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Coaching for Parents: New Program Delivers Winning Game Plan for Parents Mari Bosker—a mom, business professional and athlete—knows the importance of a good game plan. Whether she’s whipping up meals for her family, tackling new initiatives at work or competing on the tennis court—having a go-to strategy in place makes all the difference. Of the many pivotal roles she fills, however, Bosker says the role she plays as a parent proves to be the most challenging.


aising my eight-year-old is both my most rewarding and my most difficult challenge,” she says. “As my son grows older, I’m constantly facing new parenting situations I’m unsure how to handle.” Having a go-to playbook—or coach—to help navigate parenting issues is critical, she adds. For her, that source of guidance is DePelchin Children’s Center.

Sideline Support Bosker, who serves as the director of major gifts at DePelchin, says she has often sought counsel from DePelchin’s in-house experts on how to handle her own parenting challenges. This unique advantage, which has aided her greatly, is one she has often wished she could share with other parents. Fortunately, she will now have the chance to do so. This spring, DePelchin Children’s Center launched Coaching for Parents, a new program designed to support parents through every stage of parenting—from parenting toddlers to parenting teenagers. Drawing upon the expertise of DePelchin parenting professionals, the program offers parents personalized, onehour coaching sessions aimed at helping them address their unique parenting concerns. As Vanessa Austin, coordinator for Coaching for Parents, explains—today’s parents must navigate a broad range of issues, from everyday to more complex challenges. Whether it’s determining how to discipline effectively, how to deal with issues such as school bullying or “sex-ting” or how to interpret behavioral warning

signs, Coaching for Parents, Austin says, can give parents the tools they need to face these challenges head-on. “Parenting in today’s world takes real courage. You have to make a lot of courageous decisions—including the decision to ask for guidance sometimes.”

A Tailored Approach While the parenting help Bosker has received from DePelchin has proved invaluable, she acknowledges that some parents may be unsure of what to expect from a “parenting coach.” Reflecting on her background as a tennis player and her experiences with different instructors, Bosker says there is one trait that everyone— including parents—should look for in a coach. “A good coach listens,” she says. “The most effective coaches tailor their coaching to the unique goals expressed by each player.” Austin, coordinator for Coaching for Parents, says this same approach is mirrored in DePelchin’s program. “Before we offer parents any advice, we work to understand the uniqueness of each family, including the family’s needs, goals and values.”

Veteran Experience Beyond the benefit of its personalized approach, the Coaching for Parents program draws strength from its most important asset: a seasoned coaching staff. This spring,

A good coach listens. The most effective coaches tailor their coaching to the unique goals expressed by each player.

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From the President


s I look out my office window at DePelchin, I can see that spring has clearly sprung! The tree limbs that have stood bare for much of winter are now showing signs of new growth. The hillside is bright green, and the flowers along our walkways are alive with color. The bees are buzzing with activity—everything is fresh and new. Spring has sprung at our campus in more ways than one. I am very excited about the new initiatives that this year is bringing forth, many of which you will read about in this issue of Today. One of these initiatives is DePelchin’s new Coaching for Parents program, a unique service designed to support parents through every stage of parenting. This one-on-one consultation program is a result of looking at our community with fresh eyes and thinking about how we can better meet the needs of children and families in today’s world. Another new initiative is the Services to At-risk Youth program, or STAR program. Through a four-year, $4,000,000 grant from DFPS, DePelchin will be able to provide expanded counseling, education and crisis intervention services to atrisk youths and their families to help them pursue a more successful future. Spring brings a renewed sense of energy and purpose. In addition to new programs and services, we will continue to ask ourselves how we can work better—and smarter—to fulfill our founder’s mission of helping children in need. This includes implementing new tools and technologies, and the Today is one example. I am pleased to let you know that this is the last printed issue of the Today, as we are going green! We hope you will stay connected with us and sign up for the new DePelchin e-newsletter. See Page 3 for details. Thank you for your ongoing support of DePelchin, and if you happen to be in the neighborhood, please stop by and visit our beautiful campus, which is at its peak during this time of year. Yes, spring has sprung! Sincerely,

Jenifer Jarriel President and CEO

DePelchin Children’s Center Board of Directors Officers of the Board Pamela Lovett, Chairman Charles D. Powell, Chairman-elect Janeana White-Lewis, Secretary Debbi M. Johnstone, Past Chairman

