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College Address: 100 Juergens St Cincinnati, OH 45220 E-mail


Permanent Address: 401 N Jefferson Ossian, IN 46777 Cell 260-227-0348

University of Cincinnati

College of Design, Art, Architecture, & Planning Bachelor of Science in Architecture Cumulative GPA 3.110 2011-Present

Ivy Tech Community College

School of Construction Technology Associates Degree in Construction Technology Focus in Architectural Technology Dean's List 3.9 GPA 2008-2011


Court Atkins Architects

Architectural Intern Bluffton, SC August 2013- December 2013 Collaborated on residential design development Developed schematic designs Completed construction documents Conducted field measurements

Lowe's Home Improvement

Kitchen Cabinet Designer/CSA Bluffton, IN & Springdale, OH 2008-Current Consulted with clients Conducted field measurements Developed whole kitchen designs

Jeffrey Rome & Associates



Architectural Intern Newport Beach, CA January 2013- May 2013 Completed construction documents Managed projects over Interns Analyzed site ` PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, Revit, Rhino, Google Sketchup AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, MS Office, Woodworking


Bath House

Ice Pavilion

Building Facade

Jeffrey Rome & Associates

Lowe's Home Improvement


Court Atkins Architects, Inc.


Building Inspirational Cube

The Unit

Line, Plane, Volume Cube

Ludlow Learning Center

Bath House Studio |Summer 2013|

The Bath House design was based upon a wave in motion. Located next to a river, the design was to incorporate the river into the building. The organic space came about by the idea of a wave from the river coming through the Bath House. The flow of the design flows into the walls, then into the ceiling, across the structure, and finally back into the earth on the other side.


Bath House Studio |Summer 2013|


Ice Pavilion Studio |Summer 2013|

I designed an Ice Pavilion that housed a 1000 cubic foot ice sculpture. By using a standard 2"x4"x8', I shifted the location of the connection point. By consistently attaching to the center, it aided in the structural framing and form of the overall design. The form tilts towards the south to provide shading, while noting the entrance.


Building Facade Studio |Summer 2013|

I created a new building facade for the Folk Art Museum in New York City that replaced the existing facade and related to the current building. The main concept was to demonstrate a shifting motion of the glazing to show compression. The release allows for the entrance aperture to interact with the ground plane.


Ludlow Learning Center Immersion Studio |Fall 2012|

This library design was located on Ludlow Ave. in Cincinnati, OH. I utilized existing shipping containers because there is an overabundance of unused containers in the Cincinnati region. Using predetermined modules influenced the design decisions and created a realistic challenge.


Ludlow Learning Center Immersion Studio |Fall 2012|


Court Atkins Architects Inc. Fall 2013 Co-op Bluffton, SC| Court Atkins Architects, Inc. is an established firm specializing in architecture, planning, and interior design. Some of the services offered include, site analysis, design development, programming, interior millwork, and construction services. While working at Court Atkins I worked closely with project managers, and principles on a wide range of tasks. Site analysis, design development, and construction documents, were a few of the tasks I worked on a daily basis.


Jeffrey Rome & Associates, Inc. Spring 2013 Co-op |Newport Beach, CA| Jeffrey Rome & Associates is a Telecommunication firm that designs cell towers for Sprint and AT&T. At the firm, I worked on construction and zoning documents. When the project manager was away, I would manage the sites and delegate tasks to others.

"Derek was an integral part of my team, he helped me coordinate and delegate work during my weekly meetings. He problem solved many of my projects." ~ Emanuel Rodriguez, Project Manager "Derek knew how to communicate in a professional manner, was very responsible, and on time every single day..." ~ Emanuel Rodriguez, Project Manager


Mader Kitchen Lowe's Home Improvement |2011|

In the Mader residence, I laid out the customer's kitchen, office, bathrooms, and pool house. In the kitchen, I designed cabinets, counter tops, lighting, and windows. I worked with the customer for six months, which resulted as a project total of $50,000.



Building Inspirational Cube Principles of Design |Spring 2012|

The design objective was to create a cube inspired from our group's project of the One Stop Building at the University of Cincinnati. By gaining an understanding of how the space made us feel, each cube was to portray two main concepts such as overwhelmingness and compression.


The Unit Principles of Design |Summer 2012|

The objective was to design multiple single units that could create space. The units had to work with one another to build to structure. As a group of 10, each individual was assigned a different task. I was the head builder and oversaw the purchasing of materials.


Line, Plane, Volume Cube Principles of Design |Fall 2011|

This project used line, plane, and mass to model in a spatial 12" x 12" x 12" cube. The cube stemmed from our Line Cube, Plane Cube, and Mass Cube. The drawing was to assist the explanation of the cube.

Plane Locations

Mass Locations

Cell Locations


Derek Morphew University of Cincinnati

100 Juergens Ave Cincinnati, OH (260) 227-0348

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Architecture Portfolio