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April - June 2010 Volume 35, Issue 1 A Newspaper about teens, for teens, and by teens

Homicide Rates in Chicago Shakes Lawmakers by Jessie Mack Urban Prep Senior

Chicago is the one of the greatest sightseeing cities in America. However, would that change if tourist were aware of the crime level? Within the last three years, a period of killings has been taken place in our streets of Chicago. According to local newspapers, Chicago has the highest rate of homicides with 113 in the year 2010 alone. Therefore, because of this issue, Chicago Democratic Representatives John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford believe that its time to call in some higher authorities because the great efforts of the police have went without effect. However, when Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis was confronted about the idea of the National Guards patrolling the street, it stated that the National Guards was not the best answer, and that the police should focus on civilian law enforcement. On the other hand, if Governor Pat Quinn was to deploy the troops, life as we know it will change.

Crime infesting the south side of Chicago almost everyday - Photo taken on the south side of Chicago

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How do this recession affect you? (Page 5)

All male school, Urban Prep, gets every senior into college (Page 7)

One of the greatest movies of all time? (Page 17)


New Expression

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(continued from pg. 1) Reason is because the law will be over-enforced and this will cause situations to come up that were never meant.

It seems that the government is being called upon because officials don’t have any other plans to prevent the constant killing streaks. There is another way to approach this kind of issue. The Chicago Police Department should be retrained to patrol the streets and to answer calls faster. The police are here to provide protection to the citizens of Chicago and they have to work towards being effective on the streets to control the events that take place.

Youth Communication Chicago is a proud participant in Put Illinois to Work …

Put Illinois to Work Put Illinois to Work program is an initiative of Governor Pat Quinn to create jobs throughout Illinois and provide employment experience to those hardest hit by this recession. Put Illinois to Work is funded by the State of Illinois and federal funding made available in the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Emergency Contingency Fund created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Through Put Illinois to Work, unemployed and underemployed Illinois residents can be placed into subsidized employment positions for up to six months. Under the subsidized employment model, the wages of the participant are provided by state/federal funding, and the employer must provide supervision and training of the participant for the duration of the placement. See The funding expires on September 30, 2010. Therefore all subsidized employment placements must end by that date.

April-June 2010

Minister Mark Smith, 21, at the First Pentecostal in Chicago says, “this will have a major impact on the youth because never have tanks gone down a city street and its going to be hard for children in grade levels K-3 to replace a police care with a tank. However, the youth can help by helping themselves and by staying out of trouble. Years ago, parents use to tell their children to be in the house as soon the street lights turn on but now-adays children stay out past their time and this is one of the major reasons as to why a lot of these events take place because the youth aren’t aware of their time outside.”

New Expression

In my opinion, the idea sounds great. However, deploying the guards would be taking it over board because of its affect on our younger children when growing up. A guard on every corner, holding guns, patrolling the streets with tanks could startle our young ones because of this law binding decision.

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16th and State

Columbia C OL L E G E


It is that time of the year again, and I want to present to you New Expressions last issue for the year. I can really say that this time around has been one of the best time for us. With several of our staff members graduating, and production picking up, I have been very fulfilled with the success we have had thus far. New Expression wants to brighten up the youth. The cover story selection is one example of the empowerment us teens realize we can have on to our peers. We feel that it is important that we continue to keep the standard in which we always report, but add more flavor in our style. In this paper, you will get much more variety and informative selections. We understand our peers and we use our connection in order to create our paper. New Expression has done that for over 33 years now and will continue to do so. I am extremely proud of where we have come and I have worked diligently hard to help build what was almost destroyed. However, we still have work to do. In this issue, we have much more to offer and more student participation. As I take off on my journey at Northwestern, I can trust that New Expression will continue to be vital to our communities for many more years.

Sections Cover Story: National Guard (Page 1 & 2) Featured Stories: Who’s Recession Is It (Page 5) Urban Prep Seniors Get 100% (Page 7) CPS (Page 8)

Entertainment Chicago Meet Atlanta (Page 13) iPad (Page 16) Avatar Review(Page 17)

Urban Summer Journalism Workshop (Page 9)

April-June 2010

Deontae Moore

April-June Issue 2010

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A Note From the Editor-inChief

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Comics (Page 21 & 22)


President’s Desk

Deontae Moore

(A Word About New Expression)

Rachael Cain Board President of YCC

Urban Prep (Editor -in-Chief)

Sparkle Rucker Walter Payton

My life has been both challenging, and exciting since the last issue of New Expression. I have been traveling, and performing, as a DJ & vocalist, while balancing my volunteer work with Youth Communication Chicago. I have also been running my corporation 1Houseinc, which has Trax Records, and many other projects under its umbrella. If this sounds like a full schedule to you, there are still a lot more duties I fulfill, and I advise you that this is what it takes to make it in today’s world.

