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Octubre 2012

Universidad Linda Vista

Pueblo Nuevo Solistanuacan Linda Vista University Resourses Yerbabuena EVSPAY The unknown and hidden in wide variety of plants.

Unknown and hidden in nature

In order to raise awareness of the beauty of the vegetation and nature products, I invite you to follow those magazines.

Unknown and hidden in nature

Chiapas and Flora Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan Linda Vista University Yerbabuena Evspay Unknown and hidden in wide variety of plant Secret and Power of Plants

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Linda Vista University Administrative Science Faculty Edition 01. November 2012 Design: Candelaria González Ruiz Work carried out in compliance with requirements of International Marketing. Teacher: Dra. Clara Carlson Morales Author: Candelaria González Ruiz Email: Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, Chiapas. México. Pictures: Place: ULV, Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, Chiapas By: Candelaria González Ruiz, Abdiel San Martín Morales ULV Building A Unknown and hidden in nature

Here will be found some natural wonders that is unknown, secrets and power plants. It is interesting to mention flora of the state of Chiapas. It has riches hidden in the trees and plants. I would like to mention in particular a place in Chiapas. That is “Linda Vista University", its climate, location and mountainous region there are a variety of medicinal plants. Mountain El Sacramento

In Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan is Linda Vista University, it is surrounded by trees and a variety of rare plants and unknown, which within them are medicinal plants. 700 yards from Linda Vista University is a center for healthy lifestyle called "Yerbabuena Evspay". The center conducted a program of healthy lifestyle with natural medicines.

This magazine puts at your fingertips timely knowledge about medicinal plants, expressed with simplicity, clarity and illustrated for easy to understand and to apply in practical life.

Church ULV 3 Unknown and hidden in nature

Unknown and hidden in nature

Chiapas is one of the most biodiversity states in Mexico country

In this beautiful state can be found about 3, 000 plant species, including mahogany, cedar, pine, cypress, ash, oak, mangroves, grasslands, mesquite, among others.

Pine around ULV


Eucalyptus, ULV

On border with Guatemala is located the Lacandon Jungle, where are 20% of the Mexican species.

In Chiapas state capital is Sumidero Canyon

Sumidero canyon Lacandon jungle

5 Unknown and hidden in nature

Pueblo Nuevo is located in North Mountain, predominantly hilly. It is surrounded by a wide variety of vegetation.

Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacรกn


The climate is semi warm wet summer rains and warm humid with rain all year. 6 Unknown and hidden in nature

At 419.8 square kilometers land area, this is equivalent to 6.88% of the surface of the North and the 0.55% of the state area. Its altitude is 1.720 m

Geographical coordinates: 17 º 09 'north latitude 92 ° 54 'west longitude

It is bordered by Huitiupan and Ixhuatán to the north, Simojovel and Huitiupan to the east, with Jitotol to the south, and Rayon and Tapilula to the west.

Town´s main attraction is woody vegetation with beautiful landscapes.


Cieneguilla farm

Unknown and hidden in nature

Boy´s ULV dormitories

Linda Vista University is located 2 km from Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacan, Chiapas.

It is 2hrs. 30 minutes of Tuxtla Gutierrez and 3 hrs. 15 min. from Villahermosa city, state of Tabasco.


Devora Trujillo library

Unknown and hidden in nature

You can found unknown plants and wide varieties trees in Linda Vista University and employee´s garden.

There are many plants unknown and some of them are considered like weeds. But they are medicinal plants.

Unknown and hidden in nature

Candelaria González Ruiz

Interview with Isaiah Lopez Gordillo, Alternative Medicine physician

Yerbabuena EVSPAY is a healthy lifestyle center. This center manages a program of "Healthy Lifestyle" for 21 days. The main objective of this program is to create a new lifestyle habit. His uses the eight natural laws or eight natural remedies from Ellen G. White.

