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The Broken Spoke Official Newsletter of the Department of Cycling Edition 2, March 2011

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Chairmans Blurb Another couple of months have flown by with plenty of events taking place, some great DoC performances and podiums galore for the Jafakids. I'm sure you have all been looking forward to hearing from Gusto, unfortunately the Rev was too much for Gusto and he has been missing in action since. With the Flyer capping off a great summers riding we look forward to the shorter and sometimes wetter rides. This year DoC is planning some more fun yet challenging events over winter. Remember, staying on your bike over winter will pay dividends next summer.

This Edition Caption Competition Meet our Treasurer Ironman Pic's Naki Review Introducing- Captian Morgan Rev Review Kirsty's Korner Saturday Spin On the Road with Tony Meet our Secretary Gazza's Mtb Page Jafakids Update Events Page

Cheers, Jeff

GMC Spin Classes Rider Profiles

2011 Committee Chairman Secretary Treasurer Events Manager Road Delegate MTB Delegate Membership Avantiplus Rep Events/Sponsorship Jafakids Rep Jafakids Rep

Jeff Webb Sue Turk Rob Norcross Rochelle Young Tony Kelly Gary Hutchinson Justine Crutchley Catherine Webb Barb Jackson Paul Burgess Sadie Parker

Trash Heap Cover: Iron- Ron Skelton completing yet another ironman with a smile.

“It's only a one day event, good training though� Iron-Ron

Caption Competition Congratulations to Rochelle Young who provided the winning caption for the photo below in the last edition of The Broken Spoke.

What is Allan thinking??? Winning caption: “Gosh that dwarf looks good in Lycra” Well done Rochelle, for your efforts you will be receiving complimentary entry into this years Mid Winter Fun Ride in Okoroire.

The photo for the caption competition for this edition was not so easy to get, however we are dying to know......

What is Morgan dreaming about??? One that comes to mind goes something like... “He told me the sun shone from somewhere completely different” Send your ideas to best one gets a prize.

Okoroire Mid Winter Fun Ride 70km & 40km ride options

Sunday 31st July 2011

- 1st timers, join the supported 40km group

Interested in the DoC package – email

Meet Our Treasurer Norky here, a born and bred Bogan. My family originally moved west approx 1920’s, the west started to decline thereafter. Married to my original bride, Barbara, we have 3 children: Anna, Brigette and Cameron. Approx 5 years ago the thought of lycra, such a comfortable material sitting snug against my body became too much for me and I was lured to cycling – and yes, black is a very flattering colour. Before cycling I was a runner and completed some marathons, rowed surf boats for 4 seasons – not enough lycra in the kit though so it has to go – and played squash competitively for 25 years. Other past times include diving and fishing. Back to cycling, I have two bikes and my 39 years experience in fishing tackle retail sales pays for my habit – cycling habit that is! My cycling inspiration comes from anyone who is younger than me that I can beat. However, true inspiration comes from the older brigade of cyclists who still compete in their 70’s. Likewise, those at the back of the field who take longer than most to complete their race show great tenacity and determination. With my distinctive cycling style, I’m still waiting for the highlight of my cycling career. However thrashing Ahmed in the Rev120 was pretty special. Sure he didn’t turn up due to injury – but as I see it a wins a win! I also aspire to ride a man crank with the big boys! I wished I’d taken up cycling years ago. What I really enjoy is everything that DoC stands for: support; enthusiasm; camaraderie and humour. It all makes the participation more enjoyable. We are also very lucky to have a very supportive shop in Avantiplus Waitakere – thanks to Jeff and Jakub.

3.8km Swim 180km Ride

“The most inspirational event on the planet�

42km Run

Gusto Lemond

Wind, glorious wind!! Congratulations to those who braved and conquered the windy conditions at the Naki in January. Sadly the DoC tent didn’t survive - may it RIP! Richard Ashby blazed the trail home to be crowned King of Speed, closely followed by Captain Morgan.

Results Richard Ashby


Morgan Smith


Roger Cooper


Allan Postance


Andrew Fletcher


A good weekend was had by all, some highlights: Captain Morgan’s endless trash talk; Allan’s unique forehead suntan; Darrall and Grant nearly missing the prize giving by snoozing in and more surprizingly nobody missed them!!

Ian Charteris


Sue Turk


Gusto Lemond


Grant Webster


A huge thank you to Rochelle and Jim Denton for organising and supporting the weekend - we couldn’t have done it without you.