Chevelle Blackburne Mother McAuley

Jessie Mack Urban Prep

Lynda Lopez Prosser Career Academy

Effrin Alexander Best High School

Adero Neely Our organization had a lecture series that introduced us to some of the top professionals in the field of journalism, and I must say that I learned a lot. We are totally involved in a social revolution call the Internet. The world is moving fast! This has changed our lives, as we know them, and every industry around us. You might be saying that’s for the adults but these rapid changes effect you as well. New laws are being written everyday to protect intellectual property, yet new innovations are evolving so quickly that the details can’t be kept up with.

(continued on pg. 12)

Kenwood Academy

Danielle Fabian Mother McAuley

Kristopher Fullington Daniel Hale Williams Prep

Talea Hughes Tinley Park


Urban Prep - Senior •••

In today's time, the youth in America do not

"Peoples thoughts today is, I get a dollar back if I let one go", said Gregg Lunceford, Wealth Advisor Director for Harris Bank. “Everyone wants to hold on to a dollar. What they don't realize is that the dollar keeps a good cash flow,” said Is it a Recession or a Progression? You decide where you want to go in this economy. - Getty Lunceford. Problems aren't really just hurting Images individuals but its affecting the banks as well. This recession was explained in the news “a time of healing,” said Lunceford.

The recession has been around for two years now. The word recession, according to the Australian Financial Review, has been defined as a period of general economic decline, part of usual business cycle, meaning that this not just something that happens spontaneously but it is a reoccurring event. Therefore, it can be said that our youth are not as affected by this “recession” as adults are. Observation proves that students spend more

The recession really is not as bad as it seem but if we the youth, including the adults, make budgets and plan out everything that we are going to do, you will come to realize that you will no longer be in a recession; you will be in a progression. Slowly and surely our government is getting better. It is not about the recession, it’s about being a better spender.

Browse the Internet...

through us

April-June 2010

The United States suffered its first recession back in 1797 and 1800. It was called the panic of 1797, and it was primarily caused by the deflating effects of the Bank of England, as they crossed the ocean to American soil, according to

seem to be affected by the recession and evidence proves that they are yet getting and buying what they want, despite the current conditions our country is facing.

New Expression

money on name brand clothes than anything. Meanwhile, several students have yet to accept this recession as something that’s for the worst. “I’m not in a recession, I’m in a progression,” said Ebony Taylor, 17. “The recession makes us think wiser about how people spend their money and it makes them spend their funds on necessary things."

by Jessie Mack

Well, if the recession does not affect the youth, then who does it affect? The answer is simple, the adults. They are the ones responsible for making decisions and paving the way for growing our young adults. It’s not the youth’s fault that the country is in a recession and truthfully they may not know much about it, if anything. However, the spending habits of adults must change to that of a responsible spender. As far as the youth, they practically buy what they desire. We must manage our spending habits.

April-June Issue 2010 Page 5

Who’s Recession Is It?

New Expression

New Expression

April-June Issue 2010

Caffeine Spike, high school students drink to make the grade

Page 6

FEATURED STORY by Lynda Lopez Prosser Career Academy - Senior


According to, about one in five students get the adequate eight hours of sleep at night. “I have about 6-7 hours of homework every night,” says Lane Tech senior Hajar Jouglaf, “and by the time I finish, I have to wake up in an hour or two and go to school.” Staying up without sleep can be difficult to handle, but Jouglaf has found an efficient way to do so. “I have become dependent on caffeine this year because I need something to keep me awake during those stressful nights” Jouglaf says. Caffeine has also become a helpful aid for Niles West senior Suhail Ansari. "I use caffeine when I need to pull an all-nighter which is probably once or twice a month,” he says. Two other students at Niles West indicate the prevalence of Redbull and Monster at their school. Evelyn Nunez, a junior at Walter Payton, has never actually felt the need to take caffeine to stay awake, but she regularly stays up late doing homework. “Lately, I have had to stay up until 1 or 2am, or even later, doing homework.” Other students at Walter Payton and other selective enrollment schools indicate the same lack of sleep, which makes caffeine a necessity for many students. Energy Drinks are one of the most popular forms of caffeine. The New York Times indicates that 1 in 3 teenagers regularly drink energy drinks. “Caffeine has become the most widely used stimulant among adolescents,” says Mark Stein, a professor and psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “It may keep them awake, but if not taken in moderation, the consequences can include heartaches, increased perspiration, and greater anxiety.” Another mechanism used by students around Chicago to stay awake and get good grades is performance enhancing drugs. The 2008 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, a national survey of more than 6,500 teens, ages 12-17, shows that 1 in 5 teens have abused a prescription drug, and nearly 30 percent say they have a close friend who uses prescription stimulants. “Some students use it before a test or to stay up late studying,” says Tom Hedrick, one of the founding members of Partnership for a Drug Free America. “Students are trying to get into the best schools, so they resort to using ADHD or Adderall.” These drugs can cause increased blood pressure, increased hyperactivity, and even death in some cases, says Hendrick. “Students need to understand that it’s okay to be a “B” student. Risking your life isn’t worth an A on a test.” New Expression tried to reach a few students who were allegedly using performance enhance drugs, but they refused to comment. Hajar Jouglaf says that she does not take drugs, but caffeine will continue to be of aid for her on those nights filled with homework. “It’s ridiculous and tiring but I’m hoping that it will pay off."

