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Public Involvement

43rd Avenue Corridor


The public involvement process will be consistent with the Bismarck-Mandan MPO’s Public Involvement Plan. As part of this projects public involvement program, extensive

(Winter/Spring 2012) •

Analysis (Spring 2012)


Open House 1(Spring 2012)

• Visit the Project

Development of Alternatives

videos will be created and shared with the public. •

public will be able to view project documents and provide their input to the project team. The first Open House will be held early in the study process to introduce the

Existing and Future Conditions

(Summer 2012)

project and obtain community input. The second •

Open House will be held during the project mid-

Development of Goals, Objectives, and Design Considerations (Winter/Spring 2012)

use of visual aids, including pictures, maps, diagrams, charts, visualizations, and flyover

During the approximately one-year project, three Open Houses will be held where the

Data Collection

Alternatives Analysis (Summer Winter 2012)

point to present potential improvement concepts and the third Open House will be held near the end of the project to present the potential recom-

Open House 2 (Winter 2012)

Draft Report Preparation (Winter 2012/13)

mendations. At each Open House, we will record all concerns and suggestions, which will be ad-

Open House 3 (Winter 2013)

dressed and included in the corridor study.

Final Report (Spring 2013)

Website and Facebook page for additional information including reports, graphics, and videos. • Your comments are very important to the Project Team. Submit your comments by mail, email, or by using the “Public Comment” link on the project webpage. N E W S L E T T E R



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Traffic Increases Stressing the Transportation Network In recent years, Bismarck and Burleigh County have seen incredible economic growth. In the last ten years, Burleigh County has added nearly 12,000 people, representing a 17 percent increase. More than half of this growth occurred in Bismarck or immediately adjacent areas. One area that has seen a tremendous amount of growth is the 43rd Avenue Corridor area. This rapid growth has presented challenges, particularly with respect to the transportation system. Within the six-mile study area extending from Butte Drive to 66th Street, 43rd Avenue is a rural roadway with relatively low traffic volumes. However, with the continued development in and around the corridor, traffic volumes are projected to be more than 12,000 vehicles per day by 2035. This traffic volume, which could be reached prior to 2035 depending on development, will require roadway expansion to maintain acceptable Levels of Service (LOS) or congestion levels. Roadway expansion, as well as expansion of other modes of transportation such as transit, bicycling, and walking, should result in a corridor that provides safe, efficient, multimodal travel that can accommodate future development. The graphic below documents some of the known transportation issues or considerations within the 43rd Avenue Corridor and general project area.


The end product from this study will be the development and identification of a set of recommended multimodal transportation improvements.

Steve Saunders Transportation Planner Bismarck-Mandan MPO 221 North 5th Street Bismarck, ND 58506 (701) 355-1848

Resident Name Street Address Bismarck, ND 58506

Jack Forslund, PTP Transportation Planner WSB & Associates, Inc 701 Xenia Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55416 (888) 541-4800 You can also email questions and comments to the Project Team at:

The above image illustrates some of the issues and considerations for the 43rd Avenue Corridor Study. Visit the website ( or the Facebook page (43rd Avenue Corridor Study) to view a larger image of this map as well as a corridor overview video.

221 N. 5th St. PO Box 5503 Bismarck, ND 58506-5503


Project Website and Facebook Page: The project website and the Facebook page

will provide updates on the progress of the study. The website will include information such as: public involvement activities, newsletters, reports, maps and layouts, and project images and videos. The website will also provide a “public comment” link to provide individuals the opportunity to comment on the study or pose any questions or concerns to the project team. Provided to the right is a screenshot of the project website homepage,

43rd Avenue Corridor Study

which also highlights how to access future newsletters. As the project progresses each subsequent newsletter will be added to the website, but will not be mailed out. Therefore, please remember to check the website to view new information including subsequent newsletters. If you do not have access to the project website and would like to receive future newsletters by mail, please contact the project team. The general intent of this first newsletter is to introduce you to the project and to make you aware of the website and our Facebook page, which will enable you to keep up to date on the project as well as provide you a method to provide comments and to contact the project team.

We look forward to your participation in the study!

In recent years, the 43rd d Avenue Corridor area  has experienced tremen ndous growth, increasing  the pressure on the tran nsportation system.   To  address these challenge es, the Bismarck‐Mandan  MPO together with Burleigh County and the City  ed up to develop a set of  of Bismarck have teame recommended transporrtation improvements.  The project partners are e committed to the public  involvement process an nd encourage you to par‐ ticipate throughout the project.  Please feel free  me.  to contact us at any tim

Corridor Issues and Considerations Map

This first newslettter, as well as future  newsletters will b be available to view or  download via the e project website by  clicking on the Ne ewsletters link on the  left margin.  New wsletters will also be  available via the project’s Facebook page.    

Click on image to enlarge picture.  You can also click on the “play” button to view a  Note the Project Update box on the up‐ video showing existing and potential issues to be considered in the corridor study.  per left hand corner of the homepage.   will be visible when new  This update box w • Click on video icon to play   information has been uploaded onto the      Corridor flyover video  website. 

43rd Avenue Corridor Study Newsletter - March 2012  

The general intent of this first newsletter is to introduce you to the project and to make you aware of the website and our Facebook page, w...

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