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No. 163. Fri. 18th February, 2011 Tel: 0504-51945 email: Curraghgraigue, Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary.

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“Let’s Get Ireland Working”

Vote No. 1 COONAN, Noel


062 - 87000 / 087 - 6652411

VOTE NO.1 MÁIRE HOCTOR T.D. FULL-TIME CONSTITUENCY OFFICE (Monday – Friday 9:30AM – 5:30PM) 3A, Ormond Court, Ormond Street, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary Tel: 067-32943 01-6183489 Fax: 067-50470 01- 6184320

1 Summerhill, Nenagh, 10am - 5pm Mon - Friday Baker Street, Thurles, 12.30 - 3.30 Mon - Friday Rosemary St. Roscrea 12 - 3 Mon - Thurs 12 -5 Fri Phone: 067-34190 Email:

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This woman's husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every single day. One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer. As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears, "You know what? You have been with me through all the bad times. When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business failed, you were there.

"When I got shot, you were by my side. When we lost the house, you stayed right here. When my health started failing, you were still by my side. "You know what?" "What dear," she gently asked, smiling as her heart began to fill with warmth. "I think you're bad luck!"

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General Election 2011

Let’s Get Ireland Working Tom Hayes TD

Cllr Michael Murphy

IN ORDER OF YOUR PREFERENCE How Does the Voting System in Ireland Work? By Martin Gosling Ireland’s voting system is one of Proportional Representation using the single transferable vote in multi-seat constituencies. Article 16 of the Constitution states that all citizens who have reached the age of eighteen years and who are not disqualified by law can vote in elections for Dáil Éireann. Voting is done by secret ballot with each voter having only one vote. Proportional Representation means that as a voter, you can indicate your first and subsequent choices for the candidates on the ballot paper. The names of the candidates will appear in alphabetical order on the ballot paper, together with their photographs and their party emblem. You indicate your first choice by writing 1 opposite your first choice and 2 opposite your second choice, 3 opposite your third choice and so on. You may stop marking your paper after 1 or any subsequent preference or you may go right down the ballot paper until a preference has been given to all candidates ending with the candidate of your lowest choice.

When you vote like this, you are instructing the Returning Officer to transfer your vote to the second choice candidate if your first choice is either elected with a surplus of votes over the quota or is eliminated. If your second choice is elected or eliminated, your vote may be transferred to your third choice and so on. When polling is over, all the ballot boxes are taken to a central counting place for each constituency. The count starts at 9am on the day after polling day. The ballot papers are then sorted into piles of ballot papers for each candidate. The ballot papers are mixed, counted and sorted and spoiled papers are rejected. A paper is spoiled if it does not have an official stamp, if it does not indicate a clear choice, for example, if you have indicated two No.1’s on the paper, or if anything is written on the ballot paper by which the voter can be identified. The Total Valid Poll therefore, is the total number of votes minus the number of spoiled papers. When the papers have been counted and sorted, the quota is calculated by dividing the Total Valid Poll by one

more than the number of seats to be filled, ignoring any remainder and then adding one vote. For example, in a Dáil election in a 4-seat constituency with 50,000 votes cast, 50,000 divided by four plus 1 (i.e. 5) = 10,000; 10,000 plus 1 is 10,001. This is the quota of votes to be reached by the candidates and it means that only 4 persons can be elected. If a candidate receives more than the quota on any count, the surplus votes are transferred to the remaining candidates in proportion to the next available preferences indicated by voters.

hibited, the next step is the elimination of the lowest candidate. Two or more of the lowest candidates must be excluded together where it is clear that they cannot possibly be saved from elimination in the long run.

Where a candidate is eliminated, all of his/her votes are transferred to the next available preferences on them. Counting continues until all the seats have been filled. The last seat can be filled either by a candidate(s) exceeding the quota or by a candidate(s) being elected without reaching the quota because it is clear that he/she is ultimately going to be elected. Thus, if the number of seats left to be filled Where a candidate is elected at the is just one less than the number of second or later count, only the votes that brought him/her over the quota candidates still in the running and an are examined in the surplus distribu- available surplus cannot bring the lowest candidate level with or above tion. If two or more candidates exthe second lowest candidates, all the ceed the quota at the same time, the larger surplus is distributed first. The candidates, except the one with the distribution of a surplus is prohibited lowest number of votes, are deemed elected even though none of them if it cannot materially affect the progress of the count, either by elect- have actually reached the quota. ing a candidate or saving the lowest candidate from elimination. Where there is no surplus for distribution or the distribution of the surplus is pro-

General Election 2011 What is The People’s Economy? The People’s Economy aims to provide citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation. The Peoples’ Economy is an information hub, a resource for citizens and candidates to understand the current economic situation. Created by a core group of independent economists and dedicated volunteers, People’s Economy is about cutting through jargon, busting myths, and answering questions about the current economic crisis. Aim of the project The People’s Economy aims to provide citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation by ∙ turning economic jargon into real language ∙  providing  the  answers  to frequently asked questions about the economy ∙  identifying and busting common myths about the economy ∙  providing them with key questions to ask candidates in General Election 2011 The People’s Economy will also provide candidates running for election with access to a group of well-respected independent economists. Resources The People’s Economy aims to provide citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation. Our website is

The Economists The economists generously giving some of their time to the project include: David McWilliams: Economist, broadcaster, bestselling author, and columnist with theSunday Business Post and the Irish Independent. evin O’Rourke: A Harvard PhD K economics professor at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. An economic history specialist.   rian Lucey: Professor of finance B in the School of Business at Trinity College Dublin. A graduate of Trinity, Brian holds a first class degree in economics and has worked as a statistician in the Department of Health and as an economist with the Central Bank prior to joining TCD. He has studied at graduate level in Canada, Ireland and Scotland.   orcan Roche-Kelly: independent L economic researcher Ronan Lyons: independent economist.   r Constantin Gurdgiev: MacrD oeconomics and finance expert with 15 years’ experience in research and consultancy in strategy, economic analysis and financial markets.   tephen Kinsella: Economics lecS turer at the University of Limerick, and author of Ireland in 2050: How we will be Living and Understanding Ireland’s Economic Crisis: Prospects for Recovery.