April-June 2010

a world of rising tuition and shrinking admissions rates at top colleges, students in high school are facing competition at unprecedented levels. Students are going to extreme measures to stay awake and make the grade: ADHD drugs, coffee, and energy drinks are just some of the tools students are using. Lack of sleep is a reason students are taking these stimulants.

New Expression

Ever tried pulling an all-nighter, well this guy could sure use another alternative to try and stay awake to do all this work - Getty Images


New Expression

April-June Issue 2010 Page 7 New Expression

Urban Prep Seniors Gets 100 Percent African American young men changes stereotypes and think about college by Deontae Moore Urban Prep - Senior •••


rban Prep has completed a

mission, which most people believed was not possible: getting every single senior into a college. Not only will every senior go to a four-year college or university, they will prove that African American men can live beyond barriers and can look defy all stereotypes. The process was not easy for every senior to reach this goal. It took long hours by the college counseling center and commitment from every senior. Senior Milan Byrdwell, who will attend University of Rochester to

study Engineering, was one of the first to get a college acceptance at Urban Prep. He was proud when he heard that every single senior was accepted into a college. “It looks good for the school and also for the students.” Paris Williams, who will be attending Georgetown to study business says that “it was unreal… you didn’t think it would happened but it did.” He also says that he was glad to see how that every student got into their top college, or the college they were interested in. “Everyone reached their goal that they have been working on for the past four years.” When you were accepted into a college, you were given a red and gold striped tie. Usually at Urban Prep, a student must wear a red tie. But Urban Prep wanted to acknowledge every senior who was college bound by adding the gold stripe. In October, when students Rayvaughn Hines, Milan Byrdwell, Quentin Davis, Esko Peterson,

Demetrius Travis, Andrew Murphy and myself were the first to receive the striped ties, we knew it would be a while before seeing every senior have one propped on their neck. “We can do it, everyone has a chance to graduate and go to college,” Byrdwell says as he comments on how African American men inspired a community to put education first. He adds that there should be no excuses for those who choose to be mediocre. Urban Prep has done more than accomplish a great goal. It has allowed other African America men to look forward to a better future. “Most of the students have younger brothers, and if they see their older brother going to college, they will try to do the same thing,” Williams says. Visit for more stories of this historical moment

April-June 2010

All Urban Prep Senior Accepted into a four year college or university with Mayor Daley and Ron Huberman. (Photo taken from Chicago Tribune)

April-June Issue 2010

Page 8

“Without knowledge the world is dark and CPS is not paying the bill”

New Expression

FEATURED STORY Quick Quiz: What do you think is the most important thing when heading off to college

Answer - Although all these elements are critical as you head off to college, YCC agreed that choice E is the best answer. Time is key to college and being able to manage school work and character development takes discipline

Word of Advice: “When you are disciplined and know how to manage your time in college you get farther rather than procrastinating and no having a plan for any crisis.” - Deontae Moore

by Sparkle Rucker Walter Payton - Junior ••• In 2009 Chicago high schools suffered a huge budget cut- more than $11.2 million. Programs that were cut were those, which encourage middle school and high school students, to prepare for a higher education. Along with other programs that helped incoming freshmen get ready for high school, the CPS college Bridge Program was cut entirely, saving about $1.2 million ( Many students were disappointed that education was taken from them, and also wonder how important the school system really is to the government.

