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The beginning of alternative medicine is considered to be 5000 years back and the chiropractic starting point is way back to the human existence. The alternative medicine originated mainly in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinesetraditional medicine and many other healing skills in many cultures of the world. The alternative medicine works on the principle that there should be perfect harmony among soul, body and mind. If one gets disturbed, the person suffers from one or more diseases.The aura of the person reveals that the person is going to fall ill sooner or later. On the other hand the chiropractic therapy states that the diseaseis the result of the abnormal functioning of the nervous system and the treatment involves manipulation of spinal and other body structures of the body. The Chinese alternative medicine is based on Buddhist and Taoist philosophy on the belief that the environment and human life are co-related to each other in one or other way and if one gets affected, the other too has effect on its existence. The alternative medicine roots also go back in 3000 years in Rome. The herbal therapy in Europe was initially brought by the Greek and Romans who were greatly influenced by the Babylonians and to some extent by Chinese and Indian herbal therapy. The Chiropractic therapy owes its beginning to the Dr. Daniel Palmer born in Canadain1845, who was very much interested in healing by the way of magnetism procedures of the body. He finally found out that if the spine alignment is correct in the body then all the nerves of the body will function well and the nervous system will effectively function and thus no diseaseor sicknesswill emerge in the body. For years Chiropractic was not recognized as the alternative way of medicine and people who do not understand the concept, made fun of it for long time. The Chiropractic medicine took a long journey to accept it by the medical community. Along with the mainstream medicine therapy, the alternative medicine was not accepted by the mainstream practitioner as they publicize it as fraudulent and ineffective medicine therapy. Use of alternative medicine in various forms, was widely spread during the 19th century but immensely decreased in the 20th century due to the advancement in modern medicine and massesprefer to go to the hospitals. The discovery of penicillin revolutionized the whole health care system. But still there are people who go for these therapies becausethere are some diseasesthat have no answer in the modern medicine and there is treatment for those malfunctioning through these ancient therapies. Moshen Zargar and Janine Zargar are associated with AKZ management and have been serving people since a long time. Avail the most professional and expert services from AKZ management.

Alternative Medicine and Chiropractic - A History  

The beginning of alternative medicine is considered to be 5000 years back and the chiropractic starting point is way back to the human exist...

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