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Director David Edmunds

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Welcome to the first Dep Arts season brochure. We are one of the UK’s leading independent Theatre and Dance producers and are responsible for bringing amazing, thought provoking and excellent work to theatres throughout the UK and Internationally. We felt it was time to put all of this wonderful work together in one place and this brochure is the result. In this brochure you will find all the work we are responsible for either producing or touring this coming Spring / Summer and where you can see it, with links to book to see any of the shows featured. For more information on any of the companies, artists or projects featured in this brochure then do visit our website If you visit the ‘What’s On’ section on our website, you can also book to see any of the shows featured this season. We love what we do and feel very proud to share this fantastic work with you. David Edmunds

Dep Arts


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About us Contents PROJECT: New Realities Hull Truck Northern Ballet Verve ponydance PROJECT: Hull Dance Dave & Lucy Pigeon Theatre Joss Arnott Dance Ellie Harrison PROJECT: Incubate AUTUMN PREVIEW Contact details



Dan Bye .................


The Price of Everything

New Realities

Comic, provocative, and possibly a tiny bit sad, this show is a must if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the price of an object and its value. photo credit: David Fisher

The 6 O’clock News

Tour Dates 23/03 Barnsley Civic 02/05 Bradford Theatre 03/05 04/05

in the Mill Bradford Theatre in the Mill Bradford Theatre in the Mill

28/05 Hull Truck Theatre 29/05 Hull Truck Theatre 30/05 Hull Truck Theatre

Urgently topical contemporary performance about the big issues of today. Not yesterday, today. Fancy seeing something a bit out of the ordinary? For the next 3 years, 6 venues we work with in Yorkshire will be putting shows on their stage/s which you won’t/ might not have seen there before.

................. Two Peas Without Levantes Dance

We’ll be working with companies from Yorkshire and beyond which make really exciting new theatre and dance. Some of their work is beautiful, some is strange. Their shows may be witty, unexpected and sometimes they’ll tell delightful stories in interesting ways and we really hope that you’ll join us to have a look. The project is called New Realities and is funded by Arts Council England. This means that we can bring more new companies to those theatres we are working with, support artists from Yorkshire and beyond and work out what will bring audiences to see this sort of work. We are working with marketers Indigo Ltd who helped us create this project and we’re working with them for the next 3 years. We would like to hear what you think about each piece of work so we’ll be doing lots of research as we go along.

a Pod

Explore the essence of partnership and the dynamics of codependency and competitiveness in this fantastical cocoon of colourful activity.

Tour Dates 05/04 Wakefield 12/04 16/05

Theatre Royal Bradford Theatre in the Mill Northern Ballet Leeds

photo credit: Mark Mitchell/Tamsin Drury

Artists Joss Arnott ................. Dark Angel Tour A triple bill of work featuring pieces ‘24’, ‘Origin’ and ‘Threshold’, exploring the power, strength and beauty of the body through an all female cast.


Ellie Harrison ................. Etiquette of Grief

Tour Dates

Grief engages its audience in questions about personal and public notions of grief whilst celebrating our freedom of expression, even in our darkest moments.

18/04 Northern Ballet Leeds

11/05 Wakefield

Theatre Royal

01/06 Barnsley Civic photo credit: Roshana

photo credit: Francois Verbeek

Tour Dates 05/06 Hull Truck Theatre (subject to funding)


Hull Truck

Northern Ballet

Jane Eyre

Ugly Duckling

photo credit: Karl Andre

photo credit: Martin Bell

“I am no bird and no net ensnares me, I am a free human being with an independent will”

HULL TRUCK’S PAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE From a harsh childhood controlled by unfeeling adults, plain little Jane Eyre has to rely on her own courage and convictions to make her way in the world. She longs to teach. She longs to learn. Employed as a governess, she travels across the bleak Yorkshire moors to the mysterious Thornfield Hall – a house of locked doors that holds a dangerous secret. There she meets the strange, sardonic, and intriguing Mr Rochester. Can the constraints of society and the dark past be overcome? Or are strength, conscience and self-reliance more important than following your heart?


Three actors bring to life the classic story of love, loss and redemption in an intriguing new adaptation of one of the great Gothic novels by up-and-coming playwright Laura Turner.

