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Your success is our goal! Speak English, study hard, and have fun! Speak English from your first lesson with the inlingua method

Welcome to inlingua Vancouver!

inlingua Vancouver inlingua Vancouver is a member of inlingua International - one of the world's leading language training organizations with 345 Language Centers in 44 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. Millions of private persons and employees of large and small companies, institutions and government offices have benefited from the inlingua method of language training. Highly qualified native speakers provide language and communication training with the help of teaching materials specially developed by inlingua. Founded in Bern, Switzerland in 1968, inlingua is known worldwide for excellence. Exclusive inlingua materials combined with the ‘inlingua method’ ensure your success.

The inlingua method Qualified teaching staff uses the inlingua method for their communicative language training. The inlingua method is based on decades of experience and is improved continuously. All teachers have been trained to use the universal inlingua method. They build their course program on the basis of standardized teaching techniques and teaching material and tools developed for these courses and structured for internationally recognized proficiency levels. Striking examples and hands-on language use are preferred over dull theory. Your knowledge is verified regularly to adapt training to individual needs. The proven inlingua method uses a dynamic and practical approach to learning English – an approach that focuses on the functional aspects of the English language, not the dry, technical details. Rather than memorizing long lists of vocabulary words or reverting to word-for-word translation, you will gain skills in practical, real-world situations and be personally coached on accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation. Our method encourages you to have fun and experiment with the use of English, so that you can figure out its patterns for yourself and progress quickly in your proficiency. We also make sure that speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills are integrated into our technique so that you end up with a natural, organic feel for the language as a whole. Our teachers include all the subtle but critical nuances such as culture, etiquette, and appropriateness in every lesson plan.

Why inlingua Vancouver? Friendly and experienced teachers

Variety of full-time and part-time programs

Students from around the world

General, Academic or Business English

Very effective method to learn

Work programs to practice in the real world

Great atmosphere

Academic Pathways to continue your education

Fantastic activities every day

Supportive staff

Campuses conveniently located downtown

English-Only policy to help you speak at all times

Wonderful homestay families

Online learning lessons and support

Granville Campus

Gastown Campus

Your Success Is Our Goal!

Your Success is Our Goal at inlingua Vancouver At inlingua Vancouver we believe that you deserve great opportunities. We also believe that you should enjoy each and every day of your life. Our mission is to help you succeed in your professional, academic and personal goals. We offer unique English courses to help you reach your goals, for example: -

speaking English fluently working in Canada studying at a great university creating wonderful memories experiencing the quality of life in Canada

‌you just need to set your goals; we will help you reach them. We are a team of professional teachers and staff to help you in your journey. Come and let us help you succeed. Let us help you make your dreams come true! You will meet people from many different countries and live with a friendly Canadian family. You will speak English every day not only in class but in our daily activities. - inlingua Vancouver

The inlingua Method

1. The teacher conducts the lesson in the target language only. The student should start thinking in the target language as soon as possible. Translation confuses and wastes time. 2. The teacher gives the learner the opportunity to speak as much as possible during the lesson. The only way in which the student will learn to speak a language is by speaking it, just as one learns to play golf by hitting a golf ball with a golf club.

3. The teacher conducts the greater part of the lesson orally, with the book closed. It is a fact that a language is learned by using and hearing it, therefore, the student should be less reliant on his eyes during the lessons. 4. The teacher concentrates more on teaching structures (i.e. how words are put together) than on teaching individual words. Language is not a collection of words, but a system of word combinations.

5. The teacher controls his/her teaching in such a way that most of the sentences produced by the learner are correct. 6. The teacher diagnosis the extent of the learner’s knowledge before supplying a model or providing a solution him/herself. The teacher should build on the student’s knowledge and fill in gaps as soon as possible.

7. The teacher keeps theoretical explanations to a minimum. In order to drive a car it is not necessary to know how the engine works. The student should be able to induce a rule from example. 8. The teacher encourages the learner to play a creative role in the learning process. In order for the student to be constructive and creative in his use of the target language, he must experiment. It is impossible to memorize a number of sentences which he thinks he will need one day.

