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Celebration of Life


Bali 2014


BECOME A KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER with Senior Lead Trainer Guru Dass Study with Guru Dass, one of the most experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world today. A direct disciple of Yogi Bhajan since 1971, Guru Dass has lead teacher training programs in different parts of the globe: USA, Spain, India, Australia, Sweden, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile...and now Bali. He is also a musician with numerous mantra CDs. Visit: Our other KRI certified lead trainer is Ram Singh from France, an expereinced teacher trainer and gifted musician.

A 220 hour program certiďŹ ed by the Kundalini Research Institute USA

Taught in 3 one week modules June 8 - 14 September 7 - 13 November 23 - 29

Desa Seni Eco Village Resort

Our course will be held at one of the most beautiful yoga retreat resorts in the world. Here you will find yourself in the heart of Bali, surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, organic vegetable gardens and typical Balinese architecture, all in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

For more information visit:


It’s back! Bigger than ever, 12 hours of non-stop fun as Desa Seni’s fourth annual Yoga Thon takes over the resort on March 16, 2014. Promising to be the biggest, most enchanting and exhilarating event to date, mark your calendar so you do not miss this amazing coming together of community! Kick starting the Bali Spirit Festival, this year’s Yoga Thon will feature an eclectic line up of yoga, music, art, movement, meditation, dance and fashion, led by Bali’s top yogis and performers alongside international festival presenters. As well as an eclectic varied range of yoga and dance classes, this

year’s event will feature more music, entertainment and art workshops than ever before, including lots of fun activities for kids. As well as being a fabulous community experience celebrating the union of mind, body and spirit, the Yoga Thon raises money for a very worthy cause, with all proceeds going to “Ayo Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS,” a program that promotes awareness and prevention of HIV in Bali. It is estimated that the number of people on the island infected with HIV has tripled over the past five years, with Indonesia facing the fastest growing AIDS epidemic in Asia. Ayo Kita Bicara aims to

stem the spread of the disease by targeting Bali’s youth through a series of ‘edu spirit’ workshops. The last three Yoga Thon events have raised over US$ 42,000, proving that when we come together as a community we can achieve amazing things! Our “Communityism” program, where other businesses in Bali are helping support and sponsor this event is growing exponentially. We are so proud to be a part in this growing effort of giving back and joining forces with so many like-minded people, organizations and businesses. If you are interested, write

Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS Prevention through education is the only answer and I attend an Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/ AIDS (Lets talk about HIV/AIDS) workshop in Tegallalang with I Made Gunarta (Kadek,) co founder of Bali Spirit festival. We chat as we drive slowly through the hills of Gianyar, he tells me “Right now people don’t want to talk about AIDS, they are still in denial,” and adds that, “The Balinese are very open minded, but tend to direct this inwards rather than outwards, it is a culture that has always encouraged listening, but not so much questioning.” The concepts of destiny and karma are also at play; AIDS is often seen as a shame that has to be borne by the family. “But things are slowly starting to change,” he says. It is believed that the number of people in Bali who are infected with HIV/AIDS will reach over 7000 in 2011. However, true numbers are hard to determine as the stigma associated with the disease causes many cases to go unreported and untreated. The Chairman of the Committee for Combating AIDS, Nyoman Mangku Karmaya, has claimed that “The threat of drowning in Bali is not only posed by tsunamis composed of sea water,

but also by an increasingly growing tsunami of HIV/AIDS sufferers threatening to drown and overwhelm the island.” As a percentage of the population, figures are still low, but Indonesia has the fastest growing epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Asia, with an estimated 314,000 people infected, a figure set to double by 2014 if approaches to HIV prevention are not improved. An extensive sex industry; limited testing and treatment clinics; and a general lack of awareness about the disease are cited as the main factors. Many people are simply not aware that using condoms can prevent infection. The Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS program was launched by the founders of Bali Spirit Festival to promote communication about the disease, specifically targeting Balinese women and youth. The program partners with a number of foundations and NGO’s already working within the community, such as Spirit Paramacitta Foundation, Kerti Praja Foundation, and dan KISARA Foundation. The Workshops The “EduSpirit” workshops, feature a uniquely Balinese approach that combines education, entertainment and spirituality. The aim is to increase awareness and knowledge, but also to develop compassion toward

people with AIDS. Teenagers are promoted as ‘Agents of Change,’ encouraging a ripple effect through the community, to bring the issue out into the open. We arrive in Tegellalang where a group of kids from the local school quietly sit waiting. The workshop is run by Wiwie, (Marketing & Communication Executive Officer of Bali Spirit Festival) and a group of young volunteers, mostly from the KISARA foundation. Their enthusiasm is inspiring, and the kids who are initially shy and a little embarrassed soon relax and throw themselves into singing and teambuilding exercises. Wiwie tells me that they use a gentle approach to break down myths associated with HIV/AIDS. A visual presentation shows that it’s not just sex workers that are susceptible to the disease, but the whole community. Anyone, anywhere, anytime…….. The kids are then divided into small groups to make a presentation that encourages the promotion of empathy and understanding about how the disease affects individuals and their families. The workshop ends with a yoga session. After, I chat with some of the kids, most of them already knew a little about AIDS, but thought that it only affected prostitutes and drug users; they all express that it was good to learn more.



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