Board Members John C. Bass Efrain Bleiberg, M.D. Sean G. Boutros, M.D. Pam Brasseux Steve Cherek Nancy I. Cook, Ph.D. Sue Nan Cutsinger Susan Distefano Laurie Dorfman Anne S. Duncan Stephen Dyer Henry S. Florsheim Kay Forbes Terry Gebert Gerald Gehm M. James Henderson Robbie Lowrey Connelly McGreevy Hannah McNair Ginni Mithoff Stewart Pisecco, Ph.D. Carolyn Pope

Pat G. Powers Mary Eliza Shaper Lisa Stone Tim Surratt H. Richard Walton Geraldina Interiano Wise Don M. Woo

Foundation and Trust for DePelchin Children’s Center Board Jesse H. Jones II, Chairman Nancy Kinder Susan L. Lawhon Rahul Mehta Bob Paddock John E. Stokes Charles Szalkowski Harper B. Trammell

DePelchin Psychiatric Services Board Albert C. Hergenroeder, M.D., Chairman Efrain Bleiberg, M.D. Matthew Brams, M.D. James S. Ezelle, Jr., M.D. Sanjay J. Mathew, M.D. Lindy Upton McGee, M.D. Manuel Ramirez, M.D.

Coaching for Parents: New Program Delivers Winning Game Plan for Parents continued

the program will feature two veteran coaches— Margaret Greene and Jennifer Hendricks—both of whom are parents and have clinical experience in the field of children’s mental health. Greene’s expertise derives from years of both professional and personal experience. For almost three decades, she has worked with children and families at DePelchin as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Along with her years as a therapist, she has also gleaned much wisdom from her own role as a mom to four children, including one adopted child. Greene, who now has five grandchildren, smiles as she reflects on parenthood. “There is a lot I know now that I wish I’d known in my younger years,” she says. Greene adds that she believes a program such as Coaching for Parents can help parents be confident in the decisions they make about what is best for their families. Hendricks, DePelchin’s other parenting coach, is likewise eager to help parents find the guidance and resources they need. A Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist at DePelchin, Hendricks possesses a keen knowledge of children’s behavioral and developmental issues. She holds specialized training in the areas of trauma, grief and bereavement, and autism spectrum disorders, having completed research stints at a number of institutions, including Texas Children’s Hospital and The University of Texas Health Science Center. She is also a mom to two young children. Austin, coordinator for Coaching for Parents, says that while Greene and Hendricks combine to make a dynamic duo, their relationship to DePelchin’s larger team of mental health experts—including counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists—is what makes Coaching for Parents such an effective program. “If we determine that parents’ concerns about their child fall outside the scope of basic consultation, we can refer parents to the appropriate expert here at DePelchin, or if need be, direct them to resources elsewhere.”

A Winning Score Bosker, whose son enters the fourth grade next fall, says having Team DePelchin as a go-to resource has given her greater confidence as a parent. She says she knows she will have good days and bad days, but ultimately, her resolve— coupled with the support she receives from DePelchin—will yield winning results. “The better parents we are, the better we prepare our children for life,” she says. “As parents, that should be our ultimate game plan.” For more information on Coaching for Parents, visit or call 713-80-Coach.

spring 2013 | 3

Grant Expands DePelchin’s Services to At-risk Youths DePelchin’s Services to At-risk Youth program (STAR program) is expanding its impact among troubled youths and families thanks to a new grant from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The new funding, which will award DePelchin $1,000,000 per year over four years, aims to bolster the STAR program’s counseling, education and crisis intervention services, which it provides to families living in Harris, Fort Bend and Waller Counties.


mie Winn-Houston, coordinator for the STAR program, says the new grant uniquely positions DePelchin to provide much-needed support to families in the tri-county area.

“This grant not only equips us to help more families; it equips us to serve those families even better,” she says. Currently, the STAR program supports families through officeand school-based counseling, classes for parents and youths on topics ranging from positive parenting to anger management, crisis intervention and community outreach related to preventing child abuse. Through the new funding, the STAR program will continue to offer its services at no charge to families, with reimbursement being provided to DePelchin by the State. Winn-Houston, who has been serving with the STAR program for 14 years, says she is excited about the program’s growth and renewed focus. “I’m excited about the future of our program,” she says. “We have a clear purpose, a dedicated staff and a new energy—all of which will help our program continue to make an impact in the community.”

This grant not only equips us to help more families; it equips us to serve those families even better.

