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Dear Friends,

Our Mission

I was introduced to Just in Time several years ago while participating in a Child Welfare Funders group affiliated with the San Diego Grantmakers. We attended a meeting where three young women, participants of JIT, shared their experiences after foster care and what we learned was that, in addition to not having the support and safety of their own homes and family, they also did not have the same opportunities in the schools or in the community. They had no one to advocate for them or guide them to achieve success in school and on into adulthood and self-sufficiency.

Just in Time for Foster Youth engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.

That experience propelled me to become more involved and to help transitioning foster youth to learn and understand that there are people in our community who care about them. While we can’t replace their family, we can become their extended family and give them a helping hand when they most need it. JIT has filled a huge gap for these young adults coming out of the foster care system where, in most cases, they have nowhere else to turn. Watching them grow and establish their self-worth is a true inspiration to all of us. I have worked for more than 25 years for companies that encourage community involvement and it has enabled me to have a broad perspective on programs that work and those that don’t. This Annual Report reveals how your dollars have been leveraged to achieve significantly better outcomes for the young people of San Diego. We invite you to join us once again in Fiscal Year 2013-14 as we continue to have a positive and profound impact in the San Diego region.

Our Vision We envision a future in which every youth leaving the foster care system has a community of caring adults waiting for them after 18. We believe consistent, long-term help from the heart is the foundation for the success of our youth so that they can thrive and enjoy productive, satisfying lives.


We are open, honest, and courageous in the sharing of our time, treasure, and talents


We use effective and empowering communication to serve our youth


We engage in a way that inspires our youth and fulfills our mission

INQUIRY We ask great questions


We take ownership of our words, actions and commitments

Sincerely, Kristy Gregg, Board Chair Vice-President, US Bank


We act in a respectful manner at all times

In Fiscal Year 2013, Just in Time’s focus was on creating connections – consistent positive, lasting relationships for our young men and women in transition. Closing this gap is essential for long-term self-sufficiency and well being to occur as we partner with youth ages 18-26 who are in school or working or a combination of the two. That’s why we were excited to see our model affirmed by research results on JIT outcomes by Harder + Company. They found that “JIT youth with a connection to a caring adult were significantly more likely to be in more positive situations in regards to education, finances, housing & overall self-sufficiency.” This past year, 719 youth received tangible resources from JIT, often delivered by one of our 600 JIT volunteers. In the process, we made over 5,000 connections made through community events, volunteer interactions, classes, drop-in visits, phone calls, and emails. This doesn’t include the hundreds of youth/volunteer interactions that are now taking place away from JIT once those relationships take on a life of their own.

Each year over 300 youth age out of foster care in San Diego County, with little or no family support. Tangible Resources Distributed 4% 4% 10%



7% 17%


Basic Needs / Emergency Bridges to Success Career Horizons / Vocational College Bound / Educational Financial Fitness

While it’s estimated it eventually costs us about $300,000 for each young person we allow to fail and fall into homelessness, dependency or incarceration after leaving foster care, the cost for Distributions (Programs) JIT’s significantly more positive outcomes is an average of only $3,000 per youth. It’s a smart 4% 4% Ambassadors investment that benefits our entire community. 9%



Basic Needs / Emergency

My First Home Other Youth Activities


Budget: $153,755 33% of former foster youth did not have enough to eat at some point in the past year

Chris has been part of the JIT community for several years and needed support last month to help with auto repairs. Chris is with the California Conservation Corps and was called to fight fires in California and Arizona so a working vehicle is essential to enable him to do his job. Working at minimum wage, the auto repairs were out of reach and, without his car, he simply would have been unable to make it to his job at various locations around the county for disasters and trainings. Chris received the funds he needed through Basic Needs to continue to help himself and others.

As JIT’s most utilized program, Basic Needs provides immediate financial assistance with rent money, bus passes, gas cards, interview clothing, vehicle repair, food, and other urgent needs, as well as advice on practical matters such as budgeting, smart decisionmaking, and creating a plan to build savings and avoid future financial emergencies.

416 distributions that addressed an emergency need!


Budget: $159,884 50% of former foster youth become homeless within 18 months of emancipation

Oscar lived in 10 different places in his 7 years as a child in the foster care system. Now he works full-time at a nonprofit organization and attends San Diego City College part-time while also shouldering the responsibility of caring for his two younger siblings. My First Home gave Oscar the opportunity to turn his apartment into a safe, stable home of his own through donations of new bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, and other household items. He says “I was really blessed with all the help I received. Having furnishings now in my own place feels so good. It is just a feeling that I can’t explain.�

My First Home connects participants to community volunteers who find affordable and fun ways to transform an apartment into a comfortable and homey space while also providing guidance on smart purchasing and household expenses. My First Home essentials may include donated furniture such as a bed, dresser, sofa, kitchen table and chairs, and other large furnishings, as well as kitchen items, linens, lamps, small appliances, accessories, and cleaning supplies. This helps to ensure a safe and stable home that becomes a key foundation for success.