Darrall Castle


Sean James


Tony Kelly




Spot Prizes:


The wind did however claim a few riders including our very own Road Delegate and the well known GMC girls Pam & Kirsty, not before doing some great work on the front of the bunch I might add – as did Darrall Castle.

If you’d like to get involved and volunteer support for an event, please contact Rochelle at

Introducing....The Real Captian Morgan Captain Jack? Captain Fantastic? Captain McCaw? No, no AND no! Introducing the fast riding, trash talking Captain Morgan, the reigning Rev120 ‘King of Speed’. The Captains trash talk is becoming legendary – don’t get him started on finishing times for dwarfs on unicycles - at least not when Kells is in earshot. So what is the Captains secret? Captain Morgan Rum Hydration Fluid? Does it neutralise lactic acid or have special energy powers? The Captains reflector? A secret weapon to blind and dazzle those behind him? Lets not forget the Captains sabotage attempts by tying his Naki timing holder around his front fork and spokes! Now is that confidence or too many rums the night before? Maybe at the next event he could use his winning ‘spot prize’ Mountain bike, lets not ever let him get a carbon bike! Lets raise a glass and salute the Captain.

The now famous reflectors adorning the captian's ride

The Rev proves as challenging as ever. Not even the cancan girls could surpress the pain of French Pass. 40kmRide Kathryn Stent


Heather Gurney


120km Ride Morgan Smith


Michael O'Kane


Gusto Lemond


Richard Ashby


Geoff Matthews


Alistair Dodds


Grant Blewett


Greg Huckstep


Mike McBride


Fiona Haddrell


Rob Norcross


Ali Sharp


Sarah Roberts


Steve Kendall


Ian Charteris

DNF-Flat Tyre

Above: The ever popular massage tent. Below: A broad range of equipment was put through it's paces today.

Kirsty's Korner..... Knee Pain Knee pain is a common problem experienced by cyclists there can be multiple different causes and multiple approaches to dealing with the problem. The most common causes of pain in the knee come from the knee cap (patella) and the ITB band. Knee cap tracking problems are often referred to as patellofemoral syndrome. There are a number of different ways in which the patella can abnormally track due to different biomechanical reasons. Without the aid of expensive technical imaging it is often impossible to know exactly what the tracking abnormality is therefore your treating practitioner should be taking a multifaceted approach to fixing the issue. The most common approach is a taping technique called a McConnels strap that holds the kneecap toward the inside of the knee. This is only a band aid fix and will not sort out the muscle imbalance and tissue tightness issues causing the poor tracking in the first case. It may cure the pain by decreasing the inflammation but chances are the pain will return.

Checklist for treating knee pain: Hip/butt muscle strength

– these muscles control the movement of your femur if they are weak then your femur will rotate as you load your leg and cause the patella to track incorrectly. Note: initially you may start with exercises lying down but to get a functional improvement on the knee exercises need to be progressed into load bearing – e.g. standing and be taught correctly as they are easy to cheat. ●

Ankle and foot range of motion – over pronation causes the tibia to rotate this will again affect patella alignment. Prior ankle sprains may lead to stiffness of the ankle joint resulting in over pronation. Orthotics may help, you may also need some mobilisation of your ankle and strengthening exercises. ●

Pelvic alignment. ITB tightness – normally comes with weak hip/butt. ● Pedal technique – poor technique can lead to compression of the patella on the femur – increased ● ●

friction and poor tracking.

Seat height and fore/aft – will affect the forces on the knee joint, optimal setup optimizes forces. Cleat and pedals – position and degree of float are important. ● Cadence/gear selection/training terrain/progressive return to high load activity. ● ●

Get Ready to Witness the Fitness!! Want to take your riding to the next level?? Professional help is available. GMC Coaching offers: ● Race tried and true coaching techniques delivered from New Zealand’s Peoples Champion. ● Focused training efforts with the knowledge these methods helped deliver 5 National Road Championships and many more titles and still counting. ● A passion for cycling that comes from achieving your goals. For Gordy and Kirsty at GMC coaching cycling is more than just a sport, it’s a passion. Gordy says “What better way to share the valuable knowledge and the tricks I have learned along the way, than by helping people achieve their own goals” Contact Gordon or Kirsty today to discuss your winter cycling plan.