Go Green and Wear Orange Have you heard? DePelchin’s Today newsletter is going green! This summer Today will be moving online, and we want you to move with us! To begin receiving the Today e-newsletter via your inbox, please sign up at, or mail us your information in the enclosed envelope. As a thank-you for staying in touch with us, we’ll send you a pair of our limited-edition DePelchin sunshades. Wear them and remind everyone you meet that DePelchin’s future is bright!

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Kezia’s Kids: Women on a Mission Our Purpose Kezia’s Kids is an organization of women who are committed to improving the lives of children and families in our community through volunteerism, education and advocacy. Our collective efforts help DePelchin turn lives around and enable children to live happier, healthier lives.

Our Inspiration Kezia’s Kids is inspired by DePelchin’s founder, Kezia Payne DePelchin, who brought hope and healing to our community’s children. A pioneering teacher, nurse and social worker, Kezia took a leap of faith and accepted into her care three orphaned infants. What she began in 1892 as an humble orphanage for abandoned children has grown over the years into Houston’s largest provider of children’s mental health, foster care and adoption services.

Our Activities Supporting Children We brighten the lives of children in foster care through unique volunteer opportunities, including making and delivering Thanksgiving and Easter baskets, hosting clothing and toy drives and fulfilling the Christmas wish lists of children in need through DePelchin’s annual Holiday Project. Members of Kezia’s Kids are an integral part of the project’s success by volunteering at the Holiday Project headquarters and sorting and wrapping gifts for nearly 1,500 children. Supporting Parents We help moms and dads improve their parenting skills so they can build healthy relationships with their children and work

Kezia’s Kids Members: Susan Barnes; Lea Cherek; Hope Morales; Jenifer Jarriel, President and CEO of DePelchin; Allison Brooks; Janice Johnson; Kathryn Principe

through the challenges of childhood and adolescence. Membership dues help fund the Parenting with the Pros educational series with topics ranging from improving family communication in a digital age, to talking about bullying, to recognizing the signs of stress and more. We also help promote resources such as Coaching for Parents, connecting families with DePelchin’s parenting experts and programs. Supporting Our Community We advocate for children’s mental health in our community. One in five children will struggle at some point with a behavioral or emotional issue, ranging from ADHD and anxiety to depression and other mood disorders. Oftentimes mental

health issues are not openly discussed, and many families do not know where to turn. We let our friends and family know that children do not have to suffer needlessly, and DePelchin’s expert psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors are available to help all children.

Join Us For information on how to join Kezia’s Kids, please visit or email

DePelchin Supporters Show True Holiday Spirit DePelchin’s 2012 Holiday Project spotlighted once again the generous hearts of the Greater Houston community. Thanks to an overwhelming response from DePelchin supporters, the Holiday Project brightened the season for nearly 1,500 children and their families. More than 370 sponsors and donors made dreams come true for DePelchin kids by sponsoring wish lists, organizing toy drives and donating nearly $50,000. Additionally, more than 180 volunteers generously gave of their time to receive and sort gifts as well as assist with other Holiday Project operations.


long with its sincere gratitude toward the community, DePelchin would like to express special thanks to Lea Cherek and Janice Johnson, Holiday Project chairs, and Jenifer Hankins, Holiday Project coordinator, whose dedication helped make the Holiday Project possible. The difference DePelchin supporters make through their involvement in the Holiday Project shows in the grateful response of the many children and families whose lives the Holiday Project touches. This year, one particular child, Caeden, expressed his gratitude for the Holiday Project in a card to his “Secret Santa.” Volunteers, donors and good-hearted people across the community have brightened lives such as Caeden’s with the true gifts of faith, hope and love.

Dear Secret San


Thank you very m uch for the gifts. I really need ed the chapstic k and carmex. I alread y opened the Legos and start ed to play with them. I was very surprised when m y mom walked in wit h the gifts. I wil l play with all the presents. Once again, thank you ve ry, very much and I am very happy with the gifts. Thanks, Caeden

spring 2013 | 5

Our Sincere Appreciation DePelchin would like to thank the following individuals, foundations, organizations and corporations for helping make the 2012 Holiday Project such a tremendous success: Wish List Sponsors

