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By: Derya Claudia

Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodations are accommodations designed for long-term and short-term stays. These accommodations include services like beds food luxury rooms (hotels) and etc. However, customers will need to pay for any other extra needs.

Non-serviced accommodation

Non-serviced accommodation is a accommodation service that does not offer additional services like meals and cleaning. Customers mainly do selfcatering at this situation and also do the cleaning by themselves. Derya

Hiltons hotel is a serviced accommodation which is not only located in the UK but also located in 540 other locations in 78 countries. Hiltons hotel enlarges the business starting with these countries Europe , Asia , America and middle east of Africa. Referring back to the accommodation type Hiltons is a serviced accommodation; customers receive services like food, cleaning , bed and etc.


Claudia Da Silva


Independent hotels are hotels that are run and managed by itself. It may have other hotels by the same name at different locations however, it does not allow any other company to use that brand name.

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A no frills service or product is one for which the non-essential features have been removed to keep the price low.

With over 600 budget hotels offering quality accommodation at affordable hotel prices. .

As a UK holiday accommodation centre we have chosen Sherwood forest located in Nottinghamshire Sherwood is a family centre park located in the UK (Nottinghamshire).Each apartment/accommodation is set in a forest which is a natural environment. These accommodations are nonserviced meaning that it is self catering. Each village has a range of sports and leisure activities. Cairon

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