Tour Dates 24/01 Carriageworks Leeds 25/01 Stamford Arts Centre 26/01 Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham 29/01 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 30/01 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 31/01 Waterside Arts Centre, Sale 01/02 Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria 02/02 Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria 04/02 Ark Theatre, Borehamwood 05/02 Ark Theatre, Borehamwood 06/02 Hawthorne Theatre, Welwyn Garden 08/02 Lighthouse, Poole 09/02 Lighthouse, Poole 11/02 Guildhall Theatre, Derby 12/02 Guildhall Theatre, Derby Click to see more dates

“It’s all a spellbinding treat - poignant when it has to be, but with fine comic touches” - The Stage

UGLY DUCKLING’S PAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE A poor duckling is lonely and fed-up, shunned by those around her who see her as too ugly to fit in. Follow the duckling on her journey as she overcomes her troubles and turns into a beautiful swan, beginning a happy new life. Retelling the famous Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, Northern Ballet’s Ugly Duckling is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to the magic of live ballet, music and theatre.

Tour Dates 12/03 Middlesborough Theatre 13/03 Hexham Queen’s Hall 15/03 Liverpool Everyman Theatre 16/03 Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield 19/03 Dance City, Newcastle 20/03 Kala Sangam, Bradford 22/03 Whitby Pavilion Theatre 23/03 The Maltings, Berwick 26/03 The Grand Theatre, Blackpool 28/03 The Curve, Leicester 04/04 The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness 05/04 The Duke’s Theatre, Lancaster 06/04 Harrogate Theatre 09/04 Barnsley Civic 10/04 Hull Truck Theatre 13/04 The Junction, Goole




Verve ‘13

Anybody Waitin’?

photo credit: andy ross

“Outstanding…a mixed bill that, while challenging, illustrated superbly the dancers’ fluidity, strength and theatricality”-Dancing Times VERVE’S PAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE A thrilling, physically-charged work by James Wilton, utilising his popular blend of dance with martial arts and capoeira; a series of heart-warming episodes by Ben Wright, combining dance with music and comedy; a quirky, technical work by Frauke Requardt; and a fresh, direct piece of dance theatre by Angus Balbernie. With 12 dancers fresh from intensive training at some of the world’s leading conservatoires, Verve is well known for passionate, dynamic and invigorating performances.


V 13

Tour Dates 08/03 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 14/03 Hull Truck Theatre 21/03 Ciramedia, Bristol 23/04 Queen’s Hall, Hexham 26/04 Gulbenkian, Canterbury 30/04 Gardyne Theatre, Dundee 09/05 Alhambra, Bradford 14/05 The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 23/05 Hertford Theatre 24/05 The Place, London 03/06 Le March Pied 14/06 Landmark Theatre, Devon 19/06 Fallibroom Theatre, Mansfield 25/06 Royal Opera House (2) 28/06 The Lowry, Manchester 05/07 Northern School of Contemporary Dance

photo credit: Brian Farrell, Neil Hainsworth

“The audience went mad for the show and happily got involved...ponydance are the absolute epitome of a fun night out”- kilkenny arts blog

PONYDANCE’S PAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE In ‘Anybody Waitin’?’ Leonie is waiting for Paula, Paula is waiting for a man, Bryan is waiting to be included. We are all waiting for something, mostly for something to happen. A sexy, funny show, featuring additional footage of this Irish troupe entertaining local shopkeepers with their sassy dance moves. You’ll never look at florists in the same way again.

Tour Dates 12/01 Calgary International Arts Festival 19/01 Calgary International Arts Festival 05/02 Melbourne Gala 06/02 Melbourne Gala 07/02 Melbourne Speigeltent 08/02 Melbourne Speigeltent 09/02 Melbourne Speigeltent 10/02 Melbourne Speigeltent 11/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 12/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 13/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 14/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 15/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 16/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 17/02 Perth Fringeworld Festival 20/02 Adelaide Fringe 16/03 Adelaide Fringe 17/03 St Patrick’s Day Parade, Australia 20/03 Adelaide Fringe 28/03 La MaMa, New York 29/03 La MaMa, New York 30/03 La MaMa, New York




Ockham’s Razor ................. Arc

Examines the instability of relationships, as three people find themselves stranded together, stranded in the air

Tour Dates 17/01 Hull Truck Theatre

Momento Mori Hull Dance is a partnership between the City Council and Dep Arts. Since 2008 under the banner of Hull Dance, we have presented shows at many Hull Venues including Hull Truck Theatre, City Hall, Hull College, The Ferens Live Art Space and Pave. We have commissioned and programmed companies including Phoenix Dance, Ballet Lorent, Vincent Dance Theatre, c-12, Verve, Company Chameleon and Retina.

photo credit: Nik Mackey

Award winning duet performed on a suspended metal frame based on Holbein’s woodcuts of “The Dance of Death’, where death is represented as a skeleton that dances each of us to our grave.