Physio Tip

Thanks to Kirsty Robb, GMC Coaching

How to release your ITB with fun noodle. Start with noodle near the hip, roll over noodle until it moves down the side of the leg to just above the knee, roll back and forth 5-10 times. Ask Kirsty..... Is there a cycling related training or physio topic you would like to hear more on? Please e-mail Jeff a brief description and we'll do our best to have Kirsty respond in a later edition (please do not contact Kirsty direct)

Saturday Social Spin A brief description of the 35km Saturday Ride that leaves Avantiplus Waitakere at 8am: The concept of this ride is to introduce new cyclists to the art of cycling in a bunch ride with confidence. To help them to progress from a novice cyclist through to competition level (if they so desired). Along the way we can help you with information about Communication whilst on the ride, Nutrition, Basic Bike Maintenance pre and post ride, Ride safety etc. Our ride is free to anyone who comes along, it is a NO DROP ride - this means we go at the pace of the slowest cyclist; no-one will get left behind. We also have set re-group stopping points. We have a rostered team of cyclists who come along on each ride and can give you little tips that can make the ride more enjoyable. Any cyclist under the age of 14 years must have an accompanying adult with them. We emphasise the most important thing about our ride is to have fun, enjoy the experience whilst getting out there and exercising in a fun environment.

So don’t feel intimidated by the group come along and give it a shot. Must Have's Nutrition

- Breakfast - Adequate water - Energy food (e.g. banana, honey sandwich, dried apricots, jet planes or snakes)

Equipment -

Spare tube - Tyre levers Pump - Helmet Appropriate clothing Lights (tail light minimum) Towel & warm clothes for after wards

Bunch Etiquette - Hold your line (no weaving side to side) - Keep your eye's up - Don't overlap wheels with rider in front - Ride maximum 2 abreast (share the road with other users!) - Brake and accelerate with care (no sudden actions!) - Signal obstacles (point and shout)

On the road with Tony Are ready for the step up?? Are you enjoying the 35 km Saturday spin but feel that you want to do more? Do you feel intimidated by the unsupported 45 km or the Sunday bunch rides but would like to try it? Then you are ready to step up and DOC is starting a program just for you.

Introducing -Spin Buddies Spin Buddies are a group of dedicated 45 km + riders who are going to help you make the transition from supported 35 km spin to the 45 km or the Sunday bunch rides. These riders will give you the luxury of a few supported 45 km rides or some shorter Sunday bunch rides to allow you to adjust to the pace, this will serve to both increase your confidence and your ability. Once you have done a few rides you will be ready to join the 45 km pack or Sunday bunch rides (or you may decide not to) Once you have increased your abilities you can go online and find a few mapped rides to try on your own or with a group of riders. You will find a list of these rides and maps in the “knowledge Hub� tab of the DoC website. Want to become a spin Buddy?? Simply give Tony Kelly a call.

Heres what to do.... To get in touch with a spin buddy simply call or text someone from the list below to arrange a day to ride Tony Kelly Road delegate 0274 832 300

Barb Norcross 021 1553 232

Mike O'Kane 021 379 001

Joseph O'gorman 09 818 8268

Kathryn Eltringham 021 242 3641

Jarred Scollay 021 168 0372

Franco Celligoi DoC Patron 021 208 1866

Jeff Webb Chairman 021 221 0145

Marie Taylor 021 280 0292

Ian Charteris Aka wideload 021 811 2271

Alistair Dodds 09 416 6255

Sue Turk Secretary 021 646 658

Gary Hutchinson aka Poppa Hutch Mtb delegate 021 2736 569

Meet Our Secretary

England wasn’t bad and to leave it was sad; West Country born, my tipple’s a golden Blackthorn; Broad Bristolian I can jabber “gert lush me luvver” and “how bist you me babber?” When very young Sunday nights would inspire, family toasting bread on an open fire; At school from lessons sometimes I’d sneak, at netball I played goal keep; Field hockey was more my game, with stick in hand the midfield I’d tame; A dip in the ground and twist of my knee, alas no more of that game for me; Biking was a means to an end, transport to stables to see my four legged friends; Life was so busy and happened at pace, hard to believe exams were aced. My job is Human Resources, a variety of things and people on courses; In an office managing a team, of far-flung holidays I would dream; Adventure brochures I’d trawl to find mountain treks and flights of long haul; Cuba and Nepal were simply ‘phoar’, La Reunions volcanic cirques I gazed at in awe! NZ is now where I call home, UKs a long way but not too far by phone; With no kids of my own, friend’s I borrow; we go out/about with Maccas to follow; A gorgeous black lab I walk, it’s a real shame he can’t talk; He sits stays and waits for ‘go’, as he runs away - did he not hear me say ‘No’! Have been a gym bunny and had a PT, now I exercise in the fresh air and country; My red bike was good - that I knew, yet it had to go coz it just wasn’t blue; Although cycling’s pretty fine – I’m not sure about my crazy tan line K’s I now cover a bit faster, yet Taupo I’m still to master! DoC/Avanti support is incredible; with them behind us anything’s possible.    

