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2010 report

Clockwise from top left: Resident takes time to do homework; residents, graduates and staff at graduation recognition celebration; St. Albert's volunteer cooking crew with staff; LaSalle College High School volunteers breaking ground on organic garden; 2nd annual Fall graduate/volunteer recognition dinner; Depaul graduate returns as staff cook; resident and staff updating resume. Cover photo: Nichel


Building the Foundation in 2010 Mission Depaul USA’s mission is to offer homeless and disadvantaged people the opportunity to fulfill their potential and move towards an independent and positive future. Everyone should have a place to call home and a stake in their community.

History Depaul USA incorporated as an independent 501 (c)(3) in May 2008, and operates “Depaul House,� a 27-room transitional housing program for men experiencing homelessness ages 20 - 65. Depaul USA is part of Depaul International, a group of charities fashioning a global response to homelessness. Depaul International was formed in 1989 as a response to the growing number of young people sleeping on the streets of London. Depaul International charities now work with over 7,000 homeless and disadvantaged people in five countries providing supportive services, employment training, and basic needs. The work at Depaul USA is grounded in the mission, vision and values of Depaul International and the lives of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac.

Staff and residents at the 2010 SEI Rush Hour Run.



Dear Friends, It has been an exciting year of growth for Depaul USA. In September 2010, Chuck Levesque became Depaul USA's new Executive Director. Three days into his new position, Chuck, Mark McGreevy, Group Chief Executive of Depaul International, and I embarked on a tour of the United States to connect with other members of the Vincentian Family. The purpose of the trip was to provide an awareness of Depaul USA's mission and values and to uncover possible ways to collaborate in serving those who are experiencing homelessness. Upon our return to Philadelphia, we began planning for expansion that will allow Depaul USA to reach many more people. Within five years, Depaul USA plans to be in five U.S. cities. Projects are currently being implemented in Macon, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are planning an additional project in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We know that only with the continued support of committed donors, volunteers and constituents can Depaul USA make this vision a reality. Together we can build a strong foundation for the future. Together we can make a difference and offer hope to countless people who depend on Depaul USA. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Administration and Staff, please accept our heartfelt appreciation. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M. Chair Board of Directors Depaul USA



Dear Friends, This Annual Report provides an update on the work that our team has accomplished in 2010 and how we are building the foundation for our future. I want to thank you for your support, which has been essential for our progress and growth. I am continually impressed with our staff and residents. Working together, staff and residents achieve great outcomes. Most strikingly, in 2010 80 percent of our graduates accessed employment and their own housing within a year of arriving at Depaul House. Our inspiration comes from St. Vincent de Paul, a major social reformer in 17th century France who believed in action rather than words and in seeking out what he referred to as the “poorest of the poor.� Depaul USA is driven by these values to serve our most vulnerable populations. Our projects are growing and they truly make a difference in the lives of our clients. We have ambitious plans for 2011. We plan to expand our board, improve existing programs and create new program opportunities in Philadelphia, Macon, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. I am very grateful for your assistance. We would not be where we are today without your help. I hope we can rely on your continued support. I will keep you posted on our progress while on this exciting journey. Charles W. Levesque

Executive Director



Depaul House – Depaul USA’s First Project The goal of Depaul House is to move residents from homelessness to employment, permanent housing, and a savings account within a 12 month period. Depaul House serves approximately 80 men during the year, providing them with private rooms, three meals a day, interview-appropriate clothing, personal hygiene products and a wide range of intensive support services. The program is innovative in its employment-focused approach. It seeks to achieve systemic change; breaking the cycle of poverty by working with people who are living on the margins and transitioning them into mainstream society. Depaul House delivers critical services including case management, education and employment, health education and fitness, increasing financial literacy and behavioral health therapy. Key Achievements for 2010: ■

75 men were served and 59 were discharged from the program. 82 percent moved to permanent housing. 22 percent reintegrated with family/friends and 60 percent rented their own market-rate or subsidized housing. 76 percent of residents obtained or retained employment during their stay at Depaul. The average length of stay is six and a half months. Residents save an average of $550 during their time at Depaul House.

James and Greg.



60% Rented Apartment

Successful Housing Outcomes FY2010

Employment Status FY2010 After 90 Days At Depaul House

Reunited with Family or Friends

22% Transtfoerred

Another Substance Shelter Abuse Tr e atment Personal % Facility Care/ Nursing % Home Unknown





60% 16% 24% Expenses FY2010

Income FY2010 Foundations & Corporations

$348,809 Government

Depaul House Program




General Administration


$250,667 Individuals

$99,377 Client Fees

$30,179 5


Many Thanks to Our Volunteers and Community Partners We are grateful to everyone who gives their time to support Depaul USA. Volunteers logged over 1,000 hours of service during 2010. Working in the front office, cooking meals, painting hallways, cleaning the Career Closet, organizing holiday parties and teaching adult education, photography, creative writing, nutrition and financial literacy — these are just some of the ways our volunteers have given back to us. Thank you for being part of our family. Depaul USA partners with other agencies that help us provide additional services to our residents. In addition, groups from area universities, schools, and other community organizations choose Depaul USA as a site for community service, exposing more individuals and students to the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness.

