhood. Prepare yourself with entertainment, food, activities, contest, for heavy-duty sound and light show. This and transportation to all our events and bars, amazing party is sure to set you free! our famous hospitality room, and of course BearDance is the only TBRU party open 1000+ bears, cubs, admirers, and more! for TBRU registrants and non-registrants Thursday - TBRU Kick-Off Beach Party - alike to come together and have great fun. Get your beach gear on and join the musicians All proceeds go to the beneficiaries of from Bearapalooza with your favorite 1980’s TBRU. So come feel good, doing good! Retro Revue. This year’s beneficiaries Youth First Texas Friday - Bearapalooza All-Star Concert - (YFT) is the only non-profit organization in Featuring the musicians from Bearapalooza. North Texas providing social services, leaderThen join Paul J. Williams for his comedy ship development, educational programming, hour. and recreational activities to North Texas’ LesSaturday - Bearapalooza Variety Show - bian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and QuesComedy, Music and More and Paul J. Wil- tioning youth and their Allies (LGBTQA) liams as “Sister Helen Holy” for the ever- through age 22. YFT envisions a community famous Bears Bingo on Saturday afternoon. in which all LGBTQA youth are valued and Keri Lynn brings a short and hilarious respected with opportunities & encouragemoment of entertainment at the TBRU Big ment available to elevate them into healthy, Texas Dinner on Saturday night. Just as des- empowered, productive members of society. sert is served, see and hear her locally famous AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) is a mulLucille Ball skit from the Vitametavegamin ticultural, faith-based, non-profit HIV/AIDS episode. service organization that provides direct care The infamous BearDance is proud to part- services to meet practical, emotional, and ner with TBRU for the fourth year running! spiritual needs of persons with HIV/AIDS With over 1,000 bears in attendance last year, and HIV prevention programs for individuthe huge Friday night party and biggest fund- als, groups, and communities. raising event returns to Station 4. AIN serves more than 2,000 men, women, This year BIG D BearDance is pleased to children, and youth who are living with HIV/ present DJ HiFi Sean internationally known AIDS, and makes over 20,000 contacts with We'll Take You Where Others Won't

at-risk individuals through outreach and HIV prevention. AIN serves clients of all ethnicities of their clients, over 27% are women and more than 6% are children and youth. The Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund was named in honor of our friend who died of AIDS in 1994. Despite his personal devastation by HIV, Greg taught us all strength and courage through volunteering at various AIDS organizations and helping those less fortunate than him. Today, our allvolunteer, 501(c)(3) organization carries on those efforts through fund-raising and assistance in his memory and honor. We work through various AIDS Services Organizations to provide financial assistance of last resort to those with HIV/AIDS in ways that agencies are unable. Since 1996, we have assisted over 1,500

clients and disbursed more than $300,000 to meet needs such as rent, medication co-pays, rent and utility deposits, and emergency payments to avoid loss of utilities. Most of our clients are on Social Security programs and living on low, fixed incomes. For them, life’s unexpected emergencies can be catastrophic and lead to homelessness. GDMAF works solely through AIDS service programs such as AIDS Arms, NSNT (Health Services of North Texas), the Resource Center of Dallas and Welcome House. Case managers screen clients and submit applications for assistance on their behalf. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis with assistance going to those with the greatest immediate need, funding permitting. To register go to | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 7


National Leather News

The LA Leather Coalition Presents Fetish Pride Los Angeles - LA Fetish Pride is a 10-day celebration of all things kinky, March 16-26. Los Angeles is home to some of the kinkiest and most creative people on the planet who span the spectrum from traditional BLUF leather to littles and serious riggers. This week is LA’s local talents chance to strut their stuff and share a favorite fetish with you - or lure you onto trying something new! The Los Angeles Leather Coalition produced a very successful annual LA Leather Week for a number of years. The LALC was re-formed in 2011 as a 501 c-4 non profit and as part of that re-birth the Board and Community Partners decided to re-think the entire event. The result is the first-ever LA Fetish Pride, a much larger and more inclusive celebration of fetish in every glorious color and perversion. The following events are the official LALC-produced events for LA Fetish Pride:

8 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

Wednesday, March 21 Hell on Wheels - Roller Skating Party at Moonlight Rollerway - 8PM to 11PM Featuring the world famous LA DERBY DOLLS…and Dudes. Dress FETISH! Thursday, March 22 Southland Honors - Awards Party and so much more. 7PM -10:30PM @ Circus Disco. Hosted by CoCo Peru - Silent Auction, Entertainment, Meet and Greet LAL Contestants, hors d’oeurves. AND, the After Party at FUBAR’s Leather BFD (no cover at Fubar) Saturday, March 24 Tow to Tow - Mr. LA Leather Contest and Meat Rack - Off the Hook @ Circus Disco! Doors open 6PM, Dancers n Drinks,

