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1.What is crazy for Christ? 2.What we believe in 3.Mike Andam Ministries 4.Total transformation Network 5.Crazy for Christ TV 6.How to join 7.Contact us

What is crazy for Christ   International ?    Crazy for Christ is an evangelistic association for young people who know God has called them into Christian ministry. It will offer young people the opportunity to do the work of God the way Jesus Christ did. Our vision is to train offer training and practical application to young people called into Christian ministry to do the work of God at an early stage. Mission statement: Doing the work of God no matter what age we are. One of the main events that will take place with crazy for Christ will be evangelism and the preaching of the gospel. Plans for now and the future: Outreach Preaching Mission trips (including going to schools and churches) Holding gospel events/conferences/crusades

Helping the homeless/ people in need Starting up Christian cafe Making our own music Starting up youth clubs Radio shows Video shows Crazy for Christ educational books Mentoring Ministering in prisons

What we believe in •

The Bible: The Bible is the infallible word of Almighty

God. It is holy and inspired word and also the supreme and final authority. •

One God: A God Who eternally exists in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Saviour: Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus led a sinless life and took on Himself all of our sins. He died and rose again and is now seated on the right hand side of the Father. He is our mediator and advocate.

Sin and Judgement: All men are lost through sin and will face God's judgment. Men need to come to the

saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the work He did on the cross. His shed blood (His life in exchange of ours) on the cross. •

Resurrection: Jesus Christ rose from the dead and He is definitely coming back soon just as He said. • We also don’t age that young people have to be a certain age to do the work of God, Jesus never said that so why do other humans believe that. Even if you are as young as 6 years old and you love doing God’s work we will take you know. God can work in anyone’s life no matter what age they are.

Mike Andam Ministries Mike Andam ministries are registered as a Christian educational ministry with the charity commission of the United Kingdom. It is also the teaching ministry of Michael, called by God to be a teaching evangelist to serve the body of Christ. The ministry was established in 2003 and registered with the United Kingdom charity commission in.  Mike Andam ministry is a Christ centered evangelistic teaching ministry emphasizing on the urgency of the gospel/good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our priority is to help equip the church of Jesus Christ to do the work of the ministry. We aim to help many including potential leaders to discover and bring to the fore the enormous potential God has deposited in them for the advancement of His divine kingdom. We aim to do this by incorporating and working with other ministries focused on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to a dying world. The various ministries within the ministry such as Crazy for Christ operate with the focus on young people helping and sharing the good news with young people. Total Transformation Network, our leadership-training ministry has been actively conducting seminars, conferences, and aim to intensify and expand this as the Holy Spirit gives the green light. Now and the future plans Continue to equip and mentor the Crazy for Christ team Prepare and organize crusades for the whole team Publish effective teaching resources including free literature Total transformation today (c) (broadcast teachings from the ministry on all available medium such as you tube etc)


Total Transformation network Total Transformation Network is the leadership-training wing of Mike Andam Ministries incorporating Crazy for Christ and all other future incorporated ministries. Total transformation network aims to train and develop tomorrow’s extraordinary leaders today. We endeavor to use executive style leadership training as Jesus Christ demonstrated. The training centers on godly character development as this determine the direction that leadership will take. We aim to offer comprehensive leadership training to all as times goes on. The focus is all leaders especially young leaders called into ministry. We aim to equip them both spiritually and skillfully with a solid Jesus style character to back their future leadership. Contact the team for more on this 21st century Jesus style extraordinary leadership solutions. Now and Future plans Development of leadership theme “The healthy leadership programme: leadership built on strong/godly character.” Leadership seminars, Conferences and Workshops Training for church/ministry workers (both at church premises or other venues) Establishing Total transformation leadership institute (Online, campus, acquiring accreditation etc) Production of various leadership manuals/resources

Crazy For Christ TV Crazy for Christ has a lot of exciting projects going on at the moment but one of the mean ones is are video shows/ broadcasting shows. On are video shows you will find the crazy for Christ team preaching, sharing their testimony, giving update and important info so do watch and be blessed.

Crazy for Christ Radio Crazy for Christ also has a radio station which will be on the air starting from February but there will be more information on are site.

You can find are videos on YouTube and also on are website:

How to join If you have been blessed by the crazy for Christ article and you really feel that this is for you and you would like to join the team. Then feel free to email or Michael (CEO) of mike Andam ministries are details are below and we will get back to you. MIcheal Andam: Denzil Larbi:

Crazy for christ international  
Crazy for christ international  

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