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With Sweden's largest family-owned timber business Founded in 1946 in Derome, Sweden

Back row: Kristian Andersson, Per Andersson, Sandra Andersson, Daniel Andersson Centre row: Ingemar Andersson, Karl-Erik Andersson, Magnus Andersson, Bernt-Göran Andersson, Erling Andersson Front row: Peter Mossbrant, Therese Andersson, Cecilia Andersson, Karin Liljengren, Nina Andersson, Thomas Mossbrant

"We are one with the company. It is here that we actually invest all our time and money. Our driving force is to be able to grow with our staff in the workplace and share in their commitment to the work" THE OWNER PHILOSOPHY

1946 Carpenter Karl Andersson starts Derome's first sawmill.



Acquisition of a sawmill and house-building factory in Anneberg doubles turnover.

The family's third generation decide they want Derome to remain a family-run company.



Derome Förvaltning is established for the management of rental properties.

1975 House and roof truss production begins and a builders' merchant facility is constructed.




The Derome Hus business area is formed, comprising all units involved in house production.

Acquisition of the Kinnared sawmill in the municipality of Hylte.


The builders' merchant business is established.

Major expansion of the builders' merchant business in Bohuslän. Takeover of packaging manufacturer in Halmstad.



Karl Andersson's four sons Erling, Bernt-Göran, Ingemar and Karl-Erik become partners.


Expansion into Norway via acquisition of roof truss factory in Minnessund accompanied by an increase in house manufacture via acquisition of the volume house manufacturer Plusshus.



The Woodtec pressuretreatment plant is established in the Port of Varberg. New pellet factory in Kinnared. Acquisition of roof truss and timber component manufacturer in Mjölby.

Decision taken to set up a volume house factory. A fourth sawmill is acquired in Okome. Roof truss factory is commissioned in Tanumshede.

Acquisition of a factory facility just outside Berlin.



Investment in a new saw line in Derome, increasing capacity by 25%.

Massive geographic expansion of the builders' merchant business in southern Sweden and product range extended to include ironmongery.

DEROME – A FAMILY COMPANY WHOSE ROOTS ARE IN THE FOREST The Derome Group, which is Sweden's largest familyowned timber business, dates back to 1946. The forest provides the raw material which our many years of expertise enable us to process all the way from forest to finished house. Wood is the green thread running through our entire business, becoming buildings, wood products, building components and environmentallyfriendly bioenergy. Its unique value chain provides the Derome Group with a sound foundation, representing security for customers, suppliers and employees. The Derome Group was founded in 1946, when Karl Andersson started up the first circular saw in Derome, in the Swedish county of Halland. Today the Derome Group is run by the family's third generation and has grown into a flourishing timber business.

The businesses of the Derome Group are represented across large parts of the country, predominantly in western and southern Sweden, but with selected businesses also featuring in other parts of Sweden and on export markets. We always take the long-term view Our entire operation is characterised by long-term thinking. This is reflected in our business relationships and investments, as well as our corporate culture. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology. Profits are reinvested in the business so that we can continue developing. We have a conviction We have a desire and a driving force; we shall build the future with wood. By continuously simplifying our customers’ everyday lives and developing the chain from forest to finished house, we will get there. And we are already on the way.

Top quality with the customer at the centre With our own manufacturing facilities in many locations throughout Sweden, as well as in Norway and Germany, we control the entire production chain from forest to finished house. Because we are responsible for the entire value-adding process, we can meet exacting requirements in terms of quality and environmental awareness. We always put the needs and expectations of our customers first. We simply believe it is a matter of trust. We actively work on constant improvements in order to continually develop. We want our customers to receive the right products of the right quality, in the right place and at the right time.


Long-term approach to business DEROME – FOCUSING ON SUSTAINABILITY We start from the beginning, in the forest. It is in the forest that we find the framework on which all our activity is based, in the form of the most environmentally friendly of building materials – timber. With a down-to-earth and straightforward approach, we are constantly improving and developing our operation, which is based on longterm relationships with our staff, customers and business partners. That is what sustainability means for us.