April-June 2010

(a) Financial Aid Packet to be Completed (b) Getting Accepted into the University of your Choosing (c) Acquiring Studying Skills (d) Being Social (e) Learning about time management and discipline at college

New Expression

“In my junior year, I applied for College Bridge, and I did so with an eager spirit and a mind that was ready to learn,” says Jacqueline Cervera of Kenwood Academy. “When it came to my knowledge that College Bridge was being cancelled, I was greatly disappointed in the school system for denying not only my class the opportunity to prepare for college, but it would effect many generations to come. I hope that the program will not be cancelled for long … so that many more students will not miss out on this opportunity.” The CPS college bridge program taught high school students college level courses of their choice. Upon successfully completing the program, high school students were able to receive college credits - free of charge - thus saving money on college. “Everyone deserves a chance to go to and prepare for college. That is what College Bridge provides,” says Tia Booker. The question of how this cut will affect the future of education in the CPS system is important. Many feel as though with out the College Bridge Program many teens won’t be as interested in college. “Being in a college environment makes teens eager because they are able to have such a mature experience,” asserts Arteria Mixon, a parent. “Many hope that government will see that by keeping this program thatº college life may becomes less of an intimidation and more of a privilege. This experience makes teens look forward to college. Without it, there is no excitement or comfort about college. “ Taking away the college program is taking away a better future. It is expected that because of the program cut - the amount of students going to college may be cut too. “The college programs made me feel like Chicago actually wanted me to excel, but by seeing such a program cut, I wonder if the government really cares about the youth,” says Timara Rucker, of Bronzeville.

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Youth Communication Chicago: Urban Summer Journalism Workshop

Youth Communication Chicago: Urban Summer Journalism Workshop


New Expression

April-June Issue 2010 Page 10

Series to Slide through Summer: by Chevelle Blackburne •••

1) Twilight Series

New Expression

• Twilight • New Moon • Eclipse • Breaking Dawn

Caption of the book Twilight Getty Images

2) The House of Night Series • Marked • Betrayed • Chosen • Untamed • Hunted • Tempted • Burned Another series for vampire lovers, The House of Night series is a recent and obviously long range of stories that in some way or another end happily. Not as predictable as they seem, the writers P. C. Cast and Kristen Cast out do themselves in finding the best ways to make teenage life seem a lot more complicated than your own. Through make-ups, breakups and being officially marked as a vampire Zoey Redbird really knows how to work. As cheesy as it may sound, she actually forms a beautiful role model for many young women. Her message throughout the series is that your family always comes first and to love; love anyone and everyone. She makes it through every trial and finds a way to feel like whatever nearly kills her, makes her stronger.

Caption of the cover Betrayed Getty Images

3) Boys that Bite Series • Boys that Bite • Girls that Growl • Stake That This is another heads up for the vampire lovers. However, this is also a good series for those who don't enjoy reading fairly large books and/or series. The entire series includes a total of three novels, each long enough to be read in less than a week for even the slowest of readers. Although the story begins with the 'hawt guy' and the 'hated, popular cheerleaders' the plot twists the entire idea of vampire series into it's own original theme of 'sharing can or cannot be caring' and what not. The protagonists are twin sisters, named Rayne and Sunshine, Luckily, the story ends fairly happy instead of what the scary action prepares you for. This series has been rated many times as four stars and above for its excellence in writing and message. Caption of the cover Boy That Bite - Getty Images

April-June 2010

Now if you haven't read this series yet you are really missing out. It focuses on the life of a teen, Bella Swan, who has moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington only to find that the weather won't be the only dramatic effect of this so-called 'dreadful' trip. She falls in love with something a little more than a man: a vampire. The series involves much action and fighting scenes, more romance than you can imagine and enough surprises for the rest of your reading days. Though the books grow in size as you move deeper into the series you'll soon find your connection with the vampire life and fall in love with your very own character of choice. Sooner or later you will be seen in Team Edward and/or Team Jacob shirts and one would say that the series has captured your heart like the many others.

Page 11

New Expression

April-June 2010

(continued from page 2)

Sometimes the barrage of media today has no fact checking, and a lot of what you read is incorrect. Do you rely on Wikipedia? People write things about my company that is not accurate, and I don’t have the time to keep changing them.

April-June 2010

What I want to tell all of you is to take a good look at your career path, and learn about all of the facets that make it work. Be prepared to be your own marketing team, and do any job that needs to be done, from sweeping the floors, to delivering a multi-million dollar presentation on Wallstreet. Learn things from those around you, and never be too proud, or think that you are too good to listen to anyone. Seek out people who are working in positions that you are interested in, and be a gopher if necessary to get your foot in the door. My recommendation is to make a thorough investigation about what you want to achieve: listen, learn, and most important of all, act on making real progress! My final thought about the subject is believe in your dreams, while working towards them everyday, and remember to appreciate your life along the way.

New Expression

A few years back, a great reporter could do thorough research, and if he had notable skill presenting the facts, or artfully telling a story, it might be published. Today, you need to shoot your own photographs, use the web to call attention to your stories, produce your own video segments, and even be ready to present them on camera if necessary. These are not beneficial times for tunnel vision direction, and those you won’t change, evolve and keep learning, or are just plain lazy… That is not to say that the old ways were not as important, or that the talent then was less skilled.

