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Annual Report for Residents Listening to your feedback


Welcome to your Annual Report for Residents 2017-18 In this report we look at the results of the latest annual satisfaction survey. It includes a summary of what you said, and some of the actions we are taking to improve. Key management staff have looked closely at the results and read all of your comments. This year was our best response rate ever, with 54% of you filling in a survey!

Thank you so much if you took the time to complete the survey. Your answers will help to improve the service for you and others.

Inside Your Home


Repairs & Maintenance




Your Support


Getting in Touch


Your Goals & Achievements


Overall Satisfaction


Looking to the Future


Your Comments


Well Done David! Everyone who completed a survey was entered into a prize draw to win a hamper. A random name was picked out by Carla in our head office reception, and David in Derbyshire was the lucky winner.

Your Home We believe that where you live should be a place where you feel safe and that you are proud to call home You Said I feel really comfortable. It has really helped me that the flat is furnished and that all kitchen implements are already here

83% are happy with the quality of your home

All my housemates are friendly and understanding of my issues!

For me it’s perfect. Close to family and close to town.

85% say that your home is a nice place to live



get along with your housemates

are happy with the location of your home

It’s excellent for what it is. It’s warm and secure and everything works.

Our Response Property Standards



More than three quarters of you are happy with the quality and location of your home, and 85% of you agree that it is a nice place to live.

Some of you commented that you would like to decorate your home. It is Derventio Housing Trust’s legal responsibility to the property owners to keep their properties in good repair. Because of this we carry out all painting and decorating to keep each home to a consistently good standard.

It is fantastic that 87% of you get along with your housemates. We do our best to match you with people that you will get on with. However it is normal that some problems will arise. If you are having problems please speak to your housing officer or bring the issue up at your next house meeting.

Our dedicated maintenance team works hard to keep every property up to the Derventio Property Standard.

Annual Report for Residents 2017-18


Repairs & Maintenance Your home should be to a high standard, always be in good repair and feel safe You Said 67%

Your repair will either be classed as emergency, urgent or routine EMERGENCY (within 48 hours) Examples: Broken boiler (no hot water), front door not secure, broken window, gas leak, water leak


agreed that the repair agreed that the repair was started in good was completed in good time time



said that workers had a positive attitude

were happy with the overall quality of the repair

URGENT (within 7 working days) Examples: Light bulbs, damaged interior door, broken cooker, broken fridge, broken shower ROUTINE (within 1 month) Examples: Broken washing machine, plastering walls, decor, cleaning carpets, broken furniture, gardens, rubbish removal

Our Response Useful Feedback

been dealt with.

You had mixed feelings about the repairs and maintenance service. Of the 163 of you who had a repair in the last year, most of you were positive about the experience. However, there were also some issues raised. All of your feedback has been passed on to management and many of the individual issues raised have

Praise for Staff


There were lots of positive comments about staff and 90% of you agree that workers have a positive attitude. Speed of Repairs One of the most common issues that came up is the time taken for repairs to be carried out. The Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

information on this page shows how repairs are classified and when they should be dealt with. A poster with this information will be put up in each property so you can refer to it at any time.

Staff Having staff who are positive, approachable and supportive is the most important part of our service You Said 94%


staff make you feel comfortable when they talk to you

staff give you time to talk and think

93% staff keep you informed

I feel at ease with my support worker. She is very professional and respectful and understands me.

Staff always explain when I find something difficult to understand

94% staff explain things so you understand

94% staff listen to what you have to say

I feel very happy and comfortable knowing that there’s someone calling and caring about my wellbeing

Our Response Positive Comments We were delighted to see some excellent feedback and comments about support staff. Many of you praised individual staff members, and these comments have been passed on to team leaders. Training We know that there is always

room for improvement. We have recently recruited a Training Coordinator and staff will be undertaking a new programme of training. They will gain knowledge and skills that will help them to provide you with the best service possible. No Support Costs One person commented that Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

they do not have the extra money for support. The support provided by Derventio Housing Trust staff is free. You may also be referred to a Support Coach if you have higher support needs. Please speak to your housing officer if you feel you need more support.


Your Support You should feel that you have the support you need to live independently and achieve your goals You Said 61% the support has helped you to develop life skills

Personally I don’t think you can improve on it. The support I’ve received has been great.



the support has helped you to access social activities

the support has helped you to manage your finances



the support has helped your health and wellbeing

the support has helped you to access other services

I have felt very vulnerable at times and my housing officer has always been there to help

71% the support has helped you to move closer to your goals

Our Response Support Plans

Support Coaches

Expanding Support

The results show that many of you are engaged with support and taking positive steps forward. We have recently made improvements to support plans to make it easier for staff and residents to see where action is needed.

Some of you are given additional support through the Support Coach service. Support Coaches will work with you to find out what you are good at, what you can already do, and how you can build on these strengths.

The Support Coach service is currently only available in Derby and Derbyshire. We are working hard to secure funding so we can provide the service in more areas.


Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

Getting in Touch You should be able to contact staff easily, both during and out of office hours, and have your say on the service You Said 94%



find it easy to contact staff

were satisfied with how your emergency call was dealt with

feel you have enough opportunities to express your views about the service

I have a mobile, landline and emergency no and never have to wait on any of them

The call was answered and dealt with straight away

All sorted ASAP

73% were satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with

I am always listened to, to express my views and opinions

Our Response Contacting Staff Almost all of you find it easy to contact staff, and many of you made positive comments about how easy it is to get in touch. Emergency Out-of-Hours Number The emergency out-of-hours number is a key part of the service we offer, and according

to the survey 20% of you have used it in the last year. The number is meant for emergencies only. This means that any non-urgent matters will not be dealt with until the next working day. Having Your Say Most of you feel you can express your views. Some of Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

you mentioned specific problems you have had, all of which have now been addressed. You can speak to staff at any time if you have any comments, problems or suggestions. You can also fill in a Comments, Compliments & Complaints form or get in touch through our website:


Your Goals & Achievements Your Derventio home is an ideal springboard to move closer to your goals, however big or small You Said 75%




my life has been better since I moved here

living here has helped me to make positive changes in my life

I am gaining the skills I need to avoid being homeless in the future

Living here has helped me to feel more confident in myself

Getting the right medication for my mental health and dealing with my life and my problems

I have started running on the park because I feel better living here Getting my health in order

Learnt a lot about myself and to look after myself better

More than anything having a bit more self worth and pride in the way I take care of myself and appearance.

Making new friends and managing my money better

Gaining routine in my life again and structure to my days

Being drug free, keeping myself clean and tidy and having a permanent roof over my head


Getting help with depression and anxiety Reduced my alcohol intake

Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

Getting back into the gym

My self-confidence has improved

Overall Satisfaction We aim to provide a service that is good value for money and that you are happy with You Said 77%


find the service good value for money

are satisfied with the service on the whole

My rent is value for money and has helped me sort my finances out better Rent seems expensive but when you look at the whole picture it isn’t as there is everything and help at all times

Derventio give you a voice and help look after your needs. Clean and nice homes to live in. Overall good service to be with.

Derventio are great at listening and being understanding to residents

I really can’t fault the care I’ve been given, the opportunity of having a place to call my own, the way the furnishings are in my flat and the amount of rent I pay.

Our Response Your responses in this section were very positive, with 9 in 10 of you saying you are satisfied with the service on the whole. This is a really good result but we know there are still areas where we can improve. We will use your survey responses and other feedback to continue to make changes to improve the service.

Cost of Rent

Working Residents

Although your rent may seem high, remember that it does include all costs for gas, electric, council tax and TV license. We convert this into a flat rate so it is the same for all residents to make it as fair as possible.

It can be difficult to afford the rent if you are working and living in a Derventio property. We work individually with people in this situation to support them to move on to independent accommodation. Please speak to your Housing Officer if this is something that affects you.

Annual Report for Residents 2017-18


Looking to the Future We are always looking for ways to make improvements to the housing and support service Many of you took the opportunity to make suggestions on how we could improve the service. Internet One of the most common requests was for wifi in your homes. Access to the internet is important for many reasons, and we are currently looking into this but it is expensive. Pets Some of you mentioned that you would like to keep your pets in the property. There are a number of reasons we have a no pets policy at Derventio. They could pose a risk to staff and residents. They may trigger allergies, have fleas or lead to poor hygiene in properties. We would also need permission from the property owner. CCTV Improved security and CCTV was raised in a couple of comments. Unfortunately we can’t afford to install CCTV at every property. However, we have invested in six portable CCTV units which we can install at properties where there is a particular need.


Annual Report for Residents 2017-18

Entering Properties One person commented that staff don’t announce themselves enough when entering properties. Staff should always knock at the front door and knock and shout when entering bedrooms. All staff have been reminded of this. Move On Support Some of you said that you would like more help to find move-on accommodation. Staff should be able to help you with this, and we have reminded all staff of best practice in this area. Home4Me You may have seen that in April 2018 the law changed in England to improve the help and support that local councils need to provide for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. In response to this, we have set up a new project called Home4Me in Derby. Through this project we are working closely with the council to find suitable housing for people with multiple and complex needs.

Your Comments Thank you for all of your comments, good and bad. They will all help us to make positive changes to the service. You Said I know now with the support from you I can turn my life around and being with DHT has made me realise there is help for my needs

It’s been a good service but I am looking forward to moving to my own home. My support worker has been a great help in doing this. Since being on the streets my life has changed so much. I’m now stable which I find brilliant.

I had got myself into a precarious situation being homeless. Derventio showed me that people still care.

My mental health is better for having somewhere to live Derventio Housing have given me the time and help so I can now start another chapter of my life

I’ve had the time to recover without worrying about a roof over my head

It’s been a Godsend to me as I lost my private rented place because of sale of property while I was ill. So Derventio stopped me being homeless!

My experience has been excellent. It has changed my life. Thank you.

I’m not homeless. I was rescued from the hostel life. I am now an ex-addict from heroin. My life has improved 100% since I was given a lifeline from Derventio

Since moving in I am less stressful, getting my life back together

Annual Report for Residents 2017-18


Thank you for your feedback Derventio Housing Trust, 33 Boyer Street, Derby DE22 3TB Tel: 01332 292 776 | Fax: 01332 209 256 Derventio Housing Trust is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales (05886593) Registered office: 33 Boyer Street, Derby DE22 3TB

Report for residents 2017-18  

The results of our latest satisfaction survey for residents living in our supported housing

Report for residents 2017-18  

The results of our latest satisfaction survey for residents living in our supported housing