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Annual Review

Derventio Housing Trust in brief

Derventio Housing Trust is a registered Community Interest Company, established in 2010, to provide good quality housing and related services to alleviate housing problems and end homelessness

Derventio Housing Trust’s Mission is: •

To alleviate housing problems and end homelessness

We provide a variety of services to: •

Alleviate homelessness

Support people

Inspire ambition

Improve skills

Enhance creative spirit

Maintain independence

Our vision is to: •

Enable our clients to lead an inclusive, healthy and happy life in a safe, secure home of their own, with support if necessary

Offer responsive and innovative services that remain flexible to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and partners

Provide cost effective solutions working in partnership with voluntary and statutory agencies

Secure the future of our organisation through capital asset growth and earned income streams that deliver greater financial stability

Deliver targeted support to vulnerable people from minority groups

Derventio Housing Trust CIC Community Interest Company Number: 05886593 Registered Office: 33 Boyer Street, Derby DE22 3TB Contact Number: 01332 292776 Patron

Rt Revd Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby


Spencer Phillips


Sue Holmes

Company Secretary Sarah Hernandez Director

Richard Gerrard

Director’s Report Message from our Patron

After a successful demerger in January 2010, Derventio Housing Trust has established itself as an essential service for vulnerable people to receive the help and support they need to grow and achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on offering more choices and chances for vulnerable people. Whether providing a bed-space for one night or one-to-one practical support, this year we have been there for over 1,500 individuals and families in difficult situations. Our unique combination of services — including emergency accommodation, skill development programmes and semi-independent housing — has been designed to truly benefit our service users.

This has been my first year of involvement with Derventio Housing Trust and I am impressed with the range and quality of the services on offer.

“We are extremely grateful to our supporters” There have also been challenges this year. We were significantly hit by the funding cuts and had to make some very difficult decisions to focus our priorities and reduce costs, which unfortunately included losing some valued staff.

I am proud to be able to work with the organisation towards our shared aims of ending social strife in Derbyshire. From emergency beds to employability services, Derventio Housing Trust offers a well-rounded service for this forgotten group.

This year we have helped hundreds of people to change their lives for the better After our first full year in operation we have already achieved positive outcomes and helped hundreds of people to change their lives for the better. The long-term impact is difficult to measure. We do not just help people who have already experienced homelessness, but are committed to doing what we can to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place. We have focused on two groups of people through our prevention programmes: families, and people who are struggling to access the private rented sector.


We are extremely grateful to our supporters, without whom we would not be able to do what we do. We also could not have achieved such positive results without our devoted volunteers and the huge commitment of our dedicated staff. Homeless people are amongst the most disadvantaged, marginalised and excluded groups in society. I hope the following pages help to bring to life for you how we work tirelessly to support all of our clients at each stage of their journey to independence.

Sarah Hernandez Managing Director

Bishop Alastair meeting a client Their annual Homelessness Sunday service at Derby Cathedral is an example of the organisation’s commitment to raising awareness of the ongoing plight of homeless people. I am very much looking forward to further developing our relationship over the coming months and years. Rt Revd Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby

Director’s Report

Matt is one of 323 people helped by SmartShare

Cooking is one of John’s favourite activities

Highlights of our first full year In 2010/11 we have: • Provided shared accommodation for 323 vulnerable people • Supported 195 people to become involved in skill building and learning activities and improve their chances of finding a job • Helped 71% of the most challenging rough sleepers to make positive accommodation moves • Opened up access to private rented housing for 520 households • Provided 640 emergency beds with support to rough sleepers

Adolphis gained a woodworking qualification at Base33

• Tackled anti-social behaviour issues with 28 families


• Supported 38 people to gain valuable volunteering experience • Taken action in the community with the Have a Heart for Homelessness Appeal • Won a commendation as a finalist at the 2010 Landlord and Letting Awards


We break down barriers Entrenched homeless people need individualised support so they can change their lives for the better. In 2010/11 Derventio Housing Trust gained funding to deliver MEAM (Making Every Adult Matter) Complex Needs Service in Derby.

with their lives. The project came at just the right time for one resident of our emergency accommodation. John had been homeless for many years.