Leap of Faith Courage and generosity only begin to describe Loralee West, who took a “Leap of Faith”, parachuting out of a plane on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 to raise funds for Depaul USA. Loralee serves as an ambassador to Depaul charities and she has made a huge commitment to the work of St. Vincent de Paul. Loralee reached her goal of raising $100,000, and, after having landed safely, she continues to increase awareness of the important work done by all of the Depaul charities worldwide. Depaul USA thanks Loralee for turning words into action through philanthropy, compassion and courage.

“The most important agenda of Depaul is independent living placement along with employment placement for those in need.” – Lyndon, graduate



Many Thanks To Our Generous Supporters Who Help Us To Fulfill Our Mission We are pleased to recognize our donors who contributed during FY 2010. Depaul USA is grateful to all of our supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

Individual Gifts Made in FY2010 $5,000 and Above

Individual Gifts Made in FY2010 $500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith, Jr. Loralee and Al West

Patricia and Michael Arizin Sarah Blumenstein Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Camera Dan and Ann Carr Reuben and Elaine Clarson Mr. Philip Gay Don and Eryn Grill Susan Kilgore Joseph W. Landers, Jr. Linda and Ed Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. Murray Louis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mattone, Sr. Dennis and Rachel McGonigle Karen and Frank McKee Mr. William H. Rasch Ms. Angela R. Sellman Mr. Paul Standeven Fr. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M.

Individual Gifts Made in FY 2010 $1,000 - $4,999 Maria and Russ Chandler Gerald Clough Agnes and Edward Forst John Keeler Christina Kind David and Sandy Marshall Robert and Jill Nesher Diane and Tom Smith Paige West Palmer West

“ I discovered that Depaul is a great place to help you get back on your feet.” — Robert, resident


D E PAUL USA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT Individual Gifts Made During FY2010 $100 - $499 Ann Claffey Baiada Kevin Barr Robert and Jordan Bartlett Fr. Elmer Bauer, III, C.M. Eileen and Dave Blazek Bill and Ann Marie Brennan Ms. Maryann Bryla Don and Kathy Bucklin Kay and Win Bunton Mrs. Antoinette M. Burton-Patterson Ferris Butler Br. Peter A. Campbell, C.M. W. Brennan Carley Barrett and Carolyn Carson Ashley Chan Kristy and Albert Chiaradonna Roy Coogler Mary E. Daly Mrs. Eleanor Davis Dana Delony Chris Dick Melissa Disney Mr. and Mrs. John Doerner and Family Kathleen Drennen Christi Dunham Nancy A. Dunleavy Jeanne M. Durant Sandra Ewing Jean Ferguson Alicia Fischer Sr. Donna M. Franklin, D.C.

Anne and Sean Flynn Eileen Flynn Ms. Elizabeth A. Fuller James Gilmore Molly Godley Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Golia Teresa Gray Shari and Randall Gurak Gabriel Hakim Jane Haller Mark Hanna Ms. Marcia Harrison Kathy Heilig Alice C. Hennessy Abby Stamelman Hockey Ms. Kathleen S. Hondros Richard Hughes Amy Israel and R.D.Robb Carol W. Jones Rob and Kate Keith Cameron Kenny Kate and Frank Kirk Mary Jo and Mark Kouch Charles W. Levesque Terri Lindelow Jack Lippart Msgr. Rev. Joseph L. Logrip Michaela Malone Claudia McBride Phil and Fran McCabe Maureen and Mike McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGovern

Carolyn McLaurin Herb and Sheila McPherson Steve and Nancy Mullin Ms. Karen O'Neill Steve and Chere Onofrio Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Owens Barbara Buchanon Parsons Stephanie and Chad Peddicord Shannon Pruitt Miriam Reeder Ms. Peggy Robertson Cristin Rojas and Bob Gates Georgina and John Rylance Mark and Kimberly Samuels Deborah J. Sandgren Margaret C. Schad Jeffrey Scherer Mrs. Elizabeth Sencindiver Steven Sergiovanni Marla and Mike Stevens Lee Stoetzel Keith Straw Caryn Taylor-Lucia Dave Vogelbacker Nancy Volk Bill and Bette Watkinson Mr. John Wenzel Steve West Joseph J. Whalen Mr. James R. Williamson Wayne and Kathy Withrow Mary Woods

“From the start, I realized that Depaul was a good place.” – Edward, graduate


D E PAUL USA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT Contributions Made During FY2010 Businesses and Corporations Beneficial Bank Foundation CulinArt, Inc. HSBC Bank USA, NA SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) Ten Thousand Villages Williamson-Corinthian Lodge, No. 368 Foundations Anonymous Louis N. Cassett Foundation The Connelly Foundation Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul Northeast Province Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation Green Tree Community Health Foundation Patricia Kind Family Foundation

The Maguire Foundation PAP Fund Papineau Foundation The Philadelphia Foundation L.W. Pierce Family Foundation Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, Inc. Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Union Benevolent Association Churches Carmel Presbyterian Church Our Mother of Consolation Parish St. Albert the Great Catholic Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church Government Agencies City of Philadelphia Office of Supportive Housing

Employment workshop.