Every Action

The aim of Hull Dance is to bring exciting, engaging, world class dance to Hull and aid the development of local and regional dance artists.

Four strangers meet before 25 meters of suspended rope, exploring a world where everything you do will affect someone, somewhere.

Dep Arts continue to manage all aspects of Hull Dance including programming and managing each session of work presented by Hull Dance in conjunction with Hull Truck Theatres and the other venues we work with in the city. Due to a recent successful grant application to the Arts Council England, we have been able to employ a dedicated producer for Hull Dance as part of an exciting programme of work over the next 2 years.

Verve ................. Verve ‘13

An innovative and athletic programme of dance theatre shaped by four leading international choreographers: James Wilton, Ben Wright, Frauke Requardt and Angus Balbernie. With 12 dancers fresh from intensive technical training at some of the world’s leading conservatoires, Verve is well known for passionate, dynamic and invigorating performances.




photo credit: Andy Ross

Tour Dates 14/03 Hull Truck Theatre


Dave & Lucy

Pigeon Theatre


The Smell Of Envy

photo credit: Brian Slater

photo credit: Mathew Angave

“Definitely more than ‘out of the ordinary’, for it’s performance value, it’s script and it’s emotive value”-ArtSMART

A duet. One with no legs. One with no clue. David Toole, acclaimed for his work as an actor and dancer on stage and screen. His credits are numerous, his critics adoring, his biggest fan about to partner him in an extraordinary duet.

Tour Dates 11/05 Contact Theatre, Manchester 17/05 Embrace Arts, Leicester 18/05 DEDA, Derby 23/05 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

How will naïve Lucy Hind fare? How will she contain herself in the presence of her idol? A most extraordinary journey of selfdiscovery awaits them both in this incredibly funny, moving and at times soberingly trenchant dance piece.



“What is the smell of desire? Of loathing, love and longing? What is the smell of a telephone conversation with your dead father?” A studio-based theatre show with four performers, investigating the neuroscience and psychology of spatial and olfactory memory; an immersive and interactive performance exploring childhood, envy, love, loathing and death. Pigeon Theatre return to national touring with yet another fantastic Lecture theatre work by Artistic Director Anna Fenemore (Lecture in Theatre Performance at the University of Leeds) and Gillian Knox (Lecturer at LIPA) this is set to be another example of Pigeon Theatre’s skill in innovative immersive and sensory performance.

Tour Dates 06/02 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 13/02 Peninsula Arts, Plymouth 21/02 Axis Arts Centre, Crewe 01/03 Stage@Leeds 08/03 Z Arts, Manchester 13/03 York St John’s University 20/03 UCLAN 18/04 Mumford Theatre, Cambridge 24/04 Capestone Theatre, Liverpool 17/05 Welcome Institute, London



Joss Arnott Dan

Ellie Harrison

The Dark Angel Tour

Etiquette of Grief


photo credit: Roshana

photo credit: Francois Verbeek

“The work was fierce and totally rock and roll” -Lesley Perez

The highly technical and fast paced company Joss Arnott Dance present a triple bill, THE DARK ANGEL - featuring pieces 24, Origin, and Threshold, created by Artistic Director Joss Arnott.


which is inspired by the themes and concepts explored within the Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty. This all female cast explodes onto the stage with energetic and elegant choreography.


joss arnott

Tour Dates 18/04 Northern Ballet, Leeds 11/05 Wakefield Theatre Royal 01/06 Barnsley Civic

a new commission for 2012 sees artistic director Joss Arnott take to the stage and dance a fluid yet intense solo that explores Joss’s fascination with the body.

demonstrates the strength and power of this all female cast as they contort themselves into hyper mobile yet beautiful positions.


Etiquette of Grief is a playful and provocative solo show by Leeds-based artist Ellie Harrison. Ellie’s distinctive brand of solo performance blends interactive digital alter-egos, audience games and plenty of port in a step-by-step guide to coping with bereavement. Forming the first part in Ellie’s seven part series of projects, The Grief Series, Etiquette of Grief engages its audience in questions about personal and public notions of grief whilst celebrating our freedom of expression, even in our darkest moments.


Threshold is a highly energetic piece that

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it, either as meaningful or as funny” - Audience member, 2010


Song, sandwich-making, confessions and games make for an interactive 60 minute performance that’s already enjoyed a successful tour to a broad range of venues in the UK and abroad.