9. The teacher observes the principles of applied psychology. The goal of the inlingua method is to make language learning as sufficient and pleasant as possible. The method is flexible to give the teacher the possibility to adapt his approach to the individual requirements to the student. Factors such as linguistic talent, motivation, openness and cultural particularities have to be considered.

10. A structural approach to language learning is one which places the main emphasis on learning the structures of grammatical items of a language. The functional approach emphasizes learning how to express oneself in situations which occur in everyday life. The most efficient teaching method is the combination of both approaches. The inlingua method teaches structure on the basis of functional situations.

Gastown Campus

(Main Campus)

Gastown Campus Our Gastown Campus was built thinking about students’ comfort. Located close to the Waterfront SkyTrain and SeaBus stations on beautiful Water Street, this campus is just perfect. With 16 classrooms and a large student lounge, our beginner and intermediate students enjoy a wonderful campus that looks very modern. Our classrooms are spacious, with windows and ocean views, comfortable furniture and all the equipment needed for teaching English. One of the classrooms is a computer lab with 15 computers. There is also wireless internet service throughout the 3 storey campus.

“2A is a great level to get you speaking about both past, and future. I also teach Listening and several other kinds of classes, like Current Affairs. I love playing the guitar, and I often teach and play with students. I’m looking forward to meeting you if you come to inlingua Vancouver!”

- Teacher, Troy Greenall

Gastown Campus Classes...

“The whole experience has probably been one or if not the best time of my life. Since coming to inlingua Vancouver, the variety of students from all over the world has lead to friendships I’ll keep forever. The daily activities after classes, the trips that the school has held, the atmosphere amongst students, teachers, and staff; not to mention the awesome city of Vancouver where you can not get bored, are just some of the reasons why this has been one of the greatest experiences ever.�

- Luis Orlando Ruiz, MEXICO

Our student lounge features a projection TV for our daily movies, a stereo system to play music during the lunch break, 10 microwaves, 10 computers and seating capacity for 100 students to have lunch and socialize with their friends. In this multi-use space, we also hold orientations for new students, graduation ceremonies and various social events.

Granville Campus

“As a former teacher for eight years at inlingua Vancouver and the current Director of Studies, I have had the opportunity to witness inlingua grow into one of the best ESL schools in Vancouver. The biggest differences between inlingua and the other schools I have worked at are the inlingua method and materials. These not only make learning a lot more interesting for students but also allow teachers to follow a structured curriculum. These things, combined with a great support staff, activities program and the fact that we are situated in the middle of the World’s most beautiful city, make us the natural choice.�

- Director of Studies, Chris Chanakos

Granville Campus Granville Campus is located near the corner of Granville and Robson Street. Our campus has an excellent location in the heart of the bustling shopping and entertainment district, and very close to the Granville SkyTrain station. With 14 classrooms and two nice student lounges, our Chris was born in North Vancouver and grew up here. He has a BA in English Literature. He has traveled

upper intermediate and advanced students enjoy a

extensively in Europe and he’s been to Costa Rica and

traditional campus with a heritage look reflected in its brick

Mexico. He enjoys creative writing, sports, cooking

walls, wood flooring, and soft wall colours.

and films. Chris is well-liked by students for his sense of humour and humble Canadian style. - Teacher, Chris Evans



Full-Time Programs Star English Program - SE

Intensive Program - IP1

(Super Intensive, 30 hours per week, 6 hours per day)

(Intensive, 22.5 hours per week, 4.5 hours per day)

This program is super intensive. Classes start at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. You will take inlingua speaking English lessons in the morning and choose two elective lessons in the afternoon according to your needs and preferences.

Morning Lessons 9:00 - 10:30 am 10:40 - 12:00 pm

This program is intensive. Classes start at 9:00 am and end at 2:30 pm. You will take inlingua speaking English lessons in the morning and choose one elective lesson in the afternoon according to you needs and preferences.

Morning Lessons 9:00 - 10:30 am 10:40 - 12:00 pm

Speaking lessons Speaking lessons

Speaking lessons Speaking lessons

Lessons include:

Lessons include:

Homework review and presentation / practice / production of 3 key points per day.

Homework review and presentation / practice / production of 3 key points per day.

12:00 - 1:00 pm

Lunch break

12:00 - 1:00 pm

Afternoon Lessons

Lunch break

Afternoon Lessons

1:00 - 2:30 pm 2:40 - 4:00 pm

Elective lessons Elective lessons

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Elective lessons

Students will choose 1 Elective lesson according to their level, needs and preferences.