7PM Contest Sunday, March 25 End of the Road Street Fair - Close out LA Fetish Pride at Threshold in North Hollywood 2PM – 7PM - Celebrate with the new Mr LAL at this pansexual, multi-fetish street fair with vendors, food, drink, smut, demos, DJ Candy, Indoor & Outdoor Fun, plus a Fashion Show @ 4PM LA Fetish Pride is celebrating the return of the street fair and will feature artisans, organizations and companies who specialize in erotic art, fashion, services, food and toys geared toward the BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Kink, Rubber and alternative communities. Get your tickets at www.lafetishpride. com

$2K in Two Hours Palm Springs - In a very successful first joint effort PSLOD and CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) raked in $2000 in 2 hours at the Tool Shed, PSLOD’s home bar (which was sporting a great new look). A combination of 4 hot men, Todd Peter – Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012, his lover, and former CLAW member, Todd Metzger, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2011 – Drew Kramer, and a cute and sexy Scott Campbell worked the room in their jockstraps much to the crowds delight, plying their 50/50 raffle tix with a promise that the jocks would come off later... and be auctioned off to the highest bidder. In addition there were a total of 13 Silent Auction packages ranging in retail value from $80 to over $600 that created a feeding frenzy at the close of the auction period. The prizes ran the gamut from hotel stays paired with restaurant vouchers to a personalized portrait ala Tom of Finland to a dungeon evening for 6 with well-known Leather author Alex Iron- projects, clubs, organizations, defense funds or rod, complete with hors d’oeuvre’s and cock- charities which have given direct or indirect tails. support to the Leather community or to the 100% of the money raised will be donated GLBT community at large. to the Desert AIDS Project, earmarked for CLAW Nation is part of CLAW Corp., their free and confidential testing program. a 100% non-profit, 100% volunteer run naPalm Springs Leather Order of the Des- tional leather charity which holds the anert is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to nual leather convention “CLAW Weekend” providing a safe atmosphere for growth and in Cleveland, Ohio every year at the end of support of the Leather Lifestyle while nour- April. CLAW Nation is designed to help anyishing a sense of sister/brother hood and ca- one in the leather community host an event maraderie within the organization and the and raise money in their hometown for charicommunity, and to raise funds for deserving ties that are important to them. We'll Take You Where Others Won't


National News

Porn Studios Weigh Fleeing Or Fighting L.A. Condom Law

Porn studios, facing a new Los Angeles law that will force adult actors to wear condoms as a protection against AIDS, are mulling whether to move filming out of city limits or take legal action. The new ordinance, which takes effect March 5, will require porn performers to wear condoms while shooting on location in the city. The measure has shaken the pornograph-

ic film industry, which until now had found a happy, largely accepting home in L.A. For years, producers have operated lucrative businesses in anonymous office parks in the San Fernando Valley. Available in the city were a steady supply of actors and film production talent as well as opulent mansions that often served as theatrical backdrops. By one estimate, at least 5% of on-location shoots were for adult films. The landmark law marks a rare attempt to regulate how films are made, threatening an industry that has been a source of millions of dollars in revenue. AIDS activists are gathering signatures for a countywide ballot measure that would extend the ban to dozens of additional communities. It’s a debate that pits the desire to protect the health of porn actors against the freedom to make films that audiences want to see. The Los Angeles City Council acted earlier this year after a series of incidents



Advance Tickets Starting At $20. Limited VIP Passes $40. 10 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

in which adult film productions were suspended amid concerns that HIV had been transmitted among performers. Despite the health risks of having unprotected sex on movie sets, the industry has strongly opposed a condom requirement, saying that monthly testing already safeguards performers and that customers won’t pay to see such films.

AIDS activists say that the fight over condoms is about protecting performers’ health and opposing the promotion of unsafe sex.

“The fact that porn sends out a message that the only type of sex that’s hot is unsafe ... we think that’s detrimental,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angelesbased AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The Los Angeles law was the result of months of aggressive lobbying by Weinstein and other AIDS activists, who have long called on the government to step in and make the porn workplace safer. The council approved the law only after activists pres-

sured it by gathering enough signatures to ask voters to decide the issue at the ballot box. The industry has been forced to suspend production several times amid reports that adult performers contracted HIV. One was Derrick Burts, who tested HIV-positive in 2010 and said clinic staff told him he was infected by a fellow performer.

“It’s a broken system that they have in place,” said Burts, who backs mandatory condoms. “What performer wouldn’t want to feel more safe on a work set?” Diane Duke of the adult film lobby group Free Speech Coalition said performers should have the right to have sex as they wish. “This is the first step of government overreach into the way we make movies,” Duke said. “It’s clearly the government interfering where it really doesn’t belong. ... Because our industry deals with sex … we’re vulnerable and easy to attack.”

