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11 86 63% 98 4198 92% 1135 40% 859 Children Born Into Services

Families Resettled In Permanent Accommodation

Of Drive Ahead Participants Took Up Employment Or Further Education

Children Worked With In 2009

Keyworking sessions


Service Users Worked With


Dublin Office / 18 Nicholas Street Dublin 8 00353 1 453 7111 / T / E / W

Increase In Volunteer Hours

Belfast Office / 38 University Street Belfast, BT7 1FZ 0044 28 9020 2245 / T / E / W

Visits To The Nurse In 2009


1. Homeless Agency / €4782182 2. Probation services / €470000 3. Ballymun Regeneration / €175000 4. Core rent / €337414 5. Fundraising / €190769 6. Other/SVP / €213454 7. NI recharges / €275394



1. 75%

Expenditure How the money is spent

1. 8


1. Homeless Services / €5109905 2. Outreach/Befriending / €185780 3. Volunteers - EVS/other / €141767 4. HR/services support / €103178 5. Fundraising/Campaigns / €159475 6. Management/Admin/IT/Audit/ Governance / €531829



6. 8%

In 2009 3 Mater Dei Service Users completed a course with the Prince’s Trust. For the course they adopted Mater Dei as their special project, which resulted in a complete renovation in the front garden, producing a more welcoming and child friendly space. Sport was a big focus for Cloverhill in 2009 the residents’ football team captain finished third in the Belfast street league and is to take part in the all Ireland competition in Dublin in 2010. As well as being a great football team, they also spend time training the children of Cloverhill every Wednesday afternoon after school.

– Service User, Tus Nua

Income Where the money is sourced


2. 7

7. 4%


% 5. 3 2%

Depaul Ireland is part of a group of charities working to address homelessness throughout the world, and to reflect this in 2009 the group rebranded to be known as Depaul International . As such we changed our name from Depaul Trust to Depaul Ireland.

Looking to the future we know there are great challenges lying ahead in this recessionary period. There is likely to be increased demand for services and we will be challenged further by cuts in statutory income. In this climate it is imperative for us to raise our profile and encourage others to support our work further as we continue to strive to alleviate the impact of homelessness on the lives of many of the most vulnerable in our society. We hope with the launch of our new website in 2010 that more and more people will learn about us and be encouraged to click that donate button and support our valuable work!

“I would recommend Tus Nua to anyone who wants to make a change in their life. I have really enjoyed things like painting with other women, volunteers and staff while I’ve been here, it is really relaxing.”

2009 €


We engaged in a lengthy and inclusive consultation process with all staff and Service Users to develop our Strategic Plan, ‘Why Not?’ The plan encapsulates for us the approach needed when resources are limited and challenges are great. It holds us to be relevant, flexible, needs responsive, innovative and to continue asking ‘Why Not?’

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our statutory funders on both sides of the border; the Health Service Executive, Dublin City Council, The Probation Service and the Homeless Agency in Dublin and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Belfast Regeneration Office in Northern Ireland. In addition we would especially like to thank the Society of St Vincent de Paul for their ongoing support and collaboration with us.

Republic of Ireland

6. 3% % 5%

Our bed spaces increased by 23 per night with the opening of an emergency service in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone in June. To date, they have had full occupancy and already resettled 14 people in permanent housing. We are delighted that we could respond to the need for this service and move our work beyond Belfast.

In 2009 84 families were referred to Cloverhill and Mater Dei. Families can be referred to the services for a variety of reasons including: overcrowding in their parents house, relationship breakdown, domestic violence, paramilitary intimidation, unemployment and addiction. While living in Depaul projects our families thrive and grow individually and as a family unit. Key to their experience, for many families, is the confidence building, encouragement and practical support they receive and the positive progress this creates.

5. 3

Our Aungier Street project, initially started as a temporary measure 7 years ago, moved to more suitable premises on James Street and adopted Orchid House as its new name.