Page 12

Rachael’s Letter (cont.)

F.A.M Records think they are the cashiers


Walter Payton - Junior •••

Critics of the music industry claim that it is in dire need of change. Many artists have attempted to rise to the occasion, including several artists united under one record label called F.A.M. (Finest Among Many), one of the first youth ran labels out today. This label has been created by the youth to prove that they are the “finest among many.”

Along with encouraging entrepreneurship, the youth-run-label also strives “to give confidence to the inner city youth, and demonstrates a positive alternative for their emotions and creativity,” says Zakharria, a rap artist, 17. The youth-run company encourages teens and adults everywhere to go for their goals - no matter how far out of the reach may seem. This influences youth to strive to excel in life.

April-June 2010

“Right now, the music industry has no purpose but to make money - we want to encourage and entertain,” says Rashad Jennings 19. He adds that what makes this record label different from many others is that teens have done the research in order to successfully develop their own business.

New Expression

by Sparkle Rucker

Page 13

The Game Needs Change

In order to rise to the top, they feel it is important to defeat all competition and fairly prove why they truly are the best. With such a strong foundation, determination, and inspiration, the F.A.M. artists are definitely something to watch their progress in the near future.

It’s Prom Time by Adero Neely Kenwood Academy - Sophomore ••

Despite the fact that Chicago is one of the most dangerous places in the world for teenagers, a lot of people do not go out of their way to sponsor teen events. But we can change this if we get out Chicago upcoming artist, Adero, student government leaders to work taking a pose -photo courtesy of together. We spend millions of dollars Adero each year with car rental companies, transportation companies, stores, malls and other businesses during prom week. However, these businesses do not support our teen events during the school year because they are not asked. While the national economic picture seems to be a little uncertain, teenage spending is helping these companies build consumer brand loyalties that result in increased volume and revenue. If we work together, we can get these companies to sponsor teen events during the school year or we can just spend our money elsewhere and do business with companies that are willing to do business with us. Let me introduce myself. My name is Adero Neely. I am a second year CPS high school student and you are probably wondering what I could possibly know about Prom Night. I am also an entertainer. Check me out at I performed at my first high school prom when I

was 12 years old. I attended my first high school prom when I was 14 years old. It was really a fun time, but for those who are graduating from high school; it will be a memorable occasion because of the finality of it all. You only graduate from high school one time and you only have one senior prom. If you are going to drive to the prom please do not drink and drive. If you are really going in style then you probably will be riding in a stretch limousine. Now that your basic transportation is covered, your most important decision is who to invite to your prom, so make sure you really get along with your prom date. Most people want to dress differently at the prom. But before you decide what you are going to wear, you may want to check your school's dress code. Don't forget to take some money with you for that late night snack. Now that you have chosen your transportation, your date, your clothes and how much cash you will have to work with on prom night, there are a few other things to consider. What to do after the prom? Most of you will probably go home. But for the party crowd, make sure you have your night planned carefully. My last piece of advice is to be safe and don't become a parent before you leave for college.



Chicago, I would like to introduce Atlanta’s up and coming young star, JoWork. You may have seen several of his videos on his popular YouTube channel: JoWorkTV. Now, he is working on a new album titled The Effect, which he is set to release early summer. I had the privilege in asking JoWork a couple of questions on his journey to the release of his first album:

JoWork: “The title of my upcoming LP is “The Effect”. I wanted to name it “The Effect” because I felt like we all have experienced something that has either helped us to grow or that has hindered us from growing. The album will out this summer, I’m pushing for June. “ Deontae: Who are some of your musical inspirations? JoWork: “Michael Jackson was someone who I thought stood about among all of them because he was a all around performer. His spirit blew me away on stage when I first saw him doing “Bad” live. Chris Brown is one of the few male artists that come with the full package as well. I’ve supported him since day one. He is a true inspiration to my music. I’m also a huge fan of Ciara. She has so much dedication to her work and she inspires me to keep going no matter how things turn out; Wonderful performer as well.” Deontae: So does “Need A Romance” reflects you; is there something in the past that affected the concept of this single. What were your thoughts when you composed “Need A Romance?” JoWork: “Oh most definitely, I think we all have had a “Need A Romance” moment. The meaning behind Need a Romance is when you are single and your feeling yourself, your feeling the night, and you head out to the club with some friends. You pull up to the club and your intention is to have fun and keep it cute, but in the back of your mind you want a date, which can be your romance for tonight. So you go and you really get this major crush on someone while you’re dancing. There is one part in the chorus where I say “tied up like a bow with you in my mind, don’t wanna waste no more time.” You’re sort of confused because you’re having mixed feelings but you still want to try. So the main concept of the song is about being single looking for someone special and making it your mission to have it happen. Also I’m shooting a great budget music video in Mid April; I’m really excited about that. The video will be shot in Atlanta, and we are coming up with the video treatment now so stay tuned for that. Also official first single will be out end of April.” Deontae: If all goes well for you and you become more mainstream, who would you love to work with and why? JoWork: “Hmmm I would love to work with Ciara, big fan of her work.” Deontae: So is there anything else you would like to say? JoWork: “Just want to say thank you to all my fans and supporters! You guys are the best. Without you I wouldn’t have even made it this far. God has been blessing me left to right and I’m so thankful and because of that each step I take, I will continue to keep you guys on the journey. God Bless” If you want to keep up with JoWork, you can go to