• MEAM started on 1st December 2010

“When I was 18 years old my parents died. I tasted my first drink at their wake and just liked the taste.

• In the first 8 months we helped 30 of the most challenging people in Derby

“My dream now is to have a place of my own with a nice little garden — a rockery” One of three national pilots supported by the Making Every Adult Matter coalition with funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Derby MEAM service aims to help people who are facing the most difficulty moving forward

Focus on personalisation We believe that the provision of highly personalised, one-toone support is key to ending entrenched homelessness. The Derby MEAM Complex Needs Service has proven extremely successful in helping John and others to overcome their intense personal problems which could not have been solved by ordinary services. We hope to use our successes and experiences to acquire further funding to enable us to continue delivering very highlevel support.


Quick Facts

“I started drinking heavily and soon lost my home. I ended up on the streets.”

For years John lived in all sorts of dingy corners. He stored his belongings in an old shopping trolley and collected aluminium cans to sell for a little money. John became ingrained in this lifestyle, and says that it was “quite easy” to survive on the streets. To John, his drifter’s life felt familiar, and he took a lot of persuading to move into Milestone House. “It seemed too busy, too loud and full of rules. I couldn’t get used to living in a room and not being allowed to drink inside.” He stuck it out, and after a year at Milestone House John started to accept that he needed help. The Derby MEAM project gave support workers the chance to give John the time and support he truly needed. Our MEAM support worker, Julie Morgan, and a volunteer, Jenny, worked with John every day. Jenny explains: “We encouraged him to work with carers to keep clean

After years on the streets, John is delighted with his room

• 4 people have done so well that they no longer need our help, and 7 are now more settled and moved him to a specialist hostel for dependent drinkers. It was a huge milestone for him.” John is happier too. “I have a lovely, clean bright room. It gets top marks! My dream now is to have a place of my own with a nice little garden — a rockery.” There are many others like John who have become so rooted in the homeless lifestyle that regular services are not enough. Without the Derby MEAM service they would continue to fall through the cracks, never receiving the help and support they need to re-enter society as happier, healthier individuals.

MEAM: Making Every Adult Matter

Aras and Jess had lived troubled lives by the time they came to Milestone House. At 15 Aras fled his home in Iran to escape the physical abuse he suffered at the hands

Quick Facts • Milestone House was 98% full during the year — that’s 12,481 heads on pillows

of his father. His experience has left him with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and he became a selfharmer. His partner Jess was selfharming to cope after an unstable childhood and volatile father. Aras and Jess continued to experience problems as a couple. Further family conflict and being victim to severe anti-social behaviour resulted in a suicide attempt by Aras. The couple ended up sofa surfing and eventually came to Milestone House. Like Aras and Jess, many residents at Milestone House have problems that cannot be resolved overnight.

• On average we have to turn someone away 100 times each month

“A high number of our residents have complicated personal problems such as mental health issues or substance misuse”, explains Senior Support Worker, Bianca Hume.

• We only received 34 complaints, all of which were resolved quickly and smoothly

Milestone House is part of a multi-agency project, with housing advisors, a GP, and mental health and probation workers all on-site, working together to give the best

• We support our vulnerable residents to access other services to help them get back on their feet — during the year 84% of Milestone House clients registered with a GP, 93% engaged with drug treatment services and 84% engaged with alcohol treatment services



Mental Health

Physical Disability

Young People

Milestone House provided an emergency bed for people with nowhere else to go 640 times in the past year.


We provide a safety net

Complex Needs The bigger the word, the more Milestone House users with that need. Many residents have more than one need

possible support to people like Aras and Jess. Falling back on self-harming to cope, it was not until they received support from staff at Milestone that Aras and Jess began to stabilise. They were helped to find their own flat and staff arranged for them to receive continuing support by specialist mental health workers. Their mental health has improved greatly and they are now living happy and stable lives in their new home.