Gay Porn Actor Kills Self at as a personal trainer for a fitness company called Freedom Fitness. Barak stopped making porn in 2008 but appeared in a fashion spread with two other gay porn stars for the Jan. 2012, issue of Out Magazine called “New York’s Finest.” The head of Raging Stallion (a gay porn studio that exclusively signed Barak), Chris Ward, said “He was probably the hottest man I have ever filmed -- a massive man of pure beauty, intelligence and kindness. He was perfect in every possible way.” Ward named Barak Raging Stallion’s “Man of the Year” in 2008. In Nov. 2004, gay porn star Barry “J.T.” Rogers, who went by Johnny Rahm in films, committed suicide. Rogers suffered from chronic depression, was HIV positive and had hepatitis. He left a suicide note that said he Social media websites and news outlets was frustrated that he was not receiving ashave reported that gay porn actor Dror Barak sistance from Social Security. (aka Roman Ragazzi) committed suicide on also reported that gay Saturday, Feb. 25, reported. porn actor Caleb Carter took his own life in He was 38-years-old. Feb. 2009. Carter caused a bit of a controverBarak was involved in a scandal in 2007, sy when he took a jab at comedienne Kathy shortly after he broke into the porn industry. Griffin during the 2007 GayVN Awards -- an The New York Post’s Page Six outed him as event that honors the gay porn industry. Addia gay porn star while he was working at the tionally, he posted a video of himself dancing Israeli consulate to the United Nations. The in front of a confederate flag and appeared on article caused Barak to resign from his posi- MTV’s dating show “Parental Control” where tion but soon after he left, he began working he gave the finger to his boyfriend’s parents. We'll Take You Where Others Won't



Bobbi Starr’s Extreme Lesbian

BDSM Website Launches

San Francisco - an-

nounced the launch of performer and director Bobbi Starr’s extreme lesbian BDSM website, The company said the new offering includes “higher voltage, bigger dildos, harder flogging and hotter babes than ever seen before.” ElectroSluts’ reality-based scenarios will feature bound and tormented amateur girls and stars alike submitting to Starr’s will. said the director’s world of lesbian perversions is sure to awe and enrapture

loyal fans as well as capture the lurid imaginations of new ones. Starr and her cohorts dominate and teach hot, willing women to enjoy the pleasures and pain of total submission.  “With Electro Sluts, I am hoping to appeal to a clientele that is interested in the experience of the submissive by using a documentary, realism-style pornography,” Starr said. She added, “Though it will continue to contain the traditional girl-on-girl lezdom role playing, the site will target the psychological tortures of domination. ElectroSluts makes electricity sexy. It takes wires and electro-domination away from fantasy and brings it into reality.” With the launch of ElectroSluts, Kink. com has retired its flagship lesbian electro site, Wired Pussy. The company maintained that Starr will take a new and exciting artistic direction with ElectroSluts that is sure to please Wired Pussy members as well as new audiences. Current Wired Pussy members will automatically receive a subscription to ElectroSluts, in addition to full access to Wired Pussy’s archives. “We are thrilled to have Bobbi Starr take a new approach to electro-domination,” said founder Peter Acworth. “Her ideas for ElectroSluts will not just revamp Wired Pussy but will create a new genre of lezdom electro-play that will be exciting to see unfold.”

Local News... < continued from page 5 ciples of the community and kink. He believes in a safe, sane, and consensual space for both Doms and Subs alike. Sexual freedom, safety and fun are his key must-haves in every play scenario and mental headspace. For more information go to


Bear Coffee at Crave Every Wednesday evening at 7 pm join The Bears of the Old Pueblo at Crave Coffee Bar 4530 E Broadway Blvd for great java and warm guys. It’s a great way to meet and socialize with your local bears! This stylish midtown coffee house features Illy coffees, fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads, and teas. Crave is located at 4530 E. Broadway Blvd.

Power Exchange Forum A A roundtable of Dominants and submissives meets at Desert Dominion March 8 to discuss topics that are on their minds. Attendees gain ideas, insight and support from others of like mind. Talks cover any issues that attendees may have. This group is open to all DD members. Non members over 18 may purchase temporary memberships at the door for $3.00. For more information go to

Monthly Potluck & Meeting


We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo for their monthly potluck and social gathering at 2:30pm March 10th, followed by the monthly meeting for the club. Come out and bring along main or side dish or desert to share (beverages are always a welcome addition also) and meet the bears and find out what it’s all about! The potluck and meeting are held in the east conference room, accessible through the back door of the council office. For more information, contact president Kevin Jackson (, 520-904-4714). Then join them for Bertinis at the Shelter, 4155 E. Grant Rd., at 6:30pm. |

Third Thursday Bears Dinner Out – Caruso’s Every month on the third Thursday (March 15th) at 6:30pm the Bears of the Old Pueblo choose a different delectable and affordable restaurant in the Tucson area and 1015 bears descend for a delicious meal together. This month they will gather at Caruso’s Italian Restaurant. Get ready for some inexpensive gut-busting portion Italian favorites at this 4th Avenue Institution! Delicious Spaghetti, Lasagna, Alfredo, Parmigiana... You can’t go wrong here if you love Italian food. If you have a restaurant that you’d like to suggest, please contact boB McFall at or 520-269-1221. Caruso’s is located at 434 North 4th Ave.

