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Common misconceptions...

Frequently asked questions...

Will a heat pump heat a home without the need for a

Does the Air Source Heat Pump work all year round?

backup heating system?

Our system performs in temperatures as low as minus

The simple is yes! Provided the heat pump has sufficient

20˚C. So the answer is yes!.

capacity for the demand and the installation itself is designed and installed correctly. Will the heat pump provide enough hot water? Husky heat pumps can achieve hot water up to 60˚C and heat 150 litres in only 20 minutes. This is when our pumps are combined with our unique heat transfer hot water cylinder. Is a buffer tank needed?

Will I need to install larger radiators in my home? Possibly. If your current heating system is a condensing boiler, if installed correctly, they only condense when producing hot water below 60˚C. A heat pump will provide virtually the same heat as this. However it is important to note that the lower temperatures the heat pump produces, the more efficient the system. Therefore having oversized radiators is of benefit. Our engineers will

The answer is yes! It is possible to install without a buffer

measure the heat output of your radiators for each room

tank (although efficiency and life expectancy of unit will

and advise you accordingly.

lower), however it is important to consider the following: How much annual maintenance is required on an Air Imagine your home in the winter. It’s -5˚C outside and the

Source Heat Pump?

heat pump is working hard. All air source heat pumps will

Generally, no annual maintenance is required. However it

need to defrost on a regular basis at these temperatures.

is advisable to check it once a year for dirt, leaves etc. We

During defrost, the heat pump stops heating the home and

will show you how.

actually takes heat from the home to perform a reverse cycle defrost. If there is no buffer, the house will begin to get colder and colder during this period. If however a buffer tank is installed, this will continue to feed the home with heat during the defrost cycle. It is simple logic. Some installers insist it isn’t a problem without a buffer tank. We do not agree. If a heat pump is oversized, is it less efficient? No! It is a common misconception that air to water heat

Where are Air Source Heat Pumps located? We choose a suitable place outside your home. This can be anywhere suitable on your premises. Will it provide enough hot water for baths showers etc and heating? With the correct design (which we provide free of charge), our heat pumps will provide everything you need.

pumps will be less efficient (if oversized for the heat load of the property). Actually logic tells us it would be slightly

How much hot water is produced each day by an Air

more efficient if the unit was oversized. As long as there is

Source Heat Pump?

enough water in the buffer tank per KW output, the heat

Hot Water is stored and made available in a pressurised

pump will not multi-cycle, a common cause of inefficiency.

cylinder allowing for ample daily usage requirements.

In the case of when it’s cold, an oversized unit will defrost less than a perfectly sized unit meaning efficiency levels

Do Air Source Heat Pumps require single phase or three

will be slightly higher with an oversized heat pump.

phase electrical supply?

Therefore whether the unit is perfectly sized or oversized,

Air Source Heat Pumps can be powered by both types of

the efficiency levels will be rather similar as long as the

supply within the Voltage parameters of the building.

design and installation is performed in the right way.

Husky Air Source Heat Pumps  
Husky Air Source Heat Pumps  

Husky Air Source Heat Pumps are the leading manufacturer of efficient heat pump systems, boasting an efficiency of 415%.