Journey to independence Our carefully designed range of services make it easy for clients to move seamlessly from emergency accommodation to further opportunities and independence. This was the experience of Joslyn. Aged 32, he spent several

weeks at Milestone House. Whilst there, he attended the Base33 activities centre every day and volunteered with the Maintenance Team. He has now moved to his own accommodation and has passed his SIA door security and gained a CSCS card. He is currently attending college and is well on his way to employment thanks to his hard work and support from Derventio.

Milestone House

We rebuild lives Engaging, involving & listening Our services are shaped by our service users. We recognise that service user involvement is key to running projects which are meaningful and have real impact on the people they are designed to help. From weekly house meetings, annual questionnaires and regular client consultations, Derventio Housing Trust is committed to listening to our service users and developing and improving services accordingly.

Clients discussing the new client handbook This year we have reviewed our safeguarding policy, promoted the complaints procedure, developed the maintenance service and created a client handbook based directly on input and feedback from service users.


SmartShare’s combination of accommodation and effective support has meant that 323 people have been able to avoid or escape the trap of long-term homelessness and insecure housing this year. Philippa lived an ordinary life until she lost her home suddenly when she separated from her partner. “SmartShare moved me into a lovely home with two other tenants. We all got on well and had a laugh and supported each other, which made my stay easier.” SmartShare clients are carefully matched with other residents and placed in shared homes.

Philippa was supported to overcome her problems

“The support I got was amazing. They helped me get my feet back on the ground ”

Each SmartShare resident has a support worker, who provides tailored support which could include anything from help redeveloping social networks or accessing drug treatment to money management. Having a stable home and an understanding and encouraging person by their side can act as a springboard for other crucial steps, such as getting a job or accessing healthcare. The level of support is gradually reduced as residents gain confidence and living skills. Philippa’s support worker gave her practical and emotional support to tackle her personal issues and become prepared for independent living again.

Philippa made the most of her time with the project, taking part in activities and volunteering. She was quickly successful in applying for council accommodation. She is now happy and settled in her new flat: “The support I got was amazing. They helped me get my feet back on the ground in a positive way. I can’t thank them enough.” “This service is vital”, explains Operational Manager, Carly Betts. “Hostels and short-term accommodation are great for those who need it, but SmartShare takes these services a step further by providing the missing link between emergency accommodation and independent living. People need this kind of longer-term support to truly turn their lives around.”


We break the cycle

SmartSteps has been specially developed to address the needs of people who want to live independently but are not yet ready. Users of this project have high needs, and this year 60% were offenders. We provide housing and one-to-one support to help clients take the necessary steps towards rebuilding their lives, reconnecting with family and friends and moving away from a reliance on services.

Alice Alice* spent two years on SmartSteps before moving on to a housing association. “Before coming onto Smarts I had been in care and in and out of prison. I have mental health issues and past drug problems. “I was living with my aunty before Smarts in a bedroom with 3 of my nephews. “SmartSteps houses are clean and nice and with more stable residents than in hostels, which makes life easier. “If SmartSteps did not exist I would be in prison.”

Antony “I was moving around for about 8 years and Smarts accommodation is the most settled I have ever been in my housing.

“This is the most settled I have ever been” Antony is a former offender, and has experienced problems with drugs and alcohol. He also has mental health issues. He has been a SmartSteps client for over a year, and it has changed his life.


“I have a history of daily amphetamine abuse as well as other drugs and have been in trouble with the law.

“I was living with my aunty in a bedroom with 3 of my nephews”

Quick Facts • 96% of SmartSteps residents engaged with drug treatment services this year • 85% reduced their drug use

“I am now off the drugs and seeing to my mental health thanks to my support worker.

• 93% engaged with alcohol treatment services

“If there was no SmartSteps I would still be on drugs and committing crimes.”

• 84% successfully reduced their alcohol consumption • 77% of residents have reduced their offending


*Alice’s name has been changed . Picture posed by model.

SmartSteps gives a different level of supported housing so we can provide long-term solutions for prison leavers and people with high support needs.

We provide opportunities John is 28 and has been in the care system for most of his life. He’s had some jobs and lived independently, but personal issues held him back — until he came to Base33.