DD Member Orientation Desert Dominion orientation and enrollment is available before discussion groups, at the monthly munch March 20, the club social and sometimes seminars. This is a chance to look at the play space, learn more and sign up for memberships. Anyone 18 or older may attend. I.D. is required. There is no fee for the orientation and no obligation to enroll. 
 For more information go to

Bears Beer Bust & Chili Feed Join the Bears of the Old Pueblo March 24h from 3-7pm for their Beer Bust benefiting local charities at The Venture-N! The fine folks at the Venture-N are offering $1 drafts and $2.50 pitchers of soda or beer and $2 bowls of our famous homemade chili. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go straight to the Homeless LGBT Youth Programs of Wingspan & Open Inn! For more information contact President Kevin Jackson at: 520-904-4714 or Issue #26 | March 2012 | 11



All The Pretty Things... continued By Doghouse o I’m at my hunky cross-dressing red-headed neighbor’s again, across the little kitchen table from him, and we’re alone. His wife, Hawk-eyes, set us up like this once again taking an afternoon shift as a favor for a girlfriend and leaving me alone with her husband. He’s warmed up a little from the slab of ice he’d been the first couple times we’d been manipulated together like this by her- myself ohso willing to agree to “come on over for some coffee…” and keep an eye on her man for her. But the atmosphere is still pretty frosty in that little kitchen. The first time I showed up like that I was sure he was gonna kick my ass. The look on his face when he saw me being hustled in… damn!  When she suddenly stood up and left us there, I thought he was gonna beat my ass and throw me out, or worse, but thank God he was polite, if not by any stretch cordial. I still thought maybe he was gonna cut me up and bury me in the desert that first time. This time, like every other, I kept  to neighbourly and manly things, but I had decided that eventually I had to turn the conversation to the subject of the thing we had going on, and what was going to happen with it. I took the chance and asked him if we could talk about it. He didn’t say no, he just looked at the floor. I took that as a yes and started in. I had to apologize first for my actions. For wanting more from him than he was willing to give, and risking blowing his “cover”. He sure didn’t seem to like to talk about it but was struggling to  anyway, as if there was something he was trying to express but couldn’t form his thoughts into words quite the right way to make sense of. He finally got it out that it was what he felt himself, inside, when I gave him that gift-box, and the way he felt about some of the things I’d said to him that had scared him the most… and I just about leapt up and grabbed him out of sheer fucking joy. He had to be kidding, really? Was he really telling the truth or just trying to make me feel better? He didn’t seem to be the kind of guy who worried about other people’s feelings too much. I mean, really, he wasn’t the “sensitive” type. It was taking such a huge effort for him to 12 | March 2012 | Issue #26

spit out the words to explain his feelings for me scared him more than my obvious feelings for him, that the sentiment had to be genuine. My mind slalomed back and forth across a slippery slope of fantasies at this happy turn of events. Taking him away in the middle of the night from Hawk-eyes and making a break for the mountains, his enraged shot-gun toting wife chasing after us, chief among them. I tried to keep myself from freaking out, from grabbing him in my arms and kissing him. It was hard enough just to look serious and not be sitting there grinning like an idiot at this news he was giving me, that he had feelings for me… I was over the moon. I just looked at him and let the moment warm between us, trying not to break the spell. I looked into his eyes and hoped he could see I felt it from him, and liked it. Well, hell, he knew I liked it, I just didn’t want to scare this prize buck off by making any sudden moves. Startle a fine animal like that, just when it is

most vulnerable, and it’ll bolt. Eventually, he leaned a little forward across the table and put out one of his big, scarred hands. I took it and squeezed. We sat there, for a minute, his hand in mine, looking at each other. I couldn’t stand the tension, couldn’t keep at arms length like this when what I really wanted to do most was hold this man, and love him. I stood up and moved over to him. he turned in his chair and I stood between his knees. He put his hands on my waist, and I put mine on his shoulders. “She threw that shit out” he said, and looked down at my feet. “I threw the rest of it out myself when she wasn’t looking.” “That’s ok, man,” I said, standing him up in front of me, “we don’t need it this time.” He brought his eyes up to mine and stared into them. I put my hands on either side of his face and moved my mouth toward his. We had done everything. I’d fucked him in every hole, filled him with cum, eaten his butt, fed him mine, fucked him till he was raw, but never had we kissed. Even the times I had just tried to hold him after fucking had been too much for him and he had broken out of my arms to cut any sense of “feeling”, short. Kissing had been

out of the question, but now, staring into his eyes, I put my lips on his, and he let me. It was like a dam burst inside him. The moment his lips touched mine he seemed to come alive. Our lips mashed together and suddenly our tongues met in the middle, mouths working at each other like starving people sucking at marrow, or the sweetest fruit. Noses and teeth banged together painfully but we kept sucking each others mouth and pressing each other closer, like trying to jam ourselves into one space, or become one body. Our eyes had closed. One hand around his back, my other hand searched under his wife-beater, feeling the coarseness of his thick red chest fur and the hardness of his ‘roid belly, covered in thick fur too. He crushed me to him, shuddering, and I fell deeper in love with him each time we breathed. I opened my eyes and looked at him, faces so close together. His eyes were squeezed shut, and a stream of silent tears had marked his cheeks. Damn, I thought. Twice in this year I’ve made a man cry. I closed my eyes and decided to keep both that I knew he’d cried, and a little shamefully, that he wasn’t the first this year, private and to myself.