General Election Candidates 2011 North Tipperary / South Offaly Kate Bopp - Independent Billy Clancy - Independent, New Vision Alliance Noel Coonan - Fine Gael Máire Hoctor - Fianna Fáil Alan Kelly - Labour Michael Lowry - Independent Seamus Morris - Sinn Féin Olwyn O Malley - Green Party

South Tipperary Michael Browne - Sinn Féin Tom Hayes - Fine Gael Seamus Healy - Independent Martin Mansergh - Fianna Fáil Mattie McGrath - Independent Paul McNally - Green Party Michael Murphy - Fine Gael Phil Prendergast - Labour



For a better and fairer Ireland! • Rejection of the EU / IMF “bailout”. Kate Bopp Independent Candidate North Tipperary/ Offaly South

• Reform of the current political system. • Revision of the Healthcare service with an emphasis on affordability, availability and equality. • Improvement of the Education system.

Coolbawn, Nenagh Co. Tipperary Twitter: @mrs_Bopp

• Overhaul of the Irish constitution bringing it into the

•• 21st century.

• Strong support for Irish business to assist in job • creation • Introduction of a Flat-tax system.


General Election 2011 The Change in Irish Politics Since the recession took hold there has been lots of talk about the need for change. Some would argue there’s no point in just changing the parties but that the whole system needs a complete overhaul. The two main groups or alliances that have emerged are the New Vision Alliance and the United Left Alliance. Each are profiled below with the description from their websites.

New Vision Alliance New Vision is an association of independent candidates, working together to change the way we ‘do’ politics in Ireland. All NewVision candidates are committed to vote ‘en bloc’ as a political alliance for the following four national policies, if elected. 1 The separation of Bank debt and Sovereign debt 2 A viable workable strategy to create and retain jobs 3 The overhaul of the Political, Public & Civil Service 4 A better deal for our Energy and Natural Resources. We are of the collective opinion that without these four fundamental changes to how our Country is run and governed, Ireland will become financially, economically and morally bankrupt in the very near future. Some would say it already has. This situation can only change if we, as a united and passionate people, stick together against the power and might of those who have nearly destroyed us and our collective future. General Election 2011 will decide the future of our Country, for generations to come.

There will be no ‘party whip’ system (where TD’s are told how to vote by their political party) in operation. With the exception to the four policies above, all candidates are free to pursue any other issues or policies they feel are important to their own area and constituencies. Visit for more information

United Left Alliance We are an alliance of left wing groups and individuals for the next general election. The Alliance is opposed to the governments’ bailouts and the slash and burn policies which are only making the crisis worse. In the general election we aim to provide a real alternative to the establishment parties as well as Labour and Sinn Fein, who also accept the capitalist market and refuse to rule out coalition with right wing parties. The approach of a Fine Gael / Labour government in power would not be fundamentally different than this government.

Pictured at the North Tipperary South Offaly candidates debate in the Nenagh Arts Centre are (back) Billy Clancy (Ind, New Vision) Michael Lowry (Ind) Noel Coonan (FG) Seamus Morris (SF) Brendan Maher (Manager) Alan Kelly (Lab) - (Front) Olwyn O Malley (GP), Gary Cotter (Nenagh Guardian) Maire Hoctor (FF) and Kate Bopp (Ind). Videos and audio of the debate are on our website (just search for candidates debate on the site)

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny with Pauline and Noel Coonan in Roscrea

The ULA will be standing candidates throughout the country and we are inviting all people, campaigns and groups that want to fight for real change and who agree with our demands to become part of the Alliance. Visit for more information

Seamus Morris with a group of supporters canvassing in Roscrea

Eamon Cullagh, Liam Byrne, Liam Ryan, Tom Quinlan at the Launch of Billy Clancy’s election campaign in Carr’s Park Avenue, Thurles

Members of North Tipp Ogra Fianna Fail with Micheal Martin and Maire Hoctor

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Three Beckett plays at Nenagh Arts Centre Nenagh Arts Centre presents three short Samuel Beckett plays performed by the Godot Theatre Company of London on next Monday.

vants. A spotlight targets each speaker in turn (though sometimes all at once) as they together relate and repeat the story of their love triangle.

With humour, cruelty and deception as the common themes, the plays ‘Rough For Theatre One’, ‘Play’ and ‘Not I’ are unique in the vitality, originality and their essential shock value. Humour is an important element of a Beckett play as characters are forced to consider the ridiculousness of their surroundings and their own roles.

The longest of the three works ‘Play’ is forty minutes long, with the others twenty minutes a piece. Always humourous, always challenging, this performance is a great opportunity for a Nenagh audience to see the work of one of the masters of the craft, performed by a widely respected interpreter of his work – The Godot Theatre. Admission is €15 with the performance taking place at 8p.m. next Monday 21st February in the Arts Centre, Town Hall, Banba Square. Tickets are available from the Centre in advance. Phone 067 34900

In ‘Play’ for instance, three characters, two women and a man, form a disjointed chorus from their face-forward positions in three large urns. Their speech reveals them to be British and of a class accustomed to having ser-

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Stars of our Bars in The Ragg Have you ever dreamed of being the next Mary Byrne, The Chieftains or David Copperfield? Can you play ‘Slievenamon’ on the spoons? If you would like the chance of fame and stardom, then Younge’s The Ragg is the place to be on Friday 18th March for the qualifying heat of Stars of our Bars. The national competition is run by the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) in association with Smithwicks. Stars of our Bars will see acts from all walks of life take part to be in with a chance to win from the cash prize fund of €50,000 and to be crowned Smithwick’s Stars or our Bars Champion 2011.

Drop in or phone to book a FREE appointment - next Thursday, 10am to 4pm Tel: 067 31447/33766. AUDIOL, Guerin's Pharmacy, Mitchell Street, Nenagh

Winners from the heat in Younge’s The Ragg will go on to compete in the Tipperary Finals with the overall national final taking place in the Summer where a panel of judges including Newstalk and former Something Happens frontman Tom Dunne will select the overall national winner. Last years heat and subsequent Tipperary finals in The Ragg proved to be a great nights entertainment where many a star shone brightly. So dust off your guitar, polish your dancing shoes, iron your magicians cape and enter now by filling in the application form available in The Ragg or email Phone 0504 51376 for more information. Contestants must be over 18

Coeliac- friendly and wheat-free items on the menu Younge’s The Ragg has recently started adding more coeliac- friendly and wheat-free items to their menu. They have changed the daily soup to exclude gluten and wheat without changing the good taste. In fact, customers have told them that the soup tastes ‘just as homemade soup should taste’. They also have at least one main course special and a dessert special, gluten-free and wheat-free. daily. The response so far has been very positive and they are shortly to be added to the Irish Coeliac Society list of establishments recommended suitable for Coeliacs. They are presently working on their own Coeli-

ac bread and hope to add it to the menu in the next couple of weeks. As Rose Younge explains “Having constant dietary problems myself, I understand fully the obstacles other people have when dining out and I NEVER mind being queried by any customer on the ingredients in our foods or the suitability of any item for their special needs. Indeed, I welcome such queries as it is from customers that I myself gain most information. Rest assured, when you dine in The Ragg, you will never be regarded as a fussy eater!” They also stock Coeliac Chips & Ice Cream!