Quick Facts • Base33 is in our newly refurbished premises on Boyer Street. Formerly Derby’s Night Shelter, this building has served as a hub for homeless people for almost a decade • As a registered UK Online Centre, Base33 provides training alongside the activities to give users more opportunities to improve their life chances • We have developed close links with the community, including a key partnership with the Big Issue, who have a base within the building


“Lots of things have changed since I started coming to Base33. I’ve recently moved into my own flat and I am hoping to get a job soon.”

“It’s wonderful to see people like John and Mervyn increase in confidence and wellbeing ”

John is a familiar face at Base33. Standing for Boyer Street Activities & Social Enterprise at 33 Boyer Street, the centre provides a modern, friendly and relaxed environment for homeless people to build their skills, meet new people, gain confidence or simply escape from day-to-day life.

Base33 activities in order of popularity

Working on the mosaic

the centre, helping other users and introducing new attendees.

Football Cooking

Arts & Crafts

Computer Skills Social Time

Country Walks

Pampering & Relaxation Gardening

Cycling Woodworking Painting & Decorating

John regularly attends the sessions, which include activities such as football, country walks, art, gardening, woodwork, cooking and computer skills. “My confidence has grown and I have more structure in my life.” John has gained in confidence so much that he has taken on a key role at

It’s not only activities on offer; 29 people have benefited from the one-to-one employability sessions delivered from the centre, and two new social enterprises are almost up and running. “The mosaics have been the most rewarding activity”, says Activities Co-ordinator, Pippa WoodbridgeStocks. “Everyone works together and can clearly see the results of their efforts.” “Some of our users are reluctant at first, like Mervyn for example. He used to just come for the cooking — he thought he couldn’t do art. Now he comes all the time and takes part in the art and woodworking sessions. He’s recently completed a woodworking qualification. “The opportunities we provide here can have huge benefits for our clients. It’s wonderful to see people like John and Mervyn increase in confidence and wellbeing as they attend more and more sessions.” This year 195 people have benefited from taking part in activities, training and daytrips run from Base33.


We improve choices and chances Homelessness is too often associated with rough sleeping, yet it is a varied and widespread issue that can affect anyone at any time of their life. Derventio Housing Trust has set up a new project to reach individuals who have a high chance of facing homelessness if they are not given the right support. Aged 25, Chloe lived with an abusive partner. When he attacked her so severely that she was hospitalised for three months, Chloe realised that she could no longer live like this. She found the courage to contact the police and moved out. She went into a private rented property with two other girls but couldn’t afford to keep up with rent payments. There was no signed contract, only a verbal agreement, and Chloe was asked to leave immediately.

She sought help and was referred to the Rooms4Two scheme. Funded by Crisis and the Department for Communities and Local Government, Rooms4Two helps people aged 18-34 who are struggling to access the private rented sector. “We carefully match two people to share a suitable home”, Project Leader, Phil Rowland (pictured right) explains. “Sharing with another person, and with support to help manage the tenancy, gives people the best chance to succeed and avoid homelessness.” The project was perfect for Chloe. It’s given her her own shared tenancy where she can live safely and independently, and with just the right level of support. Her ex-partner received a prison sentence of 14 years. Chloe feels that if it were not for Rooms4Two she would now be homeless, living rough and in fear for her life.

Rooms4Two “gives people the best chance to succeed and avoid homelessness”

Quick Fact • Rooms4Two has helped 22 people to get a place to live in the private rented sector

Picture posed by models

Rooms4Two houses look just like any other, so people truly are part of the community



We give better housing

Picture posed by models

In its first year the service has opened up access to the private rented sector for 520 households.

SmartLets gives people on low incomes new chances in life

Derventio Housing Trust is proud to have launched a brand new lettings service with a difference.

