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Depaul USA’s

“Feels Like Home” First Annual Fall Gala

Saturday, November 3, 2012 Commonwealth Chateau at SugarLoaf Chestnut USAHill College

”Feels Like Home”


About Depaul USA Thank you for attending Depaul USA’s first annual Feels Like Home Fall Gala. Your support allows Depaul USA to continue providing people experiencing homelessness with purpose and hope for a positive future. Depaul USA is committed to working in a practical and non-judgmental way with people on the margins of society, wherever there is a need, in the Vincentian spirit. We are part of Depaul International, a group of charities fashioning a global response to homelessness and serving the poorest of the poor. Depaul USA’s first project, Depaul House, is a 27-room transitional housing program located in Philadelphia, that addresses the causes of homelessness and focuses on placing residents in employment. 80% of our graduates have successfully moved into stable housing having found employment. Another Depaul USA project, Immaculate Cleaning Services, is an innovative social enterprise program that was incorporated in 2012 as a limited liability for-profit corporation with Depaul USA as its sole member. This janitorial franchise is producing unrestricted revenue for Depaul USA and employs residents of Depaul House. Depaul USA is developing St. Raymond’s House in Philadelphia that will provide 27 new single-room permanent supportive housing units, case management, and healthcare for homeless men and women with medically complex conditions. Depaul USA continues to undergo tremendous growth and has expanded programming into other cities, including Macon, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. On behalf of all of us at Depaul USA, our Board of Directors and our Gala Committee, we hope you enjoy the evening and wish you Happy Bidding!

To learn more about Depaul USA’s programming, visit us on the web at


”Feels Like Home”


Tonight’s Program 7:00 – 8:00 pm Doors Open, Music by Tim McKinstry Silent Auction Bidding Begins Brief Introduction by Fr. Bernard Tracey

8:00 – 9:00 pm Basket Raffle Hot Items Update Music by Steve Giordano and Erik Dutko Last Call for Bidding

9:00 – 9:30 pm Silent Auction Bidding Closes DePaul Presentation Live Auction Begins

9:30 – 10:00 pm Closing Comments Check Out

Thanks for coming!


”Feels Like Home”


Silent Auction Rules and Reminders Important Logistics •

The silent auction will close promptly at 9:00 pm.

Items will be collected during the Live Auction and made ready for you at the check out table.

As you exit after the Live Auction, the Winner’s Board will notify you as to whether you have won an item and need to check out.

Once your payment has been processed, please take your paid invoice to a Silent Auction Coordinator, who will retrieve your item.

If the winning bidder cannot take an item for any reason immediately after the auction, the item will be taken back to Depaul House. The winning bidder can then make arrangements to pick it up at a later date.

Bidding •

Your bidder number is located on the back of this booklet.

To bid on a Silent Auction item, simply mark your Bid Number and the amount you wish to bid on the corresponding sheet.

Each subsequent bid must be at least the minimum bid increment listed.

There is no “upper limit” for your bids!

Once the auction is declared closed, the last bid entered on the bid sheet that adheres to the designated increment shall constitute the winning bid.

Checking Out •

The stated value of auction goods and services are good-faith estimates only and are not warranted for tax purposes. Auction item purchases are tax-deductible only if the winning bid exceeds the fair market value of the item (listed on the invoice). The tax-deductible amount is the winning bid minus the fair market value. Silent Auction cashiers can provide you with receipts upon request.

Auction item transactions are considered cash donations to Depaul USA and not purchases for tangible or intangible items.

All items are sold “as is”, are subject to availability, and have no cash USA

”Feels Like Home”

-5redemption value. Depaul USA is grateful to our donors, but is unable to endorse any product or service. •

We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

All sales are final. There are no exchanges, transfers, or refunds from Depaul USA or the donor.

Live Auction Rules and Reminders •

Your personal bid number is shown on the back of this program and is required to place a bid during the auction. Please keep this program with you at all times as it identifies you during the auction.

To place a bid during the Live Auction, simply raise your number toward the auctioneer during the bidding. He will ask you to show the number to validate your bid.

