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PKW and Ravensdown excited about scholarship recipient PKW and Ravensdown have combined efforts to offer another undergraduate level scholarship and congratulates

this year’s recipient, Alana Mako. CEO Dion Tuuta acknowledges the Ravensdown team especially Mike Manning,

Mike Davey and Ash Phillips who joined the panel. A third scholarship valued at $5,000 a year for three years will be available for the 2016 academic year. The latest PKW/Ravensdown

scholar has been appointed and in this issue of Whenua we hear from Alana Mako who gives an

insight into her background, what

motivates her and why she wanted to become the latest recipient of this scholarship.

My name is Alana Rinaha Mako,

I am 21 years old and I was born and raised in Stratford, Taranaki.

Ngā Ruahine is the Taranaki Iwi my whānau and I descend from, Ngāti

Haua Piko is my hapū and my marae

is Tawhitinui. My parents, Jocelyn and

School / Education background I attended Stratford Primary School from 1999 to 2007. I then attended Stratford High School from 2008-2012 where I completed NCEA Level 1, 2 & 3 with Merit and gained University Entrance. Once finishing high school I left Stratford to study at Massey University in Palmerston North in 2013. I am now in my third year at Massey studying towards a Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning, minoring in Geography. Why the Ravensdown scholarship?

I chose to apply for the Ravensdown scholarship as I felt my education/ grew up in for the last 21 years. I have study/knowledge could contribute two older sisters, Sarah who is 26 and and benefit both Ravensdown and Amber who is 25 and an older brother PKW. The content of my chosen Sam who is 22. My connection to PKW course of study, which I have is through my Grandfather David Mako discovered myself, focuses a lot on who is a shareholder in PKW. sustainable management of natural and physical resources and planning for environmentally friendly activities to land and/or water. Sustainability of the environment is a major factor for both PKW and Ravensdown. I have already attained a large amount of knowledge on particular environmental legislation which includes the Resource Management Act 1991 which I believe to be a big part of any land based activity. I felt that this scholarship would benefit myself the most because it is based on something I am interested in and passionate about. Rawiri, still live in the same house I

"I will be able to distinguish between different activities on the environment and their potential damages to the environment and the prevention or mitigation to environmental  degradation."

What did you know about both PKW and Ravensdown before you applied for the scholarship? I knew that PKW was a Maori

incorporation that owned and

managed different business interests, the main one being farming with 14 dairy farms and 7 supporting dry stock farms. I knew that PKW gave the opportunity for descendants of Taranaki to become involved in the businesses of PKW which my Koro Dave is a shareholder of. Before applying for the scholarship I knew Ravensdown were an agricultural based company which provided for an increase in soil fertility along with an increase in farm profitability but in a sustainable manner. I had knowledge that Ravensdown provided quality fertiliser and nutrient management for farmers all over New Zealand. I also knew that PKW worked in partnership with Ravensdown including Ravensdown fertilising the PKW owned farms. What did you have to do to prepare yourself to be eligible for the scholarship?

To prepare myself I gained advice

from many people to ensure I would be eligible for the scholarship. I

received advice from my Aunty and

Uncle Renee and Rawiri Wright and my sister Sarah who has received a PKW scholarship before and knew

that I would need to prepare myself. I

also talked to a Ravensdown graduate

programme employee Taylor Bailey for advice on the Ravensdown side of the scholarship. I ensured that my chosen course of study would be relevant

and beneficial to those involved in the

scholarship. Also I needed to develop background knowledge of those that are distributing the scholarship.


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In this issue of Whenua we introduce Alana Mako PKW Ravensdown scholor who gives some insight into her background and future aspirations. PN...

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