Individual Sponsors Anita Alberger Letha Allen Christina and Matthew Almy Jocelyn Ansley Kelly Apple Kelly Arrendondo Molly and Scott Atlas Jila Bakker Susan Barnes Ellen Bass Elizabeth and Jason Bernal Lisa Bludau Peggy and Allen Borchers Victoria Borchers Heather Boyce Lynda Boydstun-Nielsen Katie Boyles Pam Brasseux Joan Britton Merritt Britton Lesley Brotamonte Chad Bullard Ulises Burgos Shirley Burnett-Greggs Christa Bynam Courtney Callison Debra Cantu Kristin Chapman Kristin Chenoweth Martha Chow Christine Ciro Joanna Clodfelter Catherine Codispoti Matthew Cohen Gloria Collins Tasha Coney Danielle Craig Abby Cua Anna Cuevas Zuri Dale Jeanne Davis Aryn De Lisi Maureen Deegan Laura Dethlefsen Jessica Dirks Emma Doss Robyn Drago Tina Edwards Truda Esslemont Natalie Eugene Alicia Falcon Nyree Faleski Terry Faleye Christina Farrens Becky Fellows Heather Fife Kay Forbes Mary Foster Jason Fowler Hilary Frisbie Ken Geodeke Patricia Georgandis Amy Gerdeman William Getschow Laura Glaab Trista Gleason Suzanne Goins Paula Goodhart Rosie and Kris Granat Dalvin Green Debbie and Mark Gregg Trudee Guevarra Robyn Guillen LaTaurus Hall Rebecca Hamilton Laura Hannusch Karen Hardin Jean Harding Jana Hargrave Niki Hayden Jerry Heinold Melodye Hodges Mandy Holland Colin Holmes Wendi Holmes Casey Houghton Dan Hudson Robert Hutson Angela Ibarra Lynda Isensee Vickie Jetelina Christina Johnson

Crystal Johnson Brent Johnston Ana Jones Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Jones Stanley Jones Donna Kainer Stephanie Karathanos Gary Karter Lynn Kimball Felecia King Lydia Kline Tracy Koumonduros Meredith Krimmel Hui-Ching Kuo Adam Lacy Jennifer Lamb Jessica Lane Regina Lane Jennifer Laporte Christy Lewis Karen Lindley Katy Livingston Christopher Lovely Mary Lovely Jason Luong Maddux Family Idanis Maldonado Jenna Manges Jennifer Marlowe Kasey Marsh Allison Martenak Colleen Martenak Lindsay Martenak Marilyn Martenak Larry Martin Daisy Martinez Cara Matocha Laura McAdams Shannon McAdams Rebecca McAnally Jennifer McClure Conrad McCutcheon Chrissy McDonald Lindy McGee Kasey McGuigan Ryan McKnight Hannah McNair Rahul Mehta Diana Mercado Shauna Meyer Sharon Migl Timothy Miller Norma Mills Rachel and Bryan Milton Christina Mize Kendall Montgomery Lindsay Moore Tray Mounce Belinda Munsell Charles Murrah James Neill Jemimah NooNoo Lauren Norris Christina Nunez Brynne Olsen Elaine Opper Michelle Parcell Melissa Pate Taru Patel Sarah Paul Rachael Pearson Gregory Penn Danny Perez Stephanie Petersen Michelle Pierce Tricia Plemons Lora Poe Victoria Pons Karen Prunes Louis Prunes Peggy and Jeff Pugh Cati Quisenberry Shuwen Reger Leslie Richardson Gail Roberts Casey Jo Robertson Tracy Robinson Jillian Rodgers Jessica Rodriguez Jordan Rodriguez Julianne Rodriguez Peggy Roe Karina Romero Christi Ruffing Roger Russell

Shannon Saegart Melanie Scalley Lauren Schild Jerry Schillaci Sarah Sensat Wendy Sicola Jaclyn Smith Kai Smith Miles Smith Tawana Smith Aja Speights Virginia Stautinger Amanda Stevens Stacy Stevens Wendy Stewart Lisa Stone Robert Storm April Stowers Tracey Strother Kristine Sullivan Scott Takacs Kendall Talbot Amanda and Rodney Thorin Gavan Tinsley Carly Trevino Katie Trevino Renee Triggs Erica Trivette Robin Tucker Stephanie Turner Tim Turner Ruben Vasquez Luis Velez Elizabeth Vrettos Katie Walker Sannam Warrender Jennifer Watson Rebecca Weldon Laura Wells Dawn Wesneski Kenny White Shelley White Alison Wilhite Kristi Williams LaTonya Williams Bill Wilson Aimee Wood Bridget Wright Chareece Wyatt