Entertainers Wanted Can You Sing? Can You Dance? Can You Make People Laugh? Can You Play Slievenamon on the spoons?

€50,000 in Cash Prizes to be Won! Stars of Our Bars Qualifying Heat Takes place in Younge’s, The Ragg On Friday 18th March Entry forms available at the bar or email: or download from Phone 0504 51376 for more info.

‘New On Our Menu’ Coeliac & Special Dietary Requirements at the Ragg Homemade Soup • Main Course • Desert

All Gluten-free and Wheat-free

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Tipperary GAA Scene By Ger Ryan County PRO ALLIANZ HURLING LEAGUE 2011 Hard luck to the Tipperary senior hurlers on their 1-17 to 1-10 defeat to Kilkenny in last Saturday evening’s Allianz Hurling League game at Semple Stadium. John O’Neill (Clonoulty Rossmore) who started the game and Brian O’Meara (Kilruane MacDonaghs) who came on as a substitute both made their Allianz Hurling League debuts on Saturday night. Tipperary’s next game is under lights at Croke Park next Saturday evening, February 19 at 5.15pm against Dublin. Tipperary have played Dublin 27 times previously in the hurling league and have won 17 games with Dublin winning 7 and 3 draws. Last year’s Allianz Hurling Division 1 encounter was played at Parnell Park on February 28 and Dublin won on a scoreline of 1-21 to 1-12. Saturday evening’s game is the first game in a double header with Dublin taking on All Ireland champions Cork in the Allianz Football League at 7.30pm. Eurovision hopefuls Jedward will provide entertainment between the games. Given that a large crowd is expected, advance booking of tickets is recommended for those intending to go to the games. Individual or family tickets are available on or through the GAA Office at Lár na Páirce in Thurles (tel 0504 22702 or email ALLIANZ FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2011

A BER Cert is Compulsory for All homes for sale or for rent

ALL IRELAND VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS INTER COUNTY HURLING Congratulations to the Tipperary Vocational Schools Hurling team on their 3-20 to 2-16 victory after extra time over Galway in the re-fixed All Ireland senior hurling championship semi-final at Duggan Park in Ballinasloe on Saturday last. They will play Kilkenny in the final. Kilkenny defeated Cork by 3-10 to 0-11 in their semi-final. SCÓR The County Final of Senior Scór will take place in Clonmore on Friday night next, February 18 at 8pm. We wish all the competitors the best of luck and would we encourage as many as possible to attend what is sure to be a great night’s entertainment. It’s a busy weekend on the Scór scene with the All Ireland final of Scór na nÓg taking place in Castlebar at 3pm on Saturday next, February 19. We wish the best of luck to Loughmore Castleiney’s Tráth na gCeisteanna team who will be Tipperary’s only representatives in the final. MUNSTER COLLEGES GAMES

Tipperary will play Louth in the Allianz Football League round 2 at Drogheda at 2.30pm on Sunday next, February 19. They will be looking for a second victory in their drive for a quick return to Division 2 but Louth at home will not be easy opposition. The last competitive encounter between the counties, also played at Drogheda, was in the All Ireland football championship qualifiers in July 2009 when Tipperary secured a one point victory on a scoreline of 2-10 to 1-12. TIPPERARY SEASON TICKET 2011

• Commercial BER • Domestic BER S.E.I. Grants Available S.E.I. Registered 0504 - 44445 086 - 8173337

num. As only a limited number are available those interested are asked to apply to the GAA Office at Lár na Páirce - 0504 22702 or as soon as possible.

Tipperary County Board is now seeking applications for the new 2011 Season ticket costing €100 which will allow holders to attend all hurling and football league and championship games from minor to senior organised by the County Board. The season ticket will not apply to divisional or juvenile games. Estimated savings for regular attendees of club games will be in the order of €80 to €120 per an-

Good luck to Abbey CBS, Tipperary Town for their Munster Colleges Senior Football “B” final against Carrigaline Community College which will be player next Saturday, February 19 at Fermoy at 2.30pm. We also extend our best wishes to Cashel Community College for their Munster Colleges Senior Hurling “B” final against Dungarvan CBS which will be played on Saturday, February 26 at Clonmel at 2.30pm. MOST WATCHED SPORTS EVENT OF 2010 The most watched sports programme of 2010 was RTE Two’s coverage of the All Ireland senior hurling final between Tipperary and Kilkenny on September 5. A total of 979,000 viewers watched the game. Second place on the list went to the All Ireland senior football final between Cork and Down which attracted 777,000 viewers. The reminder of the Top 10 was completed by the World Cup Soccer final between Spain and

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Tipperary GAA Scene (continued) the Netherlands, the Six Nations Rugby and the Euro 2012 soccer qualifiers.