The name change also represents the growth and development that has taken place in Depaul across the island. We have expanded from a small Dublin based charity to become a significant leader in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in addressing homelessness. In less than 8 years in operation we have grown to deliver 303 bed spaces per night, work in 12 different locations, employ over 200 people and are supported by more than 165 volunteers.



2009 was a significant year for Depaul Ireland involving the development of existing services and the creation of new services. We also launched our new 5 year Strategic Plan entitled ‘Why Not?’ 2009 – 2013


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On behalf of the Board and the Senior Management Team we would like to thank all our dedicated and committed staff and volunteers for their contribution to improving the lives of our Service Users.

BCMT was established in 2006 to specifically work with people in Ballymun. The team continues to do outreach work around the local area, where the primary issues are alcohol misuse and access to housing. In 2009 BCMT team worked with 150 people and received 68 new referrals, 15 people were assisted with move on options, primarily into private rented accommodation. A new development in 2009 has seen 5 Service Users engage in regular reflexology in the office and are benefiting hugely from this. The team also engage with families who are at risk of homelessness.

The Community Befriending Programme was set up in 2006 for men who found it difficult to move out of homelessness due to lack of ‘move on’ accommodation, fear of moving into independent living and high support needs. In 2009 the programme assisted 38 participants with the help of 36 volunteers. The volunteers have carried out support visits and have had the pleasure of accompanying the men on social outings to the IFI and Lighthouse Cinema, the Gaiety Theatre, Electric Picnic workshops, Kilmainham Gaol, Harolds Cross Greyhound Stadium, Ireland V Poland international soccer game in Croke Park, Lyric FM coffee morning in the National Concert Hall and Cinema Nights.

Our Drive Ahead programme, offers disadvantaged young people, the opportunity to undertake a 10 week course supporting them to move towards further training, education or employment. In addition to the ‘soft’ outcomes, young people also complete the course with tangible results. In 2009 Life Coaching was successfully included as part of the personal/social development elements of the programme and 29 people graduated from the programme- that’s a 97% success rate!

2. 4%

Expenditure How the money is spent 1. Homeless Services / £1507992 2. Education/Outreach / £96803 3. Regional costs / £236354 4. Volunteers / £34334 5. HR/services support / £126844 6. Fundraising / £2408 7. Project Admin/IT/Audit / £34594


“I never realised people could go out and have such a good time without drinking”


1. 71




4. 2 11% 3.

• Service Users in Stella Maris completed numeracy and literacy classes throughout the year, 4 Service Users where successfully resettled with floating support from the Eastern Drug and Alcohol Team and follow up support from Stella Maris staff. Service Users were involved in the fundraising effort and ran a coffee morning and a clothing appeal for Depaul night shelter in Bratislava, Slovakia


1. Supporting People / £1527657 2. Belfast Regeneration Office / £92076 3. Housing Benefit/Core rent / £431510 4. Start up income / £10170 5. Fundraising / £46566 6. Other / £35362

7. 2% 6. 0% 5. 6%

• A Needle Exchange/Health Promotion and Harm Reduction Clinic was developed by Clancy Night Shelter. They now have 3 full time staff trained to run these Clinics.


Income Where the money is sourced


• After successfully moving from Aungier Street to James Street, Orchid House began setting up a separate night team. This has been very successful, freeing up time for full time staff to focus on key working, Holistic Needs Assessments and generally assisting with appointments for the Service Users.

Castlehill is the newest edition to Depaul’s emergency services in Northern Ireland. This purpose built accommodation project opened in Dungannon in June 2009. The project has 22 self contained apartments with a bedroom, living/dining area, bathroom and kitchen. All Service Users have access to communal areas and around the clock staff support. The project is open to men and women aged 18+ who are homeless in the area. Many of the Service Users experience challenging addictions, mental health problems and poverty.