94 distributions of furniture and other household items!


Budget: $115,131 70% of former foster youth say they want to go to college, only 10% enroll, and less than 3% graduate

Shandy's dreams came true this summer when her tireless work at UC San Diego resulted in her being accepted to Cornell Law School. Even though she had considerable savings, Shandy realized she did not have enough funds to cover her housing deposit. Having benefited from College Bound as an undergraduate, Shandy turned to JIT once again at this critical juncture and was given assistance "just in time" so she could stay on her track to a law degree and self-sufficiency.

College Bound provides participants with key resources and the encouragement they need to compete and succeed in a new life chapter as college students. Youth connect with potential lifelong mentors and successful College Bound Alumni. They also receive laptops and printers; learn valuable tips on money management, legal matters and practical purchases; pair up with a JIT shopper to buy essential dorm furnishings and school supplies, and develop a support system to help navigate college life until graduation.

77 distributions of school and dorm supplies!



Budget: $51,432 48% of former foster youth are employed, compared with 72% of their peers

Sade recently shared the secret of her most recent success with her Career Horizons for Young Women peers – being accepted to USC School of Social Work! Last year, she included a USC flyer that she received in the mail on a Vision Board she created for herself. She looked at this board every morning, saying to herself "I will attend USC and I will get my Masters in Social Work". The rest is pure inspiration. Sade felt that it was extremely important for the young ladies of Career Horizons to do their own Vision Board and start thinking big!

Career Horizons for Young Women is designed to help young women bring their employment options into focus. Through presentations, discussion, job shadowing, and one-on-one connections with powerful female role models, they receive the tools and support to find and recognize their strengths, while exploring entrepreneurship and non-traditional fields in their possible futures. They also have the opportunity to begin building networks, lasting connections and career links that are essential to their success.

172 distributions for transportation, work and interview clothing!


Budget: $69,018 60% of former foster youth are destitute, earning incomes less than $6,000 per year

Jose was taken from his family at 10 years old because they were shooting drugs into him and his siblings “for fun.” Once in care, he spent much of his time in treatment programs to get off drug dependency. He joined Bridges to Success for Young Men to build contacts in the community and find positive male role models that he could learn from to become successful. Jose enjoys being around the guys to hear their stories and share the ups and downs of life with them. He feels that the program shows you can take negatives and make positives.

Bridges to Success for Young Men provides a consistent group of committed male volunteer “champions” who provide ongoing and often first ever opportunities for positive connections for young men in non-judgmental workshops and informal gatherings throughout the San Diego community. As part of this “band of brothers”, youth are offered practical tools and resources that can lead to meaningful jobs. The goal is to build meaningful pathways to responsibility, self-worth and success.

88 distributions for transportation, work and interview clothing!


Budget: $105,022 Less than 50% of former foster youth have a bank account, compared with 85% of their peers.

James is a student at Cal State San Marcos where he works for The Writing Center and also work part-time at San Pasqual Academy. His determination to succeed has made James a perfect participant in Financial Fitness for the last two years. He uses his once a month meetings with his Asset Advisor to create a strong financial future and used his first savings match to help pay for dental work. Currently, James is working through the process of matching for the second time to purchase a vehicle. He has some money saved up but not enough to afford his own car so the planned match will allow him to double his money in order to shop for decent car and continue down the road to self-sufficiency.

Financial Fitness offers eligible participants opportunities to learn basic and advanced money management with the ability to match up to $4,500 over the life of the program! Working with real-world volunteer financial gurus, online tools, and comprehensive classes offered throughout the year, youth gain the knowledge and discipline to make smart financial choices, become financially healthy and build real assets for their future.

105 distributions of matched savings funds!

70% of California’s prison inmates are former foster youth, costing taxpayers $5.75 billion annually. Just In Time’s cost per youth: $1,843 annually

Statement of Financial Position FY2013 ASSETS Current Assets Fixed Assets Total Assets

$440,989 $4,502 $445,491


Current Liabilities Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets


Individuals 24%

13% 10%

Corporations Foundations

20% 17%

$21,738 $388,678 $35,075 $445,491

Civic/Faith Special Events

Statement of Activities Public Support & Revenue Contributions Government Special Events (net of expenses) Other Income In-Kind Contributions Total Public Support and Revenue Expenses Program Expenses Fundraising General and Administrative Total Public Support and Revenue



$877,916 $0 $226,443 $305 $220,265

$492,957 $10,000 $100,698 $488 $301,110



$803,687 $226,564 $137,318

$753,926 $163,759 $83,125

$1,167,569 $1,000,810


2012-2013 REVENUE


0% 16%



$157,360 ($95,557)