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We'll Take You Where Others Won't



Kinkfest... < continued from page 3 those who want to learn how to look after their leather, or know how and just want to hang out while taking care of their leather. We will all clean, condition, polish and buff our leathers together. Bring an item or two of leather you want to spruce up - be it boots, vests, chaps, corsets, caps, harnesses etc. Questions are encouraged throughout. Dominance Bondage - Two Knotty Boys Two Knotty Boys will show you rope techniques specifically for dominance and submission play. You’ll learn more than a dozen ways to restrain, control or train your submissive including fast and struggle-proof wrist bondage and advanced chest harnesses, a dynamic full-access hog tie, rope bit gags, basic rope CBT and nipple predicament bondage. Ways to orchestrate a scene, aggressive play and take-downs will also be included. You can come with a friend to practice with or come solo and work with a classmate. Please bring two pieces of rope: two 10’ long and two 20’-30’ long. This class offers plenty of supervised practice, peppered with lots of lighthearted humor. Couples recommended. Bring two 10-foot lengths and two 20- to 30-foot (preferably solid braid 3/8” diameter or thicker; however, hemp rope will also do).

of participants. Attendance is done in pairs to assure sanitary conditions. One person will insert the provided electrode, the other person will manipulate the power source and interchange the power source with other models so as to administer the different sensations each power source produces. Only one person in the pair will have the electrode inserted, and only one will hook up and administer the power source. Switching the electrode from one person to the other is not permitted for sanitation concerns. Attendance in pairs is mandatory for these reasons. Attendance is limited to nine couples and each will experience three different power sources. Participants will use one power source for a time, be instructed in its use, and then switch the power source until such time as all participants have experienced the various effects of all three power sources. At the end of the course, participants will be allowed to keep the electrode they have used. Cost is $75 per couple. This covers the expenses in providing an electrode to each participant pair, as well as clean up and sterility supplies. Participants need to be physically capable of inserting a one and a half inch diameter, four inch long cylinder either vaginally or anally as this is the size of the electrode used. Couples will be chosen by a random drawing. You must be registered for KinkFest to enter the drawing. To sign up, send an email to Electro Stim Class with your name, email address, and KinkFest registration number. The deadline for entering the drawing is 8 AM Thursday, March 1. Winners will be announced by noon March 1. If any workshop slots are not paid for by 8 AM March 15, those slots will be vacated and alternate winners will be notified. One entry per couple, please.

Experiencing Electro Stim - Rupert Huse This course is intended primarily for those new to electrical play using TENS type units such as Folsom, PES and Eros Tek power sources. It is intended to give the beginner a basic understanding of what is involved in this sort of electrical play, such as very basic circuit theory, theory of the operation of the power source, and the various electrodes involved. Fisting For Perverts Participants will gain firsthand experi- (Fisting 601) - Felice Shays ence with what internal electrical stimulation Maybe you know how to fist someone. feels like, go into the differences between the Or maybe you can’t quite get enough of various power sources available, and give the your cunt or ass being filled by a solid mass user a basic knowledge of electrical theory of hand. so they can feel more confident in the use of But what happens next? Where and what electro stim devices. Due to the expense, and is the 601 of fisting? the non shareable nature of the electrodes, Welcome to Fisting For Perverts. many people have had no exposure to this In this demonstration packed workform of play. This course is designed to ad- shop Felice will begin with a quick review dress that issue specifically. The course is not of anatomy basics, show a few exercises to intended to instruct in technique so much strengthen and make the vagina and anus as it is to expose and educate in the basic more receptive to large toys and hands, and fundamentals in the use of TENS type units make sure we all agree about how we insert and inserted electrodes. our hands with ease, smarts, dexterity and Course attendance is based upon pairs endless sexiness. We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Next we will amp up the fisting volume with show and tell time: how the big kids play – double fisting, fisting in suspension, anal fisting, fisting front and back doors simultaneously… and much more. All genders and levels of experience welcome. FTM CBT: Genital Torment for Queer Bodies - Lee Harrington Let’s admit it- doing genital torment on transguys is different than doing it on other bodies. In some ways we get the best of all worlds- so let’s talk about our desires to torment, tease, punish and pamper our amazing flesh. After discussing the varieties of genitals out there to play with (and what we call them) in this category and how our hormones and modifications (or having had neither) have affected our CBT and sex, we will demonstrate and discuss a wide variety of torment options. Abrasion, piercing, bondage, clamps, caning… plus more advanced concepts like playing with trans genital humiliation will all be up for grabs. Add some dirty talking and negotiation skills into the mix- and watch us squirm! Getting Wet: G-Spot and Ejaculation - Felice Shays What makes a woman (or anyone with a vagina/front door, for that matter) soak the sheets? Where is that mysterious thing called the G-Spot? With straight talk and humor Felice Shays will discuss the anatomy, myths and realities of vaginal ejaculation, and how to find and stimulate the g-spot (yes, even via the ass!). Then comes the live squirt demonstrations! As time allows, Felice will help individuals and partners find their

