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The Delicate Charm of Handcrafted Ceramics

The Delicate Charm of Handcrafted Ceramics

A Family Business... The heritage of De Rosa proudly spans seventy years, when in 1945 Jorge De Rosa Thompson was inspired by the craft of ceramic design. Now run by his son Jorge De Rosa Jr and his daughter Agustina De Rosa, it remains a well-established, family run business producing timeless handmade ceramic figurines, evolving and reinventing ceramic design through bright colours, original art forms and textures. Our figurines are internationally recognized for their artistic and elegant use of platinum, gold, and vibrant enamel glazes in the creation of our hand-made ceramic figurines. Every creation in De Rosa is the result of a unique worldwide process of the highest technical and artistic quality. Each figurine is carved and painted by hand, insuring no two subjects are ever carved exactly the same. These brightly coloured jewels in the world of hand-crafted ceramic design are made exclusively in our workshop in the state of Canelones, Uruguay, South America. An inimitable style that is recognized in five continents and has thousands of followers all around the world.

The Process of Creation... The process of creation starts with our artists working the clay, modeling it in exploration of the form, of the life which gradually takes shape under their skillful hands, giving birth to a new born figurine. Once the design is approved, a mold is produced in plaster to reproduce the piece. The mold is filled with the liquid paste called slip. After six hours the paste is set and ready to be removed from its mold. Our special carving process is what makes our pieces so unique. The artisans hand carve in meticulous detail, giving each piece its own individual character and personality and achieving unique, unrepeatable creations. After nearly fifteen hours inside the kiln for the first time, reaching a temperature of 1000ÂşC, the biscuit is hand-painted with a colorful variety of ceramic slips and bright enamel glazes that accentuate every detail obtained in the carving process. When the hand-painting is completed the figurine is fired in the kiln for a second time. The application of gold and platinum marks the final step. These precious metals are used not only to accent the personality of the figurines, but to transform the De Rosa Collection into the brightly colored jewels in the world of hand-crafted ceramic design. Before each piece is manually packed, a final selection process takes place before the piece is identified as best quality. Limited Editions include a special certificate signed by our designer that guarantees the authenticy and quality of the piece. A esthetic and sophisticated gilding have been brought together in our distinguished designs that please both the eye and the heart.

A vehicle for expression which knows no limits, made just for you‌

The Delicate Charm of Handcrafted Ceramics

Our Creations May Be Found... Armenia Australia Austria Belgium Canada China Costa Rica Czech Republic France Germany Hong Kong

Indonesia Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malasya Mauritius Netherlands New Zeland

Poland Russian Federation Singapore Spain Taiwan Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Of America

The Families Collection

F193 Striped Cat Gato a Rayas 08x08x13 cms.

F 393 Striped Kitten with Yarn Ball Gatito a Rayas con Ovillo 08x06x08 cms.

The Families Collection

F191 Clydesdale Caballo de Tiro 10x06x12 cms.

F391 Baby Clydesdale Caballo de Tiro Beb茅 07x04x09 cms.

F189 F389 Baby Brown Dog Perro Marr贸n Beb茅 09x08x07 cms.

Brown Dog Perro Marr贸n 09x06x10 cms.

F392 Baby Hedgehog Puercoespín Bebé 07x06x06 cms.

F192 Hedgehog Puercoespín 12x07x08 cms.

F195 Blue Tit Herrerillo 09x06x07 cms.

The Families Collection

F194 Wren Reyezuelo 10x07x08 cms.

F187 White Indian Elephant Elefante Indio Blanco 12x07x12 cms.

F387B Baby Indian Elephant II Elefante Indio Bebé 2 07x05x08 cms.

F387A Baby Indian Elephant I Elefante Indio Bebé 1 07x05x08 cms.

F188 Barbary Lion Le贸n de Berber铆a 09x06x12 cms.

The Families Collection

The Families Collection F186 Monkey Mono 07x09x14 cms.

F 386 Baby Monkey Mono Bebé 06x05x08 cms.

F190 F390 Baby Cocker Dog Perro Cocker Bebé 09x07x05 cms.

