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An American Athlete Influential Spokesperson

Total domination Secures Championship in record setting fashion Seldom does a driver dominate a championship like Conor did in 2010.

His growing global reputation for winning was further

enhanced with race win and pole position streaks in the 2010 Star Mazda Championship. “This was a dream season for several reasons - the records that were set and the knowledge and experience I gained�, said Daly.


Daly ranked Number 1 open wheel driver in America Conor Daly ended the season as the No 1 ranked open wheel driver in America-EFCN Driver Rankings .The first time a Formula Star mazda driver earned such recognition.

In The genes? Conor Daly, a second generation race driver, is the son of professional race car driver Derek Daly (who reached the pinnacle of the sport, competing in Formula One and Indy Cars for well over a decade), and his Mom, Beth, who won a Novice Jet Ski World Championship in 1990. Wins early: His career started racing go-karts as an 11 year-old. In 2005, he became “Junior Driver of the Year� after winning 19 races and two championships. National wins: In 2006 he was a three time World Karting Association National champion. As a junior, he also became the youngest driver in the country to win a "senior" Pro kart race at the TaG World Championships in New Castle, Indiana. More wins: In 2007, he won the Stars of Karting TaG US National championship finishing off his season with multiple wins and five consecutive pole positions. Dominant in Race cars: In 2008, Conor had an outstanding season winning the Skip Barber National Championship (five wins), the Ontario Formula Ford 1600 Rookie of Year (five wins) and the British Walter Hayes FF 1600 Trophy in Silverstone, England, representing the Team USA scholarship. Along the way he also scored 10 pole positions in 3 different classes. In 2009, Conor moved up to the Formula Star Mazda championship where he finished third in the points standings and was one of only six race winners throughout the season. Dominant Champion: In 2010, Conor became the dominant driver in the Formula Star Mazda Championship setting new records for number of wins (7), pole positions (9), number of podium finishes (12), most laps led and largest winning points margin in the 23 year history of the Star Mazda championship.

Daly sets new records They called him “The Red headed Rocket” and there was no denying that he was the fastest driver of the season as he set new records that may never be broken in the Formula Star Mazda series. Nine pole positions, twelve podium finishes, most laps led, largest points margin in the 23 year history of the series - and seven outstanding wins. This is a “winning” trend that has continued since he was thirteen years old.

An American Ambassador What’s next for this young American athlete that many believe can proudly wave his countries flag on a national or global motor sports stage? The largest watched sport in the world is Formula One - the world championship. The largest single day attended sports event in the world is the Indianapolis 500. Conor feels that these events are his calling, his very destiny. His adventurous streak is pushing him to walk away from every comfort he has grown up with. He is willing to take the biggest risk a motor sports athlete can possibly take and chase what has been termed as the “impossible dream” - to perform in the biggest motor sports events in the world. What a platform for both national and global companies to support. He wants to prove that it is possible for a young dreamer from the northern outskirts of Indianapolis to succeed at the highest levels, just as he has at the lower and mid levels - why should the trend not continue. Is this a new breed of spokesperson? Is this a corporate investment for the future? What an impact success can have for a company - a community - a state - and a country. What an influence he can become to a variety of demographics.

What they said... an early age he stood out as being a bit special...Doug Sharp, Karting Engine Developments We h a v e t e s t e d m a n y d r i v e r s including British Champions - Conor is the best 17 year old we have ever had in our car...Wayne Douglas, Douglas Driver development, England. ...Conor’s time with us was a thrill. We could see that he had enormous talent. Perhaps the best driver we have had. He will go a long way... B r i a n G r a h a m , O w n e r, B r i a n Graham Racing, Toronto, Canada. ...when he races in Monaco, I just want to walk around and enjoy watching him. There were times during the season, when he was just perfect all weekend...Ernie Gonella, Engineer, Juncos Racing Team. ...maybe the best young driver in America - fast and mistake free - we had a great season together setting new records... Ricardo Juncos, Owner, Juncos Racing team.

This proposal pertains to the FIA Formula One world championship support series, GP3

This is an opportunity to be exposed to the Formula One World Championship platform - without the high cost. Formula One is one of the largest sports entities in the world and the support series, GP3, is the training ground for future world champions. Each event takes place during a world championship Formula One race weekend. Imagine the power of entertaining guests in adrenaline filled high profile locations around the world at some of the worlds most prestigious sporting events.

