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Are you Deserious?!  'Cause we know you are! Deserious is young, adventurous and exciting; Dutch menswear with a keen eye for detail.   ! This brochure gives you a closer look at our new autumn/winter '11-'12 collection. Go and find out how Deserious you are!!

PUBLISEHED BY:   Instyle  Fashion  Group  BV,  postal  Box  1913,  BREDA,  The  Netherlands   CONCEPT,  DESIGN  AND  REALISATION:   Joost  Onderwaater,  Breda,  The  Netherlands   PHOTOGRAPHY:   Jeroen  Jongeneelen,  Breda,  The  Netherlands   STYLING:   Geke  Hendriks,  Amsterdam,  The  Netherlands   MAKE-­‐UP:   Liza  Tesselaar,  The  Netherlands   MODEL:   Darius  Klonowski,  Bad  Homburg,  Germany   LOCATION:   InBev   Ron  Hartogs,  Breda,  The  Netherlands   Our  Special  Thanks  To:   Daniel  Boers   Paul  Stoop  

Let始s talk business. Call or email Deserious to make an appointment.! T: 31(0)762011352! Or:!!

Deserious Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2011  


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