Organization & Corporate Sponsors Amegy Bank Camden Property Trust Cardinal Health Champion Energy Services Chevron Community Baptist Church Conoco Phillips Cox Media Group EDF Trading Famcor Oil, Inc. HCA Healthcare Kinder Morgan KRBE Radio Parkway Realty Services Phillips 66 Rectorseal Corp. Small Ventures USA St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Sutherland Global Technetics Group Houston (Plastomer Technologies) Texas Capital Bank Weatherford WestLake Child Development Center Wildcatter Square Dance Club W-Industries Holiday Project Contributors

Individual Contributors Kim and Marshall Adkins Judy and Jeffrey Allen Ryan Antkowiak Julie and Christopher Barnes Kerry Bonner Rachel and Sean Boutros Pam and Mark Carmain Reggie Clarkson Nancy Cook Cindy and Sean Cooper

Letha and Terry Cope Denise Denny Rachel Dilick Jennifer and Alejandro Duharte Linda and Donald Dunham Kenneth Durham Katie Fleck John France Christine Franks Jasmine Galal Debra and Steve Gilbreath Victoria and Royston Guidry Brooke Hawley Jean Ann and Robert Hardesty Janice Stooksberry and Jack Hardin Jamie Hartz Karen and Paul Hesson Donna and David Jackson Elizabeth Jennings Andrew and Marianna Johnson Coley and Douglas Jones Carolyn Judd Helen and Lawrence Kaiser Janeana White-Lewis and Kacy Lewis Elizabeth Lesenski Marcela Lozano Kelley and Steve Lubanko SanJuanita and Joel Maldonado Linda Tompkins and Dominic Maton Alanna and Warren McCall Jessica McClintock Joe McKee Michelle and Kenneth Mensio Marilyn Myers Christina Nalder Eva P. Paek Mercy and Matthew Parish Brandi and Don Paullo Matthew Pierce Betsy and Chuck Powell Sarah and Ben Powell Pat and Tom Powers Alice Ramos Becky and Joseph Rice Susan Rice Patricia and James Rigamonti Mary Lou and Earl Rowland Priscilla Cumberland Santos Brenda Schkade Colette and Frederick Schneider Brenda Short Sue and Kenneth Smith Vanina Soto Bethany Spurrier Carla and Danny St. Andrie Trina and John Stanfield Judy and Lamar Strickland Susan and Todd Talbot Elisabeth and William Talbot Karen and Mike Terrell Sasha and Nehemiah Thomas Kasey Thompson Julie and Brett Treadwell Carol and John Treble Maggie and Micheal Turner Tanya and Frank Venuto Emily and Daniel Walker Virginia and Chip Watt Anna Wingfield Suzanne Womack Jacqueline and Raymond Yee Hope Young

Organization & Corporate Contributors BP America Inc. CAPCommunity Foundation Rusty Carlson & Associates Dalton Air Conditioning and Heating LLC Doggett Heavy Machinery Services GDF Suez Energy North America, Inc. ICIS Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation

Pillsbury Law Firm Reed Business Information Texas Capital Bank Holiday Project In-kind Donors

Individual Donors W.R. Alton Ana Bennett Jonathan Bibby Emma Bloor Christi Bruecher Ricardo Cabrera Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Canada Michael Chmiel Brian Cox Adrien Daniel Alex De Souza Manuel Del Rio Lunetta Erwin Sheila Fisher Carla Gamboa Kevin Gaudet David and Lindsay Giesy Judge Dale Gorczynski Robert and Edith Hernandez Marilyn Jeppesen Troy Lougon Philip Marantiza Dharmesh Mehta Yamelys Nava Connie Noble Mr. and Mrs. Paul Don and Brandi Paullo Mr. and Mrs. Larry Preston Heather Rayner Suzanne Ron Allan Ross Kurt Schottleutner Terry Shearer Vanina Soto Denise Taliaferro Jane Turner Olivia Villacorta Michelle Wagner Zhu Wang Deborah Williams

