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All photos in this book were made by Dhrumil S. Desai Photography at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California on April 7th, 2013. Copyright 2013 Dhrumil Desai. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

art direction by TNT TAUNA photography by DHRUMIL DESAI


TNT Tauna is a Fashion Stylist, Writer, and Production Director currently residing in Orange County, California. Her career began when, as a model, she found herself styling her own photo shoots. Thus her career in Fashion Styling was born! Since then, she has worked with numerous clients and started her own production company called Dynamite Editorials where she produces and directs photo shoots for publication in magazines. To learn more and follow her blog go to:

Dhrumil is a fashion and beauty photographer in the Los Angeles/Orange County area who focuses on creating sophisticated, stylish, and elegant photos. He offers images with a character to his editorial, fashion, beauty, and advertising clients that help sell the products. The goal is for the people to fall in love with these characters being portrayed by sharing Dhrumil’s vision and passion through his photography. The images highlight the fashion but also develop a relationship between the viewer and the photo by having a strong character presence in the photographs. Recently, the Government of India awarded him with the 2nd National Photo Award. You can see his latest work at or get in touch with him at

Characters of Renaissance Faire