We ask guests to pay for their items after all silent and live auction bidding has ended. You must pay for your items before you leave. You may pay in cash, by any major credit card, or by check. Checks should be made out to Depaul USA.

All items purchased are subject to the limitations detailed in the printed descriptions in this program and information shown on the display tables. Please familiarize yourself with these early in the evening. In some instances, additional arrangements are to be made with the individual donor.

All sales are final.

Decisions of the auctioneer will be final.

The Live Auction begins at 9:00 p.m. Don’t miss your chance to join in the excitement and bid on six incredible items listed in this catalogue.

Everyone’s a Winner at the Wall of Wine! Take a chance at our Wall of Wine! Guests can choose any bottle from the Wall of Wine featuring a variety of quality vintages such as Francis Ford Coppolla, Louis M. Martini, Chateau de Montfort, Silvergum and others. All the labels are hidden, so your “mystery wine” could yield an outstanding local or international wine. Pick one bottle for $20, or 3 for $50. Good Luck!


”Feels Like Home”


Basket Raffle Theme baskets will be displayed throughout the evening for your bidding pleasure. Look for the Basket Raffle area, where you will see 6 baskets. $20 will get you an arm’s length of tickets (we recommend borrowing the arm of the tallest person in your vicinity.) Select the baskets you want to win and place as many tickets as you want in the bowl in front of them. Put all of your tickets in one basket, or spread them around. Winners will be announced periodically throughout the evening.

Proud Sponsor of Depaul USA’s First Annual ”Feels Like Home” Fall Gala First Niagara takes a personal interest in your banking needs: mortgage, investing, credit card, insurance, consumer and commercial financial services.

First Niagara will help you: Fulfill Great Goals Make Great Plans Take Great Care Do Great Things


”Feels Like Home”


Silent Auction Categories Category

(for item bid numbers) Arts & Culture Fashion & Jewelry Food & Beverage Great Getaways Health & Beauty Home Décor & Furniture Personal Home Services & Entertainment Specialty Sports Baskets

Category Code



8 9 11 13 14 15

HE 16 SY 17 SP 18 BA 18

Live Auction Items


supports Depaul USA as they find


”Feels Like Home”


Arts & Culture AC1 Ambassador Level Membership World Affairs Council of Philadelphia As an Ambassador level member of the World Affairs Council, you will enjoy complimentary admission to all events at the council’s headquarters, 2 complimentary guest passes to a Premium Speakers event, and more. Value: $500 Opening Bid: $50 AC2 Hand Crafted Pottery This beautiful glazed pitcher and set of two cups by Brazilian artist Bete Akemi will look striking in your home. Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50 AC3 “Bushwacker” by Brian Marshall Enjoy this whimsical sculpture of a dedicated golfer. This unique piece of art will possibly become a conversation piece in your home. Value: $395 Opening Bid: $175 AC4 Koi Ceramic Fish Bowl This ceramic Koi fish bowl will add beauty to any table. Value: $60 Opening Bid: $30 AC5 Watercolor by Eileen Greene This original watercolor of irises in a vase is created by artist Eileen Greene, who is drawn to imagery of a personal nature. Value: $95 Opening Bid: $45 AC6 “There Is No Such Season” An original oil painting by artist Tezh Modarressi, who says her paintings are in some ways realistic, but have a dreamlike, painterly feel to them. Value: $600 Opening Bid: $300 AC7 “Untitled Skyline of Philadelphia” An original oil painting by artist Dennis Jones, recently featured at the Art Gallery at Depaul’s Inaugural Exhibition. Value: $300 Opening Bid: $150 AC8 “The Frog Prince” by Bruce Evans Own this digital painting, created in the spirit of original printmaking. This limited edition is one of 125 on archival canvas. Value: $425 Opening Bid: $150 USA

”Feels Like Home”