The Insurance Work Group at Croke Park have been advised that some clubs are engaging in collecTHE LATE SIMON RYAN tion of scrap metal (household and other waste) as a fundraising activiTipperary County Board extends its ty. Clubs are asked to note that this sympathy to the family of the late activity is not covered by the GAA’s Simon Ryan who died suddenly last Liability Insurance coverage. In adweekend. Simon was a member of dition GAA properties should not be the Committee of Tipperary Supused under any circumstance for the porters Club for the last 7 years and collection or storage of such materiwas a staunch Tipperary hurling sup- al. Any queries may be addressed porter, rarely missing a game involv- Sinéad Ní Chuinn, Risk and Insuring Tipperary. He was originally ance Manager, GAA, Croke Park, from Limerick Junction, had strong Dublin 3 or on 01 8363222. connections with Tipperary Town and Thurles, and lived latterly in PLAYER INJURY SCHEME 2011 Leixlip, County Kildare. The Simon Ryan Theatre at the Excel Centre in Player Injury Scheme Coverage is Tipperary Town is named in his effective from January 1, 2011 to honour. Simon was brother of the December 31.The Injury Scheme is late Dr. Tony Ryan, business man entirely funded by the GAA with no and philanthropist. Ar dheis Dé go outside involvement. Clubs are alraibh a anam uasal. lowed until March 31, 2011 to complete registration and forward GAA SOCIAL INITIATIVE payment. However should a club be engaged in competition prior to The GAA Social Initiative has, March 31, registration must be comsince its establishment in August pleted before entry to the competi2010, taken root within the clubs tion will be permitted. involved. The initiative arose from an invitation by President Mary NEW TIPPERARY GAA WEBMcAleese to the GAA to implement SITE a scheme for men in the community, many of whom were finding it more The new Tipperary GAA website difficult in recent years to engage was launched recently. It includes a fully in community life and identify very convenient Inter-County fixsuitable social outlets. To date, 93 tures and results section on the home clubs have volunteered to participate page. It also contains loads of other in the Pilot phase and have already useful information about Tipperary organised interesting and worthwhile GAA. Feedback on the site is welsocial events for the men in their come and should be sent to the Tipcommunities. The clubs’ efforts perary IT Officer, Ed Donnelly at have been greatly appreciated by Well those involved and have invariably done to Ed on all the work he has led to more active participation by put into redeveloping the site and his the men themselves and an interest ongoing work keeping it up to date. in expanding the range of activities For those interested in Tipperary being organised. Examples of club GAA records, the Tipperary GAA activities can be seen in the Social Archives website, Initiative Newsletters on the website: contains The ob- information on inter-county teams jective for 2011 is to increase the and club championships dating back number of clubs involved to 150 by to the founding of the GAA. August and we are therefore appealing to all GAA clubs to seriously TIPPERARY GAA SCENE consider participating in the initiative in the coming year. All that is Information concerning all areas in expected of clubs in the initiative is the GAA will appear in this section to organise a minimum of five social in the future. If you wish to include events/activities during the year any item of interest in future articles, mainly during the winter period. If please contact the County Public Reyour club is interested in participatlations Officer Ger Ryan at 086ing in the GAA Social Initiative 8149146 or via e-mail at please contact Seán Kilbride at 01 on or before 8658617 or Joan Cooney at 01 3:00pm on Monday. Visit the Tip8658680. perary GAA web site at to keep up to INSURANCE RISKS RE COLdate with all the latest news in TipLECTION OF SCRAP METAL perary GAA circles.

Independent BILLY


Rosmult, Drombane, Thurles Phone: 086 0518934 Email: Websites:

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Hair Boutique

Bobbi’s Hair Boutique Contact us on: 067 37376

14 Quintins Way Pearse Street, Nenagh Co. Tipperary

Bobbi would like to welcome Niketa Cavanagh, formally of the Hugh Campbell Hair Group Limerick. Niketa specialises in colour, upstyling and blowdrying and has many years of experience in the Hairdressing Industry.

Unit 14 Quintins Way Pearse St. Nenagh

Opening Hours Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

- Closed -9.30 - 6pm -9.30 - 6pm -9.30 - 6pm -9.30 - 8pm -9 am - 5.30pm

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New Hair Salon Opens In Nenagh Bobbi Horrigan formerly of the Hugh Campbell Hair Group opened her new hair salon in November 2010. Niketa Cavanagh has recently joined the salon. Both Bobbi and Niketa have undergone training with Loréal Professional Dublin. Niketa has many certificates after intense training with FETAC Level 4 and 5. She is currently undergoing her masters colour de-

gree in Dublin with Alfaparf. Bobbi would like to wish Niketa the very best of luck. Bobbi herself has undergone intense training with well known hairdresser to the stars “Debbie G” formally of Vidal Sasson in London. Bobbi learned many hair techniques with Debbie G and received certificate awards which she is proud to display in her new modern salon.

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Young’s Garage Roscrea Ltd.

Hollyford, Co. Tipperary Tel:062-77100/:062-77070 VEHICLE TESTING NETWORK

Of Body Panels, Bonnets, Wings, Bumpers, Door Mirrors, Grilles, Headlamps, Radiators, Filters, Bulbs, Wiper Blades, Turbos, Timing Belt Kits, Wheel Bearings, Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Clutches, Brakes, Steering, Fuel Pumps, Exhausts, C.V. Joints, Brake hoses, Brake Calipers, Tow Bars, Catalytic Converters, Batteries, Tyres, Oil, Detergent, Grease

The One Stop Parts Shop Vapormatic & Granite Tractor Parts Suitable for M.F., Ford, Deutz, John Deere, J.C.B Also Available Machinery Parts, Chain, Bearings, Oil Seals.

Trade Inquiries Welcome & Van Delivery Service

Limerick Road, Roscrea 0505 21266 / 21887

VTN Test Centre Have your Trucks, Van, Jeep, Bus, & Trailer tested with us (No delay, we will do it today) Opel in Tipperary, Laois, Offaly

4th Annual Blazing Bikers Charity Motorbike Road Run 32 County Challenge 2011 in aid of The National Council for the Blind of Ireland The National Council for the Blind of Ireland Once again fundraisers and Thurles duet, Billy Shanahan and his daughter Katriona and their team of Blazing Bikers, are back on the road! This follows up on their successful Tour of Wales last May Bank Holiday weekend 2010, which saw a crew of 120 participants take on the “Celtic Tour”, raising over €30,000 for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. This year they will lead a group of over one hundred intrepid Blazing Bikers through each one of Ireland’s 32 counties over 3 days along 1,000km of Irish roads. The previous tours started with Malin to Mizen in 2008; Mizen to Malin in 2009; and the Celtic Tour 2010. These 3 events have raised over €120,000 for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. Billy and Katriona would like to thank all the bikers who have taken part and all their sponsors who have contributed so generously over the years. These funds are used to deliver essential services to people who suffer from various forms of visual impairment. These services include mobility training, computer education, social services support, counseling and adaptation needs, braille training, library and news magazine services, advocacy, and so on. The participants will stay over in Killarney Friday 29th April where Billy & Katriona will go over the route and nominate marshals for the weekend, they will then start out from there on Saturday morning and finish in Waterford on Monday May 2nd 2011. A