Responsibility is one of our core values and we are constantly striving to ensure our houses and the products we manufacture have as little impact on the environment as possible. The timber we process comes from forests in our immediate vicinity. Timber is climate-neutral, binding up carbon dioxide. This means that the mere construction of timber houses contributes to improving the environment and ensuring a sustainable future. In order to continue reducing our environmental impact, we also require that all our business partners show environmental commitment.

We work towards the long term But sustainability is not just about the environment. For us at Derome, social aspects are some of the most important factors in a long-term approach to business and good relationships with staff and customers. We set great store by personal development and have a dedicated establishment for training: the Derome Academy. We believe that staff develop and grow in a work environment where people are happy. We are convinced that motivated, committed and happy individuals build long-term relationships. We believe this to be important. Our commitment to social sustainability means that we promote equality of opportunity and actively strive to attract more women and more individuals from immigrant backgrounds to work at Derome. We also have partnerships with primary/secondary schools, colleges and universities. We create conditions for development Since 1946, when Derome was established, the company has grown with the Andersson family at the helm. The owner family's values and approach to business permeate the entire corporate culture which is inspired by a healthy sense of thrift and simplicity, qualities that help keep decision-making pathways short and reinforce our driving force. By reinvesting the profits in the company, the operation is continually being developed and improved to become a better, more efficient and more sustainable workplace. Our core values sum up this sustainability Our four core values of Long-term thinking, Simplicity, Driving force and responsibility contribute to a corporate culture that creates secure employment, a good work environment and a sound basis for the future. Read more about our sustainable core values on page 39.





































DEROME TAKES CARE OF THE ENTIRE CHAIN – FROM FOREST TO FINISHED HOUSE. All the group companies are part of our common process, with each one having its own important role to play. Together, with the help of each other, we are driven forwards in a strong chain of activities. We start in the forest and process the raw material along the entire

chain to finished dwellings and sustainable communities where people can live and have their home. In the forest, the felled trees make way for new ones, which will in turn become timber for new building components and houses for future generations.










Full service for effective forestry DEROME SKOG (FOREST) This is where it all begins, in the forest. Derome Skog supplies sawmills with sawlogs and has its own purchasing organisation with timber buyers trained in forestry. We work closely with forest owners, local offices and purchasers. We offer a full range of forestry services for more than 3,000 forest owners. Derome Skog purchases timber from forestry companies as well as private forest owners in western Sweden, between Sküne and Bohuslän. Our aim is to source wood from forests close to our sawmills. Customised wood purchasing Deliveries to our sawmills are customised, and each harvest is handled differently, in order to provide an optimum yield. This creates added value for our forest owners and customers alike. We are constantly working on improvements to our saw lines that will increase timber yield, i.e. generate more planks and boards from each log. These measures provide a good long-term source of income for the forest owners who supply the timber.

We care for the forest Here at Derome, we believe that careful silviculture is the key to successful development of the forest asset. We therefore help forest owners get the most out of their forest by offering the right assistance at the right time. This covers everything from forest management plans, planting, clearing, thinning, final felling, soil preparation, road maintenance and ditch digging, to providing advice and valuations. Comprehensive partner for forest owners Derome Skog is a comprehensive solution for forest owners. We are a competent and reliable partner for forest owners requiring full service and guidance, but we also purchase shipping timber from forest owners who manage their own forestry. Derome Skog runs an ecofriendly forestry business using modern methods, and is thereby certified to PEFC and FSC.

www.deromeskog.se 9


The right wood comes from DEROME TIMBER Under the brand of Derome Timber, we supply the market with timber products from our own sawmills. We have a wide range of products, packaged and delivered according to each customer's needs. In Sweden, Derome Timber’s geographical reach stretches from Skåne in the south as far as Mälardalen. The UK is our largest export market.

We offer sawn, planed, finger-jointed, pressure-treated and strengthgraded timber. Our product portfolio also includes wall beams, external panelling boards, painted panelling, tongue and groove boards, tongue and groove hatches, secondary space panelling, timber with end grooving, battens, formwork timber, timber cut to measure, as well as fully customised timber with holes/notches.

Our business is based on many years of experience in the industry, combined with a high level of service. Continuous investments in technology, process optimisation and product development form the basis for a wide range of quality timber products. Derome Timber's range of timber products includes approx. 1,300 environmentally and quality-assured items, including FSC and PEFC certified timber. Our timber products are largely from our own sawmills and we offer a product range that is unequalled in its breadth. A strong logistics operation and a large central warehouse ensure short lead times.

