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A LuckySports Adventure

The Kidnapping

By Robert Tiritilli and Charles Hellman

Copyright 2013

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It’s just another great day at the universes’ most popular place... SportsLand. The TeamMates battle the Hoo-Doos in whimsically designed stadiums and arenas in SportsLand. It’s the classic struggle between good and bad taking place during the many of the aspects of their sporting contest and adventures.


“ZINGO� the ruler of SportsLand serves his precious land. Here above the clouds and every rainbow he reigns supreme. Has total control of SportsLand. He lives in a sand castle floating above this hallowed place.


What is SportsLand?

SportsLand is a colorful cartoon sports themed world, filled with whimsical - designed stadiums and arenas, where playing fields take place of battlegrounds. The TeamMates battle the Hoo-Doos on these beautiful fields.


Travel is done over the scenic, Bubble Gum Way. SportsLand goes on “forever� - no one has ever seen its beginning or end. Inside this happy land, joy is endless and music and play can be seen and heard always.


SportsLand is also a fun place, where the buildings as well as the inhabitants look like sports equipment. A restaurant looks like a catcher’s mitt. The local bus is a large soccer ball that bounces down the street, picking up and letting off the passengers. In golf land, all the houses are built underground and you get to them via holes in the greens.


A key part of SportsLand is the amazing “HORNS”. Sometimes calling out joyfully sounds of fun and music, as Zingo and his happy band communicate their “joy” of their existence. The horns are also used as a warning system of any dangerous situation and a different sound is emitted with a message. SportsLand extends for what appears forever----its vertually endless. as always communications is king. “the news rules” how does the word spread? Of course--- by the “CORNUCOPIA” the voice of Zingo and all of SportsLand. The Cornucopia is made of wizard-like material unknown to earthlings, and are retractable. They appear magically and dispatch all the news, warnings, scores and most of all - constant music that soothes the soul. But most of all it warns of any attempts to conquer SportsLand by the Hoo-Doos and alerts the defenders. 8

LuckySports fans from every part of SportsLand will watch the latest “SOCCER EVENT” which is about to start in Soccer City.


Honest and loyal the leader of the TeamMates is Coach Wiffle. he is the ultimate hero and the greatest moptivator. The pressure to win the game weighs heavily on his wide shoulders 10

Soccer City its alive,vibrant ,its energy spreads through you---�it rocks.� There goes the hornucopias ----Hooo-Hoooo- Hooooray! ---it welcomes everyone to this phenominal event.


The “good guys” - two TeamMates, Striker and Kicki are getting ready to play the game of their lives - to defend and control the “funnest” place in the universe , SportsLand. A win in the big game garners the coveted plutiooopop trophy and keeps the control of SportsLand in the hands of the “good guys” 12

To enter “THE HALL OF FUN� is the goal of all permanent inhabitants of SportsLand. Entrance comes only through qualification that includes the highest sportsmanship and achievement.


Music and laughter are constantly heard coming from the inside of this hallowed place. The latest dance steps are taught by some of the soccer and tennis TeamMates, but no human can understand what’s actually going on.


In the far reaches of SportsLand are the “BADLANDS”. This is where the “Not so Good Guys” live. The BADLANDS are the home of the Hoo-Doos and TROUBLE. It borders on the fringes of SportsLand. It is beyond the the weeds in the vast darkness and desert. Here dwell the HooDoos. The Hoo-Doos and TROUBLE want all of SportsLand for themselves ----and will do anything to get it. The BADLANDS are weed infused -no trees. Nothing grows but black moss-like vegetation and caves full of a dark smoke. Here the Hoo-Doos dwell. Trouble is the dreaded leader of the Hoo-Doos and wants to turn SportsLand into a glitzy amusement center, Complete with a gigantic parking lot for sale to the highest bidder. Trouble has unleashed his marauding troops, bringing chaos to this peaceful land. 15

“The Big Game” -- The Occasion--

It’s that moment the gathering for the final Game of the Series. All of Soccer City is alive with emotion and sound. The very life of the TeamMates control of SportsLand rests on who wins. The referee of the Game is Mr. TweeT. He has the job of keeping the Hoo-Doos under control and make sure the game is played fair and square with some rules actually being followed by the Hoo-Doos. 16

Trouble the “worstest Guy “ is here with his band of “bad guys” the Hoo-Doos. Trouble is the most hated villain in the universe. When he is fuming mad, he lets everyone know it. The Hoo-Doos are anxious to start their cheating ways. Their only goal - win the game at all cost, get the trophy, take command of SportsLand and bring hate and darkness to this sacred land. 17



Trouble reaches into his bag of tricks and brings out the universes’ most dangerous weapon - the KLIPTONIUM BALL”. It is the fastest ball ever to be seen.