“There are so many people who are unable to access the housing market”, explains Operational Director Spencer Phillips. “We don’t only offer accommodation, we also give some support, such as advice on debt and money management to help residents stay safe and secure and maintain their tenancy in the long-term”. The service includes a full, robust management service for landlords who are part of the scheme. “The knowledge that my properties are used to house people who, in some cases through no fault of their own, have found themselves homeless is a very important and rewarding factor”, says landlord, John McKirdy. “SmartLets treats my portfolio with respect, professionalism and efficiency.”

Maintenance Team The Maintenance Team provides maintenance services and solutions for properties across our housing services. Made up of staff and volunteers, including former service users, the team uses their range of skills to carry out repairs and general maintenance whenever it is needed. They also provide invaluable practical help to tenants and residents moving home, and distribute donated items to those who are most needy.

“Within three days SmartLets had found us our ideal home ” Like a high street lettings agency in almost every way, but with one major difference: SmartLets has a diverse client group which includes people on low or assisted incomes who would otherwise be unable to afford to rent a home in the private sector. Tenants Cameron and Chantelle were delighted with the scheme. “We could not believe the help and service provided by SmartLets. We were homeless when we went to Derventio and within three days they had found us our ideal home.”


SmartLets was a commended finalist at the 2010 Landlord & Letting Awards, further testament to it’s success and quality. We have also developed partnerships with local agencies such as DASH (Decent & Safe Homes) and EMLAS (East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme) to help improve our housing stock and reach as many people as we can through this groundbreaking scheme.

“It’s very rewarding knowing that you’re helping people” “It’s a varied role”, says Hilary Quenby, a long-standing member of the team. “It can be a challenge to keep all the properties to a high standard, but we work really well together — we all have different skills and things we’re good at. “It’s very rewarding knowing that you’re helping people that have been on the streets or in low quality homes.”


We prevent homelessness We realise that the only way we can completely end homelessness in our communities is through prevention.

Staff worked with familes to create a useful handbook

While it is true that homelessness can happen to anyone, there are clear patterns which tell us who is most likely to become affected by homelessness. Our SmartSupport project identifies and works with families who belong to this group. Over the past year 28 families of all shapes and sizes — all with children under 18 — have benefited from this project.

Picture posed by models

SmartSupport Officer, Elaine Yorke explains; “We work with each member of the household to address their issues, which range from household budgeting and healthy eating to stopping antisocial behaviour.

The SmartSupport team consulted with the families on the project to produce an activities handbook, providing advice, guidance, useful contacts and ideas for family activities. The project successfully met its aims set by Supporting People this year. Highlights include: • 100% of families improved their parenting skills • 85% of families managed their money better • 69% of families said they were more motivated

28 families have been supported to live safe and independent lives

SmartSupport works closely with families to reduce their risk of homelessness



Picture posed by models

Picture posed by models

“We have an informal and friendly approach to helping both adults and children to learn to live safely and

independently. Our overall goal is to reduce their risk of homelessness.”

We empower our volunteers Volunteers are key to Derventio Housing Trust. From supporting frontline services to helping out the Fundraising Team, we have a lively and enthusiastic team of 38 volunteers who really make a difference.


Jenny “I’ve always wanted to work with homeless people but I thought I needed qualifications. Volunteering at Derventio gave me the chance to find out about what it takes to become involved in supporting homeless people. “I started by working 3 mornings a week and occasional nights at Milestone House on reception. It was meant to be a 4 week course, but I loved being here so much that I ended up staying. “I then got involved in the MEAM project and became a fulltime volunteer support worker for John — a resident with very high needs. I worked closely with him for five mornings each week, giving him support and encouragement to keep himself and his room clean and tidy.


“To see John move on from Milestone House to a happy and positive routine is a huge achievement for him and he owes it to himself. “Someone close to me became homeless and it brought it home to me that it can happen to anyone, not just people with addictions. Anything can lead them there — being made redundant or not being strong enough to get through a relationship breakdown. I’m lucky I have that support network of friends and family that are there for me when I’m feeling down, and I want to be there for those people who don’t. “When someone like John is happy to see you and greets you with a smile, you know you’ve got through to them, that you’re approachable and doing something right.”