Four sawmills Derome's four sawmills are in western Sweden. The mills all have different specialities and processes. Derome, Okome and Kinnared produce sawn and processed spruce products. The Anneberg sawmill specialises in sawn and processed pine products, including pressure-treated pine products for outdoor use.

Broad knowledge Close, long-term customer relationships are important to us and we work closely with builders' merchants, DIY stores, house and roof truss manufacturers, as well as packaging and other wood industries. Our sales staff are located close to our customers and have extensive knowledge about timber. Together with our customers, we identify the products and delivery concepts that best meet their needs.

Woodtec – pressure-treatment in the Port of Varberg Timber products are pressure-treated around the clock at the Woodtec facility in the Port of Varberg, Sweden's largest port of export for sawn timber products. Woodtec is a division of Derome Timber and pressure-treats around 175,000 m3 of timber products a year for its own use, as well as for other timber product suppliers on the market. Our geographical location gives us a logistics advantage. Timber consignments are shipped directly to us in the port and are then forwarded on by road, rail or sea.

www.woodtecvarberg.com www.derometimber.com 11

The forest is full of fuel BIOFUEL FROM DEROME TIMBER Because it makes use of all parts of the log, Derome Timber can manufacture enough biofuel to heat the equivalent of 120,000 houses each year Whatever does not become boards or planks in our sawmills is turned into biofuel in the form of pellets and briquettes. In this way, we look after the earth's resources and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Derome's aim is to be a full supplier of biofuel by supplying fuel suited to individual boilers. Our customers include district heating producers, major energy suppliers, industry and private residents. We convert brash, wood fuel, stumps and industrial waste into biofuel and thermal heat, and we convert the by-products from our sawmills into pellets and briquettes.

Derome's pellet production In 2007, we opened a pellet factory in Kinnared, where we now produce approx. 60,000 tonnes of pellets a year. Derome pellets are sold via our own sales organisation, our online store and via retailers in southern and western Sweden. Facts about Derome Biofuel • Production and sale of biofuel and district heating equivalent to 1.2 TWh/year. • Environmental certification to ISO 14001.


Derome Timber manufactures PALLETS AND SPECIAL PACKAGING At our production facility in Halmstad, we focus on manufacturing and developing packaging so that goods can arrive safe and sound at their destination. Derome Timber Emballage (Packaging) is effective in devising solutions for heavy or flimsy goods to your exact requirements.

Our main items currently in production are wooden boxes, pallets and special packaging. Products are designed in close cooperation with the customer. Derome Timber Emballage also manufactures crates, corrugated packaging, packing boxes and protective inserts in corrugated board or foam. No packaging is impossible for us.

www.derometimber.com 13




We make the day-to-day work of the professional easier DEROME BYGGVAROR (BUILDING MATERIALS) Derome Byggvaror offers a full range of building materials for trade customers at a number of locations in western and southern Sweden. Our builders' merchant sites stock a unique and extensive range, covering all the needs of our customers in terms of building materials. Our competitive edge is down to the expertise of our staff and our carefully conceived concept which makes the day-to-day work of the professional easier. In addition to offering a full range of materials, thanks to our building logistics services Derome can also take full charge of the materials flow, including on the building site itself. We opened our first builders' merchants in the original location of Derome in 1960. Our central storage facility is still located there. This is where central functions, such as purchasing, finance, business support and the logistics centre, are located. Delivery vehicles travel between Derome and our various facilities on a daily basis. Big deliveries run from the central and regional storage facilities directly to the building sites. With builders' merchant sites in several locations in western and southern Sweden, we are always close to our customers, and it is our aim that our builders' merchants should be within 20 minutes of each other.