Students will choose 2 Elective lessons according to their level, needs and preferences. Semi - Private lessons are available.

Part-Time Programs Part Time Intensive Program - PT1

SE Afternoon Program

(Semi Intensive, 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day)

(Semi Intensive, 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day)

This is a part-time program offering speaking lessons from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

This is a part- time program offered from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You will be able to choose from a huge variety of elective lessons.

Afternoon Lessons

Morning Lessons 9:00 - 10:30 am 10:40 - 12:00 pm

1:00 - 2:30 pm 2:40 - 4:00 pm

Speaking lessons Speaking lessons

Elective lessons Elective lessons

Lessons include:

Students will choose 2 Elective lessons according to their level, needs and preferences.

Homework review and presentation / practice / production of 3 key points per day.

Semi - Private lessons are available.

Speci a lize d P r o g r a m s (Intensive, 22.5 hours per week, 4.5 hours per day)

9:00 am - 2:30 pm We are a TOEFL testing center authorized by ETS. We are an Authorized IELTS Test Venue under the auspices of Conestoga College IELTS Test Centre.






iBT internet Based Test

IELTS Preparation Course

Cambridge First Certificate in English

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

Business English Diploma Program

Morning Lessons Speaking Lessons 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Exclusive teaching technique called the inlingua method. - Presentation, Practice, and Production of 3 key points per day!

Students Assessment: Attendance, Homework, Quizzes, Final Exam, and Presentations. (Student’s require 80% for level upgrades).

Levels start every 4 weeks, classes start every Monday. Exclusive textbooks and CD’s produced by inlingua International. Certified professional teaching staff accredited by Languages Canada. Students “Use” English and learn grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing & vocabulary. Classes are fun, dynamic and interactive.

- Gastown Campus - Granville Campus

10 Levels:

At inlingua Vancouver, we use a special teaching technique called the inlingua method. The method allows each student to speak English, practice using the language and progress quickly. Our educational materials, produced by inlingua International, are designed to complement this method. The combination of inlingua books and the inlingua method is an effective way of learning to speak English. In addition, you will be improving your grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. You will become accurate, fluent and confident in your English ability. Classes are fun, dynamic and interactive.


Beginner Levels 1A and 1B are from 9 AM to 2:30 PM. In this way, we make sure students cover all the key points, grammatical structures, vocabulary and the basic skills to move to higher levels. Levels 2A to 5B are from 9 AM to 12 PM. Afternoon lessons are Elective Lessons. See next page for details.

Class Time Spent on Each Key Point

- Presentation - Practice - Production

1A to 2B

3A to 3B

4A to 5B

Afternoon Classes

Reading & Writing

2A - 3A

Get the skills to express yourself formally and prepare for future academic studies, work in Canada or life abroad. Students learn to skim materials, increase their active vocabulary and improve their comprehension of written materials. Allow to move from simple sentence structure to forming paragraphs.

Grammar Plus

2A - 3A

The perfect course for students who are struggling with grammar. Using a communicative approach, it allows students to become comfortable with English grammar through speaking activities.


2A - 3A

The perfect course for those students wishing to improve their pronunciation and move one step closer to sounding like a native English speaker. Focusing on intonation, stress, rhythm and linking, this course will improve how you pronounce English words as well as how you stress phrases and link phrases.

ILT - Interactive Listening Tech

2A - 3A

This is a fast-paced class focused on listening skills as well as speech training skills. Listening skills are challenged by genuine, up-to-date media such as news / weather / comedy / science / music / TV & movies. Speech is improved through drilled speech activities and reading practice.

English For Work

2A - 3B

This program is designed specifically for students interested in working in the service industry. The class will provide students with the skills required to find a job including resume building, interview skills and the communication skills needed to succeed in the work place.

Fluency & Accuracy

2A - 4B

Designed for upper intermediate to advanced ESL students, this course aims to help students speak more fluently and break bad habits associated with problematic grammar. Reading materials and other media is used to challenge students and give them the tools necessary to reach a new level of comprehension and fluency.