-9AC9 Watercolor, Sky, Water, Land Series, by Lynne Horoschak This beautiful watercolor features bold colors, active mark-making and dynamic lines reflecting nature’s energy and diversity. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 AC10 Philadelphia Orchestra Tickets Enjoy two tickets to see a concert in the 2012 - 2013 season based on availability. Value: $200 Opening Bid: $100 AC11 Philadelphia Orchestra Tickets Take an afternoon off with two tickets for “Rachmaninoff in Philadelphia” concert Friday, December 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm. Value: $160 Opening Bid: $80 AC12 Langman Gallery - $50 Gift Certificate A treasure in the Willow Grove Mall, this gallery has a distinctive collection of contemporary American crafts & fine art, featuring the best jewelry designers in the country. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25

Fashion & Jewelry FJ1 Jade Necklace You will look great wearing this stylish and sophisticated jade necklace, handcrafted by Margot Keith. Value: $40 Opening Bid: $20 FJ2 Pearl Necklace Your neck was made for this cultured freshwater pearl necklace, handcrafted by Margot Keith. Value: $40 Opening Bid: $20 FJ3 Beaded Bracelet Make a statement with the flick of your wrist with this beautiful and colorful handcrafted bracelet also by Margot Keith. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 FJ4 Beaded Bracelet This beautiful beaded bracelet, handcrafted by Margot Keith, will add style to your wrist. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 10 FJ5 Triple Circle Pendant This sterling silver large circle pendant was created by Terri Lindelow, whose distinctive handcrafted jewelry is like a work of art. Value: $145 Opening Bid: $75 FJ6 Pearl Dangle Earrings These exquisite mother-of-pearl earrings enveloped in 14K gold dangles are one of a kind. Handcrafted by Rhonda Conner Value: $400 Opening Bid: $200 FJ7 Lapis Necklace and Earrings Set Treat yourself to this gorgeous necklace and earrings set with bright blue lapis gemstones. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 FJ8 24K Gold Orchid Slide This beautiful RISIS 24 K Gold Orchid necklace can slide up or down along the chain according to preference. There are 5 unique styles of wearing this slider. Value: $40 Opening Bid: $20 FJ9 Earrings by Jeweler Joan Horn The beauty of renowned designer Joan Horn’s handcrafted sterling silver, amethyst and plum pearl earrings is irresistible. Value: $90 Opening Bid: $45 FJ10 Shearling Trimmed Coach Tote Make a fashion statement with this large tote, part of Coach’s Signature Shearling collection. Value: $450 Opening Bid: $200 FJ11 Furla Double-Flap Wallet This trendy and functional wallet in calf leather is characterized by the iconic double flap that hides a wide coin compartment that is spacious and well-organized. Value: $120 Opening Bid: $60 FJ12 Alpaca Wool Sweater and Change Purse Keep warm this winter in this beautifully handcrafted Bolivian sweater (women’s medium) and accessorize with a Bolivian change purse. Value: $55 Opening Bid: $25


”Feels Like Home”

- 11 FJ13 Alpaca Poncho and Change Purse Wear this beautifully handmade Bolivian poncho effortlessly atop jeans and accessorize with a Bolivian change purse. Value: $55 Opening Bid: $25 FJ14 – FJ15 Scarves (2 available) These beautiful handcrafted Bolivian scarves are one of the best bargains of the evening! Value: $10 each Opening Bid: $5 each FJ16 Bolivian Wallet This wallet is hand woven in the beautiful traditional designs of Bolivia. Value: $10 Opening Bid: $5 each FJ17 Bolivian Purse This purse is handmade by artisans from woven aguayo wool of various colors in traditional designs of Bolivia. Value: $15 Opening Bid: $8 FJ18 Latrice Boutique - $300 Gift Certificate Enjoy a shopping experience unlike any other in Latrice, a one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories boutique store in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Value: $300 Opening Bid: $150

Food and Beverage FB1 Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery – $25 Gift Certificate Enjoy a 9” cake for a special occasion from the most delicious bakery on the Main Line. Value: $25 Opening Bid: $12.50 FB2 Baby Blues BBQ – $50 Gift Certificate Feast at mouth-watering Baby Blues, 2011 Award Winner: BEST Barbecue. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 FB3–FB6 Gino’s Burgers and Chicken – $25 Gift Certificate (4 Available) Treat yourself to the best burgers and milk shakes around – just across from the King of Prussia Mall. Value: $25 each Opening Bid: $12.50 each