Cocker Dog Perro Cocker 08x08x11 cms.

F385B Baby Winter Owl II Lechuza De Invierno Bebé II 05x06x08 cms.

F385A Baby Winter Owl I Lechuza De Invierno Bebé I 05x05x07 cms.

F185 Winter Owl Lechuza De Invierno 06x07x11 cms.

The Families Collection

F 183 Eastern Owl Lechuza del Este 08x07x10 cms.

F 383 Baby Eastern Owl Lechuza del Este BebĂŠ 07x06x08 cms.

F184 Hawksbill Sea Turtle Tortuga de Mar Hawksbill 12x11x05 cms.

F384 Baby Hawksbill Sea Turtle Tortuga de Mar Hawksbill BebĂŠ 10x09x04 cms.

F182 Mountain Wolf Lobo de Montaña 09x07x14 cms.

F382 Baby Mountain Wolf Lobo de Montaña Bebé 07x06x09 cms.

F 381 Baby Dolphin Diving Delfín Nadando Bebé 09x07x09 cms.

F 181 Dolphin Diving Delfín Nadando 13x07x11 cms.

F 179 Green Turtle Tortuga Verde 10x09x05 cms.

F 379 Baby Green Turtle Tortuga Verde Bebé 08x06x05 cms.

F 378 Baby Jumping Frog Rana Saltando Bebé 07x06x06 cms.

F 178 Jumping Frog Rana Saltando 09x10x08 cms.

The Families Collection

F177 Otter Nutria 11x07x08 cms.

F377 Baby Otter Nutria BebĂŠ 08x07x06 cms.

F175 Blue Cochin Rooster Gallo Cochin Azul 11x07x09 cms.

F176 Blue Cochin Hen Gallina Cochin Azul 11x07x09 cms.

F374 Baby Samburu Elephant Elefante Samburú Bebé 08x06x08 cms.

F174 Samburu Elephant Elefante Samburú 09x07x13 cms.

The Families Collection

F372 Kitten with Ribbon Gatito con Mo単a 06x05x09 cms.

F172 Cat with Ribbon Gato con Mo単a 09x07x14 cms.

F171 Dairy Cow Vaca Lechera 13x08x11 cms.

F369 Baby Sailfin Tang Fish Pez Sailfin Tang Bebé 10x06x08 cms.

F170 Clown Fish Pez Payaso 11x07x09 cms.

F370 Baby Clown Fish Pez Payaso Bebé 09x05x07 cms.

F169 Sailfin Tang Fish Pez Sailfin Tang 11x07x09 cms.

F168 Jaipur Elephant Elefante de Jaipur 12x11x08 cms.

F368 Baby Jaipur Elephant Elefante de Jaipur Beb茅 08x05x09 cms.

F367 Baby Hippo with Water Lily Hipop贸tamo con Camalote Beb茅 08x05x08 cms.

F167 Hippo with Water Lily Hipop贸tamo con Camalote 11x07x08 cms.

F166 Panda On Tree Panda sobre Árbol 10x07x03 cms.

F303 Baby Panda with Leaf Oso Panda con Hoja Bebé 08x05x06 cms.

The Families Collection

F366 F304 Baby Panda Oso Panda Bebé 08x05x05 cms.

Baby Panda On Tree Panda sobre Árbol Bebé 08x04x07 cms.

F165W White Horse Caballo Blanco 12x14x06 cms.

F365W Baby White Horse Caballo Blanco BebĂŠ 09x05x09 cms.

F164 Javan Rhino Rinoceronte de Java 12x07x10 cms.

F364 Baby Javan Rhino Rinoceronte de Java BebĂŠ 09x06x08 cms.

F163 Artic Polar Bear Oso Polar del Ártico 13x07x10 cms.

F363 Baby Artic Polar Bear Oso Polar del Ártico Bebé 08x06x07 cms.

F162 Nile Crocodile Cocodrilo del Nilo 13x11x05 cms.

F362 Baby Nile Crocodile Cocodrilo del Nilo Bebé 09x06x07 cms.

The Families Collection

F161 Mediterranean Turtle Tortuga Mediterránea 13x11x07 cms.