Academic English I

3B - 5B

A challenging course to improve your reading comprehension and academic writing skills. Strong focus on vocabulary and structure through reading / writing tests taken from a variety of sources including SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Learn the necessary skill sets to undertake challenging readings and express complex ideas in writing and speaking.

Slang & Idioms

3A - 5B

This class covers both slang and idioms that are useful when communicating with English speakers and help to understand movies, television shows and music. You will learn and use new idioms and slang in conversations and discussions.

Amazing Listening

3A - 4B

A class designed to improve student’s listening skills through music, television, radio and the internet. Listening materials are then used to stimulate conversation and discussions. The aim is to get students familiar with real-life listening and conversational challenges.

Academic English II

3B - 5B

Become more fluent and comfortable speaking about current issues in English. The primary focus is on vocabulary, short readings and discussions. Through web-based media, newspapers and television, students will improve both their reading comprehension skills as well as their oral communications skills in an interactive environment.

Semi-Private Lessons

1A - 5B

inlingua Online Learning Complementing our AM and PM lessons, online students work at their own pace and contact our online instructor for support. The course includes a wide range of grammar, listening and reading exercises and is a great way to prepare for your visit to the inlingua classroom or to continue once you have left inlingua.


In small groups consisting of 4-6 students, learners will review grammar and vocabulary and some new ideas. These lessons contain a specific topic or focus as well as specific vocabulary and grammar structures.These lessons provide a more relaxed environment and students can receive more attention from the teacher. 1A- 5B

5A - 5B

4A - 4B

3A - 3B

2A - 2B


*Elective lessons are subject to change.

1:00 - 2:30

Elective Lessons

2:40 - 4:00


Study and Work Programs We offer 6 options for these programs:

1. Self Placement Program (DIY) Do it yourself! You will look for and arrange your own job, after taking all our English lessons and learning how to complete your résumé, prepare for the interviews and go job hunting.

2. Casual Work Experience – City (CWE-C) Students will work in unskilled casual positions around Metro Vancouver. Jobs are normally in cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, retail shops or labour and seasonal positions in downtown or the Vancouver metropolitan area. This program is ideal for young students and flexible participants willing to practice their English with workmates or clients.

3. Casual Work Experience – Resort (CWE-R) Your work experience can also be in housekeeping at tourist resorts, specially in the winter and summer seasons in beautiful places such as Vancouver Island, Banff, Rockies, BC Interior, Whistler and Muskoka (summer only). Students will work in unskilled casual positions at hotels in Western Canada.

4. Career Development Program (CDP) This is an ideal program for professionals who want to practice their English in the professional Canadian labour market. 5 areas are possible: Office Administration / General Marketing / Hospitality Management / Engineering (Electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering) / Information Technology.

5. Student Internship Program (SIP) This is unpaid, professional-level internship. The program offered to international students is the same offered to Canadian university students. The internships are possible in many professional areas, except those regulated by licences (medicine, law among others). It is ideal for professionals who want to practice their English and learn about the professional labour market in Canada, and don’t have as much time available, or their profession is not in the list for the CDP Career Development Program.

6. Combined Placement Program (CPP) Students will work for 4 or 5 hours in the morning in a professional internship without compensation and then will go to a service job in the afternoons / evenings with a salary per hour. It mixes a semi full-time SIP placement (20-30 hours per week) and a part-time CWE-C placement (12-16 hours per week).

Farmstay / Ranchstay experience Our Farmstay / Ranchstay program can provide you with a friendly and comfortable environment where you can learn more about Canadian culture and the English language. You will have the opportunity to make new friendships by living and working on a Canadian farm. The program includes accommodation and all meals! Farmstay / Ranchstay opportunities take place in beautiful British Columbia or Alberta, from the Rockies to the Coastal Mountains. This program includes a minimum of 4 weeks of full-time studies + 4 to 12 weeks of farmstay / ranchstay (or longer upon request). Placements are possible all year long. Some programs are subject to availability. Ranchstay program requires previous experience in horse riding.

11 12


“ inlingua’s extra curricular activities are an extremely important component to our students’ language development. inlingua students are encouraged to participate in all of our daily activities, to experience life outside of the classroom, to practice their English, and to learn more about North American culture.

inlingua activities are catered to adults, and for each month, our calendar offers a variety of unique and exciting activities. We pride ourselves in being creative and always strive to make each month completely different and to keep our students motivated to participate.”

