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has to include be briefthe mention theauthor’s topic ofopinion the essay - It MUST

- Ideas that support the author’s opinion

- More ideas to reinforce author’s opinion Any opinions in favour of P.E. in UK schools?

- Same idea stated in your introduction, just using different words

Other expressions of opinion: -Personally, … -If you ask me, … -I agree/disagree with… -I am in favour/against…

Expressions of Opinion

Sequence connectors

Other sequence connectors: -In the first place, … -In the second place, … -Lastly, … -In addition, … -Besides, … -Moreover,… -Furthermore, …

Other cause and effect connectors: -Because of… -Due to… -As a result,… -So, … -Therefore,… -For this reason, … -Thus,…

Cause and Effect

Write an essay (100 – 120 words) in which you express your opinion on the following topics (choose one): -Should school canteens serve only healthy food? -Do you agree with all existing “slim-fast” diets nowadays? Hey, just one final remark… Show the examiner that you know a lot of words/expressions related to health: healthy eating, unhealthy food, daily exercise, nutritious food, to lose weight, balanced diet, light meal, to be fit, junk food, pre-packaged food, to go on a diet, etc.

Opinion Essays (2011)  

How to write opinion essays

Opinion Essays (2011)  

How to write opinion essays