Tour Dates 04/06 Stage@Leeds 05/06 Hull Truck Theatre 11/06 Old Fire Station, Oxford 12/06 Colchester Arts Centre 19/06 Lantern Theatre, Sheffield 05/07 New Cut Arts, Suffolk 13/07 Key Theatre, Peterborough (all subject to funding)




Unc anny T h e atre photo credit:

Instructions for a Better Life

Incubate is Dep Arts’ programme for emerging artists. It is designed for artists or companies who have made one or two shows and are now looking to develop themselves and their work further.

As people struggle to make sense of their lives, Uncanny have leaped into action looking at what people believe without question and attempt to unpick the oddity of what we think we think.

Part “choose-your-ownadventure”, part shadow play and part manic romp through human psychology, Uncanny stretch the logic to breaking point in a show that is visually arresting, absurdly funny.



We support up to five companies a year via Incubate. We are really excited about the current companies we have on the programme and what they have planned for 2013, here’s a little bit more about them and what they are up to.

To u r ing 2 013 INCUBATE’S PAGE


F ine Chisel Theatr e Midnight at the Boar’s Head Outside the land is burning. But in the bar, music is playing, drink is flowing and there are stories to be told. A foot-stomping romp, with live music through the words of Shakespeare.

photo credit:

Firing Blanks Richard is infertile. Kate, a fierce-witted teenager he meets on a park bench, is an unlikely therapist. Firing Blanks is a fresh, FINE CHISEL THEATRE’S PAGE funny and moving play OFFICIAL WEBSITE about donor conception (and ducks) with an original live score.



N 2013

Joss Arnott Dance Double Bill: Threshold & Aria

Aria: Joss’s strong female cast explode onto the stage exploring your darkest sinful confessions. Threshold: Using vigorous and technical choreography watch as the dancers contort themselves through hyper mobility, exploring invasion of territory and the development of relationships.

New Brochure Coming May 2013 Stans Cafe

photo credit: Francois Verbeek

Uncanny Theatre

The Just Price Of Flowers

A play about the 2008 financial collapse, set in 17th Century Netherlands, paying homage to the great theatre maker Bertolt Brecht.

Instructions For A Better Life

As people struggle to make sense of their lives, Uncanny have leaped into action looking at what people believe without question and attempt to unpick the oddity of what we think we think.

The Anatomy Of Melancholy photo credit: Graeme Braidwood

Bringing The Anatomy Of Melancholy, perhaps the world’s most extraordinary self-help manual, to the stage.

Altered Skin

photo credit:

The Enough Project


Evermore we are given the power as an audience member, well this is your chance to be part of the audience in a TV style game show…..Power Games is a highly charged, compelling and playful exploration of the forces that shape our destiny.

Brimming & Something Right

By Emma Adams & Cathy Crabb. What does it mean to have enough in 2013? In a world battered by a financial crisis and with natural resources at breaking point. The Enough Project was devised to respond to one simple question - What is Enough?

photo credit: Simon Richardson

Balbir Singh Dance Company

photo credit: Sara Teresa

2Faced Theatre

A Triple Bill

photo credit: Chris Nash

Play Of Percentages: Explores movement on a spectrum scale between two points. Trespass#II: Classical Indian and contemporary dance forms collide confidently. Decreasing Infinity: a dynamic male duet, based around an intensely rhythmic structure.

ponydance ponypanto Watch as this award winning comedy dance Theatre Company unleashes a new light onto the Panto seasons and shows what actually happens at the Office Christmas Party.

Out Of His Skin The UK’s leading all male dance company takes you on a ride as one man searches for the next high, the next hit and the next big thing.

photo credit: Brian Slater

Nick Ahad A Muslamic Love Story Three lives collide in a story of race, racism, hate and love in a controversial new play that tells an untold story of contemporary Britain.

photo credit: Brian Farrell

Interplay This Land: The Story of Woody Guthrie

Told in Woody’s own words, Interplay return to tell the story of his life.

Freida & Diego


photo credit:

A passionate, impressionistic look at an artist whose life and work, both tragic and triumphant, increasingly speak to the sensibilities of today.

View all our artists here


Contact Details ..and social media

photo credit: Sara Teresa

Dep Arts Yorkshire Dance Centre 3 St Peter’s Building Leeds West Yorkshire LS9 8AH +44(0) 113 234 6911

Dep Arts


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Dep Arts Spring/Summer Brochure 2013  
Dep Arts Spring/Summer Brochure 2013  

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