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Sexy lip trend: Rich, oxblood red This hot winter lip color can be worn by almost all complexions, as long as you know how to apply it. Patrick Boltinghouse, makeup extraordinaire and owner of Vanity and Glamour, shows us how. – Jess Knight 1. Start with clean, exfoliated lips. If they need a little TLC, use a little sugar and a high-quality moisturizer – even your facial moisturizer – to gently exfoliate them. A clean toothbrush works well. Boltinghouse said dry lips can create small areas where dark lipstick collects, so buff them smooth. 2. Make sure your skin is finished to balance a lip this dark. Boltinghouse suggests evening out your skin with a powder that’s a shade or two lighter than you usually use. This will make red lips pop even more, and evokes a vintage look, which the trend is inspired by. 3. Using a brown lip pencil, trace around the edges of your lips. The brown shade will help the dark red blend with your skin color, making it more natural looking and less harsh.

4. Fill in your lips with the oxblood red color of your choice. (Boltinghouse used port wine from his own Vanity and Glamour line.) A lip brush will help you create even lines and fill in every last spot, Boltinghouse said, but you can use the makeup straight from the stick, too. 5. Blend the brown lip pencil and the lipstick if necessary. Finish with a little light powder around your lips. For an extra pop: Boltinghouse said the rule of only wearing light eye makeup with dark lip color is old hat. Instead, he said a darker eye will balance the lip. And if you’re feeling really bold, use a black eyeliner pencil to lightly trace around your finished lips, to create strong definition and a more theatrical look that would be perfect for a holiday party.

Vanity and Glamour Watch Patrick Boltinghouse show how to create this look by using the LifeInAction app.

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Tashington Austin, 22, show off her dark red lips. Her makeup was done by Patrick Boltinghouse, 30, owner of Vanity 22 Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Juice Magazine 12/19/12  
Juice Magazine 12/19/12  

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