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DEPECHE. Dare to be Genuine.

DEPECHE. THE BRAND High quality, understated luxury and distinct details.… Since CEO Janni Hørdum’s reinvention of DEPECHE. in 2008, we have been focusing on what we do best, which is working with high quality leather, understated luxury and distinct details. From values to vision From previously working with a wide range of products and variable materials, the new concept of DEPECHE. focuses entirely on fabulous products in genuine leather. Janni’s vision to create a fashion brand characterized by quality products and functionality within an accessible price range, has now become the company’s value proposition. Her creative vision arises from the courage to stay true to a solid feminine intuition, strong business sense and an eye for the essential details. Janni has focused on establishing a brand with a true passion for exquisite craftsmanship, high quality and subtle details. DEPECHE. is an honest dedication to the creation of leather garments and accessories that are genuinely different.

DEPECHE. Dare to be Genuine.


The DEPECHE. team consists of 12 guys and girls based in a lovely building near the South Harbour in Horsens, Denmark.


We operate in more than 15 countries with their own sales organisation, agents and distributors.

BRANDING DEPECHE. specialise in the production of leather accessories and outer garments. The DEPECHE. brand profile also includes all kinds of packaging and presentation material as we are very devoted to our products and want high quality and our image to go hand in hand.

QUALITIY DEPECHE. works with a variety of different leather qualities. Our designs are primarily made in either cow or buff leather, as these qualities are the best and the strongest. The use of these beautiful hides gives us wonderful opportunities for creating varying texture, feel or colour. We use the best leather qualities are used to ensure that our products are of the best quality, and each hide is selected by hand in order to match each product type. We work with many types of processing and finishes which with the use of rivets are very characteristic of our products.

DELIVERY DEPECHE. lives fully up to the delivery we promise! Of course if delivery is delayed, due to extreme circumstances, our customers are always notified as soon as possible.

WHERE WE ARE SHOWN You will find the DEPECHE. showroom at our main office in Horsens - Denmark. Here we display our full collection every season. We also attend several fashion fairs each year to showcase our complete collection.

MEET DEPECHE. AT THESE FAIRS Ciff - Copenhagen Panorama - Berlin I.L.M - Frankfurt Modefabriek - Netherlands FDS - Sweden ODF - Norway

OUR COLLECTIONS DEPECHE. works with sales in seasons: Two main collections, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter as well as two pre-collections, High summer and Christmas. We also have occasional express collections. The idea behind our collections is to create a sophisticated and international design which is eloquent and modern, combined with beautiful colour tones. Our collections always have a range of styles designed with lovely classic vibes mixed with raw femininity. Easy to fit in and easy to love is the best way to describe the look and feel of DEPECHE.


We have a sales organisation in Denmark that offer full support

We operate with the SPY System in which you can see order systems and other useful information

The SPY System is easy to work in. The order can be seen straight away and you can see an overview of all orders and invoices

OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WARRANTY POLICY DEPECHE. has a highly regarded customer service policy. All items must be checked for possible defects immediately upon receipt. We have a 2 year warranty from the date of the invoice and we handle any errors straight away.

DEPECHE. - MORE THAN YOU EXPECT What can DEPECHE. offer that makes us unique! •

A variety of styles, both classic and more raw looking, that appeal to different types of women

Good quality for good money

Our customer service is very high

We cover a number of fairs. We always have special promotion features at our stands and a very high level of service

We sell our collections in seasons and not only by presale

A NEW PRODUCT CATEGORY DEPECHE. has expanded its collection with a beautiful collection of high quality leather jackets. We are pleased to present the new spectacular collection containing styles with a variety of different treatments and details.

B2B WEBSHOP – OPEN ALL HOURS Manage orders and get news and exclusive deals directly from – the webshop is your 24/7 portal to your DEPECHE. partnership:

• Browse, view and order items from our complete stock • Check the latest arrivals available for ordering • Check your invoices and credit notes • Review your monthly orders, across products and product categories • Sign up for our B2B newsletter for DEPECHE. news recipient-exclusive offers, important information and much more Need something fast? All orders placed on B2B are shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed during the weekends will be shipped the following business day.

STABLE GROWTH EXPANSION AND NEW MARKETS Since 2008, DEPECHE. has shown a stable growth and has expanded from only being represented in the Danish market to now being represented in 15 other countries in Europe. Working with the strategy of only expanding at a pace that fits backing and supplier’s necessary ressources, DEPECHE. has continuously reached the defined goals set for the company growth.




















An easily accessible B2B webshop with options to Invoices, view and other statistics, follow current orders for upcoming deliveries, etc.

Access to our SPY system which helps you place orders, use track and trace, EDI and much more

Catalogues for every collection both in a printed and online versions

NOOS products that are constantly being developed

Very fast delivery service for stock orders

A retail partner markup at 2.5 (DK)

A POS package with material for new customers

An Image bank with download options for all kinds of material such as image pictures, product packshots, etc.





Show off in January at fairs

Show off in January at fairs

Show off in August at fairs

Show off in August at fairs

delivery time from January/February + 12 days

delivery time from April + 12 days

delivery time from August/September + 12 days

delivery time from October + 12 days





Show off in August (Germany)

Show off in August (Germany)

Show off in January (Germany)

Show off in January (Germany)

delivery time from January/February + 12 days

delivery time from April + 12 days

delivery time from August/September + 12 days

delivery time from October + 12 days

MARKETING SUPPORT As a DEPECHE. partner you get access to our extensive marketing support efforts: •

An element package to use on social medias for every collection

An image bank with free download opportunities for your webpage in the form of logos, online catalogues and much more

Promotion material for stands at fairs

Collaboration with bloggers and celebrities in relation to PR and branding

WHERE TO FIND US! We are proud of our brand and we are represented in many countries around the world. Here you can see where to buy DEPECHE. products and where we are represented by agencies.

Where to buy DEPECHE. today Here we are represented by agencies

AROUND THE WORLD DEPECHE. believes in long term relations, which is why we cooperate with a couple of permanent suppliers familiar with our company profile. Choosing this kind of collaboration also has the advantage that we are very agile when accomodating requests from our business partners.

Our primary vendors are placed in India and Italy because they each have proven their immense skills within their trade. India having profound knowledge and understanding for the development of bags both regarding qualities and treatments. Italy with their sublime understanding for the detailing and handcraft of making our belts.

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