“Volunteering is so worthwhile!” Kelly is a regular volunteer at Derventio Housing Trust. After being made redundant from a managerial role she came to Derventio wanting to help the community. She now comes in every week to work on reception at Milestone House and provides muchneeded support to the Fundraising and Communications Team. “I’ve always wanted to do volunteer work but because of changing shift patterns at work I was unable. When I was made redundant it was the perfect opportunity to start. “I chose to volunteer at Derventio because of the kind of work they do, because it’s close to my heart. I have a

family member who has been deeply affected by drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health issues. “Although he’s still battling with these problems and finds it hard to accept help, without assistance for the last ten years or so from projects like Derventio, I don’t know whether he would still be with us. “To me, the work Derventio does is so important, and volunteering has given me the opportunity to give something back and meet some really lovely people. If you’re considering becoming a volunteer I would say to go for it — it’s so worthwhile!”


We appreciate our staff It is only with the commitment of our staff that we can achieve so much through our services. They go the extra mile to provide the best support for our clients and the organisation as a whole.


Richard “Although a lot of what my team does is behind the scenes, we do get the odd chance to hog the limelight with events like our annual Cathedral service. They take a lot of organising, but it’s all worth it in the end! “It still gives me goosebumps” “I’ve been working for Derventio in the Fundraising Team for just over a year now, after starting here as a volunteer through a Jobcentre scheme — and I love it. “Being one in a team of only three means I’m involved in every aspect of fundraising — researching Trusts, writing funding bids and reports, managing events, creating public appeals and communicating for the company through newsletters and press releases. They all have their own challenges, but it’s fun to wear lots of different hats. “We spend a lot of time speaking to staff and clients about their experiences. There’s no better way to find out about the people we help. My conversations with clients are some of my most memorable moments from working here.


“We rope in staff from other departments, volunteers and even my Mam to make sure they run smoothly and that we raise the most amount of money and awareness possible. “It still gives me goosebumps when a donation or grant comes in. Whether it’s £10,000 or £10 it means we’ve helped one more person.”

Quick Facts • This year we were accepted onto the Leaving Care Framework • Key grants have included the Transition Fund, MEAM and Crisis Access to the Private Rented Sector

“It’s brilliant to see the service make a difference” “I’m an Area Housing Officer for SmartShare. I manage and support 29 units of shared accommodation in Amber Valley and Erewash. “Anyone can become homeless and there are always new challenges working with this client group. It’s brilliant to see the service make a difference to residents. Some of the clients in my areas have started small vegetable plots in their gardens, which as well as growing their own food keeps them busy. I also encourage them to use Base33 to help towards skills and employment. “I love working within the SmartShare team. We are supportive and always have an ear for each other to discuss ideas and find solutions. This makes work easier and helps us to make positive changes to keep the future of our project safe so we can keep helping vulnerable people.”


This year and next Social enterprises Derventio Housing Trust will shortly be launching three new social enterprises which will take our services to the next level. Social enterprises are organisations that make a profit which they re-invest for the benefit of the community to tackle social and environmental problems.

Woodwork sessions are popular New catering, woodworking and lettings enterprises will give our clients the chance to take part in enhanced training and work experience. They will open up some fantastic opportunities to clients whilst adding to the stability and sustainability of the organisation. The Remarkable Lettings Company, The Remarkable Food Company and The Remarkable Wood Company will provide services directly to the public both online and from our offices in the centre of Derby and our proposed new centre in Ilkeston.


Derventio Housing Trust delivers solid consistent services whilst remaining reactive to social changes and the ever-changing needs of our clients. The coming year will see the continued development and delivery of the accommodation services at the heart of the organisation, Milestone House, SmartShare and SmartSteps, all of which are performing consistently well against targets. SmartLets is growing into a thriving support and social housing service utilising the pirvate rented sector. The team is working hard to maintain our high quality stock of housing and will continue to work closely with landlords and partner agencies to deliver a positive experience for clients. Our new MEAM and Rooms4Two projects are meeting real needs amongst our client group. We are currently working on tenders and partnership bids to enable us to expand these essential services. Alongside development, we always strive to improve our existing services, including our recording and monitoring systems, and will soon implement a new housing management ICT system to aid the day-to-day running of the accommodation services. All our accommodation services will benefit further when we