g-spots so that they too might make lovely messes. Open to all genders, sexual orientations, single or partnered. Interrogation I - Master Trooper Frank, slave paul, slave willie The purpose of any given Interrogation is to retrieve information from the interrogatee. For purposes of those of us in the BDSM community, we can broaden the definition of an interrogation to include the recreational pursuit of dominating, captivating, physically abusing, torturing, and most importantly, psychologically mind-fucking the prisoner to the point that he or she gives up the previously planted information. In the process of extracting that information, the Interrogator is free to use the infliction of pain, electroshock, forced abnormal prolonged positions, food and sleep deprivation, beatings, mock execution, breath control, hypersound generation or sensory deprivation, painful bondage, and whatever you and the prisoner have negotiated prior to the session (if that is your relationship). Counter to this list is the most crucial tool in the Captor’s pocket, and that is psychological manipulation, to include becoming the prisoner’s friend and attempting to obtain cooperation. This workshop is a very involved and intricate class with the goal of giving the attendees the skills needed to negotiate, set-up, institute, produce and successfully complete a session with the interrogatee surrendering or “breaking” under the administered pain, pleasure or both. The psychological and physical dynamics will be discussed and demonstrated with my subject strapped into an interrogation chair. For more information go to | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 13


fitness & health The discipline of fitness

By Ron Blake

You are the human resources manager and you get down to the last two candidates for the position. You thought decisions this difficult could never land in your lap, but here it is. Both applicants are outstanding and have the skills to move forward with success. You want to look for the one with that extra special something. It’s the fitness guy who runs marathons when he’s not punching the time clock. The fitness guy has tremendous discipline. He can train for five months for an event that only lasts a few hours. He can bypass the most fun events during that training period because he’s got his eye on the prize and knows he can’t give in to his temptations. This is the person you want when you have only two months to implement the new system throughout your corporate office. The fitness guy is determined and resilient. He knows what it is like to experience Murphy’s Law and has adapted quite well. He managed to finish all 26.2 miles of his fourth

14 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

marathon despite a nasty bout with diarrhea that added a staccato cadence to his race day. He’s even managed to make it to the starting line each time after alarm clock mishaps, insomnia, and freeway traffic congestion have tried in vain to yaw him from his course. Problems always seem to pop up at the most inopportune times in your nine office locations. The fitness guy is goal driven. He sets his goal finish times at the outset of his training and continuously works toward the light adorning the end of the tunnel. He wakes at 4AM on weekdays to get those training runs in before the roosters crow to wake the rest of us. He knows that doughnuts, coffee, and cigarettes aren’t part of the daily agenda and he steers clear of these barnacles of badness. He has consistently been a man with a plan. The fitness guy is healthy. People of his ilk tend not to call off work. They tend not to take six smoking breaks throughout the day. People of fitness tend to be more productive, creative, and punctual with better memory re-

tention and concentration than their counterparts who aren’t so adept at fitness. The fitness guy has excellent time management skills. He can wake before the sun and log twelve miles of running before a shower and breakfast have him out the door and to work. He puts in an honest day’s work before engaging in a one hour weight training session at the gym in the early evening. It’s then time to juggle the demands of the family and domestic duties before getting to bed for the required eight hours of sleep. Company projects work well with time management. As the interviewer, you want to hire that fitness enthusiast. As the interviewee, you want to be the fitness enthusiast and you want to talk about it during the interview process. I’ve run five marathons and numerous half marathons…anyone hiring? This health and fitness article is brought to you by that guy with original copies. That oxymoronic guy is Ron Blake and he can be found clearly misunderstood at

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Question & Answer

Male Chastity Devices - “Lock so NO load!” ccording to modern myth the chastity belt was used as an anti-temptation device during the Crusades. Supposedly when the knight left for the Holy Lands on the Crusades, his Lady would wear a chastity belt to preserve her faithfulness to him. There is no credible evidence that chastity belts existed before the 15th century, more than one hundred years after the last Crusade. However, the actual use, if any, of medieval chastity belts would have been very limited, as the metalworking of the times would have made it difficult to fashion a belt safe for long-term wear. But, who knows. For you young people who may have never heard of this type of device, a chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse. Mostly it was designed to prevent a woman from having sex with anyone other than with her husband, but may have also been used to prevent a woman from being raped when the husband was away. Later on we see chastity belts being designed with additional features to prevent masturbation. What? Read on. From the 18th century through the 1930s, masturbation was widely regarded as harmful in Western medicine. Numerous mentions can be found in medical journals of the time of the use of chastity belt-like devices to prevent masturbation in children and adolescents. Many designs for anti-masturbation devices were filed in the US Patent Office until the debunking of masturbation as a mental health problem in the early 1930s. Nowadays, chastity belts are sometimes used in BDSM play and in consensual relationships. They are a means for the wearer to surrender control over their sexual behavior either for sexual play, or as a long-term method of preventing infidelity or masturbation. They range from simple leather or plastic toys commonly sold by adult stores to expensive high-security stainless steel devic-

