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Thirty Ways to Lose Weight Fast There are all kinds of ways to lose weight; there are even lots of different ways to lose weight fast. The best way to ensure fast weight lost is to employ several compatible methods together, in order to get the most healthy, quick and effective weight loss. Here is a list of thirty ways to lose weight fast: · DRINK WATER - not soda, not juice, a little milk each day, but the rest of it should be WATER! · Protein diet - forsaking carbohydrates and sugars and embracing fats and proteins such as meats, cheeses and eggs. · Low-fat diet - forgoing calories and fats in favor of low-to-no fat foods. · Routine walking each night, whether it's around the block or around several. · Aerobic exercise, such as running, jumping jacks; anything that gets the heart beating at an elevated and sustained rate will burn off loads of calories. · Weight training can help burn calories and turn convert fats into energy and muscle, but beware you won't be so much 'losing weight' as converting from fat. · Preparing your own meals from raw materials. · Forsaking pre-packaged, canned or boxed 'just-add' foods in favor of real, whole foods. · Portion control - know what the proper serving of food is for your recommended intake, and eat no more than that. · If you're not following a particular 'diet', simply learn what foods are good for you, which ones contribute the most to calorie loss and which ones tend to turn right into fatty tissues. · Increase your fiber intake, to keep your digestive system running smoothly and effectively. · Regardless of your diet, you should always ensure to incorporate the proper amount of protein; it helps keep you feeling fuller, longer and contributes to the health of your hair, skin and nails.

· Try not to rely on lots of bread, as it has sneakily high amounts of sugars and calories. If you are a bread addict, try to eat only whole grain breads, which contain less calories and more fiber. · Substitute rich, and caloric, salad dressings with light sprinklings of olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar; no croutons. · NO STARVING YOURSELF: you may take the pounds off initially, but your body will start converting muscles to energy, in addition to the fact that eventually, your body will force you to eat larger amounts, and you'll pack additional pounds on. · Try eating smaller, healthier portions five times a day, rather than larger portions three times. · Eat a good, healthy and filling breakfast packed with proteins, carbs and fiber. · Keep your snacks on a schedule, and ignore the potato crisps in favor of whole fruits or vegetables. · Don't be stingy with your dessert; share it. · Eat your meals slowly, allowing your body to process food and register the fact that you're full more reliably. · Allow yourself an occasional treat as a reward for good behavior; it will prompt further good behavior. · Drink another glass of water when you start to feel hungry; it will help your body to feel full, resulting in smaller portions eaten. · Park farther away from the store, the mall, your office building; take the stairs instead of the elevator. · Occasionally stand up and do a little walk, or a bit of exercise throughout the day; get your blood moving and your heart pumping. · Demand that your family members go with your diet, too. There's nothing more demoralizing to your diet than eating a naked salad while your spouse and kids munch on burgers and fries. · Same goes for exercise; recruit your family to make it fun and entertaining, and less of a chore. · Start off doing 15 minutes of light cardio before breakfast to start your day; as your endurance level raises, increase the time and intensity of your workout. · Yoga, Pilates, kick boxing, cardio; find a workout DVD that's fun and entertaining, something you'll stick with. · Dance it out! Naked in the mirror, at the club with some friends, in the checkout line in the grocery store. Just keep moving.

· Give yourself milestone rewards: a trip to the spa, a little extra shopping money, a day at the beach by yourself. Anything that will motivate you to punch through those extra pounds that much quicker will help you to lose weight fast.

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==== ==== Hi, Are you ready to keep that New Year goal, with getting healthy and losing those extra pounds... http:// ==== ====

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