April-June 2010

Deontae: Is there a name for this album and when can we expect it to be out?

New Expression

Urban Prep •••

Page 14

Atlanta Meet Chicago

Gotta Problem, Ask Chevelle... By: Chevelle Blackburne

This is the end; I give up. Last night was the dance I had waited so anxiously for to finally be with my crush *Jake. And it was great! There was dancing and partying and the fun I expected only Jake barely even noticed me! He danced with all the other girls he knew and seemed not to care whether I showed up at all. He promised me he’d save me a dance near the middle and completely blew that off. After shedding a few tears though I wrote a couple poems about him but I’m not sure if I’m completely over this. What in the world am I going to do? Desperately, Guy-struck girl

Dear Guy-struck girl, Seems like we’ve got a sticky situation here. First off, you might want to stop writing poems about him because I doubt that’s really icing your cupcake (or dunking your donut). If that is your creative outlet, however, by all means write until your inner child’s hand hurts! Only refrain from writing about who shall not be named. If this were me, I already can picture how it would feel in the beginning but now that you’ve had time to think this over, just let it go. It sounds a lot harder than it is but there are PLENTY of other guys just waiting for you. The sooner you let it go, the better you feel. Plus, guys always want what they can’t have; once he sees how fast you have moved on he’ll be dying for YOUR attention. Have fun with this one and don’t waste your time on 1 guy [EVER]. Sincerely, ChevelleB

Dear Chevelle, I hooked up with this girl in the beginning of the school year, right? Little did I know, I soon fell deeply (in a totally teenage way) in love with her. We even claimed to be married! And my whole process for ‘you know what’ was completely cancelled. A couple months later, her crazy mom sent her to this dumb bible camp. She might hate her as much as she hates me! But the night that she arrived to camp she texted me saying, ‘God spoke to me and told me to break up with you’ claiming I was bringing her away from God. Is this not BULL or what?! Anyways, we broke up and she claimed she was going to stay away from guys for a couple months. A few weeks later, she moves onto some *Brandon kid! I kept telling myself she was just some girl and I wasn’t getting any anyway but I knew I still missed her [badly]. She’s completely single now and I think now’s my chance. Can you give me some ways to approach this [situation]? Yours truly, Damedestroyed dude

April-June 2010

Dear Chevelle,

New Expression


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Dear Dame-destroyed dude, Well it sounds like you were a little stuck in a fairytale relationship. Honestly, this just

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comes to show you that you cannot take anything for granted. Relationships come as quickly as they go. However, it seems like you really want her back. The *Brandon guy you mentioned was most likely the ’rebound’ guy in this case so you have nothing to worry about. Luckily you have stayed friends with her so you have that to rely on. Don’t move in too fast because she definitely will not want you back. As my aunts and uncles tell me: keep it public. Being in private with her will make her uncomfortable, something you don’t want. Invite her to a sports event or a group movie [maybe even a group date]. After a few nights of this you should shrink it down to double dates and maybe even a concert. You’re going to have to play hard to get so don’t feel inferior when you see her doing the same thing. Stay respectful and sweet but be feisty when you need to. Go get her tiger, ChevelleB


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Is Urban Prep Looking Into The iPad For Students

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Students at Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men understand how it feels to use modern day technology. They are all preparing for the modern day work force, using the most advanced laptops and technologies that has been smoothly integrated with technology. But could the iPad become our next book?

Apple Presents is new product: the iPad, photos courtesy of By: Effrin Alexander - Urban Prep Apple has worked on many types of revolutionary technological products. The most recent is the iPad. Truly the worlds most advanced, user friendly piece of technology yet. An extremely beautiful display right at your finger tips and its easy to use. “You don’t think about it, you just do” says Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iPhone Software. Something so simple but so complex is really what technology is all about.

