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In a previous article 5 ways To Get Your First Affiliate Cheque I talked about information overload and how we're all so busy reading the latest Ebook or signing up for the newsletter from the next big guru, we forget that we're trying to make a buck here and there. Network Marketing (NM) has been around a long time, got some bad press along the way, but i'ts a very professional business with some great products on offer. The big problem always used to be you had to rope in your family, friends and even the postman to make any sort of money. And you could rule out using your garage for the next six months as it was being used as a storeroom for all the products. Well only about 4% of people involved with a product earn a full-time living, albeit a very lucrative living, from NM. So what's a guy to do? What's going to be the one year plan that will turn 2009 into the year of financial independence. OK Lets find a product that offers a great commission structure with a residual income stream as well. Lets find a product that people can upgrade to other products which bring in higher commission cheques. Lets find a product where you don't need to wait until the end of the month to see the size of the commission cheque. And lets find a product where I don't have to spend my life on the end of a phone trying to get new people into my team. Pie in the Sky? Well if you want to earn the big bucks and I'm talking a six figure income, you have to put in the work and track down the companies that are prepared, at a price, to close your sales and bring in new members to your sales team. In return all you need to do is bring targeted traffic to their sign up page. Now there are companies out there who are doing this right now, but you have to go searching for them, be prepared to search the biz opp websites and I can promise you they do exist.

But remember these businesses are for the serious entrepreneurs who can see the big picture, who are prepared to sacrifice time and more importantly thousands of dollars to reap the six figure rewards. If you just want to sit in front of your computer waiting for sales without doing anything or even going at it half cocked, then I've got some bad news for you, you're never going to be successful on line. So don't think you'll get rich overnight selling $19.95 Ebooks or even joining one of the businesses described above. Both take dedication and focus, but more importantly a belief that even when a lead doesn't turn into that all important sale, you get right back in there and tweak that ad, find another website for your banner ad, another Ezine for your email ad campaign. If you want a one year plan that will bring in a six figure income this year then find the company you're going to be happy dealing with. Plan ahead. Break the figures down. If you want to earn a thousand dollars a month and your average sale is 20 dollars, write down exactly how many units you need to sell a day. Work out how many visitors to your website you need to get those sales (work on about a 2% conversion rate) Get those figures in front of you every day. Pin them up beside your work station Then once the goals are set start working on goal getting. Check your progress on a daily basis. If the first couple of months don't go according to plan, what ever you do, don't follow the herd and give up. That's what 95% of online marketers do. If you want to be in that top 5%, Persevere. Dig in, Rewrite the email ads, Check your offer, over deliver on your promises, check what your competitors are doing. Make another cup of coffee. In other words do anything but give up. In six months time you'll be surprised how successful you've become.

I'm a UK based radio journalist with a wife, two mortgages and three cats to support. There is a wealth of information at [] where you'll find a wide range of ebooks and audio products designed to help you succeed on line. []

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==== ==== Hi, Are you looking for away to get commission from facebook For more information visit: ==== ====

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