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Past and Present

Urban architecture has included high rise buildings as far back as the Tower of Babel.

Tower of Babel

“Its top in the sky� is the phrase used to describe the tower and was an idiom for impressive height.

Its top in the sky

Another account mentions that the Tower reached a height of 695 feet, which was taller than any structure built in history

695 Feet

Until the Eiffel Tower in 1889, which is 1,063 feet in height.

Eiffel tower

In classical architecture, the landmark was an object set apart by its height, mass and silhouette.

High rise buildings often served as accents to highlight the city center or to serve as dominant urban structures.


They created a new visual identity and shaped the skylines of the city.

Visual Identity

When a contractor or developer creates tall buildings in cities with centuries’ worth of history, it may be a challenge

But the past, present, and future should be able to live alongside each other in harmony.

Architecture can successfully blend into a location when it is sensitive to the surroundings and the background of the property.

The imperative is to consider the • impact on the surrounding city • improved space utilization • environmental strategies

New high rise construction makes use of the latest technological advances.

Tech Advances

The advances are also a part of the renewal of unattractive industrial areas for updated purposes.


Old industrial areas whose purpose has become lost become a potential place to develop high rise construction.


After approximately 60 years of a single family house in the suburbs being the preferred living arrangement, numerous factors have made those arrangements not as livable.

Single Family house

Homeowners often see the advantages of urban living, which cuts out many suburban expenses… • high maintenance • taxes • insurance • vehicle and gasoline costs

People are thinking long and hard about living in the smaller and yet efficient atmosphere of an urban condo in a beautiful high rise building.

Urban condo

They like the thought of living in an area that is pedestrian friendly and offers mass transit instead of having to bear the high costs of a motor vehicle.

Mass Transit

Added to the above are the social assets of having areas and activities in the buildings that bring residents together to easily make new friends and to enjoy a variety of events and hobbies that make for happier living.

Many upscale high rise buildings include • fitness centers • pools • rooftop gardens • party and meeting rooms • concierge service

Some studies predict that by 2050 the population will have reached nine billion and that six to seven billion will be living in cities.

City population

There will be a need to continue increasing urban density, and well-built and welldesigned high rise condo buildings are central to achieving that.

High rise condo buildings

Are you thinking about changing your lifestyle to one of urban living?

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Urban Architecture - Past and Present  

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