2009 £


In 2009 we had a number of new developments

Northern Ireland

6. 2% 5. 2%

In 2009 in our emergency services our committed and professional staff worked with people offering them support through one to one key working, medical care, healthy meals, access to move on and support in addressing their substance misuse issues. Our emergency services for single people and couples include Orchid House, Clancy Night Shelter and Back Lane (a collaboration with the Society of St Vincent de Paul) in Dublin and Stella Maris in Belfast.


Kerry Anthony / Herbie Graham

4. 1% 3. 20


2. 5% 1. 74%

– Jack, Befriending









Republic of Ireland

Tus Nua (a collaboration with the Society of St Vincent de Paul) is the only service of its kind in Ireland, providing interim support for women leaving the Dochas prison before moving into their own independent accommodation.

The first of it kind in Ireland, Sundial House was opened in September 2008 and celebrated its first birthday in 2009. The long term housing project at James Street provides low threshold housing for people who have experienced extended periods of street homelessness and have alcohol misuse issues.

Throughout Depaul Ireland’s projects in Dublin, Service Users have regular access to a peripatetic nurse through our Health Initiative. This team consists of a Clinical Nurse Manager (peripatetic, leading the team), a General Nurse (Sundial House) and a Mental Health Worker (Back Lane). In 2009 the team successfully administered 102 H (1N1) Influenza vaccinations to residents across Dublin projects. There were also 28 staff vaccinations between Clancy, Orchid, Sundial, Backlane and Central offices staff.

Volunteers add to the opportunities that we can offer our Service Users. The support they give is invaluable, providing practical help to Service Users as well as a listening ear. Thanks so much to all 183 volunteers who assisted the projects in 2009 and gave 34,796 hours of volunteering to Depaul.

Depaul Ireland was a hub of activity over the Christmas Period. We launched our first ever Depaul Angels Campaign and First ever Home for Christmas event.

We successfully held our second exhibition at Electric Picnic. This was well attended by the general public with very positive feedback. Service Users attended on the Friday evening and we had a small launch to celebrate. The event was a great success and was covered on RTE’s Nationwide.

Income Where the money is sourced

2009 €


2008 €


2007 €


Homeless Agency Probation services Ballymun Regeneration Core rent Fundraising Other/SVP NI recharges

4782182 470000 175000 337414 190769 213454 275394

75% 7% 3% 5% 3% 3% 4%

4476022 480000 157815 237202 102487 229436 210805

76% 8% 2% 4% 2% 4% 4%

3963479 360000 125541 228411 80451 311041 152807

76% 7% 2% 4% 2% 6% 3%







5109905 185780 141767 103178 159475 531829

82% 3% 2% 2% 3% 8%

4864958 190457 139570 98177 126790 327369

85% 3% 2% 2% 2% 6%

4152048 215179 112203 111712 118670 431543

82% 3% 2% 2% 3% 8%







Income Where the money is sourced

2009 £


2008 £


2007 £


Supporting People Belfast Regeneration Office Housing Benefit/Core rent Start up income Fundraising Other

1527657 92076 431510 10170 46566 35362

71% 4% 20% 1% 2% 2%

1283509 83377 374036 0 50366 20844

71% 5% 20% 0% 3% 1%

875969 81119 248481 59797 11543 11136

68% 6% 19% 5% 1% 1%







1507992 96803 236354 34334 126844 2408 34594

74% 5% 11% 2% 6% 0% 2%

1269819 93944 142604 40894 98084 8391 36900

75% 6% 8% 2% 6% 1% 2%

972583 108679 70855 39299 57745 7061 31237

76% 8% 6% 3% 4% 1% 2%







Tus Nua worked with 17 women in 2009, increasing the occupancy levels by 6% to 90% - the highest level of occupancy since Tus Nua opened on the 18th of February 2003. Service Users participated in the Life’s No Picnic on the Streets art exhibition, at the Electric Picnic Music Festival in County Laois, as well as the Home for Christmas Campaign in the CHQ building in Dublin in December.

Since opening, the project has developed a programme of Service Users activities, including weekly meetings, gardening, art, and music. In addition care plans were developed between the service user and Key Worker, which was monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. The project provided a home to 44 people during 2009.