”Feels Like Home”

- 12 FB7 The Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant – $30 Gift Certificate The antique bars and fireplace will make you feel right at home at Philadelphia’s favorite Center City Irish pub. Value: $30 Opening Bid: $15 FB8 Zakes Café – Two $15 Gift Certificates (auctioned together) You are guaranteed delicious food in this charming, cozy, and intimate Victorian house in Fort Washington, PA. Value: $30 Opening Bid: $15 FB9 Indulge in The 3 D’s - Wine & Champagne Package Experience wine as liquid art with two bottles of wine from Napa Valley’s Del Dotto Vineyard, known as “The Best Experience for Wine Collectors in the World”. Revel in the brilliance of a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne. Value: $325 Opening Bid: $165 FB10 Pescatore BYOB – $50 Gift Certificate This BYOB restaurant in Bala Cynwyd specializes in Italian Cuisine. Pastas are made fresh daily, and the fish is brought to your plate directly from the boat. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 FB11 Fleming’s Prime Steak House & Wine Bar –Two $100 gift certificates Join the nightly celebration of food, wine and memorable times featuring the finest prime steak and award-winning list of 100 wines. Value: $200 Opening Bid: $100 FB12 University City Night Out Marvel at how far a $10 Gift Certificate at Drinkers West will stretch during their unrivaled Happy Hour. Then head over to Baby Blues BBQ at 34th and Sansom to spend your $50 gift certificate on their mouthwatering barbecue, recently hailed as “BEST Barbecue in Philadelphia”. Value: $60 Opening Bid: $30 FB13 Amazon Café - $25 Gift Certificate Enjoy a casual meal with healthy food choices and a variety of delicious smoothies in this café located in the famous Bellevue Hotel. Value: $25 Opening Bid: $12.50


”Feels Like Home”

- 13 -

Great Getaways GG1 Two-Night Stay at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Resort and Spa (Valid through 11/4/13) Enjoy deluxe accommodations in the only south Florida Ritz location to claim a spot on the coveted “America’s Best Beaches” list. Value: $840 Opening Bid: $350 GG2 Two-Night Stay at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia (Valid Through 11/4/13) Put up your next visitors in style or enjoy a ‘staycation’ at the Ritz Carlton Center City. Enjoy easy access to fine dining, shopping, and the city’s historical attractions. Value: $700 Opening Bid: $300 GG3 Two-Night Stay at the Dream Downtown Hotel, New York (Valid through 11/3/2013) Encounter a hotel experience unlike any other in downtown New York, including the only real beach in NYC and a 50-foot heated pool. Value: $1,000 Opening Bid: $400 GG4 Two-Night Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, Miami (Valid through 11/13/13) Rising above Miami’s skyline, this hotel is a glittering pillar of world-class luxury, just a block from Biscayne Bay. Value: $1,300 Opening Bid: $500 GG5 Two-Night Stay at Dream South Beach Hotel, Miami (Valid Through 11/30/13) Escape to this Art Deco-inspired South Beach luxury hotel that is just 50 yards from pristine white sand beaches. Value: $800 Opening Bid: $350 GG6 Two-Night Stay at The Ritz Carlton Central Park, New York (Valid Through 11/13/13) Enjoy unequalled attentiveness and gracious service in the hotel rated #1 in NYC, 2012 on Travel + Leisure’s “The World’s Best Hotels” list. Value: $1,800 Opening Bid: $700 GG7 Two-Night Chicago Art Adventure (Valid Through 11/3/13) This stay in a beautiful, private two-bedroom apartment for two nights comes with tickets to The Art Institute, Logan Square Arts Center, and USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 14 the Museum of Modern Art. Indulge your inner art critic with this hugely underpriced Chicago adventure. Value: $300 Opening Bid: $150 GG8 Three-Nights at Private Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida Home (Good January 25 – 27, 2013) Soak in the ocean view at this nicely decorated three bedroom, two bath home on an island ranked among the “10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.” Value: $750 Opening Bid: $375 GG9 Destination Doylestown, Pennsylvania Take a trip to this neo-traditional community and enjoy using $85 worth of gift cards at a variety of quaint shops, and excellent restaurants. This package also includes tickets to the James A. Michener Museum and the County Movie Theater. Value: $150 Opening Bid: $75 GG10 Destination Wilmington, Delaware This package includes two tickets to the Delaware Art Museum, which houses 12,000 works of art by great American masters such as Winslow Homer; then enjoy lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch with a $200 gift certificate to the Columbus Inn, a contemporary tavern that offers seasonal American Cuisine, an Old World wine list, and pre-prohibition cocktails. Value: $225