April-June 2010

A recent interview with the Head of the English Department, Mr. Eric Smith commented on if he thought the iPad for students should replace the books at school. “‘There will always be a hard copy, for museums and things of that nature; As technology advances, paper products will become less of an issue...I think that is a good thing

The Evolution of iPods by Danielle Fabian Mother McAuley - Sophomore •••

In the beginning there were simple 8-tracks, cd players, and record players. But then time went on and suddenly the “iPods” was born! Everyone at some point has owned a product to listen to music on. In the 90’s,the cd players were a big hit and at one point so were 8tracks and everything else. In the future, we’ll probably be having holograms of music. You will never seem to catchup to time with the advancement of technology. The first iPod came out in 2001. It had a scrolling wheel and needed a firewire cable to sync songs and charge it. It only came in the 5GB and 10GB model and was close to $400 for the 5GB model. The 2nd generation was not that different it stilled used a firewire cable but now had from 10GB to 20GB and was almost 500 dollars, The 3rd generation had a complete makeover. It no longer had a mechanical wheel, but a touch sensitive wheel it was also slimmer. It

also could go up to 40GB and has a docker to charge it. In 2004 the iPod mini came out. It was a baby of the original iPod and it came in multiple bright colors. The fourth generation iPod was also released in ’04 and featured color plus photo viewing space. How cool is that?! When you thought it couldn’t get any better it did! In 2005 they released the first generation of the iPod shuffle. For the first time it had a flash drive! Again in ’05 they released another iPod mini with even brighter colors and two versions of GB’s. Finally, Apple they came out with an iPod called the first generation nano. “The iPod nano is just what people need its potable music in a small contraption.” In 2006, they made the 2nd generation nano which was even smaller and slimmer. The nano was becoming one of the best selling iPods at that time. On the same day the 2nd generation iPod nano was

announced the newly designed shuffle was also announced it came in a little clip design with multiple bright colors, smaller and brighter! By 2007,they released the 3rd generation iPod nano, the 6th generation iPod classic and the first generation iPod touch! The iPod touch had all the things the iphone had but without the phone contracts. It was the first iPod with internet access. In 2008 the fourth generation of the iPod nano was released it was taller and had a curved glass for a screen this iPod. It also came in multiple bright colors. The fourth generation could also hold more songs. September 2009 more iPods were being produced and the new iPod nano had a camera. I can’t wait to see what apple has in store for us next. As time moves forward so does technology. Apple has had very much success and I’m sure they will continue to do so.

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AVATAR MOVIE REVIEW Mother McAuley - Sophomore •••

Yet, the humans decide they have not completed all of their damage and head next for the Navis outdoor sanctuary where they worship their goddess of nature, Eywa. The very thought of them destroying this holy ground squeezes the Navis’ hearts and aids them in building the courage to fight back against the humans with hope of winning. After unbinding Jake Sully, who they believed was a traitor, they place him at the head of their newly formed army. He rounded up every tribe the Navis could find sharing the same land to brace for and attack the ruthless humans.

Although one might consider it to be idolatry, the Navis believe in an everlasting circuit of energy Avatar movie in theaters now. Make sure you see the adventure in 3-D - Getty Images running through and connected to every living thing. Therefore, they eat, sleep and breathe nature. Though violent and bloody, the film Hence their transportation consists of only birds finds a way of turning this disastrous situation around to create a and direhorses, their diets only pulled directly from the grounds and/or joyous, peaceful and well-deserved ending. Overall, Avatar is rated 5 trees. In fact, one of their most consistent mottos is “Everything that stars and leaves us with the lesson that with vicious crimes come comes from the ground must eventually return to it”, including the vicious consequences. people. Many of the Navi people have attended Dr. Augustine’s school to learn English. However, at one point they considered her a traitor A Scene from the movie Avatar - Getty Images and distanced themselves and shunned her from their community. What the Navis are unaware of is that the humans that have come to their planet with the intention of tearing down their land and homes to sell them piece by piece for billions of dollars back on Earth. This land includes their Home Tree where a good portion of the Navi people remain and live in along with the sacred grounds they use as more of an outdoor sanctuary. The entire plots envelopes you as the movie progresses, giving you the choice to determine what is right in this quarrel: nature or the hunger for money. A war breaks out against the humans once they strike the home site of the Navis. Once they realize what is actually

April-June 2010

Avatar was created by James Cameron; the same person who created the Titanic and has been working on this movie since then. It took over 400 million dollars to create and has made more than double that amount. Avatar takes place on a planet named Pandora. It’s people, the Navis, are big and blue and captures the hearts of the viewers quickly through their love and connection with nature. American scientists, soldiers and Jake Sully [Sam Worthington] appear from the beginning as simple researchers with the most advanced technology known to man. The most intelligent scientist, Dr. Augustine [played by Sourgerny Weaver] has helped reach out to the Navis people by designing and inventing machines advanced enough to connect the human brain to a lifelike, identical creature to look, act and perform in everyway as the Navis do.

happening to their home they make an attempt to strike back. Meanwhile their archery styled equipment is not advanced enough to go up against the humans and they fail miserably while losing their home tree.