Thank you for your Help from the Heart Accelerate-IT Adam Baker / Black Mountain Equities Adrienne Sherman Aequitas Capital Alan & Louarn Sorkin Alan & Nancy Spector Albert & Armi Williams Alexandra Page Alfred & Susan Smith Alie Arango Alison S. Leblanc Allison Rynne Allstate Amee Webb America's Charities Amir Mojaver Amy Connor Amy Renda Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air Andrea Ashbacher Andrea Dougherty Andreas Hronopoulos Andrew Robinson Angela Yates Ann Gerstenfeld Ann Sutherland Ann Tucker Ann Wang Anne-Marie Schiering Anthony & Christine Foussat Anthony Josephson Ariane Joannou Arjay & Sharon Smith Arlene Carranza Arthur & Jeanette Pratt Memorial Fund AT&T via United Way Aubrey Virissimo Avril L Hibberd Barbara B. Kyrillos Barbara Greiert Barbara Mizrahi Barbara Sheridan Barbara Stroud

Barona Band of Mission Indians Beck Lubeach Beth Acree Beth Ann Alitt Beth Levin Beth Vanta Betty Amber Betty Beyster Bill & Sharon Beamer Bill & Debbie Carpenter Bill Kohr & Mary Hart Bill Malloy Bob & Donna Papera Bob Snell Brad Freeman Brad Norris Brandon and Dana Black Brandy McLelland Brenda Richmond Brent Heramb Brian & Paula Powers Brian Brinig Bridgepoint Education Brittney Powers Brooke Foundation Fund Brooks Corbin Bruce & Lori Haynes Bruce Maches Bruce Schmith Burt & Kandee Bondy Carlsbad Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club Carol & Vann Parker Carol Sachs Carol Taylor Catherine Terrones Cathie Huckleberry Cathy Gilchrist-Colmar Chad Monfort Chad Ruyle Chairman Greg Cox Change of Life Foundation Charissa McAfee Charles Butler Charlie Grebing

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Viejas Casino Vince Flynn Vince Heald & Clinton Walters Virginia Calvert Wade Hansen Walmart Wawanesa Insurance Wells Fargo Wendy Nash Wendy Reuben Wendy Van Vechten Wesley Bradle West Harbor Investments William & Kathleen Larson William & Victoria Doyle William Gunderson William Knowles Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation Winifred Shanor Xi Sigma Pi Sorority Yung-Chiu Chen Yvonne Borrego Zoraya Delabastida

LEADERSHIP FY2014 Board of Directors July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 AdvisoryCouncil

Governing Board Kristy Gregg | Joined 2012 CHAIR U.S. Bank | VP/Community Affairs Manager, Southern California Keith Brandt | Joined 2012 VICE CHAIR California Wealth Transitions | President Lisa Foussianes | Joined 2010 TREASURER Square 1 Bank | VP, Client Manager Patricia Benesh | Joined 2008 SECRETARY, 7 | Owner Diane Cox | Joined 2003 JIT Co-Founder First American Title Company | Business Development Specialist Theodore DeFrank | Joined 2013 Active Motif | President, CFO Gabrielle Durand | Joined 2013 John Deere | Project Manager – Workforce Intelligence Jaime Feder | Joined 2012 Philanthropist & Community Volunteer

Jorge Cabrera Casey Family Programs Harriet Carter, Esq. A Professional Law Corporation Lynne Doyle Philanthropist & Community Volunteer Sean Ferrel Managed Solutions Judy Forrester Bank of America Bernard King Macnas Consulting International Alan Sorkin San Diego Social Venture Partners Duane Trombly PointeBreak Solutions, Inc. San Diego Social Venture Partners Maurice Wilson National Veterans Transition Services HonoraryBoard

Honorary Board

Krystal Joscelyne | Joined 2013 Sempra Energy| Strategic & Financial Planning Manager James Lepanto | Joined 2013 Mental Health Systems | Senior Vice President Marcy Morrison | Joined 2012 Careers with Wings | Founder Bradley Norris | Joined 2012 Philanthropist & Community Volunteer Jessica Preese | Joined 2012 United Health Group | Account Manager & Marketing/PR Consultant Terry Satin | Joined 2008 San Diego Unified School District | Speech/Language Pathologist

Jeanette Day, Esq. JIT Co-Founder Former Child Advocacy Attorney Tony Hsu JIT Co-Founder Founder/CIO, Alethea Capital Management Kathryn Vaughn, Esq. JIT Co-Founder Partner, Law Offices of Vaughn and Vaughn Louarn Sorkin JIT Co-Founder San Diego Social Venture Partners

Marge Schingle | Joined 2013 American Express | Sr. Mgr., Network Support and Partnership Management Every member of the JIT Board of Directors makes a meaningful financial and volunteer contribution.

Every member of the JIT Board of Directors makes a meaningful financial and volunteer contribution.

JUST IN TIME FOR FOSTER YOUTH P.O. Box 81292, San Diego, CA 92138 p: (619) 683-9340 f: (619) 295-5738

FY2013 Just In Time Annual Report  

Annual Report for Just in Time for Foster Youth, designed and created by Derek Floyd.

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