Whats happening in the forest with MTB Delegate Poppa Hutch Hi again Busy time of the year for mountain biking with both the senior and junior side of the club posting some very good results and spending a lot of time standing on podiums which is great to see.. Tuesday night rides are still going strong but the numbers are small. This is a great chance to go ride trails in Riverhead with people who know their way round there (and the trails are in good nick and fast at the moment). If you want join in be at Avantiplus ready to leave at 6pm, bring with you a good level of fitness, skill and equipment. For more information contact Duane at Avantiplus. Wednesday night rides at Woodhill are starting to get going now too. This is an exciting way to ride and perfect if you want to prepare for the upcoming 12 hr rides. If you want toget a group together try posting on the DoC website or contact me directly. Colville was a good ride I hear for those who attended. Nothing else to say here... ummm (Poppa Hutch who paid last year and didn't go and then forget this year.... senility is approaching fast...buggar) More information will be in Jeff's weekly news letter and at the shop. Till then happy trails Poppa Hutch

Attention Roadies & MTB beginners Want to try Mountain biking for the first time or simply spend some time with a couple of our more experienced riders? If so why don't you join our beginner riders in April? Tuesday 12th April Urban Ride ● Leave from Avantiplus @6pm ● Lights required (we have some loaners) ● Route will be mainly cyclepaths ● Ride will be 1 - 1 ½ hours Saturday 16th April Woodhill ● Guided ride through the easier trails at Woodhill ● Meet at Avantiplus at 9:00am ● Ride will be approx 2 hours If you have any questions please ring Gary on 021 27306569 If you need a bike please contact Avantiplus to discuss a test bike.

Nationals means only one thing... ROAD TRIP!!! The start of the new year also marks the start of the “nationals” mountain biking season in NZ. This year, the South Island races happened to be in February, so Adrienne Hooper (Jafakids Coach Chip), Nat Retief and I saw it as the perfect chance for an almost three-week summer racing road trip. Instead of going straight to the cities where the races were, we took detours in between the races to make the most of being in the South Island. We were on a budget which meant sleeping in a tent, often on very basic campsites in the middle of nowhere. It was all part of the road trip experience! We didn’t go without our pick and mix though! Mountain biking has to be one of the best ways to see the country. In between our races we rode in the Marlborough Sounds, Reefton, Hanmer Springs, Wanaka Dunedin... the list goes on. We stayed at some memorable places - including Waipara Sleepers, where the cabins were old train carriages and fresh bread was served every morning, and a sleepy small town called Kaitangata, where there was a rad bmx track but no shops. Our final night was spent in the road trip fun bus (Chip’s people mover/van) in a car park in Picton because we arrived too late at night after a massive drive straight back from Dunedin.

Want to know more about Jafakids? Check out the Jafakids tab on the DoC website for news, rides, calendar and joining info.

Of course, we had a bit of racing to do as well. The National Series builds up to the one off National Champs and therefore attracts the top Elite riders in the country, as well as agegroup racers. There were two series races in the North Island in January, but our first South Island race was in Nelson. There were more supporters here than at any of the other races, including a group of guys in suits midway up the main climb, cheering us on and squirting us with water guns with beats blasting out of their car. The second race was the weekend after in Christchurch (only a few days before the big earthquake), and before we knew it our road trip was coming to an end with the National Champs in Dunedin. Dunedin turned out to be a mud fest, with some of the worst sections unrideable even for some of the top Elite riders. DoC was well represented at the National Champs, check out the results on the Jafakids news page!

