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FALL 2010


Word of Mouse

WoM Through the Years

This issue Four Years of WoM P . 1 Who’s Got Talent? P.2 Community Chest P.3 Calendar of Events P.4

A Look Back: Four Years of Word of Mouse

DEIT’s Mission The mission of the Distance Education and Instructional Te c h n o l o g y Department is to support the effective use of technology in order to enhance the quality of instruction and learning in the Commonwealth and beyond in a manner consistent with our Christian humanism philosophy

Look at the tag cloud floating above this article.

up as a exciting and effective means of course delivery.

Which words stand out? Maybe there are some

At that time, what was simply known as the Instructional

terms that you recognize; maybe there are others

Technology Department advocated synchronous and

that are new. Tags such as Podcasting, Google and

asynchronous tools for content delivery. In the Fall 2008

Social Network may now seem commonplace, while

issue the new DEIT Department and staff was introduced

others like Web 2.0, Tweet and Augmented Reality

to the DeSales Community, along with the introduction

may seem unfamiliar. As we look back on the past

of Smart classrooms and all of their capabilities. The

four years of Word of Mouse, keep in mind the far-

most influential change was yet to come, and by the

reaching changes in technology that have taken

next year ANGEL 7.3 replaced Blackboard as the

place since issue #1 and imagine where we may be

campus-wide LMS. Currently, ANGEL is due for an

headed over the next decade

upgrade, which will arrive here at DeSales as version 7.4 in late December.

Way back in 2006, when the first Word of Mouse was published, the hot topic was the launch of Internet2 on

Where are we headed? The increased use of video

the DeSales campus. By the Fall of that year, DeSales

conferencing, Panopto and Elluminate!, the expansion of

was introducing Elluminate, it’s first LMS (Blackboard),

our media server, Web 2.0 applications, the emergence

podcasting, blogging, and VoIP. Although DeSales

of cloud computing, and the continued dedication of

no longer utilizes Internet2, we here in DEIT are still

DEIT to these emerging and cutting-edge technologies

actively promoting the use of Elluminate! and other

all point to an exciting new decade of teaching and

collaborative technologies such as blogs and podcasts

learning for the DeSales community. WoM

as effective teaching and learning tools.

By the winter of 2007, Distance Education was heating

Eye on DEIT Current Trends DeSales faculty members, would you like to be able to quickly and easily record your lectures? DEIT is currently

Who’s Got Talent? ANGEL Edition

completing a pilot of the Panopto CourseCast software. Stay tuned for more details as we complete the pilot and look

Lights, camera…ANGEL! On a brisk October

Fair, hosted jointly by Trexler Library and DEIT. This

evening, with the breezy whisper of jazz wafting

enlivening event will be held January 12th at the Trexler

through the room, a lively group of DeSales faithful

Library with the theme Learning on the Go. More details

gathered under the tranquil blue lights of Café

can be found on the DEIT blog @

McShea. The event, spearheaded by Prof. Katherine



Ramsland, featured a diverse mixture of faculty

to roll out this solution campuswide early in 2011.

WEB 2.0 Monthly Picks

teaching in ACCESS along with traditional day and

Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

graduate programs’ faculty and DEIT staff. The

“Impressive! DSU has some talented faculty and staff.” - Knowledge

crowd enjoyed some haute hors d’oeuvres and

“The event reminded me of the seemingly unlimited

sharing network where

shared some innovative ideas; Panopto videos,

digital offerings out there…even better, we had a lot of

college students can share

Flip Books, HTML pages, and Tweeting ANGEL

fun learning!”

and find class-specific notes

Announcements were some of the highlights of - Create

the Who’s Got Talent? ANGEL Edition open mic

Will your colleagues see you starring in the next edition

astonishing presentations

session hosted by DEIT.

of Who’s Got Talent? such as the upcoming Elluminate

live and on the web

Edition or even the Web 2.0 Edition? Stay tuned, there - Share anything

is always something exciting happening at DEIT! WoM

with this easy to use (and

During the relaxed yet engaging evening an informal poll was held and Cheryl Leuthe’s Flip Book presentation

free) micro-blog

was voted as the featured tech of this year’s Techology - Online learning resource. Enroll and take

ANGEL 7.4 Almost Here

part in live, online classes. - Answer

The ANGEL Learning Management Suite (LMS)

* New grading rubrics

engine developed by

7.4 offers a host of new features designed to

* New gradebook interface

Wolfram Research

enrich the teaching and learning experience

* Learning object repository enhancements

for faculty and students, and will be coming to

* Assessment updates

Don’t forget! All students

DeSales University December 27th, 2010. New

* Enhanced content exchange

have access to Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sites, and

functionality includes: Members of DEIT are holding workshops on

Calendar). Simply sign in to

* Enhanced support for rich media content

the changes in ANGEL 7.4. Visit us at

your student e-mail account

* New lesson plans to find out more.

at, and

* Enhanced surveys

use the links at the top to access other programs in

- 2 - Word of Mouse Issue #11 Fall 2010

Google Apps.