Supplies all the materials the trade professional needs The range at Derome Byggvaror's facilities consists of high-quality timber products from our own sawmills, quality products from leading suppliers of building materials, as well as interior products and other material for building projects. Our bigger facilities also provide a wider range of joinery products, such as mouldings, kitchen fixtures and doors. Our own joinery departments have a diverse selection of machinery, enabling customisations and the creation of special products. Specialist expertise and logistics services Derome Byggvaror has cutting-edge expertise in efficient logistics solutions. We offer technical expertise, delivery coordination, transportation to site and complete responsibility for the flow of materials to and on the building site. In order to be able to provide the best possible service within each area, we have specially trained staff in several product areas. In addition, Derome Byggvaror has set up a specific organisation to provide guidance in bricklaying, plastering and priming, as well as kitchens, windows, partition walls, etc.

www.deromebyggvaror.se 17


All the supplies the building trade and industry need DEROME JÄRNVAROR (IRONMONGERY) The third division of Derome Byggvaror & Träteknik is Derome Järnvaror. The division complements the remainder of the business area's product range, selling to customers in the building trade and industry. This means that Derome can service the supplies and associated services requirements of customers from both these sectors. A commitment to service permeates the entire business concept, and we can offer our customers more than 1.5 million ironmongery items, 12,000 of which are held in stock, with cost-effective logistics and a good delivery service. The Derome Järnvaror range is available from all Derome Byggvaror sites, though some items may not be available everywhere. We have everything, ranging from small ironmongery retail departments with up to 5,000 items to the full product range of 12,000 items. Here the customer will find everything from tools, machines, instruments and fittings to protective equipment and clothing.

New division from 2017 During 2017, Derome became part of BIG-gruppen and also acquired IMAB, the building trades and industry retail company located in Halmstad and Helsingborg.   This was the incentive to start up the Ironmongery division involving a new concept, offering both existing and new customers a still broader range of products and services. The division's customers include municipalities, service and property companies, businesses in the workshop and manufacturing sector, as well as traditional building companies. Division is being established region by region Derome Järnvaror is split into seven regions in southern and western Sweden with Malmö, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Göteborg, Alingsås, Stenungssund and Trollhättan as our main locations. From the start in autumn 2017, the division is being established region by region. Each region will have a regional warehouse and from there the ironmongery items will be delivered to customers in that region. At the regional warehouse are staff with specialist expertise in a number of different fields, including welding, fixings, machines and personal protective equipment.

www.imab.se www.deromejarnvaror.se 19

Swedish quality for German roofs ­ANDERSSON HAUS & DACH Just north of Berlin, the Derome Group manufactures roof trusses for the German market under the name of Andersson Haus & Dach. The company combines Swedish timber quality and German building traditions. Swedish timber, in conjunction with local experience and precision craftsmanship, delivers products that meet the high demands of the German market. 20

Roof trusses and building components for safe buildings, protected from the elements DEROME TRÄTEKNIK (ENGINEERING) Derome manufactures customised roof trusses, timber components and prefab components for building contractors and building trade professionals throughout Sweden. Production takes place in our own factories in Sweden and Norway and is so efficient that we can offer quality products at a good price.

Tailored manufacture Despite increased automation and fully modernised production lines, a great deal of the production of our prefab products is still based on craftsmanship, enabling us to be highly flexible when it comes to our customers' needs. Indoor production – a warm, dry environment prevents any risk of damp entering the components.

Our many years of experience in the design and production of roof trusses makes us a partner with extensive knowledge in roof design. We work closely with our customers from an early stage in the process to find the best solution. Our roof truss designs are certified and we can offer manufacture of roof trusses in spans of up to 26 metres.

Manufacture and consultancy With manufacture of building components in several locations, including Tanumshede, Derome, Mjölby, Kalix and Minnessund (NO), we can boast high levels of capacity. By scheduling production close to our customers, we can also avoid unnecessary transport. Our extremely able sales staff and designers are also located in close customer proximity at around 15 or so sales offices throughout Sweden and Norway. Derome Träteknik's expertise is also available at the builders' merchant sites belonging to the business area.

Prefabricated components In addition to roof trusses, we offer prefabricated wall sections, joist frames and pre-cut frame carcasses for flexible, tailored construction. We are continually developing our concept and products in order to streamline the building process and ensure top quality.

www.derometrateknik.se 21


Our own haulier with expertise in transport and logistics DEROME TRANSPORT For us, it is not just the quality of our products that is important. The items customers order must also be delivered at the right time to the right place, in a way that is safe, secure and good for the environment. When delivery is made using our own vehicles, we can further enhance delivery reliability through the use of our own drivers. Not only do they have extensive experience of haulage work; they also have a basic understanding of the products they deliver. Our drivers are the outward face of the company. Their knowledge and experience contribute significantly to the smooth running of deliveries to a construction and assembly site, speeding up the unloading operation. The Derome Group has just over 60 HGVs in its vehicle fleet. These include crane trucks and box-body trucks for delivering building products and components, as well as covered trucks and trailers for dry house deliveries. We also have pick-ups at all builders' merchants and ironmongery sites for quick service and deliveries involving smaller quantities.

