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With global warming staring us in the face and the growing trend toward more ecologically friendly lifestyles, more and more people are including local organically grown food in their diets. Organic farmers rely on natural ways to fertilize their soil and combat pests, rather than synthetic chemicals, resulting in stronger, healthier (and many say tastier) vegetable plants. If you are new to organic cooking and already own a number of cookbooks, you may ask yourself 'do I need new recipes for organic cooking?' Anyone new to cooking requires recipes they can follow to prepare healthy meals, and if those meals include organic ingredients, having one or more organic recipe books will make cooking tasty side dishes and main courses a lot easier. Anyone using organic ingredients in standard recipes may discover that they need to modify the recipes to accommodate the richer flavors. Recipes created and perfected by long time organic cooks take advantage of the fuller flavors and higher nutritional values of organic foods. Even old hands at cooking organic food often discover the need to find new ways of preparing dishes to keep the family interested in the meals they make. Anyone that wants to introduce more organic vegetables into their family's diet will need tasty ways to get the family to eat them. Those that have joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) as a way to save on fresh vegetables and fruit may well receive vegetables that their current cookbooks do not have recipes for. Many families have one or more members that choose not to consume meat products, requiring vegetarian/vegan recipes designed to supply all the required nutrients, including sufficient vegetable proteins to replace the protein that would normally be received from meat. Serving tasty organic vegetarian dishes will ensure that the family member remains healthy and happy. New mothers who are concerned about the possible effects pesticide residues and food additives may have on their babies can now find organic baby foods in the local supermarket. These are most likely more expensive than regular baby food and there is no way to determine how much sugar and salt they contain. Babies are more sensitive to pesticide residues and other chemicals as their organs are still developing, and some studies have indicated possible correlations between pesticide residues and developmental disorders in children. The best way to give your child the best start in life is to give him homemade organic baby food where you control the amount of salt and sugar while eliminating synthetic chemicals. Someone new to cooking organic food may well ask 'do I need new recipes for organic cooking?' If you are satisfied with substituting organic ingredients into your standard recipes, perhaps you do not. If you are a novice cook choosing to go organic, you should consider getting one or more organic recipe books instead of standard cookbooks. Having an organic vegetarian cookbook will enable you to prepare delicious vegetarian fare for the non meat-eater in your family. Homemade

organic baby food will give your baby his best start in life, and you'll need good recipes to work from.

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==== ==== Hi, How would like to prepare a meal like a cheif For more information visit: ==== ====

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