Jafakids Rider Profile Name: Bena Simanu Age: 16 Where were you born? Hospital Bed How many bikes do you own? 3 or 4 How many years have you been riding? 3 Favorite place to ride? Backyard track Current interests: Women Biggest achievements? 4th at Nationals (3rd Hillclimb, 4th XC) 2nd 2010 Auck. Secondary Schools champs Other stuff about you? Way faster than Duane from Avantiplus

A lot of the Jafakids showed how its done in the U19 and U17 categories. I was able to watch some of the junior categories in the morning race before my race in the afternoon and I saw some sweet style on the downhill sections and impressive climbing. The coaches have been teaching the Jafakids some good things! I believe a lot more Jafakids (especially U15s) should have a go at racing the ones closer to Auckland as they will definitely surprise themselves. Or if you’re not into racing, get on your bike and check out what the South Island has to offer... Sasha (Piki)

Up coming events... PIRATES AND WENCHES Mid-Winter Christmas Gathering Just to give everyone the heads up It’s that time of year again when we look forward to a get together to share some of the many stories and have a lot of laughs around a meal and drink. Pencil in Saturday June 25th at 6.30pm and start work on your outfits now! Location is Waitemata Rugby Clubrooms 96 Swanson Road, Swanson Ticket prices are still to be confirmed.

DoC Events Mar-July 100k Flyer 2nd April - Fully Supported First timers MTB rides with Poppa Hutch 12th April & 16th April Cycle for Life 1st May - Unsupported Moonride (MTB Teams) 14th May - Supported Hill Climb (Christians RD) 15th May Oki Doki 31st July - Fully Supported For more details about DoC supported rides contact or visit the website

The Kit has arrived!!! Join us down at Avantiplus on Wednesday 30th March at 6:30pm for the big unveil. There will be drinks and nibbles available and a Flyer briefing at 7pm. For those of you who have ordered kit you will be able to collect it on the night. You will need to arrange for payment before collection. Sorry no credit card payments. If you haven't ordered yet we will have a small number of kits available for purchase on the night.

Remember.... You're invited to join the rest of the Doc team every last Friday night for "End of month" drinks. A chance to enjoy the off the bike side of cycling, plenty of cycling yarns, good company and definitely NO Lycra. When: Last Friday of every month Where: Bar 159, Lincoln Road Time: From 5:30pm

Partners welcome, Be there or be square!!

Spin Classes A changing of the pain master! WELCOME

FAREWELL She’s made us smile, laugh, sweat and wince in pain.

It’s our great pleasure to welcome our new spin class host– Kirsty Robb from GMC Coaching.

With her unique banter, charm and quick one liners, Sadie has put us through our paces for the last few years.

Kirsty has a proven cycling pedigree.

Sadie we are sorry to see you go and wish you the best of luck. Thank you for all the fun we’ve had, we’ve smiled – or should that be grimaced – through your classes. Sadie will continue to play a pivotal role with Jafakids Thank you Sadie

So a different host, yet the pain, sweat and tears will be the same. Come along and see for yourself. Welcome Kirsty When:

Tuesday nights


7pm start, so come early

to set up. Where: Avantiplus Waitakere Why:

Coz we love it!


$7 to spin $3 trainer hire

consession cards available!! What to Bring: ● Towel ● Water ● Warm gear for afterwards ● Smile or cleverly diguised wince


RIDER PROFILE Name: Mike O'Kane Age: 39 Where were you born? Waitakere Hospital Family? The usualParents, 2 younger brothersand a fantastic wife. How many bikes do you own? About 5 How many years have you been riding? About 21 years (first year I rode Taupo was 1990) Favorite place to Ride: The Hawkes Bay- long flat roads with vineyards and orchards, leading into long hills. Freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer - the best of both worlds. Otherwise West Auckland, not as hot as the Hawkes Bay but a lot of similar scenery.


This months best trash talk and other happenings

News just in – Ian Charteris deemed safe to ride with after an incident free month. Overheard on the start line of the Thursday night scratch bunch“Hey Jamie, your shoes untied” Iron Ron after the Ironman- “Just another 1 day event” Morgan's confidence Meter Reading Before the Flyer Gazza (our MTB delegate)missed the Colville Mtb ride.- I blame the calendar...

Current Interests: Cycling (funnily enough) Food, the occaisional Whiskey. Current Riding Goals: Tour of Northland, beating my old times on the Flyer and Lake Taupo. Attempting the Taupo-Napier ride. Biggest Achievments: The first time I attempted Lake Taupo – 9:30 on the bike, compared to last year in less than 5 hours.

6 3 13

15 30 1 12 24 9

8 19 21

Proud to be the home of the Department of Cycling

Next Edition: Gusto Lemond Buy/Sell/Swap Okidoki Preview

This is one way of dealing with windy conditions!!

Rochelle, when she found out she won the caption competition.

The Broken Spoke - Edition 2  

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