Opening Bid: $100

Health & Beauty

HB1 Tei Salon Enjoy some pampering with a haircut and facial at Tei Salon in the Chestnut Village Shops in Paoli, PA. Value: $195 Opening Bid: $100 HB2 Jay Michael Salon Indulge yourself with a distinctive haircut from the Jay Michael Salon located at the Radnor Hotel in St. Davids, PA. Value: $125 Opening Bid: $70 HB3 HeadFirst Salon - $25 Gift Certificate Get a new look with a haircut at HeadFirst Salon in Oreland, PA. Value: $25 Opening Bid: $12.50 USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 15 HB4 Hair Services for all ages! A licensed cosmetician will provide hair services in your home for up to three hours at a mutually convenient time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 HB5 Personal Training Find your personal path to getting in shape with an evaluation and 3 sessions with a professional trainer at a mutually convenient time. Value: $350 Opening Bid: $150

Home Décor and Furnishings HD1 and HD2 Hand Woven Bolivian Tablecloths (2 available) Beautiful 8’ by 4’ authentic Bolivian fabric table covering to grace your home. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 HD3 Handmade Afghan Enjoy the warmth of this beautiful handmade afghan on a cold winter’s night. Value: $50 Opening Bid: $25 HD4 Oriental Rug Add to the beauty of your home with this exquisite hand-woven 5.7 x 7.3 foot Persian 100% wool rug. Value: $1,100 Opening Bid: $550 HD5 Reproduction Mahogany Console Grace your home with this beautiful new reproduction console, crafted in mahogany with subtle marquetry inlays. Value: $3,700 Opening Bid: $500 HD6 Pair of Reproduction Storage Pedestals These two new reproduction storage pedestals, crafted in walnut, burled walnut and English brown oak, will bring elegance into your home. Value: $5,500 Opening Bid: $750 HD7 Light Up the Room – Pair of One-of-a-Kind Lamps Add beauty to a room with this stunning pair of table lamps featuring real ostrich eggs on a cobalt blue and peach marble base with gold leaf. Value: $3,000 Opening Bid: $500 USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 16 HD8 A Whole New Look – Interior Design Consultant Need someone to help you redecorate or design your dream home? A session with Interior Design Consultant Chere Onofrio will offer a houseful of ideas! Value: $150 Opening Bid: $75 HD9 HomeGrown – $50 Gift Certificate HomeGrown in Haverford, PA is the place to go for the pieces that complete your home and create the elegant environment you love and make you look forward to coming home. Value: $50 Opening Bid:  $25

Personal Home Services & Entertainment HE1 Professional Swedish Massage Unwind and relieve your tension with a relaxation massage in the privacy of your own home from a professional massage therapist. Value: $75 Opening Bid: $40 HE2 Professional Hot Stone Massage Pamper yourself at home even more with a one-hour hot stone massage from a clinical massage therapist. Value: $90 Opening Bid: $45 HE3 Mobile Massage Therapy Treat colleagues and friends to a chair massage in your office or home for two hours. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 HE4 Jazz Jam Session or Lesson Steve Giordano, a world-class jazz guitarist, composer and educator, will offer his expertise and musical talents in your home for one hour. Comes with a complimentary Christmas CD featuring Steve. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 HE5 Live Jazz for Your Next Party Make your event extra special with live classic Jazz duo Steve Giordano and Erik Dutko who will provide a performance for up to three hours. Also comes with a complimentary Christmas CD featuring Steve. Value: $300 Opening Bid: $150