es made by a handful of specialist firms. Most of these new devices center on male chastity. You, or anyone else for that matter can tease your lover/partner and get him aroused but because he can’t get a full erection he can’t ejaculate or have an orgasm. Sadistic isn’t it. Types of Chastity Devices: From Birdlocked comes a revolutionary, state-of-the-art design in male chastity. Constructed of medical-grade silicone, the Birdlocked chastity device is as durable as it is discreet. The unique patented design provides a skin-safe, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional metal and plastic chastity models. While the assembly-free Birdlocked slides effortlessly over the genitals in one piece, once locked in place it is not only impossible to remove but indestructible to boot. Tread and trample as you may; the sheath of the Birdlocked is tear-resistant and will remain completely intact. The Birdlocked chastity device boasts exceptional features ideal for extended use, including 7 strategically placed holes throughout which allow for maximum ventilation around the penis. Also, the firm yet flexible silicone moves and shifts with the genitals, preventing pinching while appearing completely invisible under any type of clothing. The Birdlocked Chastity Device is available in both Classic Clear and Mini Clear and retails for about $130. The new CB 6000 Designer Line Male Chastity Kit is a superior humiliation or CBT device for those who are serious about keeping their submissive or slave in line. Both sanitary and discreet, this high quality, long term male chastity belt consists of a series of interlocking pieces that will torture your lover with his inability to get at his cock. Two guide pins hold the top pieces in place, and the narrow cage is connected to the ring with We'll Take You Where Others Won't

a locking pin running through the recessed center hole. Comfortable enough to sleep in (but not too comfortable) and discreet enough to wear undetected under clothing, the teasing possibilities are endless. The most effective, well designed long term chastity device to date, the CB-6000 cradles and support your lover’s cock while keeping it securely locked up, with slats for improved ease of urination, better ventilation and hygienic maintenance. Made from the same strong and lightweight medical grade polycarbonate plastic as the original CB 6000, the Designer Line features an elegant new chrome design. It retails for $160. The CB3000 Complete Package is a male chastity device designed specifically for men looking for a fit somewhere between the CB2000 and the Curve. The careful design allows for it to be worn with the utmost confidence and discretion. With several rings to choose from for a more personal fit the

CB3000 is lightweight and comfortable. The vented slots allow for excellent hygiene, easy bathing and drying. Use a silicone based lubricant to ensure movement and comfort. If properly lubricated and cleaned you should be able to wear the CB3000 night and day indefinitely -or until the key holder allows you to come out and play. The CB3000 comes in a zippered pouch with the cage, rings, locking pins, spacers, padlock and keys. Retails at $150. The Curve Cage is a male chastity device which works with the Curve Chastity Kit. The cage is constructed out of durable, clear polycarbonate. The slope of the cage makes the device virtually undetectable beneath clothing, and therefore very discreet. If you need something larger than the CB3000, the curve is perfect. The open slots allow for easy cleaning and excellent hygiene. Always use a silicone based lubricant in order for the penis to comfortably move while inside the cage. The Curve cage is a great way to upgrade without the cost of purchasing a new complete kit. Experience the exhilaration of giving up full control of your manhood for around $70. The Gates of Hell consists of anywhere from 3 to 9 metal rings, connected by a leather strap for male constraint and adornment. If you are just starting out with this type of play this is the best route to go at a cost of anywhere from $18.95 to $25.95 depending on how many rings. So there you have it! Keep those questions coming! Send to

They Asked You to do

WHAT? What the strangest thing someone ask you to do with sex? Answer:

My boyfriend wants me to fill a diaper with my piss so he can rub it on his face while he masturbates! Send your strangest requests to ** Diapers now on sale at Off Chute Too! ** | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 15


clubs & organizations

STATEWIDE Northland Cares

Improving the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS in Northern Arizona: Ph: 928-776-4612

A-PAH (Arizona Pups And Handlers)

This group is devoted to the human-dog, and those that love them. This is a place for pups, handlers and people curious about pup play in Arizona. We are a group in the Phoenix area that has been created to educate people about what pup play is as well as have a family of friends where they can be comfortable about this fun type of play.

Desert Dominion

Desert Dominion is an educational and social group whose focus is providing information and education for people interested in the BDSM lifestyle.

Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrated 30 years of conforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. Over the last three decades, The Sisters have grown from a small band of activits and performers in San Francisco to a world-wide organization dedicated to the expiation of stigmatic guilt and the promulgation of universal joy. With houses and missions all over the world, the SPI family is still growing.

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona

Strives to unite the GLBTS communities through charitable fundraising events to meet the needs of all.

hold play parties, coffees, munches, educational demos, discussions and other social functions where people can meet, get to know each other, and learn more about their own sexuality in a comfortable atmosphere.


(Arizona Power Exchange)

APEX is a not-for-profit corporation that provides education, social opportunities, and support for adults who are interested in Bondage and Discipline; Dominance and Submission; and Sadomasochism (BDSM) who value individual responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, and respect for self and others. APEX welcomes all sexual orientations, consensual relationships, and risk-aware BDSM and sexual practices.