Route scheduling and return loads Much of our transport scheduling takes place at the central storage facility in Derome. An important factor in our success is careful route scheduling. Our experienced schedulers are expert in planning routes to ensure deliveries are made to the right place at the right time. Because we want to limit our impact on the environment to the absolute minimum, we always endeavour to have full return loads in our consignments. Currently all our box-body trucks also carry full loads on their return from warehouse stocking and new delivery trips. Transportation with environmental awareness Responsibility is one of the Derome Group's core values. We are environmentally responsible, not just in relation to our products and production, but all the way out to the final destination. This is why most of our road trips are fossil-free. We are constantly working to improve and refine our use of fossil-free fuels. Today you will find the words "Fossil-free delivery" or "Green delivery" on all our vehicles that use ecofriendly fuel.



Derome Hus is the Derome Group's business area for residential and community building operations. This comprises those of our brands that produce and sell houses to private customers, as well as to housing companies and professional customers. We build more than 1,000 homes every year and develop entire sites into finished, new mixeddevelopment districts. With our predilection for wood, we create homes for a sustainable future where people want to live, stay and flourish. Derome Hus unites and administers four different brands: A-hus, Derome Mark & Bostad, Derome Plusshus and Varbergshus. All the brands are unique, but enjoy extensive collaboration with each other. These four operations, all of which have a great deal of overall expertise, work together on a daily basis to find synergies and technologies from which all house companies can benefit. Multi-storey houses in timber Derome specialises in the construction of timber houses and has the expertise and the resources to build timberframed houses up to seven storeys in height. We aim to be at the leading edge in the development of house construction, for both detached houses and multi-storey houses. The demand for sustainable apartment buildings made from timber is constantly growing, and Derome has many years of experience in housing developments of this type. When we build houses using timber, we are helping build a society that is sustainable over the long term. Timber is naturally created as part of an ecological cycle that takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The quicker the forest grows, the more carbon dioxide is absorbed. So, harvesting the forest, using the timber and replanting with new trees is therefore better than leaving the forest untouched. We replace each tree we fell with two new ones. With increased construction of timber houses, Sweden's forests will also grow in size and contribute to a better environment.



Pre-fabricated detached houses and apartment buildings in timber A-HUS At the modern A-hus house factory in Annerberg, just outside Kungsbacka, pre-fabricated wall sections are produced that will become detached houses and apartment buildings once assembled on the building site. A-hus is known for its energy-efficient climate shells, well-designed floorplans and attractive designs in various styles. Two departments, two target groups A-hus sells to private individuals and business customers. The A-hus detached house department sells detached houses of a high standard with well-designed floorplans. With a focus on design and technical product development, A-hus is able to quickly and cost-effectively manufacture and deliver quality turnkey houses to families in Sweden. We use skilled and reputable contractors, who receive regular training in assembling our houses on site. The A-hus professional department sells directly to business customers and has more than 30 years' experience of selling and delivering pre-fabricated building kits for the Swedish and export markets. Our work in developing the concept has led us to branch out from small house manufacture into also supplying energyefficient and ecofriendly multi-storey houses made from timber

Leading-edge technology The production facility in Annerberg is on the same site where the company was once established in 1946. What was once a small, unassuming building has grown into an impressive, efficient indoor facility in which new houses are created. The company has a broad range of knowledge about timber and construction, and is at the forefront of technical development. Customer proximity in all our business transactions In order to be close to the customer in what is usually the biggest financial decision of their lives, A-hus has over 20 sales offices located around Sweden. Our timber house sales staff are fully trained and qualified, giving the customer complete peace of mind at every stage of the journey until they move into their home. Such peace of mind is also an important factor in our relationship with business customers, and our motto is therefore "close cooperation with the customer based on simplicity and a long-term approach".

