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The overarching theme of these photos I’ve chosen in conjunction with the lyrics from creep I wanted to portray a women that is dealing with issues of self image and how these internal feelings of self hate are tearing her apart. The first photo I took I wanted to convey a rather drab and mundane surrounding contrasting with the red shirt the pained women is wearing. This red shirt is representing her internal conflict with her self image and this consuming pain has caused everything else to seem mute (hence the very plain color of the concrete and bench surroundings). Lastly she stares to the left with a melancholy gaze rather than gazing off to the burgeoning concrete path that awaits her to the right. Her internal pain of self hate has her first of all not addressing the problem and not looking forward in any meaningful way, she is simply stuck on the bench waiting. The second photo is an interior photo and I had great difficulty getting the lighting right but after much experimentation, I ended up liking the tint I used. This photo portrays the women at her most honest and desperate moment. She gazes up at the burgeoning red flower light that consumes half of the photo as if she is desperately trying to barter with her self hate in order to gain control over her life once more but her self hate fills the room. The next photo is of the women standing by a great body of water. The sun is shining along it’s graceful waves which creates a beautiful scene only to be overshadowed by her inability to enjoy her own beauty. In this photo I had her turn her back away from the body of water as if she is becoming even more isolated from the world. The light shins all around her but indicative of her black cloths she no longer belongs here. Lastly I cropped out her eyes to indicate that she cannot see beauty for herself anymore, she is blinded by her self hate and further isolating herself. The line “I want a perfect soul” is perfectly complemented with my next photo which is a tower peering high above with a cross on top. In this photo I wanted to find a cross with an imperfect view so I chose to have tree branches in the shot. The tree branches represent the imperfection of our souls covering the cross but with the sun still shining on the cross its suppose to mean imperfection is the norm. The empty blue sky that consumes most of the photo is the women’s fruitless strive for perfection that leaves her feeling empty. The last photo has the women whispering in my ear with the same tint I used for the last interior photo. The tint I used in the interior photos is meant to be somewhat unearthly. I wanted the tint to express that her self hate is an internal problem and that she can only cry (express herself) when she is behind closed doors This photo was taken to complement the line “I want you to notice when I’m not around.” Her desperate desire for someone to hear her cries is not satisfied because I’m acting in this photo as if she isn’t even there.

“Creep� by Radiohead I don't care if it hurts I want to have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice when I'm not around You're so fucking special I wish I was special

The visual aesthetic I chose was inspired by the video for the remake of the song creep by the Vega Choir. They used a realism approach and in some of the scenes from the video they used black and white to give a since of isolation but ironically enough this sense of isolation is contrasted with the fact that there are multiple women in these scenes. I chose to borrow the contrast between tinted images and non tinted images to express feelings of isolation and helplessness.

Midterm Project