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Thursday, April 2, 2015

musical within a comedy,” focuses on a character known as the Man in Chair, played by senior Conner Kocks. The man,

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AHS to

a recluse who also happens to be a fan of Broadway musicals, listens to a recording of the fictional 1928 musical comedy,

Lacrosse Tourna-

musical comes to life in his own apartment, and Man in Chair pro-


vides a wry commentary on the music, story and actors throughout the remainder of the show.

Senior Conner Kocks starts off the show with his hunorous portrayal of Man in Chair. His character is an agoraphobe, or someone who doesn’t leave his house, who also happens to be a huge fan of Broadway shows such as “The Drowsy Chaperone.”

quirkiness to the show, allowing the audience to see that the cast fully recognized the odd nature of both the storyline and the characters. Another character, Aldolpho, played by senior Tate Rehklau, brought about quite a few laughs due to his overly self-confident and oblivious per-


Gwinnett Technical College

drawn from community interest. Gwinnett Tech hopes to address the growing requirements of an increasingly digital age by focusing on technology and computer classes. The technology industry has expanded tremendously in the past decade, especially in the Alpharetta area, and the demand for qualified pro-


2015 Spring & Summer: All Things Fresh

sonality. Freshman Cade Jarrett, who played Robert, also roller skated blindfolded across the stage at one point, showing just

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how daring the cast was willing

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to be for the success of the show. uContinued on pg. 5

grammers and technicians is very high, yet supply remains low. Gwinnett Tech seeks to provide a solution to this problem through continuing education, supplying the hundreds of technology companies in Fulton County with a new, technologically skilled workforce.



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most immediately after the first building is completed in Jan. “We have twenty-five acres [in the North Fulton campus] so the long term plan is to have three buildings servicing up to 10,000 students,” Dean of Gwinnett Technical College, Jeremy Bennett, said. Adult and continuing education students will attend classes along side dualenrolled high school students. The college will develop its programs around the foundational subjects including humanities, mathematics and sciences, but will also entertain the possibility of creating classes

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The musical itself tells the story of the wedding between Robert Martin (freshman Cade Jarrett) and Janet Van De Graaff (junior Morgan Shields), a Broadway star. As the show continues, misunderstandings and confusion lead to both a cancellation of the initial wedding and its subsequent reinstatement along with three other weddings. The hilarity and strangeness of the characters themselves made the show compelling and entertaining to watch. Kocks’ portrayal of Man in Chair added a great deal of humor and

Gwinnett Tech’s New Alpharetta Campus Opens Up to Students Gwinnett Technical College, located at the intersection of Old Milton Parkway and GA 400, will open in Spring 2016 as a new branch in Alpharetta. GTC is expanding its reach to North Fulton in the form of 34 classrooms, a library and two lecture halls. Dual enrollment between AHS and other Fulton County high schools will soon follow its opening. With almost $19.3 million invested into construction, Gwinnett Tech’s board of directors plans to open the college’s doors to traditional college students al-


he listens to the recording, the

Freshman Cade Jarrett and junior Coyvan Greer finish out a dance number with a bang. Although some characters may have been more minor compared to others, they still contributed a great deal to the show holistically.

Daniel Grotch


“The Drowsy Chaperone.” As

Heather Miller/ Staff

While not widely known amongst casual theater fans, “The Drowsy Chaperone” was met with critical acclaim upon its release in 1998, winning five Tony Awards and receiving eight other nominations. The AHS Drama Department often opts for similarly obscure theater productions, such as “The Skin of our Teeth” and “Harvey” in the past. While some of these AHS renditions have been better received than others, “The Drowsy Chaperone” was an undeniable success.

The story, known as “a

Aradhana Chandra

Chorus Wins Regional Literary Meet

Heather Miller/ Staff

The Drowsy Chaperone: Best AHS Musical in Years


Aradhana Chandra/Staff

Reeling in the Raider Nation


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The GTC-Alpharetta campus will soon open to students in Spring 2016 with a $19.3 million construction plan. The new branch will have room for 10,000 new students in the coming years.




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