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echoing slightly, building within stuck between, attempting to break out + finally begin.

x_x the anxiety within, cannot sustain breaking through the confines, I walk with a new step.

I long for which I don’t have, no family to call my own, no baseline to set my feet firm.

^ --

:D I don’t play well with others, sometimes I steal the spotlight, but you’ll always be happy to see me.

level I’ll travel as far as I can, the ground isn’t always even, but my feet are set with rhythm.

I won’t pretend that I see straight, I don’t always know my up from down, but I do know my case.

ABCDE FGHIJK LMNOP QRSTU VWXYZ abcdef ghijklmn opqrstu

01234 56789 although some may call me dark, I’d prefer something more individualistic like bursting with tenebrous activity.

!"'()+,-./: ;<=>?[\]

parawas designed by A.De Sando under the guidance of Assisstant Professor Michael E. Kidwell for Typography 3 at Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, MO.

para- was inspired by the distorted+refracted images that most of us carry about ourselves+our work.

para- was but a visual of

how the mind often works, filled with the emotion that we often attempt to ignore or push away.


specimen option 2.