For the second year in a row Depaul Ireland volunteers were involved in the Life’s No Picnic on the Streets exhibition in September and helped out at the first Home for Christmas event in December. 2009 also saw 2 student placements in Stella Maris, who completed some work on diet, healthy eating and personal hygiene.

Our ‘Home for Christmas’ event at the 12 Days of Christmas Market, in the IFSC, Dublin 1, consisted of children’s art workshops, live music and an arts exhibition created by Depaul Ireland Service Users. All of the artwork on display was a collaboration between professional artists and those living in our 3 city-centre hostels: Tus Nua, Back Lane and Sundial House.

STRATEGIC PLAN LAUNCH The launch of our Strategic Plan 2009-2013 took place in Clifton House, Belfast on Monday 12th October in the presence of the President Mary Mc Aleese. The event was well attended by funders, supporters, staff, volunteers and Service Users. Many thanks to all who helped to make the event a success.


“Having my own key to the house means a lot” – Paddy, Sundial

THANKS TO Bewleys Foundation / Hilden Brewing Company / Wine Inns Limited / Advanced Wax Clinic / McCormicks Fresh Fruit / SAS / Bombardier / ESB Electric Aid / Diageo / Children in Need / People In Need / Loreto Foundation Fund / Dublin Bus Community Fund / Adamswood Investment Ltd / Anglo Irish Bank / Baker Security and Networks / Bank of Scotland / Goldman Sachs / Pod / Douglas Joinery / Berry’s Sandwich / Bayer Healthcare / View Investments / Funeral Services / Hibernian Aviva / SISK / Accenture / First Music Contact / Ogilvy / Tower Records / Premier Foods Ireland / East Coast Inshore Fishin Co Ltd / Queen of Tarts / Paddy Power Bookmaker / Fyffes / OSG / BHP Insurance / Movie House Cinemas / The Front Lounge / Tesco Ireland / B.P. Multipage Ltd / Clinical Collections / Carroll Meats / Henderson Group / Tughans / Paybymobile Ltd / Nolan & Associates / Allianz / Dublin City Council / A & L Goodbody / All Hallows Community College / Duke Special / Snow Patrol and to all other individuals have supported our work throughout the year

Dublin Office / 18 Nicholas Street Dublin 8 00353 1 453 7111 / T / E / W

The ‘Depaul Angels’ campaign asked companies to be an angel and support Depaul Ireland services. We would like to thank our Depaul Angels and we hope to be able to build on this year on year and make it a regular event that grows in the conscience of the general public as well as corporate organisations.

Following on from funding for BBC Children in Need for a Child Support Worker, Cloverhill and Mater Dei participated in a wonderful TV piece. This highlighted the importance of the work we are doing with families and in particular children, it was very moving. Current and past Service Users in Cloverhill and Mater Dei got an opportunity to attend the Children in Need concert in the Queens Hall Belfast.

INVESTORS IN PEOPLE Depaul Ireland gained the Investors in People (IIP) Northern Ireland recognition with the Silver level award. The organisation is the first charity involved in the programme to be accorded with such a high accreditation on their very first assessment. The ceremony, held in Hillsborough Castle, was addressed by Sir Reg Empey, Minister for Employment and Learning.

Expenditure How the money is spent

“Depaul started to build up my confidence and self esteem” – Kevin, Castlehill

Homeless Services Outreach/Befriending Volunteers - EVS/other HR/services support Fundraising/Campaigns Management/Admin/IT/Audit

Northern Ireland

Expenditure How the money is spent Homeless Services Education/Outreach Regional costs Volunteers HR/services support Fundraising Project Admin/IT/Audit Belfast Office / 38 University Street Belfast, BT7 1FZ 0044 28 9020 2245 / T / E / W

A full set of our audited accounts can be downloaded form the Depaul Ireland website /

Depaul Ireland Annual Report 2009  

Annual report of activities in Depaul Ireland for 2009.