become registered with the TSA (Tenants Services Authority). As the national regulator for social housing, TSA registration will provide further reassurance to the public and our partners that we are serious about the high standard of our accommodation and services to tenants, cementing our place as one of the most trusted and respected agencies in the area. After successfully changing the lives of 28 families last year, our SmartSupport project for families came to an end at the close of the financial year. Prevention is key to our commitment to ending homelessness, and we are looking for funds to enable us to develop a new project so we can repeat the positive outcomes achieved through the SmartSupport model. We depend upon our supporters to keep our services running, and have plans in place to engage and inspire existing and new supporters through the Have a Heart for Homelessness Appeal. A new website, use of social networking tools alongside the annual winter appeal and events will have benefits for the entire organisation through fundraising and increased awareness. There are challenges ahead, but also great opportunities. We are looking forward to delivering and developing our services which are vital for those who are central to our mission and aims — vulnerable and disadvantaged people in need of safe accommodation and support.

Future Plans

We value our supporters We are extremely grateful for the support of all our funders and partners, organisations and individuals whose financial and practical support enables Derventio Housing Trust to continue delivering essential services to the most marginalised people in our community.


• Debenhams

• J.C. Balls and Sons Ltd

• Denby Pottery Company Ltd

• J.H. Powell & Co. Solicitors

• Derby Community Accountancy Service

• Kieran Mullin Ltd


• Robinsons Solictors

• East Midlands Airport • Evans Vettori Architects Ltd • Flint Bishop Solicitors • HPH Chartered Accountants

• North Midland Construction • Rolls-Royce plc • Smith Cooper • Tesco • Terra Firma Tiles

Voluntary & Community Sector Partners

• Big Issue • DASH (Decent & Safe Homes) • EMLAS (East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme) SmartLets work with DASH and EMLAS to deliver thorough checks of

all properties and guarantee a high quality service.

• Happy Homes • Homeless Link • Hostels Liaison Group • Soup Run • Women’s Work

The SmartLets team works closely with DASH and EMLAS

Schools, Faith & Community Groups

• The Brailsford Benefice Led by Rev’d Paul Taylor, The Brailsford Benefice give regular gifts of food and essential items for the residents of our emergency accommodation. They have set up a Move-On Fund to give household goods to people moving to their own place, and introduced us to Derby Grammar School.

Parish Church • Derby Cathedral We have developed a close working relationship with Derby Cathedral, who hosted and supported our Homelessness Sunday service successfully held annually since 2009 at the Cathedral.

• St John the Evangelist Parish Church • St Mary’s Church Boulton • St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church • The Parochial Church Council of Kirk Hallam

• Brailsford Church of England Primary School

• Derby Grammar School • Derby Lions Club

• St Peter’s Church Mother’s Union

• Central United Reformed Church

• Mill Hill School

• St Philips Church

• Ockbrook Moravian Church

• Tara Centre

• St Augustine’s Church

• Ticknall Methodist Church

• Christ the King Roman Catholic


Thank You

Trusts & Foundations

• Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation • Crisis We used funding from Crisis Opportunities for Volunteers to expand and develop our volunteer programme: 261 volunteers and service users have benefited this year.

• Derbyshire Community Foundation We are delighted to have won 3 grants from Derbyshire Community Foundation this year. Money from the Jefford Weller Fund bought essential food for Milestone House

residents. A grant from the Tom Carey Fund bought computers for Base33, and we were given muchneeded revenue funding through Make it Count.

• Gilbert Hinckley Charitable Trust • Jefford Weller Fund • Manor House Trust • Make it Count • Michael Bishop Foundation • The Norda Trust • Souter Charitable Trust • Tom Carey Fund


• Miss Kate Alcock and Mr Simon Haslam

• Cllr Amar Nath, The Mayor of Derby

• Lord Ralph Kerr, DL

• Ms Gwen Taylor

• Mrs Pauline Latham, OBE, MP

• Mr William Tucker, H.M. LordLieutenant of Derbyshire

Vice-President of the Have a Heart for Homelessness Appeal, Mrs Latham gave the address at our 2010 Derby Cathedral service.