Bears of the West

The mission of the ‘Bears Of The West’ is to promote opportunities for social and fraternal interaction between its members. This will be accomplished through meetings, activities and charitable events held by members of the club. The club will strive for diversity and acceptance of any person who wishes to join.

Phoenix Movie Bears

Phoenix Movie Bears is a social activity group for gay men and their friends in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. We get together on Wednesday nights (and occasionally on weekends) to see a movie at a local theater.



Provides 12-step programs for LGBT people. Ph: 602-635-2090 Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) Providing support services and HIV/AIDS prevention programs to Southern Arizona. Ph: 520-628-7223

Terros HIV/STI Prevention

Free and confidential testing for HIV and syphilis is provided in a safe and comfortable setting. HIV results are provided within 20 minutes; syphilis results are available within three days. HIV and STI prevention counseling is also provided.


We’re Back!


A food progrm for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers & Donations needed. Ph: 602-234-6143

Men’s Drop-in Group

An informal, drop-in discussion group, open to all who identify as men, meets each Monday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the One Voice Community Center, 4442 North 7th Avenue in Phoenix.


Got Wood?

Stonewall Institute

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Provider with a specialization in serving the local LGBTQ community. We provide Alcohol and Drug Screening, Assessment, and Individual, Group, and Family Counseling Services. 602-535-6468

Bears of the Old Pueblo

TIHAN Bears of the Old Pueblo – The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS The Next Generation: AZ club will strive for diversity and ac- Network., 520-299-6647 The Next Generation of Kink ceptance of any person who wishes and Fetish in Arizona. We’re a so- to join. This will be accomplished Transgender Harmony cial and educational group for ages through meetings, activities and Metro area support TG group, 18-39 interested in exploring their charitable events held by members meets twice monthly on 2nd & 4th fetishes, whatever they may be. We of the club. Saturdays at 7pm. 16 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

Photos Courtesy Justice Prevails


Phat Indulgences

We'll Take You Where Others Won't

We'll Take You Where Others Won't | Issue #26 | March 2012 | 17



17 2

4 3


13 9

16 5 6 14





8 11

- light rail 1 THE Anvil

2303 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 956-2885

2 Apollo’s

5749 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 277-9373

3 Bunkhouse 4428 North 7th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 200-9154

map not to scale

4 Charlie’s Phoenix 727 West Camelback Road

8 Nu towne saloon 5002 E Van Buren Street

12 Rainbow Cactus 15615 N. Cave Creek

16 Royal Villa Resort 4312 North 12th Street

5 THE Chute 1440 East Indian School

9 Off Chute Too 4115 North 7th Avenue

13 The Rock 4129 North 7th Avenue

17 Sunburst Inn 6245 N. 12th Place

14 ROOT SELLER 4015 N 16th Street

18 Tuff Stuff 1716 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phoenix, AZ 85014 (602) 234-1654

6 FRIENDS Bar 1028 East Indian School

Phoenix, AZ 85014

7 Ice Pics Video Bar 3108 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 274-1429

10 Paradise Boutique 130 West Osborn Street

Phoenix, AZ 85013

11 Pleasure World 4029 East Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

18 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phoenix, AZ 85016

15 Roscoe’s 4531 North 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phoenix, AZ 85006

We’ll take you where

others won’t! We'll Take You Where Others Won't








map Not To scale

2 COLORS RESTAURANT 5305 East Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 323-1840

5 VENTURE-N 1239 North 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705-6639 (520) 882-8224

3 IBT’s 616 North 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85707 (520) 882-3053

6 Woody’s 3710 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705-3282 (520) 292-6702


1 DAVID’S OASIS 5311 W. Double Adobe Rd. McNeal , AZ 85617 520 979-6650 / 520 870-4091

20 | March 2012 | Issue #26 |

1 . e Rd




ou WD

Lowell South Bisbee

b Ado

80 80

92 Warren



4 NEW MOON 915 West Prince Road Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 293-7339 facebook: newmoontucson

Nac oH

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Set the Mood with Candles Most candles aren’t green, and we’re not talking about where they fall on the color wheel. Candles are often made from paraffin wax, which is petroleum-based -- that means that when you burn a candle, you’re burning fossil fuels. Yes, those same fossil fuels that are linked to climate change. While you may think the few candles you burn at home will make little impact on climate change, think about this: Americans spend roughly $2 billion per year on candles (and that’s just the candles, not the accessories). And it takes 1 billion pounds of wax to keep up with the yearly demand for candles in the U.S. [source: National Candle Association]. Instead, choose candles made from more eco-friendly materials, such as soy, beeswax or palm oil -- the greenest options being the ones made locally (which eliminates the additional fuel used to ship the candles). Excerpted from “Green Up Your Sex Life: 10 Tips” by Maria Trimarchi at View full article by visiting:


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We'll Take You Where Others Won't

Desert Knight News Issue #26, March 2012