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Angy Fernández Angy Fernández is an actress of the programe “Física o Química”. I love she. In the programe now in the last time, Paula´s got a boy friend called Gorka. In the school, Zurbarán were there happen a lot of problems : fights and other problems. His brother is Isaac, and he goes to the same class.

Angy (Paula) is pregnant woman. Gorka, is the father, he´s very happy because is the father. Paula is very happy, but she´s nervous. Her friends (Yoli, Fer, Ruth…) help Paula with all. They´re very good friends they´re in all. All the school knows, Paula´s pregnant woman, the teachers, the headteacher, the students…

In the reality Angy is… Angy isn´t a pregnant woman. She´s got short black hair, her eyes are brown dark. She´s got 19 years old. She isn´t tall,she is short.She lives in Madrid. In the reality the actors and actress are her friends too, Adam, Úrsula, Maxi, Andrea, Javier, and a lot more. The teachers go only they, they aren´t friends of the students, but they work together, like it or not.

In the programme . . . The actors are friends too, they got fights or problems but they all are friends. Some teachers are married, or with a boy or girl friend. They all are friends, but sometimes they got problems, but then all is OK.

The programme (FĂ­sica o QuĂ­mica) is . . . Very famous. Lot of adolescents, see the programme every week. A lot of they are hooked, because, in my opinion is very interesting and funny. A important part of adolescents, say the same I say.

In the programme, Paula´s friends . . . Are more or less all the class. They all are friends. Paula´s very good friends are… Ruth, Cabano, Coba, Yoli, Fer, Alma, and Jan. They all help all to all. Are good friends.

Sandra Blázquez ( Alma) . . . Is one of Paula´s friend. Isn´t a very good friend for Paula, but is a good friend. Is new in the school, and Paula not trust in Alma as other of her friends.

Cabano (Maxi Iglesias) . . . Is other of her friends. In a time, he was her boy friend for a short time. Is a very good friend for Paula she knows about he a lot. Sometimes they got problems, but are good friends.

Coba (Leonor Martín) . . . Her clothes are strange, and her hair is dirty, but is a very good Paula´s friend, they are very friends. They help … Her dreadlocks are false, but nobody knows.Time left she said. Then she remove the dreaslocks.

Fer (Javier Calvo) . . . Fer is a very good friend of Paula. Fer is gay. He loves David, one student of his class. David is new in the class. Later David is his boy friend. Paula and Fer are very united. For Fer, Paula is as her sister.

Jan (Jan). Is a good friend of Paula. He was the boy friend of Paula. He returns to his country ( China) because his parents forced him. His parents did not want than Jan was Paula´s boy friend. Paula loved him much, but now is with Gorka.

Úrsula Corberó (Ruth) . . . Is a good friend, but sometimes they have serius problems about boys, but the all the things are good. They are united they do a lot of things together: go shopping, do the homework . . .

Andrea Duro (Yoli) . . . Is a very very good Paula´s friend. Is the best friend for Paula. They are a very good friends. They do all together: study, do the homework, go shopping, do works . . . They are very united. They never got problems or fights.


Angy Fernández  

Angy Fernández Angy Fernández is an actress of the programe “Física o Química”. I love she. In the programe now in the last time, Paula´s go...

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