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Derek Rankins Virginia Tech In addition to adjusting the distribution of the tones, the three aim points can be used for a three point neutralization of the image to eliminate color biases in the whitepoint, a mid-point, and the blackpoint. The aim points cited in this section are guidelines only. The Derek Rankins Virginia Tech Often it is necessary to vary from the guidelines and use different values to prevent clipping of image detail or to provide accurate tone and color reproduction.

Derek Rankins Photographer

You should use a lighter aim point for the darkest step of the gray scale so the darkest portion of the image area is placed at the normal aim point value (for RGB scans, the shadow area on the print may not be neutral in color and the darkest channel should be placed at the normal aim point. The Derek Rankins Photographer Occasionally, objects being scanned may have a lighter value than the lightest step of the photographic gray scale, usually very bright modern office papers or modern photo papers with a bright-white base

Derek Rankins Photography The Derek Rankins Photography a successful art form is that it can show a viewer things in a different way. It use many tools to capture our subject matter in a different way: a variety of lenses, changing our camera angle, using long exposures, or very fast ones.

Derek Rankins photography