”Feels Like Home”

- 17 HE6 Host a Casino Night A professional dealer will provide three hours of casino excitement in the privacy of your home for up to seven guests. Value: $200 Opening Bid: $100 HE7 Life Coaching Session This is your opportunity to achieve greater strength and confidence with one free personal coaching session with certified Life Coach Jody Wagner. Value: $150 Opening Bid: $75

Specialty SY1 Pamper Your Dog Treat your dog to top of the line Science Diet dog food and treats and a $25 gift certificate to Bone Appetite, in its new location in Chestnut Hill. Value: $160 Opening Bid: $80 SY2 Pamper Your Cat Top of the line Science Diet cat food and treats and a $25 gift card to PetSmart are the purrfect way to indulge your cat. Value: $185 Opening Bid: $90 SY3 Steve Giordano “Jazz Christmas” CD (10 Available for sale) Philadelphia jazz guitarist Steve Giordano’s CD will offer you hours of home pleasure. Purchase Price: $5 SY4 Magnifique Décor - $100 Gift Certificate Make this decorating service and supplier of balloons and flowers your first stop when planning your next life celebration. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 SY5 Solar Powered Backpack Never worry about running out of laptop or cell phone batteries again with this backpack’s state-of-the-art built-in solar charger. Value: $75 Opening Bid: $30 SY6 Eye-Fi Camera Card Effortlessly transfer pictures from your camera to Facebook and other social media sites with this device. Value: $35 Opening Bid: $15


”Feels Like Home”

- 18 -

Sports SP1 NFL Memorabilia – Gino Marchetti Football legend Gino Marchetti has autographed this Baltimore Colts mini helmet. Value: $100 Opening Bid: $50 SP2 Baseball Memorabilia – Roberto Clemente This signed and framed Roberto Clemente Display is a must for fans of the hall of fame right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Value: $700 Opening Bid: $350 SP3 Fore! for Four Enjoy a round of golf for a foursome at the prestigious Applebrook Golf Club in Malvern, PA. Value: $500 Opening Bid: $250 SP4 Attention Flyers Fans! See the Flyers meet the Rangers on Saturday, January 12, 2013. Two (2) seats in Section 112, Row 16, Seats 19 & 20. Value: $340 Opening Bid: $165 SP5 Squash Anyone? Squash lovers – bid on this Head Metallix 130 Squash racquet and private lesson by Doug Whitaker at a mutually agreed-upon time. Value: $195 Opening Bid: $98 SP6 A Night at a Sixers Game for Four Be in the thick of basketball excitement with four tickets in Section 112, Row 4, Seats 8, 9, 10 and 11. Value: $435 Opening Bid: $220

Baskets At the Basket Raffle Table… BA1 Basket Full of Miracles Enjoy this wonderful selection of spiritual gift items from the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal Gift Shop. Value: $115


”Feels Like Home”

- 19 BA2 Destination Chestnut Hill Spend a great day on Germantown Avenue and pamper yourself with a $25 Gift Certificate to Diamond Spa, two $5 gift certificates to Metropolitan Bakery for their freshly made bread, jams, cheeses, spreads and other specialties, and a $50 gift certificate to CinCin restaurant that offers Chinese and Pan-Asian recipes with a refined French flair. Value: $85 BA3 Down East Delights Maple Syrup, books, a 2013 calendar, a State of Maine tapestry throw, a moose plush toy, four placemats and more will put you in a Maine state of mind. Value: $200 BA4 A Taste of The Big Easy You’ll be jazzed to win this New Orleans themed basket of spices and mixes, hot sauces, chicory, mardi gras beads, a New Orleans Brass CD, and more. Value: $50 BA5 A Basket of Brotherly Love You too can be a Philly Phanatic with a Philly t-shirt, mug, book on the constitution, liberty bell key chain, change purse, and more. Value: $100 BA6 Macon Basket Relish in the Song & Soul of the South with Otis Redding memorabilia, books about Macon, and a t-shirt. Value: $30 Opening Bid: $15