Tip & Hints: Professional Development

DeSales’ Talented Treasures

We ask DeSales Forensic Psychology Professor Katherine Ramsland 5 questions about her experiences with technology in the classroom

National Distance Learning Week was November 8 – 12th. DEIT and our Public Services Librarian worked together to provide the DSU community with




distance education holdings.

This month we are featuring

I am of how to do it, the more

blogs, websites, communication

After reviewing the list, we

Katherine Ramsland Ph.D.,

likely it is that I can contribute

links, Panopto, Wordle, open

discovered a good opportunity

Forensic Psychology Professor

to the educational evolution.

discussion forums

to build our library holdings.

here at DeSales, prolific author,

Listed here are DEIT’s picks.

and an inspirational leader who



WoM: What advice would you

See anything you like? Have

has championed the use of

abreast of new technology

give to other faculty who are

other suggestions? Go to

technology in the classroom.

implementations for

interested in

the DEIT blog and offer your

She holds graduate degrees

teaching and learning?

improving their teaching and

suggestions. This will be an

in forensic psychology, clinical

ongoing project. During next

psychology, and philosophy,

KR: I take courses offered by

who may feel overwhelmed by

year’s celebration of Distance

and has written nearly three

DeSales DEIT personnel, as well

the various tools?

Learning Week, we will have a

hundred articles about serial

as look at instructional

special library display depicting

killers, forensic psychology,

technologies online, on

our updated holdings and new


YouTube, at Apple, and


asked Professor Ramsland 5







learning with technology, but

other places.

questions about her philosophy

Suggested Reading Palloff, R.M. & Pratt, K. (2003). The virtual student: A profile and guide to working with online learners. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Herrington, J., Reeves, T, Oliver R. (2009).A Guide to Authentic e-Learning. New York: Routledge.

with regard to the effective

WoM: Describe a recent


technology innovation






or enhancement you made to

WoM: What was the catalyst

“the more aware I am of how to do it, the more likely it is that I can contribute to the educational evolution.”

a course.

for your using technology in your courses?


technology sessions


participate in the


Got Talent?” e v e n t , because this is a fun,

relaxed venue for seeing what KR: I made an introduction

other people are using that

and a PowerPoint presentation

works for them. WoM

KR: To make them more

via Panopto, and I created a

interesting and diverse for

nicer impression for posted

students, as well as easier for

documents via ISSUU.

me to post from more places than just on campus. I also

WoM: What are some of your

believe that this is the wave of

favorite technology tools?

the future, and the more aware

KR: Wikispot, ANGEL, ISSUU,

- 3 - Word of Mouse Issue #11 Fall 2010


Happenings Upcoming Events • 2011 Technology Fair: Learning on the Go! Hosted by DEIT and the Trexler Library, this year’s theme focuses on mobile

Online ACCESS Orientation ACCESS students now have a dynamic resource to answer questions about the ACCESS Program and DeSales University in general.


for more details.

learning technology. Come see the varous products and presentations at the Trexler Library January 12, 2011 from 8:30-2:30. Registration online @

• New Faculty Orientations New faculty orientations are held online via Elluminate the first Thursday of every month at noon and again at 7pm. The last new faculty orientation for 2010 will take place on December 2. For more details please visit

• New Student ANGEL Orientation. New students will be automatically enrolled in the ANGEL Student Orientation.

If you are a new ANGEL user, be sure to take a look. Information can be found @ Also: The next Graduate Winter Session and ACCESS 3 Course online Elluminate orientations are to be held Thursday, December 30th and Monday, January 3rd 7:30 - 8pm.

Workshops Be on the lookout for new workshops monthly! • ANGEL 7.4 is coming! Be sure to check out the upcoming workshops: ANGEL 7.4 Fundamentals Teaching with ANGEL 7.4 ANGEL 7.4 Open Sessions Features of ANGEL 7.4 Visit the Workshops calendar on the DEIT blog @

Contact DEIT Distance Education & Instructional Technology

Collaboration Opportunities Connect with Other Members of the Teaching & Learning Community

Trexler Library

LinkedIn’s Technology-Using Professors:

2755 Station Avenue

AECT’s SecondLife Island:

Center Valley, PA 18034

ISTE’s Community Links:

ANGEL Faculty Orientation Discussion Forums are available inside the Distance Education Faculty Orientation

610-282-1100 x2290

course in ANGEL, located under the Communicate tab.

- 4 - Word of Mouse Issue #11 Fall 2010

Word of Mouse Fall 2010  

Fall Issue of Word of Mouse

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