F361 Baby Mediterranean Turtle Tortuga Mediterránea Bebé 09x06x06 cms.

F359 Baby Dolphin on Wave Delfín sobre Ola Bebé 09x06x06 cms.

F159 Dolphin on Wave Delfín sobre Ola 11x07x13 cms.

F360 Baby Frog on Leaf Rana sobre Hoja BebĂŠ 07x07x08 cms.

F160 Frog on Leaf Rana sobre Hoja 09x08x09 cms.

F158 Orange Calico Cat Gato Calico Naranja 09x05x14 cms.

F358 Orange Calico Kitten Gatito Calico Naranja 07x05x09 cms.

The Families Collection F357 Baby Asian Elephant Elefante Asiático Bebé 07x05x09 cms.

F157 Asian Elephant Elefante Asiático 10x06x14 cms.

F155 Cat Resting Gato Descansando 12x09x06 cms.

F355 Kitten Resting Gatito Descansando 08x07x10 cms.

F353G Baby Green Angel Fish Pez Ángel Verde Bebé 09x05x07 cms.

F153G Green Angel Fish Pez Ángel Verde 12x07x09 cms.

F154 Butterfly Fish Pez Mariposa 11x07x09 cms.

F354 Baby Butterfly Fish Pez Mariposa Bebé 08x06x07 cms.

F353 Baby Blue Angel Fish Pez Ángel Azul Bebé 09x05x07 cms.

F153 Blue Angel Fish Pez Ángel Azul 12x07x09 cms.

F352 Baby Koala Koala Bebé 06x06x08 cms.

F152 Koala with Baby Koala con Bebé 09x07x10 cms.

F151 Lion Sitting León Sentado 09x07x11 cms.

The Families Collection F350 Baby Puffin Puffin Bebé 07x06x09 cms.

F150 Puffin Puffin 09x07x11 cms.

F349 Baby Blue Seal Foca Azul Bebé 07x06x08 cms.

F149 Blue Seal Foca Azul 08x08x11 cms.

F348 Baby Grizzly Bear Oso Grizzly Bebé

F148 Grizzly Bear Oso Grizzly

07x05x07 cms.

10x08x09 cms.

F347 Baby Humpback Whale Ballena Jorobada Bebé 08x07x07 cms.

F147 Humpback Whale Ballena Jorobada 12x09x06 cms.

F143B Unicorn Unicornio

F343B Baby Unicorn Unicornio BebĂŠ

11x06x14 cms.

07x04x09 cms.

F146 Ram Carnero 10x06x08 cms.

The Families Collection

F144 Chinese Dragon Drag贸n Azul 10x05x09 cms.

F344 Baby Chinese Dragon Drag贸n Azul Beb茅 08x04x06 cms.

F142 Giraffe Jirafa 09x04x15 cms.

F342 Baby Giraffe Jirafa Beb茅 07x03x11 cms.

F140 Bald Eagle Ă guila 14x07x10 cms.

F339 Baby Orca Orca Bebé 07x07x08 cms.

F139 Orca Orca 10x07x10 cms.

F138B Blue Parrot Loro Azul 08x06x12 cms.

F138R Red Parrot Loro Rojo 08x06x12 cms.

The Families Collection F137 Robin Robin 10x06x08 cms.

F337 Baby Robin Robin Bebé 07x05x07 cms.

F336 Baby Wolf Lobo Bebé 08x04x10 cms.

F136 Wolf Lobo 11x05x09 cms.

F335 Baby Snowy Owl Lechuza Snowy BebĂŠ 06x05x07 cms.

F135 Snowy Owl Lechuza Snowy 07x07x08 cms.

F332A Blue Kitten Standing Gatito Azul Parado 08x04x07 cms.

F132 Blue Cat Gato Azul 10x05x08 cms.

The Families Collection

F333 Baby Wild Duck Pato Silvestre Bebé 07x05x05 cms.

F133 Wild Duck Pato Silvestre 10x06x06 cms.

F134 F334 Baby Rabbit Conejo Bebé 07x07x07 cms.

Rabbit Conejo 09x06x08 cms.

