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Things about Me Spark

My love for the things I do came to me when I was young and learned about the vastness of space, the unknown, saw all the colors and power it could hold. That is when science became my favorite and well known subject. Later on in life I was introduced to video games. In that introduction I loved the graphics, color and imagination that was within each game. I followed my passion of games and even though I did not have the patience to learn game design, it lead me to graphic design but with graphic design came my interest with photos and photography.


My endorsements are graphic design and photography. Both go hand in hand with one another. With photos I can edit them and remake them and enhance them more with graphics and text with my knowledge from graphic design or the other way around. Vector images, mask or logos. All of these things can be made with 2 Denzel Brown2018

one skill or both. Even though I’m learning these things, I will soon be studying pathology to become a histotechnichian. Knowing how to create, take and edit images will give me the edge above others to be hired.


When high school and college are done. I will be walking out with certifications on Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Along with the HTL required to be a histotechnichian. Again, with these certifications I will be have the edge over others in the real world and businesses.

Part time job

As of right now I baby sit children of various ages but due to certain reasons it is not a source of income. Later on I do plan on working at Gamestop since I have a vast knowledge of games so it will be easy to be hired there. Or I will wait and have some form of internship in the various hospitals

as I learn pathology.


Here in high school there are few clubs that I was interested in. But I did take a liking into the Anime club and helped create a Paintball club. Along with Watchers in Georgia, a form of CrimeStoppers here in Texas. Anime club mesmerized me when I formed the opinion and started to believe that cartoons of today here in America was slowly losing action in itself. Anime to me was so bright, full of action and surprising in many ways. With the Paintball club I tried it because I was interested. Thought it’d be nice to get some adrenaline going and get exercise at the same time.


I played many sports. I do not plan on going into any athletic national sports but my experiences are: Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Track, Basketball, Football and Soccer. I do not like sports at most times but the exercise with these sports was nice and beneficial to myself.


Things I do to past the time are very focus driven. At times you will find me watching tv, new or even the stock market! Lately I’ve been investing in well known companies that are not too far in the market but show promise. Other activities I like to do as a hobby is playing chess, reading, playing video games and making fan made movie posters. I play chess mostly by myself, to train my mind if you will. My favorite type of books to read are sci fi, fantasy and mystery. Reading is my least favorite hobby but I do it. As for video games, it is a great way to make an hour or two pass by and sharpens the hand eye coordination. You will see that I have made fan made movie posters based of movies that have occurred or I want to occur in my examples of work when I was younger. Not all of the work are posters but simple work that I have created and edited.

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Skill Sets • Great with customer service • Nice sportsmanship • Well rounded initiative • Various spread of creativity • Kind and prone to help • Brings comfort to a team • Hand eye coordination • Knowledgable in general science Weaknesses • Gets distracted easily • can not manage time on projects and work so well • Lacks leadership most times

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Examples of Work

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

Photo by Denzel Brown

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Career Objective

I am seeking to gain entrance and acquire a low-level job teaching me more of about the industry of graphics design. An internship if you may. But I do not intend to stay at that entrance level job for I intend to do more.

Educational Background

· Leaving high school with the high school diploma and certifications of Adobe. · Learning at the Career Center of Killeen, TX.

Skills and Training · · · ·

Well known knowledge of most Adobe applications. Moderately rounded of most cultures and images. Can use both Mac and Microsoft Additionally knows welding and logistics.

Other work experiences

· Veteran Affairs. Temple, 1901 Veterans Memorial Dr. 2015-2016 Worked in Logistics Division. More than 70 hours of volunteer work at Logistics.


Knows most Adobe applications. Multicultural along with image and some ideas. Great with customer service. Additional skills with welding and logistics.

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