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A young boy pokes a bloodied man that’s laying face-down in the middle of a highway located in an unknown desert, the man slowly awakes. Bloodied Man: (The child’s repeated poking of the bloodied man with a wooden stick abruptly awakes him.) Arhh…what the hell?! Young Boy: (Young boy hits bloodied man with wooden stick over the back as the bloodied man tries to lift himself up from the ground) It’s alive, it’s alive! (The boy exclaimed) Bloodied Man: (Bloodied man falls back to the ground and yells) Fuck! You lil shit! Young Boy: (Young boy drops the wooden stick and screams irrationally running down the endless highway) somebody, I need… Bloodied Man: (Bloodied man quickly rises and yells at the young child running away) Hey...Kid! You’re going nowhere, it’s a desert! Young Boy: (Young boy continues his desperate run towards nowhere) no! (The young boy sighs deeply as he’s running to catch his breath) you’re fake! Bloodied Man: (As blood runs down his face with pieces of rock lodged in it he yells erratically) Stop!!! You’ll die out here! (The bloodied man gestures a wave for him to come to him) just, just come here, Okay? Young Boy: (The boy looks at the bloody man and then looks down at the wooden stick) okay but I’m takin my stick with me.

Bloodied Man: (Annoyed) Yeah, fine. Young Boy: (The young boy picks up his wooden stick and throws it at the bloodied man) Bloodied Man: (Gets hit with wooden stick) Fuck! What’s wrong with you? Young Boy: (Surprised and overjoyed) You are real. Bloodied Man: Where’s your parents? Young Boy: What’s your face like that? Bloodied Man: (Frustrated) Suicide doors, could be worse. Young Boy: (confused) how? Bloodied Man: (stares at him in pause) Young Boy: Could be worse. Bloodied Man: (Concerned but somewhat annoyed) Why you here? Don’t you have a mom? Young Boy: (Looks up squinting at bloodied man because of the desert sun) use to. (pause)

Bloodied Man: They dead? Young Boy: They ain’t dead or at least I don’t think so. Bloodied man: Well (pause) why aren’t they here with you? Young Boy: My dad did got his intestines all tangled up once he swam with that alligator, got a hold of him so he’s dead but my momma loves the needle (pause) I wish we never went to Florida. Bloodied Man: Sorry… Young Boy: (Confused) about what? Bloodied Man: What you… Young Boy: Hitch hiking (pause) you? Bloodied Man: I got into… Young Boy: You know traveling the world n that such. Bloodied Man: Trouble with some bad guys. Young Boy: How much trouble that be?

Bloodied Man: Enough to get me thrown out of a moving car. Young Boy; That’s trouble. Bloodied Man: Left for dead trouble. Young Boy: What’d you do? Bloodied Man: Well let’s just say the bad guys found out that the acid they dumped onto the beautiful Jean T. Singer’s car, Didn’t quite measure up to their expected acid-based reaction. Young Boy: So are you saying…? Bloodied Man: I’m saying it doesn’t matter. Young Boy: So you’re saying you saved a Jean T. Singer’s face from lookin like yours? Bloodied Man: Something like that… Young Boy: You goin save me? Bloodied Man: I might need saving myself but let’s keep walking, the sun’s going down… Young Boy: And the buzzards need a meal. (The ground starts to rumble and a car appears heading there way)

Bloodied Man: (Concerned) Go! Just, get the fuck out of here! (The young boy cries out in terror) Young Boy: Help us! (More cries as he runs down into a ditch)I don’t wanna die! Bloodied Man: (Stands in the middle of the highway as the car quickly approaches) When the bullets stop flying, wait 10 minutes, then peak out, you fuckin hear that! Just do it and shut up (Young boy cries) please! Bloodied Man: Stay quiet, close your ears. Young boy: (silent) (Loud joyful rambling can be heard from the car, the car slows to a stop and a man gets out) Bloodied Man: Kill me, just do it, I don’t give a fuck anymore, okay? Do your best Ronnie, today’s your day.. Ronnie: First of all, shut the fuck up!!! It’s my time, not yours (pause) you know what? I’m taking this gun and I’m going to kick your teeth in you fuck! Bloodied Man: Listen!.. Ronnie: No! No more of your excuses, you’re going to finally pay for what you did! Bloodied Man: Why you gotta do this?! Come on Ronnie, please..

Ronnie: (Points gun to the ground) I’m done, get on your knees. Bloodied Man: I loved her Ronnie, I really loved her… Ronnie: Then why did you ruin her?! She’s broken! Bloodied Man: I, I loved her; really, I wanted her to be only mine… Ronnie: Get on, your knees, Mike. Bloodied Man: But… Ronnie: Get on your knees and pray that your mom will still recognize you, after the back of your skull is popped open. (Bloodied Man gets on his knees) Bloodied Man: Please Ronnie, please… (Ronnie rests his desert eagle on the bloodied man’s forehead) Bloodied Man: (Tears start rolling down his face)Remember when… Ronnie: I hate you (pulls the trigger) (Young boy screams out in terror) (Ronnie, shocked, runs over to the ditch where the young boy was hiding but the young boy got up and starts to run away)

(As the young boy is running and crying Ronnie yells out) Ronnie: Hey...Kid! You’re going nowhere, it’s a desert!

Running Nowhere  

Two strangers meet abruptly in the middle of a desert but with civilization a distant memory, they can be different people with different me...