- Activities Coordinator

Some inlingua Activities


Ski - Snowboard





- inlingua BBQ - Monster Truck - Paintball - Ultimate Frisbee - Harbour Centre - Cultural Night - Whistler - Victoria - Seattle - Tennis - Eagle Watching - Vancouver Sun Run - Grouse Grind - International Jazz Festival - Gay Pride Parade - Capilano Suspension - Lynn Valley - Skydiving - River Rafting - Rock Climbing - Kayaking & Canoeing - Rocky Mountains - Tofino - Camping - Science World - inlingua Soccer - Pottery Classes - The Ultimate Race - Slang Class - Calgary Stampede - Golfing AND MORE...

- Beach Volleyball - Seattle Mariners Baseball - Vancouver CN IMAX - Halloween Party - Karaoke - Billiards - Bowling - Pub Night - Basketball - Wine Tours - Critical Mass - Playland - amusement park - Vancouver Walking Tour - Skiing and Snowboarding - Celebration of Lights - Vancouver Canucks Game - Ice Skating - Snowshoeing - Curling - Potluck Parties - Sake Night - Theatre under the stars - Speed Dating - Photo Scavenger Hunt - Bard on the Beach - Men’s / Women’s Night - Yoga - Salsa Lessons - Movie Night - Sailing

The inlingua Experience

Student Testimonies “I really enjoyed my time in Vancouver. The weather is pretty good in the summer. Moreover, I like the mix of beaches and mountains. Studying at inlingua was quite a good experience, and I reckon that being one of the only French speaking students, it helped me to learn faster. I also enjoyed playing with the inlingua soccer team and hanging out with “inlingua is a very friendly place to learn

my new friends in Vancouver.”

English. Especially, if you like to improve your oral English a lot. Many teachers here are

- Christophe Mohr, FRANCE

really knowledgeable, and are always willing to answer the questions you ask. Moreover, Vancouver is a fantastic place to stay, especially for those people who enjoy outdoor “inlingua has been a great experience for me

activities a lot.”

because the classes and the teachers are very interesting and fun. In addition, I have met

- Vincent ~Han Wei Chen, TAIWAN

awesome people from different countries and we have done great activities together. I know I will never forget the time I have spent at inlingua!!!” “I studied at inlingua for 3 months. It’s a very - Daniela Buitrago C., COLOMBIA

exciting school, and I learned a lot of English. I made a lot of friends from a lot of countries, and the teachers are very friendly. I hope to come to inlingua again!!!”

“I didn’t know anything about Vancouver or

- Adnan Al-Ramel, SAUDI ARABIA

inlingua before coming here, but I think I made a great decision. I’ve found people who seem to be interested in teaching!!!!.. which is not easy to find, I can swear. Vancouver is a bright city... when it’s sunny! My English is improving, I think, even though that’s not easy to notice. The inlingua method works, somehow.”

Our Teachers

- Jordi Riera Ballester, SPAIN

“ I did my internship as an assistant in logistics management through the inlingua internship program. It was a complete success and I would gladly recommend it to everyone who is interested in a Canadian work experience.”

Sandra Christensen grew up on a farm near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). She has a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Education – curriculum development. She has lived and worked in Montreal, Quebec and Kathmandu, Nepal. She’s travelled to more than 10 countries, and she believes sharing

- Marcus Pannwitz, GERMANY

our views in English is an opportunity to learn about many cultures and continually expand our worldviews. “I hope you enjoy exploring the world through English language. Remember to keep your minds and your hearts open!”

- Teacher, Sandra Christensen


inlingua Success Stories... “It's hard to explain how fantastic time I had in inlingua Vancouver. My English improved a lot. Plus, I met many nice friends who I still keep in touch with. Since I came back to my country, I got a job in a trading company. It's been almost a year in my company, and I have been doing very well. I have no problem “I studied at inlingua for 3 months. I had an

having a meeting with foreigners, making

excellent time there, had lots of fun and

contracts and doing important tasks. Still

participated in many school activities. The

I have to study more and I will achieve more. But I think my first step was pretty good

teachers, staff and students were great. I met a lot

and without staying in inlingua, I don't think I’d have made it. inlingua makes you

of people from all over the world and made many

speak English. Once you get confidence, then your English will boost up. That's what

new friends. Not only did I have fun, but also I

I experienced. If my best friend asks me which institute is a perfect place to improve

improved my English that enabled me to get a

his or her English, then I would strongly suggest inlingua Vancouver without any

dream job in New York City as a Service Engineer.


