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Different Types of Custom USB Drives With the advancements in the upcoming technologies everything has improvised a lot. Companies keep looking for something innovative and unique method to market their product and services. Nowadays the trend of custom USB drives is being used by most of the companies; they even use these drives as promotional item.

The material being used for making the Custom USB drives differs. Here is some information about each of them:

1. Plastic USB Drives: You may get the highly customized plastic Drives for your business. The range is extensive to get distinct types and styles of standard plastic USB drives. Also, 100% customized designs and shapes can also be ordered. Various shapes of drives can be obtained like slim drives with D-ring, puck shaped drives, translucent colored plastic drive, chromed plastic drives, pill shaped, capsule shaped, football shaped, circular flip style, and even glossy plastic drives can be used as a presentable item.

2. Metal USB Drives: The metal is used to create the USB drives. The strength, durability and accuracy of metal USB Drives is unmatchable. Besides which they are cost effective too. The design and shaped can be made as per your business requirements. Mostly aluminum is used for these drives in flip style, swing style, mandrel bent sheet steel, anodized aluminum, powdercoat chrome

steel swivel drive, switch blade style, and even stainless steel can be used for the custom Metal drives to give them enriched looks.

3. Wood USB Drives: There is huge collection of diverse styles and types of wood USB drives. You may select from the standard available designs and can get them designed giving ideas in your mind. Drives can be made using machined wood, rounded wood, rectangular wood, recycled wood, cylindrical wood, book shaped wood, necklace style, swing style and lot many more.

4. Leather USB Drives: From the immense collection of USB drives made from leather, you may get according to your needs and that best represent your business model. You can get them entirely customized also. The available are in leather holster with metal clasp, colored leather accents, stitched leather holster, Leatherbodied flash drive with snap on cap, Leather bracelet style, Fish-shaped leather bracelet style, and even Leather keychain USB drives.

5. PVC USB Drives: From the large collection of USB drives you can get them using the PVC for the drives. They have stylish appearance that is best suited for promotional purposes due to their impressive looks. They can be created according to your requirements and mostly the bracelet style PVC USB drives are very common. On the surface, you can get the useful business information printed to promote the business.

6. Card Disk-Flash Disk Drives: Thin credit card USB drives are the most convenient drives that can slip right away into your wallet. These are available with vibrant 4 color process print. This place can be best used for displaying your company information. The Plastic / Aluminum credit-card style USB Drives can be obtained in various colors.

Depending upon the business you are involved in, you may select the material for getting the Custom Shaped USB Drives created for the promotional purposes.

Different Types of Custom USB Drives  

Custom USB Drives can be created with the useful information about your business printed on its surface.