www.a-hus.se www.a-huspro.se 27


Develops residential land DEROME MARK & BOSTAD Derome Mark & Bostad develops residential land, assisting in the process all the way from initial planning to the point where a home in a new district or residential area is ready to welcome its new occupants. The company has many years of experience in developing land and running projects for all forms of tenure: detached houses, housing cooperatives, freeholds and leaseholds. With timber as the first choice, we develop housing projects in our strategic land areas in the south and west of Sweden, and in Mälardalen. Builder of communities Derome Mark & Bostad stands out in the industry because we know how to build sustainable communities out of wood. This applies to the entire process, from undeveloped land and local planning through to site development and house production. To create attractive and unique residential areas, we collaborate closely with municipalities, architects and local contractors.

We focus on construction that is sustainable in terms of the environment, the social dimension and cost. This includes not just the design and choice of materials, but also ensuring that the construction process is tailored to the conditions prevailing on site and the relevant area's needs in terms of housing type. A natural way of living Derome Mark & Bostad offers residential types to suit all life styles. Our areas may have detached houses ready for occupancy as well as apartment buildings, or indeed a combination of the two. We build hundreds of homes each year, and each residential project is led by one of our own site supervisors, who is involved in the process from start to finish, until the new residents move in. With our personal commitment and predilection for wood, we create homes for a sustainable future.

www.deromemarkbostad.se 29


Apartment buildings using volume building technology DEROME PLUSSHUS Derome's Plusshus supplies flexible buildings and homes that are built with modern, industrial volume building technology. We have streamlined manufacturing methods, offering developers the opportunity to create detached houses, terraced houses and apartment buildings with short lead times from assembly to occupation. Furthermore, we do this with due care and attention to the environment, at a price the end customer is happy to pay. By supplying the houses at a very high degree of completion, we shorten the time at the building site, which saves both time and money. We value the opportunities that come with manufacturing our building volumes in an industrial environment. Our own skilled tradesmen complete rooms, installing everything from floor and wall coverings to kitchen fittings with white goods and finished bathrooms. As all the tradesmen work for the same company, we can both streamline the work and ensure quality at all stages.

Plusshus in different forms Derome's Plusshus buildings can be manufactured in different forms and guises. The name Plusshus reveals a lot about how we view our product and how it can be purchased. Our Plusshus can be compared to building blocks. Using the building blocks, you create the apartment building that meets your needs. Once you have chosen a given building type and the number of storeys, you choose the sizes of the apartments and then finish off with visual features such as facade cladding, the roof and balconies, followed by a number of choices regarding the interior design. When the pre-fabricated components are then assembled on the building site, you can expect the building to be ready for the end customer to move in within around 10 weeks. Our Plusshus components give you great opportunities for creating a unique house efficiently at a smart price.

www.deromeplusshus.com 31


Bespoke loose-timber houses VARBERGSHUS No two houses from Varbergshus are alike. Thanks to a unique concept based on maximum flexibility and an efficient organisation, we can offer unique bespoke timber houses at competitive prices. Varbergshus makes the dream of having your own house come true – uniquely designed to suit your wishes, ideas and needs. By building on-site – board by board, nail by nail – we give the purchaser of a detached house the flexibility and freedom to have a say in the design of their new home. There are no limits for us, only possibilities. Sometimes, however, it is nice to have a few ready-made house solutions to lean on. We therefore have a number of inspiring concept houses that the customer can opt for precisely because we have designed them. The customer can also use them as a starting point for further work with our sales staff towards creating their own unique house.

Proximity is the key to quality Our market area extends from northern Skåne to Göteborg. Our market proximity means we can offer quality equal to none and maintain the highest possible service level for our customers. The fact that many of the contracts Varbergshus has received over the years have been based on recommendation is something we consider to be the best of testimonies. Customer choice Varbergshus offers various levels of completion. The most popular choice is a turnkey home, with a fixed price contract. But there are customers who opt for straightforward construction kits, as well as customers who prefer to do some of the work themselves. Basically, Varbergshus supplies unique bespoke timber houses at the required level of completion.

www.varbergshus.se 33


Long-term management DEROME FÖRVALTNING Derome has been building and buying properties since 1985 in order to be able to offer long-term residential and commercial property management contracts. Our goal is to always be at the forefront when it comes to accommodation with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Derome Förvaltning is a flourishing business, and thanks to our dedicated staff we can ensure that our properties are looked after to the highest level of quality and service. Every day, our property maintenance staff are hard at work to ensure that our tenants feel comfortable and secure in their homes and premises. More leaseholds for many years to come We see property management as a long-term investment, and our strategy is to expand our portfolio of leaseholds and build new rental properties out of timber over the coming years. These days, new builds maintain a consistently high standard, and public and communal areas are planned so as to create a pleasant environment.