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by Chevelle Blackburne

Based in the city of Chicago , Windy City Representatives is a full service manufacturer’s rep firm specializing in commercial HVAC applications. Housing a unique combination of engineering specialties, the company continues to meet the needs of its diverse customer base by offering service and support throughout the lifecycle of its projects. Windy City Reps utilizes state of the art design and engineering software to compliment over 175 years of combined experience in the commercial HVAC industry. We consistently strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Nuturing... communities and neighborhoods through


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April-June Issue 2010

How to make (and keep) Your Purse Spring Clean!!! Mother McAuley - Sophomore •••

Ah, the purse. Ever since the first cave woman took a cow hide and made a make-shift pouch for berries, girls--and females in general--have been practically obsessing over purses. With so many styles out there and so many shapes and sizes, it's hard not to get carried away. What's even harder is keeping your purse clean once you've decided on "the one". Fortunately, the answer to most of the purse dilemmas we face are simpler than we think.

Solution: Time to face facts, ladies. Most times, we do have too many items in our purse. Before blaming frustration on an inanimate object, evaluate the things kept in the purse. The essentials usually boil down to makeup, cellphone, perfume, money, identification, and keys. If you have more than what's listed here, than maybe that's one item too many. Going out and buying a new purse will NOT fix this problem. Instead, put the items that are least used every day in a spot that you'll remember, and switch out items from your purse as your needs change. Frustration gets booted out of your life and this also helps you prioritize and organize yourself. On the other hand, if your purse really is too small, compensate for what your purse can't handle by using pockets, eyeglass cases, backpacks, and athletic duffel bags. If a girl ever finds herself desperate for space,--and please use this as a last resort-- she could use a bra. Consider your cups as modern holsters, but beware overstuffing. There is nothing more embarrassing than a girl telling a date that she left her movie ticket in her sweaty sports bra.

Problem #2: My purse looks like a garbage can from a Maybeline photo shoot! Gross! Solution: Often times, purses can be used to carry snacks or even lunches. This can take a real toll on purses. Instead of just sticking a Peanut butter and Jelly and juice into one's purse, put them in a brown paper bag instead. This way you can spare your purse a lot of possible stain incidents. In addition to this, make a weekly habit of cleaning out your purse. Remove all trash, which includes: wrappers, old movie tickets, empty makeup cases, and pictures of your ex-boyfriend. (Your better off without him in your life and in your purse!)

Problem #3: I never put anything in the same place, so I wind up losing things without actually losing them! Solution: This is one of the more complicated problems. An easy way to fix this is to buy a purse that's divided completely into sections. After that, take time in organizing stuff and give yourself enough time in the future to put items back into their correct sections. It only takes about two weeks to form a habit. The purse and the wearer will no doubt be more organized.

Problem #4: My purse is out of style but it holds my items perfectly!!! Solution: Style and Practicality never did get along. However, Customization, Style, and Practicality can become the best of amigos when given the chance. First of all, a purse is a purse no matter what style, so don't get caught up with what's in. Originality is in style all the time. Second of all, if you are unhappy with the style, consider buying some attachable straps or or a key chain ring. This allows you to change styles and express yourself without spending serious cash. Also if color is the problem, consider fabric paint as an option. Try asking an adult help if you aren't certain with it. If you are an artsy person or just down right bold, consider sewing some fun design patches onto your purses. Adding different styles patches and strips can add personality and creativity to that loyal leather companion so that you never have to give it up!

Think it’s about time you’ve chosen the right purse for youGetty Images

Searching for a perfect purse is a waste of time,ladies. If there's anything to learn here it's this: Purse: $20 Keychain: $2 Organizing purse: Time and energy Enjoying the perks of being a girl: Priceless

April-June 2010

Problem #1: My purse is too small!!

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by Talea Hughes

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Put'em in Their Place!


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Download Ciara’s latest hit single Ride Feat. Ludacris off her fourth upcoming album ‘Basic Instinct’ Coming This Summer

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“Zeek - And - Rasta” Illustrated by Kristopher Kullington You can win $100 All you have to do is draw! Topic: “National Guard in Chicago” :how did you react to our cover story? Send your drawings by June 14 And the winner will be published on our Facebook page (New Expression) send to:

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