Baskets in the Silent Auction… BA7 Bolivian Basket of Luxury Bring some South American flair into your life with a beautiful woolen Pashmina with Bolivian design, Alpaca Hat and Gloves, two beautiful handcrafted Bolivian Scarves and a set of six notecards. Value: $85 Opening Bid: $45 BA8 Traditional Items of Bolivia Take home a Nap Sack, two scarves, change purse, wallet and purse, all of which are hand woven in the beautiful traditional designs of Bolivia. Value: $85 Opening Bid: $45 USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 20 -

Live Auction “No Where To Go” - Original Art by Serge Hollerbach An original oil painting by artist Serge Hollerbach, whose mostly figurative paintings of modern urban living have gained him renown in contemporary realism. Value: $3,000 Go Eagles! Bid quickly on these Eagles vs. Cowboys tickets for the November 11, 2012 game. Four (4) seats in Section C22, Row 16, Seats 14-17. Includes preferred parking and seat-catered food and beverage service. Value: $1,700 A Taste of Divine Indulge in a 4-course Gourmet Dinner with wine pairing (donated from the wine cellar of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miceli) in the gracious home of Depaul Ambassador Loralee West. Mrs. West will be accompanied by Charles Levesque and Fr. Bernie Tracey. Your winning bid will include 8 people of your choice to join you at her home. This visit to Mrs. West’s home will also include a tour of her art gallery and snooker room along with a history of the house. Final date and menu to be determined by the winning bidder and Mrs. West. Value: $1,500 Fun in the Sun Escape Enjoy this fabulous retreat with an ocean view. Stay 5 nights in this 4-bedroom Georgia home on Tybee Island. The home is yours at a mutually agreeable time with the owner. This fabulous package also includes a $200 travel voucher. Value: $5,000 John Hardy Topaz and Diamond Ring This stunning sterling silver and diamond large blue mata topaz ring, created by John Hardy, is the epitome of fine designer jewelry. The perfect gift for that very special someone. Value: $1,895 Rocky Mountain High Escape Enjoy 6 blissful nights in this unique, grandiose setting. This gorgeous 7-bedroom Aspen, Colorado home is yours at a mutually agreeable time with the owner in the summer or winter. USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 21 -

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors Gold Sponsorship First Niagara Bank Anonymous

Silver Sponsorship SEI INVESTMENTS Anonymous

Special Thanks to Everyone Who Donated Items to the Gala Auction Donors’ names are listed on the Item Descriptions.

Special Thanks to our In-Kind Donors Williamson Hospitality Services, Inc. PTI – Nonprofit Support Sales Steve Giordano and Erik Dutko

Feels Like Home Fall Gala Committee Members Sr. Martha Beaudoin Lynn Giordano Schuyler Gottwald Kathy Hondros Charles W. Levesque Maureen McCarthy Oliver Miller Larry Pearlman Peggy Robertson Judy Strazzella Bernard M. Tracey, CM Liz Wilson

Depaul USA Board of Directors Bernard M. Tracey, CM Sister Martha Beaudoin, DC Kathryn McBrearty Gerhardt Bon S. Ku, MD, MPP Sister Jean Maher, DC Larry Pearlman Curtis J. Tarver II Deeni Taylor Harry J. Williamson Executive Director Charles W. Levesque USA

”Feels Like Home”

- 22 -

For all our Depaul Brothers, God is good...all the time...Keep on keeping on!!! Blessings from an Anonymous Donor

Psalm 34...a Psalm of Hope… I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. This poor man called, and the LORD heard him; He saved him out of all his troubles. Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted. We wait in hope for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. May Your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our hope in You.


”Feels Like Home”

- 23 -

USA 5725 Sprague Street Philadelphia, PA 19138 215-438-1955 USA

”Feels Like Home”

Feels Like Home Fall Gala Catalogue  
Feels Like Home Fall Gala Catalogue  

Depaul USA's first annual Feels Like Home Fall Gala Catalogue, now available online!