Derome Förvaltning offers a wide range of residential properties in central locations as well as away from population centres. Our apartments and commercial premises are situated in various locations from Malmö to Göteborg. Ecofriendly living We prioritise ecofriendly housing for the sake of both our tenants and the environment. In our residential areas, we are constantly investigating how energy consumption can be reduced and how heating can be more ecofriendly, by switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. There's no place like home Derome Förvaltning is constantly working to ensure our tenants are comfortable and want to stay with us for a long time to come. One of the keys to this is to provide a good service with due care and attention. We want our tenants to always feel that there's no place like home.

www.deromeforvaltning.se 35



WE ARE HERE Umeå Kalix




Oslo Uppsala Västerås Karlstad


Kristinehamn Örebro Nyköping

Tanumshede Mariestad



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Svanesund Stenungsund Minnessund Ytterby/Kungälv Lilla Edet Vårgårda Marieholm Alingsås Mölnlycke Göteborg Bollebygd Borås Jönköping Oslo Anneberg Mölndal Skene Kungsbacka Horred Svenljunga Derome Ullared Karlstad Varberg Kristinehamn Kinnared Okome Falkenberg Halmstad


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Motala Trollhättan Linköping Sölvesborg Sösdala Kristianstad Mjölby Svanesund Stenungsund Ytterby/Kungälv Lilla Edet Vårgårda Lund Marieholm Alingsås Malmö Mölnlycke Göteborg Skurup Bollebygd Borås Ystad Jönköping Anneberg Mölndal Skene Kungsbacka Horred Lysekil


Uddevalla Helsingborg Henån

Mariestad Ronneby Örkelljunga Norrköping Karlskrona Karlshamn Hässleholm Perstorp



CLOSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS The Derome Group's business operations are represented in large parts of the country, from Kalix in the north to Ystad in the south. Our main facility and head office is located in Derome, Halland and our various production facilities are strategically located throughout Sweden. We also have production facilities in Norway and Germany. Business areas and brands within the Derome Group target different geographical areas. However, due to the original location of Derome, which is where it all started and from where it has all branched out, there is a greater concentration of operations along the western coast. Derome invests for the long term and is continually expanding. For this reason, we currently have several operations in the northern parts of the coutry and along a line running from the Stockholm region, across Östergötland, out towards the Bohuslän coast and southwards down to Skåne. Our customers, on the other hand, are in many more places. Half of our sawn timber products go for export, and Derome Timber has customers in China, North Africa and many countries in Europe. All of our businesses are represented near our customers – either with Derome staff or through our wide network of retailers, representatives and estate agents.



The Derome spirit THE DEROME BRAND IN WORDS, THOUGHTS AND DEEDS Put very simply, our corporate culture – the Derome spirit – is based on the owner family's approach to how we should do business and what we should do to retain that business. Simplicity is highly valued, and communication should be straightforward. We invest heavily in developing our business in a sustainable manner and to remain at the forefront. Our culture is permeated by a healthy sense of thrift. The Derome spirit can be summed up in our core values: Driving force, Simplicity, Long-term thinking and Responsibility.

Driving force Our driving force is the commitment and professionalism of our staff. We constantly develop our staff members and our operations with the aim of creating growth. We listen to our customers, and we are responsive to changes and developments in the world around us. We get things done. Simplicity We are down-to-earth and easy to deal with. We simplify our customers’ everyday lives. We are clear and we stick to our promises. Long-term thinking Long-term relationships are the foundation of a successful business. We are a family-owned company that reinvests in the business so that we can continue to develop. We contribute to the building of the society of the future for coming generations. Our entire operation is characterised by long-term thinking. Responsibility We strive to achieve sustainable development, and we are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.


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