full support team will look after all essential needs from route planning and safety to food and accommodation. Gardai have already approved the route plan and standards of safety adopted for the event. Their support and co-operation is so much appreciated – the event could not go ahead without their approval and support. From their responses to date it would appear that Billy and Katriona have got the mix of adventure, challenge, and hospitality just right for the bikers and their pillion passengers. For this most eagerly awaited event the overnight stops are in hotels in Killarney (Fri night), Bundoran(Sat night), and Dublin(Sun night). A fundraising target of €550 per biker sharing and €350 per pillion passenger sharing includes 3 nights dinner including 1 gala dinner, Hotel B&B, itinerary booklet, DVD of event, certificate of completion, and a souvenir shirt plus badge. A deposit of €250 secures your place. You can contact Billy or Katriona for bookings and further information as follows: Billy Shanahan: (087) 925 3225 Katriona Shanahan: (087) 410 6861 Facebook: Blazing Bikers A launch picture for the 32 County Challenge will take place on the 20th February at 11am in the Anner Hotel, Thurles which will be followed by a ‘Trip Around Tipp’. All are welcome to join.

Roscrea Rd., Birr, Co. Offaly

087 - 2847232 Email:

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CAHIR 4X4 CENTRE Clonmel Rd., Cahir, Co. Tipperary Tel: 052 - 7441883 / 052 - 7443620

Pat Lawrence 087 - 2537626

MAIN ZETOR DEALER 2010 Zetor 12441 with Loader 2010 Zetor 115 Forterra 2010 Zetor 115 Proxima 2005 Zetor 11441 with loader 2006 Zetor 5320 2008 Ford Ranger Crewcab 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe Comm 2007 Nissan X Trail Comm 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Comm 2005 Ssengyong Rexton 5 Seater 2004 Ford Ranger Crewcab 2004 Kia Sorento 5 Seater 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe 5 Seater 2002 Land Rover Range Rover

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County Tipperary Community Games Team Draws for the Indoor Soccer, Tag & Mini Rugby & Outdoor Soccer are set out below & are also on our website at m. Boys U/13 North Templemore (Bye) Ballina v. Ballyclerihan Templemore play winners of above match Cloughjordan v. St. Flannans Nenagh v. Toomevara Winners of above 2 matches play one another South Gortnahoe Glengoole (Bye) St. Marys v. Powerstown Gortnahoe play winners of above match Carrick On Suir v. Ballyclerihan Moycarkey Borris v. St. Olivers Winners of above 2 matches play one another Girls U/13 North Newport v. Toomevara

Nenagh v. Roscrea South Ballyclerihan v. Moycarkey Borris Boys U/15 North Templemore (Bye) Nenagh v. Ballina Templemore play winners of above match Toomevara v. St. Flannans South St. Olivers (Bye) Moycarkey Borris v. Ballyclerihan St. Olivers play winners of above match Powerstown v. Gortnahoe Glengoole Girls U/15 North Nenagh (Bye) St. Flannans v. Newport South Cahir v. Moycarkey Borris Powerstown v. St. Marys All North Finals for Girls & Boys U/13 are being played in Newport on Saturday 19th February from 4pm onwards. North Finals for Girls & Boys U/15 are being played in New-

Nenagh v. Toomevara Silvermines v. Ballina South Ballyclerihan v. Powerstown Carrick On Suir v. St. Marys Lattin Cullen v. Clogheen Moycarkey Borris v. Gortnahoe Glengoole U/12 Girls North Nenagh (Bye) Toomevara v. Roscrea South St. Marys v. Moycarkey Borris Girls U/15 North Newport (Bye) St. Flannans v. Nenagh South Cashel/Rosegreen v. Cahir The 1st Rounds of all Outdoor Soccer are to be played by Friday 1st April. We also have a Facebook page at If anyone has any Community Games related photos or news, please e-mail the details to

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North Tipp Macra North Tipperary Macra held a wellattended meeting with IFAC accountants last Thursday night in the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh. The accountants discussed with the young farmers how to interpret their farm accounts and explained the changes to Farm succession which Budget 2011 brought with it. The next North Tipperary Executive meeting takes place in The Village Inn Aglish at 9pm on the 18 February. On the 19th Feb the Final of Club Question Time takes place in Abbeyleix. North Tipperary will be represented by Clodagh & Devils Bit Macra clubs. Newport Ma-

port on Saturday 26th February. For further information, please contact Willie Jones, the North Co-Ordinator for Indoor Soccer. All South Finals for Girls & Boys U/13 & U/15 are being played in Moyle Rovers GAA Complex, Lisronagh on Saturday 19th February starting at 1pm. For further information, please contact Joan O' Connor, the South Co-Ordinator for Indoor Soccer. RUGBY DRAWS Mini Rugby U/11 Powerstown (Bye) Cashel/Rosegreen v. St. Marys Tag Rugby U/11 Mixed St. Flannans v. Ballyclerihan Drangan/Cloneen v. St. Marys Ballingarry v. Carrick On Suir U/14 Mixed St. Marys v. St. Flannans Drangan/Cloneen v. Ballyclerihan Ballingarry v. Carrick On Suir OUTDOOR SOCCER U/12 Boys North St. Flannans (Bye)

Fork to Fork Journal cra na Feirme are hosting a car treasure hunt on this Sunday February 20 at 3 pm sharp. The meeting point is in the car park near the square on the Murroe road. Support would be greatly appreciated from all clubs. North and South Tipperary Macra will take part in the National City Talent Competitions Moyne Community Hall, on the 27 February. Competitors to be there at 2 pm for sign-in, competition begins at 2.30 pm. On the 5th March, North Tipp Social takes place in Long Charlies, Nenagh, with Music on the night.

Monty and Sarah Don Review by Elizabeth O’Shea Monty Don is very well known from his time on the BBC’s Gardeners’ World, and his 2006 publication Fork to Fork is a very well regarded introduction to vegetable gardening all year. The Fork to Fork Journal is a lovely little book that combines excerpts from the original Fork to Fork with notes pages where the gardener can note what grows, what doesn’t, what tastes lovely and what’s better in the compost heap than on the plate. The book is beautifully bound, and the month-by-month format means there is always something relevant to peruse on those days when it’s just too wet and windy to get out in the garden. If you already own the original Fork to Fork, the journal is not for you because the growing and cook-

ing information is word-forword from the original book. However, if you are new to Monty Don or new to gardening, this is a pleasing book for tips and keeping tidy notes, and it would make a special gift and provide encouragement for a budding gardener Monty and Sarah Don’s Fork to Fork Journal is available for Sheelagh na Gig bookshop, Cloughjordan, which is open WedThu 10.00am-5pm, Fri-Sat 10am6pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm. Tel: 0505 42123; email,; follow us on Twitter @sheelaghnagig; or see us on Facebook.

