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2011 Major Fair Sponsorship Program General Description: Two uniquely different Fairs, bring over 52,000 Fairgoers to enjoy the hundreds of exhibits, good food, daily concerts, local talent and spectacular shows for eight delightful days of fun, excitement and everlasting memories! Sponsorship Opportunity: A $2,500.00 sponsorship will help keep our facilities updated, bring in concerts nightly and increase interactive activities for the whole family to participate in during our annual fairs. Major Fair Sponsor will gain direct targeting of your market in our remote location with an engraved 4 x 6 plaque located at the main entrance of the fairgrounds. Your plaque will be on display for 2011, during which, The Spring Festival, Desert Empire Fair, Santa’s Art Shop, Gymkhana, Motorcycle Races and over 1,000 family events are held annually. This one simple technique can actually increase your sales, in a fun way. Major Fair Sponsor will be recognized on the Fair's Marque and in the schedule of events during the two annual fairs on a special day. On that day your logo and/or name may be used as the hand stamp, if you choose, based on specifications provided by the Fair. Included Opportunity: For the Major Fair Sponsor who wants to get their products into the hands of the consumer. You can have samples put into the Desert Empire Fair reusable bag that 4,500+ fairgoers are given when entering the 2011 Desert Empire Fair. Not only are you helping the community “Go Green,” but also you get your products to the fingertips of thousands of fairgoers. The Major Fair Sponsor gains FREE Website exposure with a Hot link and logo identification at the Desert Empire Fair official website, Don’t miss these great opportunities, Gail McElwain CEO

Becoming a Major Sponsor