2011 Race Schedule - 17 races May 6th-8th Turkey (Istanbul-2 races) May 20th - 22nd, Spain (Cataluna-2 races) May 27th - 29th, Monaco (Monte Carlo-1 race) June 25th - 26th, Spain (Valencia-2 races) July 8th - 10th , England (Silverstone-2 races) July 22nd - 24th, Germany (Nurburgring- 2 races) July 29th - 31st, Hungary (Budapest-2 races) August 26th - 28th, Belgium, (Spa-2 races) September 9th - 11th, Italy, (Monza-2 races)

- 2010 Global television exposure included: - Europe - Eurosport 2 - Live (across 64 territories including UK & France) - Europe - Motors TV-HIghlights (across 25 territories) - Brazil - Globo Brazil - Highlights in Autoesporte - South America - Fox Sports South America- Delayed - Spain- TV3 Catalunya - Live on TV3 - Middle East - Abu Dhabi Sports Channel - Live across 12 territories - Asia - ESPN Star Sports - delayed full race coverage - Indonesia - Global TV Indonesia - delayed 17 races in 9 different European countries including Monaco

Budget $875,000

Sponsorship Opportunity - Some of the largest motor sports marketing platforms in the world - One of Americas brightest young athletes - High energy adrenaline filled platform - Success oriented teams of people - B2B - B2C - Internal operational knowledge transfer

Customized per your needs







With GP2 we saw the birth of a new kind of motorsport category: the Series was conceived and designed to give top young drivers their best opportunity to reach Formula One. Five years on, and nearly half of this season’s Formula One grid is made up of GP2 graduates proving what a strong feeder series it has become. This season will see the continuation of this success story in the form of the new GP3 Series. The objective of GP3 is clear: to reveal young drivers able to step up to GP2 and eventually making it to Formula One. Continuity and a clear path of progression for young drivers wanting to reach Formula One is a crucial part of their motor racing careers. The message that GP3 sends is clear:


competitiveness, seriousness, safety and cost control and continuity. The prospect of thirty ambitious young drivers using equal machinery to showcase their skills each weekend is exciting. GP3 races will be held at Formula One events and this adds to WKH EHQHÀWV IRU WHDPV DQG GULYHUV alike. It’s a given that the great exposure from running in front of the F1 paddock will contribute to this result. When joining the GP3 Series, drivers have the unique opportunity to be seen and judged by the experts. I am convinced that GP3 will become the only place where young drivers who are making their way to Formula One want to be. I wish good luck to this new Series in 2010.


The goal of this new GP3 Series is to give young upcoming drivers the best chance to learn and develop their driving skills before getting on to the next step in their careers. Since its start in 2005 and throughout all its successful years GP2 has adopted ÀYH FRUH YDOXHV SHUIRUPDQFH FRVW control, entertainment, safety and preparation. GP3 will remain loyal to the GP2 philosophy and these values will remain the guiding principles of GP3. $OO HLJKW FRQÀUPHG *3 HYHQWV ZLOO run alongside Formula One offering an incredible and unique chance IRU \RXQJ GULYHUV WR JHW ÀUVWKDQG experience of racing in the Grand Prix environment and be seen in action by the motorsport experts. I believe that for young and talented drivers with ambition GP3 is a fantastic opportunity. Using the same chassis, engine and tyre suppliers, they will have to prove their skills both in speed and in managing tyres, just like they will hopefully have to do later in GP2 and Formula One. The 2010 driver line-up boasts a truly LQWHUQDWLRQDO ÀHOG DQG ZLWK GULYHUV from as young as 17 representing over

18 different countries worldwide the new Series will live up to its promise to be the true training ground for the future stars of motorsport. In a very GLIĂ€FXOW FXUUHQW HFRQRPLF FRQWH[W and in view of the fact that most of the other series are suffering, it is truly amazing that we have 30 young talents joining GP3. This proof of trust and enthusiasm in this new Series is something we are very proud of. After a accurate selection we are proud to have chosen ten European teams of the highest calibre to represent the Series, and together with our technical partners Dallara, Renault, Pirelli and Hewland, we DUH FRQĂ€GHQW WKDW ZH ZLOO EXLOG D successful Series. Having current Red Bull Racing Formula One driver Mark Webber and ex-Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher as Principals for two of the teams is something that adds prestige and excitement to the Series. There has never been a Formula One feeder category as successful as the GP2 Series and it is our aim to make sure that the new GP3 Series follows up on that success. See you in Barcelona!



THE SERIES INTRODUCTION THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL OF THE NEW GP3 SERIES IS TO GIVE YOUNG UPCOMING DRIVERS A CHANCE TO DEVELOP THEIR DRIVING SKILLS AS THEY COMPETE FOR THE STEP UP TO THE NEXT STEP: GP2. And oh boy, do we have a lot to live up to. In 2010 the Formula One grid includes 11 GP2 graduates, which we think makes it the most successful F1 feeder category ever. Our goal at GP3 is to have that same effect on the GP2 Series: we hope that, by the 2011 season, you will already see some of our young drivers moving up to the higher echelons of motorsport and taking their places on the GP2 grid. The GP3 Series has been designed to make it the perfect driver training ground, not only for GP2, but also for Formula One. As such, we’ve designed a car which is fast, reliable and most of all challenging to drive. Using the same chassis, engine and tyre suppliers, thirty young drivers will have to showcase their skills both in speed and in managing tyres, just like they will have to do when they move up the motor sport ladder. And with two races per weekend and reverse grids, these skills will prove crucial in the battle to become GP3’s inaugural champion.