Organization & Corporate Donors Access Data Adeline Ray Design Studio Burning Flower Foundation Camden Property Trust Direct Energy Doggett Heavy Machinery Dominion Christian Centre Donna’s Party Angels Eli Henry, LLC Elizabeth Cole, LLC ESIS Proclaim Exxon Mobil Exxon Mobil EMPC SSH&E Exxon Mobil Project Services Graybar Hope Church Pearland Houston Christian High School Houston Heights Women’s Club IAGC John Eagle Honda Jones Memorial UMC Judwin Properties Kingsland Baptist Church Little J’s Bar Madison High School Pampered Lawns, Inc. Phillips 66 Pre Cash Inc Protocol Realty Redstone Golf Club Region 4 ESC Rice Military Club Sherwood Forest Montessori School St. Mary and Archangel Michael Orthodox Church St. Peters ECDC Sugar Hill Gang TDCJ Parole Division

The Terrace of Spring Shadows Tilson Home Corporation TMK IPSCO University of Texas School of Dentistry Varnett Charter School Northeast Holiday Project Volunteers

Individual Volunteers Susan and John Barnes Ellen and John Bass Kristin Chenoweth Lea Cherek Sydney Cherek Nancy and Joe DeLorenzo Martha Denham Brad Elledge Brandon Elledge Jennifer Ellefson Cynthia Felix Shaan Gandhi Katherine Garza Diana Gongora Mark Gregg Marci and Carlos Hamilton Frances Hamilton Grace Hamilton Madeline Hamilton Jessica Hinojosa Karen Johnson Janice Johnson Lynn and Bill Kimball Emily Lander Jean Lander Sara Litton Scott Martinez Dinah McClymonds Lindy McGee Clare McLeroy Tara Merla Karen Minich Miryam Nessim Luong Nguyen Epiphany Palmer Yady Reyes Kathy Savall Julie Scharnberg Rhonda Sedrak Wendy Sicola Demi Strawman Carloyn and Ernie Trozzo Erin Vaughan Ashley Villacorta Emily Villacorta Erin Villacorta Cindy Vo Jill Young

Organization & Corporate Volunteers AGI Bain & Company BP Camden Property Trust Chevron Filipino Young Professionals Friends of DePelchin Junior League of Houston Kezia’s Kids New Hope Baptist Church Pillsbury Law Firm TMK-IPSCO

We have done our best to list the names of all who participated in the 2012 Holiday Project. To notify us of any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact Peggy Roe at or 713-802-6292.

6 | today

Spindletop International: Big Oil, Even Bigger Hearts Constance White, executive director of Spindletop International (Spindletop Charities, Inc.), uses one word to characterize Houston’s oil and gas industry: “generous.” For more than 30 years, she has witnessed the industry’s commitment to bettering the community through its benevolent support of Spindletop International. Founded in 1966 by a young oilman, Spindletop aims to promote goodwill and fellowship within the oil and gas sector while benefiting children in need.


pindletop is a unique charity organization,” White says. “Along with the rich history represented by our name, Spindletop is distinguished by its close tie to the oil and gas industry.” Since its founding, Spindletop International has contributed more than $16 million to youthoriented organizations, funding a range of program areas including child abuse prevention, pediatric medical research, drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation, residential and educational centers, and after-school programs. Over the last three decades, Spindletop has also been a supporter of DePelchin Children’s Center, with donations to DePelchin totaling more than $120,000. Most recently, Spindletop gave a gift of $10,000 toward DePelchin’s residential treatment program.

For White, Spindletop’s mission to better the lives of children is particularly meaningful. This year, she celebrates her 31st year with Spindletop. “Over the years, I have been privileged to see so many children receive the help they need thanks to Spindletop. It has been so rewarding.” White believes Spindletop’s impact in the community will continue to grow given the big hearts of its supporters from the oil and gas industry. “From our board of trustees to our dedicated volunteers, we’re all committed to carrying on the mission.”

DePelchin also represents what Spindletop is all about: helping kids succeed in life.

“DePelchin has a reputation in our community for providing high-quality services,” White says. “The organization also represents what Spindletop is all about: helping kids succeed in life.”

Program Knits Special Gifts for Special Kids Will Bird, an adoptive parent with DePelchin affiliate Caring Family Network (CFN), believes every child deserves to feel uniquely loved and valued. Last year, Bird channeled this belief—along with his knack for knitting—into a creative cause: knit 100 special hats for the 100 special kids in the care of CFN’s foster families. He named his initiative “100 Hats for 100 Kids.”


hortly after launching his idea in March 2012, Bird invited a number of his knitting friends to join in his endeavor. Word spread. Soon, knitters from across Texas, the U.S. and beyond began sending him hand-made hats plus other winter accessories to give to CFN kids.