F131 White Elephant Elefante Blanco 11x06x10 cms.

F331 Baby White Elephant Elefante Blanco Bebé 09x05x06 cms.

F326W Baby White Frog Rana Blanca Bebé 06x07x06 cms.

F126W White Frog Rana Blanca 08x09x08 cms.

F329 Baby Carey Sea Turtle Tortuga Carey de Mar Bebé 09x08x04 cms.

F129 Carey Sea Turtle Tortuga Carey de Mar 11x11x05 cms.

F328B Baby Blue Tawny Owl I Lechuza Tawny Azul Bebé 1 06x05x07 cms.

F328A Baby Blue Tawny Owl Lechuza Tawny Azul Bebé 06x05x07 cms.

F128 Blue Tawny Owl Lechuza Tawny Azul 07x06x10 cms.

F327 Baby Galapagos Turtle Tortuga Galápagos Bebé 10x07x04 cms.

F127 Galapagos Turtle Tortuga Galápagos 06x09x12 cms.

F330 Baby Striped Pig Cerdito a Rayas Bebé 07x04x05 cms.

F130 Striped Pig Cerdo a Rayas 10x06x06 cms.

The Families Collection

F325 Tiger Cub Tigre Bebé 10x07x06 cms.

F125B Bengala Tiger Tigre de Bengala 14x06x10 cms.

F124 Zebra Cebra 09x05x10 cms.

F324 Baby Zebra Cebra Bebé 08x05x08 cms.

F323 Blue Tabby Kitten Gatito Tabby Azul 07x04x06 cms.

F123 Blue Tabby Cat Gato Tabby Azul 10x05x09 cms.



Siamese Kitten Sitting Gatito Bebé Siamés Sentado

Siamese Kitten Resting Gatito Bebé Siamés Descansando

06x05x08 cms.

07x05x07 cms.

F122 Siamese Cat Gato Siamés 07x06x11 cms.

The Families Collection

F114 Bull Toro 11x06x08 cms.



Baby Barn Owl II Lechuza Barn Bebé II

Baby Barn Owl I Lechuza Barn Bebé I

07x05x06 cms.

06x08x06 cms.

F105 Barn Owl Lechuza Barn 08x08x06 cms.

F113 Lion León 10x07x09 cms.

F316 Lion Cub León Bebé 06x05x08 cms.

F103 Pinguin with Baby Pinguino con Bebé 09x07x11 cms.

F305 Baby Pinguin Sliding Pinguino Bebé Deslizándose 08x07x05 cms.

F306 Baby Pinguin Walking Pinguino Bebé Caminando 07x05x08 cms.

The Minis Collection

A02W White Little Ark Arca Pequeña Blanca 17x24x16 cms.

A02B Brown Little Ark Arca Pequeña Marrón 17x24x16 cms.

M01 Mini Owl Lechuza 04x04x04 cms.

M02 Mini Panda Panda 04x04x04 cms.

M03 Mini Rhino Rinoceronte 04x04x04 cms.

M04 Mini Hippo Hipop贸tamo 04x04x04 cms.

M06 Mini Elephant I Elefante I 04x04x04 cms.

M05 Mini Cat Gato 04x04x04 cms.

The Minis Collection

M07 Mini Elephant II Elefante II

M08 Mini Turtle Tortuga

04x04x04 cms.

04x04x04 cms.

M09 Mini Frog Rana 04x04x04 cms.

M11 Mini Owl II Lechuza 04x04x04 cms.

M10 Mini Sheep Oveja 04x04x04 cms.

M12 Mini Dolphin Delfin 04x04x04 cms.

The Small Wildlife Collection

SW002 Barn Owl Lechuza 10x07x13 cms.

The Small Wildlife Collection

SW001 Bishari Canel Camello Bishari 10x06x15 cms.

SW003 Big Owl BĂşho 09x08x13 cms.

SW005 African Rhino Rinoceronte Africano 13x07x11 cms.

SW007 Panda Bear Oso Panda 07x08x13 cms.

The Small Wildlife Collection

SW010 Catalana Hen Gallina Catalana 011x08x13 cms.