For All Your Internal And External Painting And Floor Painting Jobs Padraig Meade, Young Farmer Rep, Devils Bit Macra, Tim Maher, Chair, North Tipp Macra, Bernard Banaghan, IFAC Accountants, John Joyce, Young Farmer Development Group Chair.

Phone Sean 087-9634498

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Tipp Gaels@Heaven 2011 By Mike Walsh In Durlas Eile, the Cathedral town, early one morning, a group of men assembled at Hayes Hotel in 1884. Bracken, Cusack and Davern all arrived to witness the GAA’s dawning. When they all agreed Faction Fighting, in our nation, could be no more. Ever since that historic day games of Hurling and Football, in towns and little villages, beneath Sliabhnamon and Galtee Mór, are practiced and played by girls and boys, one and all. All Irelands, too, have been won, as ceoil, song agus rince, at Scór.

The sporting supporters as Tiobraid Arann, le chéile, adhered to Plan A. Comhgairdeas foireann 2010 and hat trick Larry, Hurler of the Year. Tipp is on 26; two in a row will make it twenty-seven. Gone are great Gaels like Semple and the Doyles, for whom we can now shed a tear. But Hey! When Declan and the boys retain the title in twenty eleven, with Cummins, Curran, Maher, McGrath, Corbett and Kelly again in top gear, sure then, wont we all be, together again, in heaven.

Down through the centuries Celtic Crosses galore have come the Premier’s way. An ceist mór last summer, for the Cats by the Nore was; ‘should Henry play’? We cheered from the Hogan as the MacCarthy cup was raised by Eoin, at the final whistle that ended hurling’s greatest game. As gaeilge, Hey! what a speech from the proud son of Mullinahone. Even had the King played on the result, gan dabht, would be the same. After the drive for five was firmly put on hold, the touring Killinan-end, did the county proud upon Hill 16 that September day. They stood their ground waving flags and banners, a sea of blue and gold.

Monday 28th February 2011, 5pm –8pm • Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh • Templemore Arms Hotel Tuesday 1st March 2011, 5pm –8pm • Food Enterprise Centre, Rearcross Wednesday 2nd March 2011, 5pm –8pm • Grants Hotel, Roscrea Thursday 3rd March 2011, 5pm –8pm • Anner Hotel, Thurles • Yanks Hotel, Borrisokane

Sophie Treacy and Albert Fitzgerald two of the mascots at the Tipperary v Kilkenny league match at Semple Stadium with 2010 Hurler of the Year, Lar Corbett. Larry, displaying the Gift of Life - Donor Card, was unable to attend the recent Kidney Fundraiser organized by Danielle Walsh, agreed to help her promote organ donation. Plans for a very special commemorative garden will be announced in Croke Park prior to the two games there this weekend. Log on to for further info.

Handcrafted Furniture at Deanery Furniture Showrooms For over 18 years Deanery Furniture has been designing and producing beautiful handcrafted furniture from their base in Shinrone, Co. Offaly. As a family business they have invested considerable time and resources in developing an excellent relationship with their customers. Their extensive showroom, which is open to the public contains a fantastic array of quality handcrafted furniture with something to suit everyone. They often visit clients homes to view the space for which the furniture is required and go through individual consultations to develop the design with the client. Deanery Furniture are also the midland stockists for the popular Neptune range of furniture. Their showroom is located next to the

The Tipperary North County Enterprise Board (TNCEB) and the North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (NTLP) will hold ENTERPRISE CLINICS for the promoters of new and existing businesses as follows:

Staff from the Leader Partnership and the Enterprise Board will be available to meet you to discuss grants and other supports available for business start up or expansion. Meetings will be on a 1 to 1 basis and no appointment is necessary.

For further information contact the Tipperary North County Enterprise Board, Connolly St., Nenagh. Tel: 067-33086, or North Tipperary LEADER Partnership, Silver Street, Nenagh, Tel: 067 56676

Investing in your future


workshop and is the main outlet where you can view their extensive selection of work. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday 1pm to 5pm and Sundays by appointment. For more information visit or phone 0505-47066

Showroom Open

Neptune Stockists 0505 47066 Shinrone, Birr, Co. Offaly

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North Tipperary Schoolchildrens Football Mayor Morris Awards F.A.I Chief Executive John Delaney Civic Reception. Results & Fixtures by Bobby Lynch, NTSFL PRO North Tipperary Schoolchildrens Football Results and Fixtures by Bobby Lynch, NTSFL PRO

Mayor of Nenagh Town Council Seamus Morris awarded a civic reception to F.A.I chief executive John Delaney.

out of their local area to be scouted and spotted. The recent victories by North Tipperary underage football teams in the football hotbed of Waterford also highlight the quality This civic reception was in of coaching in our area. All of these recognition of Mr. Delaney’s sterling things could not be achieved without efforts at moving grassroots football the guiding hand of John Delaney. from the ‘dark ages’ to a modern level where it is played in top quality In an emotional night which drew a facilities throughout Tipperary. Over huge crowd from the football the years, John Delaney has been a fraternity in Tipperary, a clearly great friend to football in his home emotional John Delaney accepted the county of Tipperary with two Civic Reception on behalf of all trophies called after the Delaney football people up and down the family who willingly sponsor these country. He was very thankful to trophies. Both these competitions Mayor Seamus Morris and the unite North and South Tipperary’s Nenagh Town Council for this mutual love of football. award. Playing fields offer more than just health and recreational facilities: they also offer the opportunity for sports tourism and this enables clubs to offer communities a way to capitalise on much needed sports capital projects.

Mr. Delaney was also very humble in accepting not only his role in the success, but the contribution of everyone involved in football all over the country.