Tripper, Trouble’s favorite Hoo-Doo puts the ball in play. He dodges a TeamMate player and kicks it towards the goal... and SCORES!







The trophy and most of all - The Defense of SportsLand is achieved. Great job TeamMates!


After the game celebration, Kicki was skipping down Bubblegum Way to her locker from the Hall of Fun. She was listening to her favorite song on her IPod and texting all her friends about how happy she was scoring the winning goal. Then, as she turned the corner, she was grabbed, blindfolded, had her mouth covered and put into a large net. She squirmed and kicked, but to no avail. She was thrown into the trunk of a car and was driven to the BadLands far away from all the TeamMates. 28

A few hours had passed. Kicki opened her eyes after the blindfold was removed and saw nothing but darkness. She tried to move her hands and feet, but couldn’t because they were tied. She wanted to call out. She couldn’t because she was afraid. The last thing Kicki remembered was celebrating scoring the winning goal that beat the Hoo-Doos. 29

She jumped in fright when the coarse voice of Trouble from the darkness said, “Kicki, Kicki, I see you’re awake now. Don’t scream as it is useless.” The horns could be heard in the background warning of danger. Trouble said with an evil chuckle as he moved closer but did not touch her. He watched her knowing that the TeamMates now know of her abduction. 30

Kicki’s eyes were now adjusting to the darkness after the blindfold was removed. She could make out an outline of an 8-ball along with others. Several hands reached out trying to touch her and retracted back, as she pulled back scared they were going to harm her. Kicki looked in the direction of Trouble. “Pl...please, Mr. Trouble, let me go. I have no money,” she said, what does he want from me - she thought to herself. 31

She had seen these dirty hands before. They seemed very familiar... the rough voice, the terrible smell and round body. It was Trouble along with his Hoo-Doo gang. She sighed and shifted. Kicki was uncomfortable. She called out, “Can anyone please free me?” she waited for some response. Trouble turned his purple back on her and walked away. He never told her the reason why he had taken her hostage. It was for a ransom of her safe return. Kicki cried out “Please let me go! I’ll do anything, if you let me go!” Trouble walked back into the room. “I can’t let you go without a ransom.” He walked over to untie the rope that bound her hands and feet. 32

Trouble hovered over Soccer City in his old helicopter demanding that the TeamMates pay a ransom for Kicki, or they would never see her again. It wasn’t money that Trouble wanted. He wanted the KEY to the Hall of Fun for himself since he was banned from it years ago. He gave his word of honor that if this was done, he would release Kicki. 33

Getting a key to the Hall of Fun was very important to Trouble. He thought it gave him the authority to enter the Hall of Fun anytime. Unknowingly to Trouble, the gold-plated key to the Hall of Fun was just a ceremonial key. Although the original door still stands, the key won’t turn the lock. Unknown to Trouble, the LuckySports characters who were charged with protecting the Hall of Fun kept the real keys. Although the main entrance normally remains unlocked, their function is obviated by the 24-hour laser beam guard. 34

Trouble approached Kicki and asked her to say something. She said the name of the person she wanted to see the most again‌ Striker, her brother. She heard his voice, and that everything will be okay. She told him that she was afraid of what Trouble might do to her. She tried to scream. She was about to tell him more, but Trouble gagged her again.


The horns were blasting away with joy. Striker gave Trouble the gold-plated key to the Hall of Fun so that Kicki could return to Soccer City – and she did safely. Little did Trouble know that he outwitted himself. He couldn’t open anything with his ceremonial Key! 36

BOB, Need KEY in TROUBLE’s hand. Chuck

Back go Trouble with his key and the Hoo-Doos in defeat to the BADLANDS - that gloomy land, covered in dense and dangerous fog; where nothing grows and fun is non-existant.


Beaten again, the resilient Hoo-Doos and TROUBLE will try another time to defeat those “too good” guys--- the TeamMates. They will find new devious ways to do so to erase the memory of TeamMates’ victory in their quest to take over SportsLand.


Kidnapping of Kicki  
Kidnapping of Kicki  

Trouble and the Hoo-Doos kidnap Kicki for a ransom.