All nine events will follow the Formula One European Calendar - excluding 0RQDFR  JLYLQJ GULYHUV ÀUVW KDQG experience of racing in the Grand Prix environment and gaining that all important F1 exposure. The season’s JUDQGÀQDOHZLOOWDNHSODFHDWKLVWRULFDO Monza in September. Our partnerships with some of the best brains in the motor sport business, such as Dallara, Renault F1 and Pirelli, will ensure our new series constantly evolves and, along with all of our other dedicated partners, creates a feeder series that stays ahead of the game and is technologically advanced whilst remaining affordable for our teams and drivers. *3 DOVR EHQHÀWV IURP FORVH WLHV to the FIA, the governing body of world motorsport, and FOM: the FIA will scrutineer the cars and oversee the running of all GP3 events, while FOM’s unparalleled expertise in the broadcasting and marketing will ensure that GP3 has truly global reach and appeal. There has never been an F1 feeder category as successful as the GP2 Series, and it is GP3’s goal to make sure that this new Series is just as successful. With two races per weekend, reverse grids and 30 identical cars on display, we are sure the Series will not fail to entertain.





GP3 SERIES PHILOSOPHY AND VALUES THE GP3 SERIES HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO KEEP THE GP2 PHILOSOPHY AND ITS VALUES INTACT. 6LQFH LWV LQFHSWLRQ ÀYH \HDUV DJR WKH *3 6HULHV ZDV GHVLJQHG WR UHà HFW ÀYH core values: performance, cost control, entertainment, safety and preparation. These values will remain the guiding principles of the GP3 Series.


With GP3 laptimes beating those of its nearest rivals, it’s clear that we were never going to be just another championship in the ever expanding pool of junior formulae. Over 280HP engines, and no hidden snazzy gadgets like traction control or power steering, means it’s all about the driver with these machines. We’ve also been told they’re a lot of fun to drive!


Just like our sister Series GP2, GP3 will be racing on the same tracks, on the same weekends and for the same audience as Formula One for a minute fraction of the cost – but with the same impressive display of racing. Centralised purchasing, strict limits on testing and an outright ban on individual developments means costs are kept in FKHFN ZKLOH IXWXUH PRGLÀFDWLRQV ZLOO be made with an eye on how they affect the price structure for the teams.


By far GP3’s biggest selling point is the excitement its races provide for the fans. With two races per weekend, reverse grids and 30 identical cars on display, the series never fails to enthral and entertain. There is also the added bonus of being able to catch the Formula One race after GP3 has packed up for the day!


Racing at such high speeds means safety is of course of the uppermost priority: the new GP3 car has passed every one of the stringent F1 FIA tests. GP2 has been committed to safety over the last ÀYH \HDUV VRPHWKLQJ ZH ZLOO HQVXUH LV mirrored in the GP3 Series.


The record speaks for itself: there has never been an F1 feeder category as successful as the GP2 Series. It is this experience and success that makes XV FRQĂ€GHQW WKH QHZ *3 6HULHV ZLOO not disappoint in becoming a true training ground for the future stars of motorsport.






welcoming them back.



these Italian legends can’t dress to look cool? GP3 will be proud to wear their gear.


For almost 40 years, Dallara has devoted itself to the business of designing, building and supporting some of the world’s most competitive racing FDUV DQG WKH ÀUVW JHQHUDWLRQ 'DOODUD GHVLJQHG GP3 car is no exception – plus, we think you’ll agree it looks stunning.



XAP designs and manufactures motorsport electronics products optimised to withstand the demanding conditions of motorsport. XAP is supplying the new GP3 Series with carbon steering wheels, dashboards, marshalling displays, gear change, clutch paddles, AP power supply management units... the list goes on. XAP truly are an integral part of the GP3 team.


One of the most famous brand names in global motorsport. Hewland Engineering invented the bespoke racing car gearbox and it has supplied the worlds racing car constructors ever since. Needless to say GP3 are proud to have them on ERDUGDVRXURIĂ€FLDOJHDUER[VXSSOLHU



Providing GP3’s elctronics systems, Italian giant Magneti Marelli celebrated its 90th birthday in 2009. During that time the Italian company has successfully designed and produced hi-tech systems and components for seriously top level motorsport.



EM Motorsport Ltd has operated within the Motorsport industry since 2003 on every level from club racing to Formula One helping to ensure that motorsport world is exceptionally safe and injury free.


MEDIA SUPPLIER LAT is one of the world’s largest and best known motorsport photographic agencies holding over 9 million images dating back into the late 1800s. They will be spending the 2010 season photographing all of our teams and drivers for your viewing pleasure.

Global exposure

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Conor Daly Sponsor deck 2011 GP3  

Conor Daly will race in GP3 in 2011. He is currently the No 1 ranked junior drover in America