SW009 Catalana Rooster Gallo Catalana 012x06x15 cms.

SW011 Black Panther Pantera Negra 15x08x10 cms.

SW012 Short Hair Cat Gato de Pelo Corto 10x07x13 cms.

SW014 White Pelican PelĂ­cano 12x08x13 cms.

SW013 Indian Elephant Elefante Indio 11x08x14 cms.

SW018 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever 12x09x14 cms.

SW015 Toco Toucan Tucรกn Toco 11x08x14 cms.

SW016R Red Royal Horse Caballo Real Rojo 012x08x15 cms.

SW016B Blue Royal Horse Caballo Real Azul 012x08x15 cms.

The Medium Wildlife Collection

1034 Asian Elephant Elefante Asiรกtico 17x10x14 cms.

1030 White Cat Gato Blanco 20x10x12 cms.

1026 Clydesdale Caballo de Tiro 17x16x10 cms.

1032 Polar Bear With Fish Oso Polar con Peces 12x11x05 cms.

1031 Bald Eagle Águila 20x09x13 cms.

1033 Samburu Elephant Elefante Samburú 12x10x17 cms.

1028B Black Bull Toro Negro 17x08x12 cms.

1028R Red Bull Toro Rojo 17x08x12 cms.

1025 Lion Standing Le贸n Parado 16x10x15 cms.

1024 Owl on Book Lechuza sobre Libro 13x10x07 cms.

The Medium Wildlife Collection

1022 African Elephant Elefante Africano 17x11x14 cms.

1023 Grizzly Bear Oso Grizzly 15x10x11 cms.

1020 Tiger Tigre 19x11x13 cms.

1021 Black Panther Pantera Negra 18x13x09 cms.

The Medium Wildlife Collection

1018 Blue Owl Lechuza Azul 17x10x12 cms.

1013 Spotted Owl Lechuza 09x10x15 cms.

1015 Indian Elephant Elefante Indio 16x10x14 cms.

1016 Siamese Cat Gato SiamĂŠs 10x09x18 cms.

1011 Panda Panda 16x10x11 cms.

1008 Lion Sitting Le贸n Sentado 13x10x17 cms.

The Gallery Collection

461 Panther with Arabesques Pantera con Arabescos 22x18x33 cms. (Ltd. 400)

460 Majestic Lion Le贸n Majestuoso 28x19x33 cms. (Ltd. 1000)

458 Polar Bear Oso Polar 30x17x17 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

452 Black Panther Pantera Negra 30x12x16 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

The Gallery Collection

447 Tiger Tigre 34x12x17 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

459 Imperial Horse Caballo Imperial 31x15x32 cms. (Ltd. 1000)

456 Royal Owl Lechuza Real 26x15x13 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

The Gallery Collection

441O Indian Elephant Elefante Indio 28x13x23 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

448 Dolphin DelfĂ­n 30x15x24 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

455 Bull Toro 33x15x21 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

449 Owl on Book Lechuza sobre Libro 18x12x21 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

450 Hunting Elephant Elefante de Caza 34x20x22 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

451 Lion - King of the Jungle Le贸n - Rey de la Selva 28x14x24 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

457 White Indian Elephant Elefante Indio Blanco 30x15x28 cms. (Ltd. 2000)

The Gallery Collection

The Bookends Collection BE02B Bookend Blue Lion Bookend Le贸n Azul 12x12x18 cms.

BE01W Bookend White Horse Bookend Caballo Blanco 12x12x18 cms.

The Nativity Collection

3002 Joseph and Mary José y María 05x05x11 cms. 05x05x09 cms.

3005 3003 Ox Buey 07x05x08 cms.

Sheep Oveja 07x05x06 cms.

3004 Donkey Burro 09x05x08 cms.

Avenida Aerosur s/n, Manzana 17, Solar 3, CP 15002 San José de Carrasco Canelones . Uruguay Phone/Fax: (+598) 2682 8206 E-mail: DeRosa USA . Miami Phone (+1) 305 515 4639 Fax (+1) 855 871 5721

The Delicate Charm of Handcrafted Ceramics

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