“It’s a big goal, but I’m confident that we can meet it,” he says. “There are plenty of folks who are more than willing to help us ensure that the kids from CFN and DePelchin know they are special.”

Last December, Bird got to see his dream come to fruition. At its annual foster care Christmas party, CFN gave each child the opportunity to pick out his or her own winter hat, scarf or pair of gloves or mittens. “Many of these kids had never experienced the joy of receiving a special, only-for-you gift,” he says. “Giving them this opportunity was truly rewarding.” Bird says that while 100 Hats for 100 Kids has already made a tremendous impact, he knows the initiative can accomplish even more. His goal for 2013 is to obtain 800 knitted items, which will then be

given to CFN children as well as children served by DePelchin, CFN’s parent affiliate.

Many of these kids had never experienced the joy of receiving a special, only-for-you gift.

spring 2013 | 7

What’s Happening at DePelchin

Bowl Game Yields Big Thrills The Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas yielded plenty of excitement for football fans and DePelchin in 2012 thanks to big-time plays both on and off the field. In a bowl game for the highlight reels, the Texas Tech Red Raiders rallied past the Minnesota Golden Gophers, 34-31, scoring a game-clinching field goal as time expired. Thanks to ticket donations from ExxonMobil, children and families from DePelchin got to experience the thrilling action up close. In addition to providing tickets, ExxonMobil demonstrated its generous support for

DePelchin at the bowl game by presenting a donation of $10,000 to DePelchin’s president and CEO, Jenifer Jarriel.

opportunity to interact with the players, cheerleaders and mascots of both teams at DePelchin’s main campus.

“We are enormously grateful to ExxonMobil for its generosity,” Jarriel says. “DePelchin would not be able to help all the children we do without the support of ExxonMobil.”

DePelchin is honored to be the official charitable beneficiary of the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, which has donated more than $600,000 in charitable proceeds from the game since 2006.

Beyond the experience of the bowl game, children and families from DePelchin likewise enjoyed a special, pre-game-day tradition: a visit from the bowl teams. The day prior to kickoff, children from DePelchin had the

Thanksgiving Drive Changes Lives Last November, more than 25 DePelchin families benefited from “Change for Children,” a Thanksgiving food drive sponsored by Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. For the second consecutive year, the drive—coordinated by Memorial Hermann’s Chaplaincy Services and Partners in Caring—raised funds and food donations that enabled the preparation of meal baskets for DePelchin families. In total, participating parties—including Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, TIRR Memorial Hermann and volunteers from Sodexo—gave more than $3,800 and donated more than 135 pounds of food to DePelchin. “The drive really highlighted the giving hearts of our staff,” says Joel Blest, a chaplain at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital who helped coordinate the drive. “We came together to help families in need, and it’s a cause we hope to continue supporting.”

Friends Mix It up for Good Cause on Valentine’s Day More than 60 members of Friends of DePelchin gathered in February for a Valentine’s Day mixer blending fun with a bit of do-gooding. Young professionals who attended the event mingled over drinks while preparing Valentine’s Day goodie bags for the children served by DePelchin’s Services to At-risk Youth program. “We just wanted to put a little happiness in their holiday,” says Julia Taliaferro, who leads DePelchin’s young professionals group. “Of course, having the chance to help kids made our holiday happier, too.” Taliaferro adds that Friends will be hosting more do-good events similar to the Valentine’s Day mixer later this year. The next major event for Friends will be its signature Cinco de Mayo event held on May 2. For more information, visit

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Houston, TX Permit No. 3601

DePelchin Children’s Center

4950 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77007

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ROOMS TO GO for your generous support of DePelchin

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child is safe and healthy.

Our Mission

We strengthen the lives of children by enhancing their mental health and physical well-being. DePelchin Children’s Center is committed to meeting the needs of children as one of the largest providers of mental health, foster care and adoption services in Texas. Through its clinical expertise and special brand of caring, DePelchin turns lives around, providing a full continuum of care including psychiatric services, counseling, residential treatment, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, foster care and adoption. DePelchin is a not-for-profit organization and gratefully receives its support from individuals, foundations and corporations; government grants and fees; and United Way agencies. Visit to learn more. Today is published by DePelchin Children’s Center. Copyright 2013 DePelchin Children’s Center. All rights reserved. Peggy Roe – Senior Vice President, Advancement Mary Kristen Valentine – Director, Marketing and Public Relations Joshua Di Napoli – Writer, Photography

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