Thank you inlingua” - Kunmoo Ko, KOREA - Flavio Feuerstein, SWITZERLAND

“I'm working as a secretary assistant and an adviser for young people who are planning to come to Canada. I've had a great experience and got new dreams at inlingua. English is still a part of me. It's very important for me to keep on moving onward to my new dreams.”

“This has been an incredible experience, once in a lifetime. I applied for an Internship program and it was the right decision, my English has improved a lot since I got here. I have met a lot of people from different countries and I got an amazing job with responsibilities and I have learned a lot. But the most important thing is that I started out with teachers, now I have friends, that

- Emi Igarashi, JAPAN

has helped me. They give me their support and their friendship, and this is going to help me through my future life.”

- Carlos Romero, MEXICO

“My name is Antoinette Perone and I am the Cambridge FCE teacher at inlingua Vancouver. I have also worked for inlingua Milan and was able to gain experience with the inlingua

“I had a great time at inlingua Vancouver.

method in Italy before coming to inlingua Vancouver.

The most important thing which separates

Vancouver is a beautiful city with much to offer international

inlingua from the other schools is their

students both inside and outside the classroom.”

education system forcing students to ‘speak only English’ everywhere in the school and where the school activities were facilitated.

- Teacher, Antoinette Perone

I improved my English skills remarkably. Besides, I made a lot of friends from all over the world.

Katrin Lohuaru was born and grew up in East Vancouver. She has a degree in

Teachers’ friendliness made my life in

Human Geography and Environmental Studies. She’s been to Ireland, France,

Vancouver easier. I’m still in touch with my

Poland & Thailand, and visited family in Estonia. She has a passion for singing and

teachers. While saying something about

photography, and her dream is to become

inlingua, Vancouver’s beauty shouldn’t be

fluent in seven languages. Her dramatic and spontaneous style brings the grammar to life.

forgotten. It deserves to be seen at least once in a lifetime. My Career Development Program (CDP) covered 6 months of English courses and 6 months of a paid

- Teacher, Katrin Lohuaru


professional internship. I studied first, then I did my internship in a real Canadian company and I am leaving very satisfied.”

- Yasin Malli, TURKEY

Student Services


One of the most important aspects of your study abroad experience is where you live. At inlingua Vancouver, we offer three accommodation options: Full-board, Half-board, and Rooming. Students are placed with Canadian host families whose official language is English. Homes are no more than 45 minutes from the school and located along major transportation lines. We only work with families who have been carefully selected after meeting our strict criteria. According to the information that is provided on your application form, you will be matched with a family and will receive information about them a few weeks before you arrive.

Homestay Options Full - Board Half - Board Rooming

3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ) 2 Meals (Breakfast, Dinner ) No Meals

- Private Room / Shared Washroom / Laundry / Optional Airport Pick up / Drop off - Upgrades subject to availability: Private bathroom, TV in the room, Zone 1 (closer to school) - Shared Rooms available upon request


How to contact inlingua Vancouver Please contact us by phone, fax, email or come in person and visit us. We have two campuses in downtown Vancouver. Our main campus is located in the area of Gastown, a beautiful and historic area of our city. (Location A in the map below). Our second campus is located on Granville and Robson Street, which is a premiere shopping and entertainment district in the downtown core. (Location B in the map below).

inlingua Vancouver - Gastown Campus A Suite 300 - 150 Water St. Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B2, Canada Phone : +1 604. 605. 0960 Fax : +1 604. 484. 2424 inlingua Vancouver - Granville Campus B Suite 300 - 816 Granville St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K3, Canada Email : Website : follow us @ inlinguaVan

For more information and consultation, please contact one of our agents in your city. They can assist you with your inlingua registration, visa, flight tickets, accommodation, payment, insurance and more.

Inlingua vancouver brochure  

Inlingua Vancouver - Brochura

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