• Cllr Sean Marshall

We would also like to thank all of our individual donors for their vital support, and the landlords we work in partnership with for SmartLets.

Statutory Funders & Partners

• Amber Valley Borough Council • Department for Communities and Local Government • Derby City Council We have continued to work closely with Derby City Council across a range of our services. Our successful joint partnership at Milestone House


makes the building a one-stop shop where homeless people can receive the most appropriate referrals, guidance and access to services.

• Derbyshire Dales District Council • Erewash Borough Council • Supporting People • UK Online Centres

It has been a successful year for fundraising and awarenessbuilding in the community. Through the Have a Heart for Homelessness Appeal we once again ran an evocative winter appeal, which culminated in a special Homelessness Sunday service at Derby Cathedral. Thanks to the generous donations from the community, including individuals and local businesses, the Appeal raised almost £10,000.

Kate Alcock and William Tucker We have also welcomed some new high profile supporters to the Appeal. Mr William Tucker, H.M. Lord-Lieutenant of Derbyshire is our Patron and our new Honorary President is Lord Ralph Kerr, DL. We have again enjoyed fantastic support from the year’s Mayor of Derby, Cllr Amar Nath, Mrs Pauline Latham, OBE, MP and the Appeal President Miss Kate Alcock.

Have a Heart for Homelessness Appeal

Our financial perspective Treasurer Sue Holmes gives her report on the accounts: “This year’s accounts reveal a healthy year despite tough economic challenges. “The government’s 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review was a blow to our organisation. The figures are alarming: Housing Benefit was cut by almost £60 per head per week. With over 100 clients on SmartShare at any one time, this meant a loss of more than £6,000 every week.

Profit and loss account for the year ended 31 March 2011 2011 £ Turnover









Operating profit



Profit on ordinary activities before investment, income and interest



Interest payable and similar charges



Profit on ordinary activities before taxation



Tax on profit or loss on ordinary activities



Profit for the financial year



“Difficult choices had to be made quickly, and we were forced to lose some valued staff members and subsequently reduce the overall support available to clients.

Payments to others (LL)

“Derby City Council also had to make cuts, which meant we had to say goodbye to our families project, SmartSupport.

Service operating costs

“Our overall finances were not badly affected, however, and remaining staff have worked extremely hard to ensure minimal disruption to the people who use the project.”

We changed hundreds of lives for the better despite some economic problems



2010 £

Gross profit

The company has no recognised gains or losses for the year other than the results above

Do our services work?

Balance sheet at 31 March 2011 2011 £

Ask our Clients: “You get that help that you need that you don’t get from anyone else.”

2010 £


Fixed assets Tangible fixed assets



Current assets





Cash at bank and in hand





Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year



Net current assets/(liabilities)













Total assets less current liabilities Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year

Provisions for liabilities Net assets Capital and reserves Profit and loss account

Approved by the Board on 21 July 2011


“The project has definitely helped me as it has given me a chance to sort my life out. I’m now looking for work until I go to university next year.” “The support staff are really helpful and never stop believing in you.” Todd

“A service which is needed in every way. I would not have done it without you and will endeavour not to let you down.” Stephen

“If Smarts did not exist I would have to go to a hostel or I would be street homeless.” Jade

“They have helped me to look forward to the future and move on to permanent accommodation of my own.” Aaron


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Derventio Housing Trust CIC 33 Boyer Street Derby DE22 3TB 01332 642167 Registered as a Community Interest Company: 05886593

Profile for Derventio Housing Trust

Derventio Housing Trust Annual Review 2010/11  

A review of our accommodation and support services for homeless and vulnerable people in Derbyshire over the last year

Derventio Housing Trust Annual Review 2010/11  

A review of our accommodation and support services for homeless and vulnerable people in Derbyshire over the last year

Profile for derventio