Philosophy: "There are many ways to cure but only one is approving the sky, it is using natural remedies"

Yerbabuena EVSPAY was worked as a hospital, since that time used natural treatments, but in 1994 this hospital closes. Even in 1998 it reopened with a new program "a new habit Routine" by missionary Dr. Frank Cox, Texas, USA. EVSPAY in 2002 it was renamed to "Fitness Center".

Some relatives of the family Constom missionaries Civil Association Medical Education (ACME), are owners of the center " SPA Lifestyle Yerbabuena". Currently the Director of the Center EVSPAY is Dr. Hannibal Soto. The program for 21 days includes for all patients hydrotherapy, geotherapy, chiropractic and detoxification of the body. The first 10 days of detoxification of body restrict their consumption of fats and proteins (dietherapy).

The dietherapy consists of 3 diets: 1) Whole grain rice (only food whole day) 2) Raw foods (citrus, sweet and neutral fruits) 3) Juices (3 to 5 liters for days of juice, it is depending to needed of customer) Diseases that Yerbabuena EVSPAY most treated are diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and immune diseases. Inmune deseases are treated by hemovacunas. Medicinal plants used by EVSPAY treatment are cypress, dandelion, horsetail, eucalyptus and lemon tea. Isaías López Gordillo, Medico en medicina alternativo

10 Unknown and hidden in nature

The nature is the best thing you can found in this world, because nature gives us welfare, health, energy and protects us from many diseases.

EIGHT NATURAL REMEDIES 1. Aire 2. Water 3. Sun 4. Food

5. Exercise 6. Rest 7. Moderation 8. Confidence

11 Unknown and hidden in nature


USE: Anti-inflammatory internal and external use. HOW TO PREPARE: Boil water in a liter of 5 sheets of plants.


USE: For gastrointestinal problems. Drink a glass every 5 hours. HOW TO PREPARE: For coercion.

Purple Maguey

USE: It is anti-inflammatory and injury wash. HOW TO PREPARE: Boil water in a liter of 4 sheets of plants

Lasosa weed

12 Unknown and hidden in nature

USE: Treat respiratory infections, diabetes, eczema and wounds. Also, it is used to prepare ointments, healing and antiseptic. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eucalyptus globulus


USE: Treat varicose veins, leg ulcers and hemorrhoids. Also, it is used in prostate problems. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cupressus sempervirens


USE: It is an anti-inflammatory, kidney problems, digestive and astringent. METHOD OF PREPARATION: For coercion.

Medlar 13 Unknown and hidden in nature

USE: For urinary tract infections. METHOD OF PREPARATION: For coerci贸n.


USE: For arthritis, kidney failure, diuretic. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Equisetum arvense

Horsetail USE: Indigestion, cholesterol, nervousness, headache. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cymbopogon citratus

Lemon Tea

14 Unknown and hidden in nature

Mistletoe (Viscum album) considered like a weed. This plant grows above fruit trees. It is a plant for cancer treatment. This plant has three different preparations, which are under duress, infusion and by steam.

The lemon tea is one of the few plants that eliminate the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

15 Unknown and hidden in nature



Club`s exploration

Classification of medicinal plants and insects

Primitive Life

Enjoy an experience life in nature, consuming everything natural and using natural medicines.


Places around the ULV where there is a great diversity of medicinal plants. Buy natural medicines "Yerbabuena" and ALIVI`s products.



Massage Therapies

Performing massage body rubs using medicinal plants. Relaxation therapies foment and body therapy. PRODUCTS ADN SERVICE GAPS

1 2
















This table shows a positive tourist image of Linda Vista University. Survey realized from ULV to students, employees and visitors to the different states.

16 Unknown and hidden in nature

ALIVI offer to you, those follow integral products. It is Oats, grains and integral breads.




17 Unknown and hidden in nature

18 Unknown and hidden in nature


LIBRARY GARDEN ULV Unknown and hidden

in nature

Unknown and hidden in nature  

unknow and hidden in nature. Plants could help you to cure some diseases. Beatiful places like Linda Vista University in Chiapas Mexico

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