Mayor Seamus Morris also recognised the late Patsy Fagan. In Seamus Morris also spoke about the what was a very emotional night for quality of coaching that is now the Fagan family, the boardroom in available through the emerging talent Nenagh A.F.C Brickfields was programme so expertly run by James officially named for the man known Scott and his team. It means that affectionately as “Mr Football” in players like Nenagh’s James Nenagh. McGrath are emerging as Irish It was a fantastic night for the Internationals without having to go football fraternity in Tipperary.

Sat Feb 19 U12 Norton Cup Ballymackey v Ringmahon Rangers 12.30 Nenagh AFC v Corinthians Boys 2pm U10 Premier 1 Nenagh AFC A v Templemore 11 Ardcroney v Nenagh AFC B 1pm U10 Premier 2 Holycross v Birdhill 11 Puckane v Ballymackey 12.15 U10 Premier 3 Ballymackey B v Templemore B 11 Moneygall v Shinrone 12.30 U10 Premier 4 Nenagh AFC C v Lough Derg B 12 Lough Derg A v Arra 11.45 U10 Category 2 Div 1 Nenagh Celtic v Nenagh AFC D 2.30 TBC Cloughjordan v Silvermines 10.30 Div 2 Templemore C v L Derg C 2pm Birdhill B v Nenagh AFC E 10.15 U12 Premier Birdhill v Templemore 11.15 Lough Derg v Puckane 10.30 U12 Div 1 Cloughjordan v Nenagh Celtic 11.30 Sallypark v Arra 1.30 Nenagh AFC C v L Derg B 10.30 Shinrone v Nenagh AFC B 11 U13 Premier Holycross v Ardcroney 12 U14 Premier Nenagh AFC v Birdhill 12 Lough Derg v Ballymackey 11.45 U14 Div 1 Nenagh Celtic v Rearcross 3.30 TBC Shinrone v Nenagh AFC B 12.30 U16 Premier Puckane v Nenagh AFC 10.30 Lough Derg v Templemore 1pm Moneygall v Ballymackey 11 Fixtures Sunday 20 February U11 inter-league friendly Limerick Desmond League V North Tipperary 11.00 Adare SFAI U16 O'Neill Cup Waterford v North Tipperary 2.00, venue tbc. Notes: - Home team must text results to Fixtures Secretary Denny Ryan to 087-9162948 by 7pm on game day - Pitch inspections must be done by 9am on game day and fixtures secretary notified - League website: ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2010/11 NTSFL Knockout Cup Final Schedule Saturday April 30 Newtown U11 11am - U13 1pm - U15 3pm Sunday May 1 Newtown U12 11am- U14 1pm - U16 3pm Monday May 2 Brickfields U10 Category 2 Shield Final 11am U10 Premier Shield Final 12 U10 Category 2 Cup Final 1pm U10 Premier Cup Final 2pm

Michael Stapleton, Padraic Fahey, Gerry Grant, John Delaney at the launch of Billy Clancy’s election campaign in Carr’s Park Avenue, Thurles

Clare (O) V North Tipperary (2) Interleague game Sun 13 Feb An U12 Emerging talent selection, representing the North Tipperary Schoolchildrens Football League, had a 2 – 0 win away to the Clare Schoolboy league in their penultimate group game in the U12 SFAI Cashin Cup interleague competition. North Tipperary travelled to the game as strong favourites to win on the back of recent wins against the Cork and Limerick district leagues, which followed a draw in their opening game against the South Tipperary league. Early in the game Clare did their best to frustrate North Tipperary and kept lots of players behind the ball. North Tipp had lots of possession but the well organised Clare defence was hard to break down. The North Tipperary lads persisted playing a high tempo possession game and probed the Clare rearguard until finally the break through came after 16 minutes. Some slick passing saw the ball being switched from right to left and back to the right corner where Cian Darcy finished emphatically from the tightest of angles. North Tipperary controlled the rest of the match and Clare rarely troubled the North Tipp goal and a second Cian Darcy goal from a great true ball from Adam Healy on 45 minutes saw North Tipperary control the game comfortably to the final whistle. It was a great team performance with the back four marshalled by David Kelly, were very cohesive and organised through out. Stephen Nolan maintained the excellence of his resent performances, Declan Mc Grath put in a fine hours work and Cian Darcy helped himself to 2 goals and was a handful for the Clare defence. Team Tommy Holland (Ardcroney) Edward Bourke (Lough Derg) Jason Mc Kenna (Nenagh AFC ) David Kelly (Lough Derg) Josh Mc Carthy (Ballymackey) Stephen Nolan (Templemore) Declan Mc Grath (Puckane) Harry Sheehy (Nenagh AFC) Adam Healy (Nenagh AFC) Dan O Meara (Puckane) and Ciea Darcy (Ballymackey) Sub: Kevin Connelly (Birdhill) and Conor Sheedy (Templemore). The result sees North Tipperary sitting proudly on top of their Inter-league group and a win in their much anticipated final group game against the Limerick Desmond League would see North Tipperary progress into a Munster final and at least to an all Ireland quarter-final. A second game for the extended squad was played after the Inter-league game and finished in a nil all draw between North Tipperary and Clare. North Tipp again produced another fine display with some great passages of play. Some outstanding individual performances most noticeably from Birdhill’s Cathal Floyd will give the management some food for thought for future team selections


Shreelawn Oil

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Chimney Cleaning Prevent an unnecessary Fire Hazard in your home! Clean & Professional Service using Brush & Vacuum Contact: Con Donegan, Blitz Chimney Cleaning Services 087-683 9920 / 062-71949

Ballinwear Pre-Cast Concrete Ltd. Display Area Now Open 7 Days

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Van Shelving Fully Adjustable Van Shelving Kits to Suit All Makes of Vans

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Corns Callus & or cracked heels Athlete’s foot Ingrown toe nails Fungal & thickened nails Verrucas Unable to cut your nails.