When asked why he comes back to volunteer at Depaul, Julian responded: “They've already paid me. Now I'm paying them back.” – Julian, graduate


D E PAUL USA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT Many thanks to contributors who made in-kind donations during FY2010 Suzann and Harry Alpern Kelly Anderson Anna's Linens Ann Claffey Baiada Central Association of the Miraculous Medal De Andre' Buie Michele Daniele and Chris Coffey Stacy Degon Rhiannon Dress Alison and Jon Dryer Latisha Ferrara Clinton Green Joan Hill Chris Kircher Shirley and Peter Kirchner Kate and Frank Kirk Mary Jo and Mark Kouch Wayne Lamb LaSalle College High School Bobbie and Bob Leiter Caryn and Rich Lucia Jim Maxwell Gregory McClendon

James S. McGee Dan Mealey Mount Airy Baptist Church Nancy and Kevin O'Brien Marie O'Kane Novo Nordisk, Inc. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Princeton Theological Seminary Frank Rizzo Tina Rohner Eleanor Ruth Peggy Shetz St. Albert's Cooking Crew St. Albert the Great Catholic Church St. Charles Borromeo Seminary St. Luke the Evangelist Church St. Raymond of Penafort Parish Spring Mill Country Club Deb Stanitz and Les McElroy Gerri Taylor John A. Vigna Liz Wilson Williamson Caterers Harry Williamson, Jr.

“…when I walked into Depaul, I knew this was a place where good things were happening and people were getting their needs met.” – Christina Kind: funder and volunteer


D E PAUL USA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT Gifts given in memory of during FY2010 Educardo Bittencourt De Olivee Edward Flynn Father Michael Mazurchuk Thomas J. McCreight, Sr. Cahill Family Immaculate Conception of Germantown Tom Scofield Dan Smith Gerald Maurice Winston

Gifts given in honor of during FY2010 Allen J. Bommentre Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Camera Br. Peter A. Campbell, C.M. Jim and Edith Claffey Depaul House Team Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeZego Mr. and Mrs. John Doerner & Family Mr. and Mrs. Julian Eyre Mrs. Maria Teresa Fauci Edward Flynn Mr. Philip Gay Thomas and Michael Harkins Danielle Kouch

Mr. Charles W. Levesque Louis Lominac Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mattone, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGovern Ms. Peggy Robertson Dr. Joseph Ruggiero Ms. Eileen F. Smith Caryn Taylor-Lucia Fr. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Traugott Loralee West

“Volunteering at Depaul House gives meaning to my life.” – Sister Mary Francis Martin, volunteer



Depaul USA, INC. Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets Year Ending December 31, 2010 SUPPORT and REVENUE Unrestricted Program Revenue Government Contract Client Charges Contributions Interest Income Net Assets released from restrictions TOTAL SUPPORT and REVENUE

$250,667 30,179 363,186 1,126 170,167 $815,325

Temporarily Restricted $-0-085,000 -0(170,167) ($85,167)

Total $250,667 30,179 448,186 1,126 -0$730,158

EXPENSES Program General and Administrative Development

488,719 81,871 145,510


488,719 81,871 145,510





Change in Net Assets




Net Assets - Beginning







Net Assets - Ending


D E PAUL USA 2010 ANNUAL REPORT BOARD of DIRECTORS Sr. Martha Beaudoin, D.C. Ms. Caryn Taylor-Lucia, CMP Mr. Harry J. Williamson, Jr.

Bernard M. Tracey, C.M. Board Chair Rev. Elmer Bauer III, C.M. Board Treasurer STAFF Charles W. Levesque Executive Director Sandra Guillory Program Director Peggy Robertson Director of Development Dave Vogelbacker Director of Finance Michelle Abbruzzese Senior Program Counselor Gerald Lockhart Program Counselor Terron Cobb Program Counselor Rob Stiles Program Advisor Vernon Torbert Operations Advisor Lynn Giordano Employment Specialist

Chanda Carter Cook Steve Lee Cook Cheryl Scott Cook Alberta Bowens Night Staff De Andre' Buie Night Staff Anthony Phillips Housekeeper Carroll Ison Housekeeper James Harrington On-Call Staff Michael Fitchett On-Call Staff Eileen Smith Executive Director (Retired May 2010)


Depaul House 5725 Sprague Street • Philadelphia, PA 19138 Phone: 215-438-3991 • 215-438-1955 Fax: 215-438-1944 •

Depaul USA is part of Depaul International, a group of charities working to support homeless and marginalized people around the world.

Depaul USA 2010 Annual Report  

A reveiw of Depaul USA's achievements in 2010.

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