Bourke’s Pharmacy Roscrea Shopping Centre

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Counselling Professional counselling available in the Thurles area. The service covers general counselling, bereavement, suicide bereavement, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship difficulties and couples counselling. Qualification recognised by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). Some evening appointments available. ph Jim O Shea 087-8211 009 upto105

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1562788. 161,162

ping, go to a meeting etc.) in exchange for


Registered childminder available from Janu-

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Algarve - Portugal. 1 Bedroom luxury apart-

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os, paths, yards, sheds, etc. No job too small. Plastic Boxes: 1’10” long, 1’2” wide, 15”

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East Munster Youth Rugby Last weekend was a mixed weekend for East Munster clubs with the weather causing the cancelation of a number of matches. The list of cancelled matches was as follows, U13 Clanwilliam v Kilfeacle, Nenagh Ormond v Waterford City, U17 Clanwilliam v Cashel, Galbally v Fethard, Pan Munster U17 Abbeyfeale v Nenagh Ormond, Pan Munster U19 Nenagh Ormond v Kilfeacle. Despite the weather conditions several matches did go ahead, in the U13 league Fethard and Galbally started their campaign with home win's over Thurles and Clonmel. In the U15 league, Dungarvan secured second place in the south section with an away victory over Waterpark B. The north section requires a three way playoff between Cashel, Thurles and Clanwilliam for 2nd place, with Nenagh having secured 1st place. In the U17 league both Clanwilliam v Cashel and Galbally v Fethard were cancelled.


East Munster fixture list 20 Feb 2011 Date

Competition U13 L







K.O. 11am

Venue Clanwilliam

U13 L 20/02/11






Nenagh Ormond




Nenagh Ormond

U13 L






U13 L

Waterford City




Waterford City


U15 L PO







U15 L PO










Carrick On Suir


















U13 L

20/02/11 20/02/11


In the Pan Munster leagues Waterpark had a good weekend with victories for their U17 team over Shannon and their U19 team over Crosshaven. Their U19 team have now qualified for the quarter final with three straight victories. Kilfeacle U17's put themselves in a strong position with a second win in their match against Tralee, their U19 match was cancelled for a second consecutive week. Nenagh Ormond had no luck with the weather with both their U17 and 19 matches cancelled. The Clonmel U19's kept their hope of a quarter-final place alive with a home victory over Scariff. Thurles U19's hope of a quarter-final ended when an under strength team were defeated in Tralee. The Dungarvan U17's also bowed out with a defeat away to Old Crescent. There is a full round of matches scheduled for next weekend in the U13 leagues and the U17 development. The U15 semi-final's will take place with Waterpark v Nenagh Ormond and Thurles v Dungarvan. There is also a number of matches re-scheduled in the Pan Munster leagues with Bandon v Waterpark, Nenagh Ormond v Thomond and Bruff v Kilfeacle in the U17 league, in the U19 league Nenagh Ormond play Kilfeacle, Young Munster v Clonmel.

20/02/11 East Munster Results for Sunday 13


January 2011









Pts 20











Waterpark B














Carrick On Suir



U17 Pan ML






U19 Pan ML






U19 Pan ML






U19 Pan ML





Venue Galbally Fethard Waterpark Thurles Fethard Waterpark Kilfeakle Waterpark Clonmel

Pan Munster fixture list PHASE 2 Date

Competition U19PML





Nenagh Ormond



Nenagh Ormond



K.O. 12pm TBC

Venue Nenagh Ormond Kilfeakle

Increase Sales, call the Tipp Tatler 0504-51945 Prayers: €7.50

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Counselling Counselling men who batter, and steps that all abusers can take to stop abusing Continued from last issue

1. Recognise that you have a lifelong problem, and have ingrained responses to stress. Learn and practice ways to identify and constructively release your anger, pain, and stress. People become abusive partly because they do not know how to release these feelings. Anger may be triggered by your partner but may subconsciously be linked to childhood anger that has been suppressed. You should analyse your anger when it arises, check what makes you angry, and does it remind you of childhood. It is also helpful to keep an anger journal. I suggest you look at Engel pages 132 to 138 for excellent techniques at managing and understanding anger. Most important of all is to find the feelings under the anger, for example, sadness, hurt, or guilt. It is, above all, vital to explore these feelings of your hurt childhood. Finally, I recommend calming techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, or creative exercises that involves using your hands. 2. Identify your triggers and false beliefs. When these ‘hot’ buttons are pressed intense emotional reactions can occur and lead to abusive behaviour. Some of the common triggers for those with abusive tendencies are being ignored or rejected, envy, or shame. When you get angry examine it in the light of these triggers. All of these feelings are rooted in childhood. I think that the counsellor should also emphasise the positive in the abusive client’s behaviours. Abusers are essentially negative, and the core of the counselling process is to heal. To focus on the positive behaviours of the abusive client is not to minimise the abuse. The counsellor could also help the abusive client to consider the positive behaviours of the victim, and educate him on the curse of possessiveness. There is a good checklist of possessive behaviours as follows ∙  Frequently asking your partner if she loves you ∙   Frequently telling your partner that you love her with the expectation that she will tell you the same ∙   Frequently telling your partner that you know she doesn’t love you as much as you love her ∙   Insisting on a hug or kiss when your partner doesn’t feel like it, or is busy with something else ∙   Insisting on having sex when your partner doesn’t feel like it, assuming that your partner doesn’t love you if she won’t have sex with you ∙   Trying to make your partner feel guilty if she doesn’t want to have sex as often as you do. ∙   Wanting to know where your partner is and what she is doing at all times ∙   Constantly accusing your partner of being unfaithful

By Jim O’Shea

∙  Checking up on your partner to make sure she isn’t cheating on you. Possessiveness comes from a lack of self-esteem, and it is important for counsellors to explore this with their client. In the final analysis abusers will only stop abusing when they make the decision that they do not want to be abusive people. As Patricia Evans reveals, many batterers do not realise that they are so. They have a strong sense of denial. They can bury deep in their subconscious any recognition of their abusiveness, and are amazed when a therapist brings them face to face with their behaviour. Their victims are equally amazed. It is difficult to understand how deep such denial is. When the abuser recognises what he has done, there is always the danger that he will blame his childhood for how he became an abuser and so avoid accountability. He will also, however, see himself as ‘bad’ and find it hard to forgive himself. It is the therapists job to educate him on abuse, never to minimise it, to challenge his client to take responsibility and to work with him on forgiving himself and moving on to a non-abusive life-style. All of this in the context of the 7 steps outlined above. I wish to acknowledge the following sources: Naomei Will, Fernando Mederos, WomenSafe, Emerge, ACADV, Women's Aid, Beverley Engel, and Patricia Evans.

(continued in next issue) Jim O’Shea works as a counsellor from Furze, Thurles. Ph.087-8211009 Jim O’Shea’s book ‘When a child dies. Footsteps of a Grieving Family’ is published by Veritas. The royalties from this book will go the the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin

Beside The NCT Centre

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